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Die Waisenknaben von Zion 100%

Smith (Boeing, USA), Mr Brown (USA, Blackwater), Vladimir Putin (Präsident, Russland).


The death of a pillar 96%

In fact, even Berezovsky, one of the architects behind Putin’s first election, called the Russian people, a people of slaves, which seem to accept authoritarian regimes with very little resistance, but a people, which also longs freedom and democracy.


Article by Ana Alonson from El Independiente 180318 94%

bold pull-quotes in blue, general points in yellow)) Vladimir Putin, dictador con urnas, calienta una nueva Guerra Fría con Occidente La tensión entre los aliados y Rusia aumenta tras el primer ataque con gas nervioso en Europa desde la II Guerra Mundial Publicado el 18 de Marzo de 2018 - 00:


FCO Skripal twitter sample 23.3.18 93%

SKRIPAL TWITTER ROUNDUP 23.03.18 Chris Hernon    Stephen Davies letter still getting play New ‘proof’ there was no nerve agent is that Nick Bailey isn’t dead or seriously incapacitated Backlash against Russia and those who congratulated Putin - Lithuania considering expelling Russians ‘Proof’ Search on ‘Stephen Davies Salisbury’ Jimmy @JimmySecUK Corbyn supporters are now slandering and mocking Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey for the crime of not being sufficiently injured whilst serving the public.


Sergei Skripal Affair II Response 110318 93%

Since Putin has been running Russia, the Kremlin has a history of poisoning its opponents in a gruesome way.


FCO Skripal twitter sample 30.3.18 93%

SKRIPAL TWITTER ROUNDUP 30.03.18 Chris Hernon    Continued Russian disinformation, doubts and conspiracy theories by the usual people, and newly created accounts, in Europe too Suggested measures against Putin Putin’s rotten Russia CityBoy @Aikonsteve Moscow:



Wladimir Putin, der russische Präsident, geboren in Sankt Petersburg und ehemaliger KGB-Offizier, konnte zweifellos den Wert des Ortes einschätzen, wo er den Mann feierte, auf den er sich fest verlassen konnte, auf jemanden, der auch weiterhin wesentlich dazu beitragen konnte, Deutschlands strategische Ausrichtung zu verändern und so zu gewährleisten, dass das Land unabhängiger von den USA wird und weiterhin offen ist für die Belange Russlands.


StopFake170108 90%

Putin und Medwejew hielten sich zu einem medienwirksam organisierten Besuch bei Fischern im Oblast Novgorod auf.


UkraineCrisis 90%

ESSAY September/October 2014 Issue Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault The Liberal Delusions That Provoked Putin By John J.


English version high 89%

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, native of Saint Petersburg and former KGB officer, no doubt appreciated the irony of the choice of location as he feted the man on whom he fancied he could rely to continue to do so much to reshape Germany’s strategic course, to ensure that it grew less dependent on the United States and that it remained ready to listen to the concerns of Russia.


FCO Skripal twitter sample 24.3.18 89%

SKRIPAL TWITTER ROUNDUP 24.03.18 Chris Hernon     Momentum gathering for action against Russia Thinking on further measures Kremlin propaganda and disinformation The nature of Putin’s regime Momentum Integrity Initiative @InitIntegrity At least 10 EU nations to expel Russian diplomats in spy row 112 News @112NewsFeed #Russian diplomats to be expelled from 20 #EU member states Jakub Janda @_JakubJanda BREAKING NEWS:


Russian Lies and the Skripal Case 090318 v2 88%

Russian Lies and the Skripal Case SPCD 10 03 2018 Even before the full details of the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Salisbury, England, are known, there is much speculation that the Russian state – and particularly, President Vladimir Putin – may be responsible.


Le parti russe en France EN final clean 87%

The French Coordination Council of Compatriots is a subsidiary of the International Council of Russian Compatriots established in October 2003, the Putin equivalent of the Ausland Organization (AO) created by the Nazi Party in 1931 in order to mobilize the German diasporas to serve the Reich.


00 Production schedule 05 04 2016 86%

Yes, Putin really believes his own propaganda, Ben Nimmo 18 March VUB:


00 impact assessment 19 04 2016 86%

Russian interference in Corbyn election Ben Nimmo Posted by the Daily Beast 132 unique views Seen by over 2000 Twitter users 2.


FCO Skripal material 16.03.18 85%

Mig Greengard @chessninja 15h15 hours ago Mig Greengard Retweeted ArianaGic/Аріянॳць And @vkaramurza, who will be speaking at PutinCon tomorrow, has survived two poisonings for his opposition to Putin.


Scripal Case 85%

the decision of a Greek University to award Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, with an honorary doctorate).


Russia and IT Elections final fwl 85%

Nevertheless, rather than Putin malicious interference, the success of populist parties and movements in the 2018 elections, must be considered the result of a smart campaign, that has been able to target, to intercept and to boost, the anti-establishment, anti-EU and anti-immigration moods of a wide spectrum of the Italian voters.


GBU Mountain News LVIII - May 8, 2014 85%

3|Page GBU Mountain News May 8, 2014 - LVIII _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Political Situation Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is acting, as many kings and state leaders all over the globe have before him, according to the following playbook:



− In the third chapter, the regulatory and socio-economic quality of the Western challenge for Russia under Putin will be dealt with.


Sanctions and the Russian Federation 83%

Psychology'e.g.' • V.V.!Putin!(&!his!close!circle):!survived!abysmal!post[WW2!conditions!


00 Production schedule 05 04 2016 82%

Yes, Putin really believes his own propaganda, Ben Nimmo 18 March VUB:


Trump-Intelligence-AllegationsJan 10 2017 rec 82%

Aim, endorsed by PUTIN, has been to encourage splits and divisions in western alliance - So far TRUMP has declined various sweetener real estate business deals offered him in Russia in order to further the Kremlin's cultivation of him.


CND Paris Bxl May 2016 v2 81%

As a result there is a distinct tendency to admire Putin, coupled with a historic sense of closeness to Russia which makes them sympathise with Russia.


Skripal roundup 21.3.18 81%

ROUNDUP 21.3.18     Russians continue to throw out various, contradictory theories Feeling that the West’s response has been weak, which will encourage Putin to push on Lot of comment about how the West needs to kick out dirty Russian money Some momentum for World Cup boycott The “Let them talk” (Пусть говорят) programme on Russian Pervy Kanal is normally devoted to scandals and sob stories.