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dmugtasimov-resume-upwork 100%

brief version (pages 1-2) and full version (pages 3-13) Dmitry Mugtasimov Senior Python Developer / Team Leader Skype:


python 99%

Guía de aprendizaje de Python Release 2.0 Guido van Rossum Fred L.


diveintopython 97%

Table of Contents Dive Into Python...............................................................................................................................................................1 Chapter 1.


ChristinaHZieglerResume.docx (2) 95%

Christina H Ziegler Wilmette, IL, 60091|| 847-525-4956 PYTHON DEVELOPER Skilled and solutions-oriented professional with relevant hands-on experience designing and developing webbased applications including ecommerce websites.


Python para todos 95%

Python PARA TODOS Raúl González Duque Python PARA TODOS Raúl González Duque Python para todos por Raúl González Duque Este libro se distribuye bajo una licencia Creative Commons Reconocimiento 2.5 España.


VadymProkopets 95%

Python, Django (main specialization) • C++, HTML, CSS • Bash, Linux( 1 year ) • SQL, XML, XPath • Qt(C++), PHP(basic), Java, Javascript ( basic ) • C# Additional information:


AyushKhanvilkarResume 95%

Programming Languages:​Python,Java ● Web Development :​ HTML &


Anon Resume (1) 93%

It displays all major cricket​ ​related​ ​statistics​ ​from​ ​scraped​ ​data​ ​set​ ​in​ ​Python.


Mike-Johnson-Jr-Resume 92%

Mike Johnson Jr 4859 Cedar Springs RD #329, Dallas, TX 214.417.3363 WORK EXPERIENCE Software Consultant ZProcessApps – Santa Cruz, CA – August 2016 to present (part time) Python/Django web development for subclients such as the FoodFeedback App for iPhone and Android (backend web API) and


SurajPai Resume 91%

Experience June 2016 – Innovator / Python Developer, Digital Impact Square, Nashik, Maharashtra.


resume 1 (1) 91%

Experience June 2016 – Innovator / Python Developer, Digital Impact Square, Nashik, Maharashtra.


Tapan Desai res 91%

Python (2 and 3), Java (J2EE), R, C.


CyrusMaden resume 91%

      Cyrus   Maden  •   • (  707)   813­0036    Education  Brown   University   ● Providence,   RI;   expected   graduation:   May   2018  ● A.B.   Applied   Mathematics,   A.B.   Urban   Studies;   GPA:   4.0/4.0    Professional   Analytics   Experience  The   Providence   Plan ,  Data   Analyst   Intern  Providence,   RI    —  fall   2016  ● Consult   on   4  statistical   computing   and   analysis   projects   for   the   Department   of   Labor   and   Training,   National  Institute   of   Justice,   and   the   RI   Office   of   Postsecondary   Education  ● Manage   and   perform   statistical   analysis   for   5  statewide   workforce   and   education   datasets   of   over   20   million  records   in   Python   and   SPSS  ● Perform   data   management   and   visualization   to   produce   information   services   from   statewide   datasets,   to  support   2  policy   reports   on   RI   food   policy   and   RI   employment   outcomes    Rhode   Island   Division   of   Planning ,  GIS   Intern  Providence,   RI    —  summer   2016  ● Wrote   a  technical   report   on   multivariate   statistical   modeling   with   GIS   to   track   land   cover   trends   for   5­year  updates   of   the   statewide   land   use   and   long­range   transportation   plans  ● Selected   to   present   findings   from   the   technical   report   to   all   40   members   of   the   RI   Statewide   Planning   Council  and   publish   research   to   the   general   public  ● Scripted   an   ArcGIS   geoprocessing   tool   in   ArcPy   to   automatically   map   the   future   land   use   plans   of   RI's   39  municipalities   to   keep   track   of   municipal   land   use   updates   and   save   over   100   hours   of   work   per   update    Technical   Communications   Experience  Better   World   by   Design , C   ommunications   Coordinator  Providence,   RI   —  2015­current  ● Lead   the   communications   team   on   the   planning   committee   for   the   ninth   Better   World   by   Design   conference,   a  student­lead   design   conference   with   over   700   attendees   from   4  countries  ● Manage   working   relationships   with   5  professional   design   and   engineer   organizations,   and   use  communication   and   analytics   tools   to   increase   our   network   in   the   professional   community   by   20%  ● Develop   analytics   reports   with   Hootsuite   and   Python   to   increase   the   reach   our   content   by   25%   and   increase  our   online   community   by   400   members    Academic   Research   Experience  Brown   University   Urban   Studies   Program , R   esearch   Assistant  Providence,   RI   —  2015­current  ● Design   research   methods   to   model   gentrification   trends   in   Los   Angeles   with   statistical   computing   in   ArcGIS  and   Python  ● Develop   an   ArcGIS   geoprocessing   tool   to   synthesize   2  or   more   polygon   features   into   Census­designated  boundaries,   and   scripted   an   open   source   version   of   the   tool   in   Python  ● Build   2  regression   models   to   analyze   crime   patterns   over   30   years   in   Providence   and   Los   Angeles   using  REST   APIs   for   data   management   and   Python   for   processing   and   analysis    Skills   and   Interests  ● ● ● I   love:   public   speaking,   technical   writing,   Python,   ArcGIS,   APIs,   Tableau,   SPSS,   and   Excel  I’m   a  passionate   beginner   with:   web   maps,   Unix/Linux,   MATLAB,   and   juggling  I’m   also   an:   aspiring   soccer   player,   blogger,   and   amateur   competitive   eater


cv mod 90%

Has a thing for open source software, especially GNU/Linux and Python.


Selenium Python 90%

Selenium - O que você deveria saber - Parte 1 // Tags selenium python selenium-serie Esse é o primeiro post da série sobre Selenium, pretendo cobrir desde o básico até algumas coisas mais legais :) Introdução Selenium é um ótimo framework para realizar diversos tipos de tarefas com o browser.


Last CV 90%

+79166391685 languages Data mining, Machine learning, Applied statistics, Data visualisation, Python, C++, Functional programming, Data analysis and statistics based services skills C/C++(C++11), Linux, Git, Python.


Resume AlexLin2 90%

Skills Technical Coursework HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript Python / AJAX / JSON SQL / MySQL / PostgreSQL Responsive Web Design with Bootstrap Google Maps API with JQuery &


Resume AlexLin3 Updated 90%

Skills Technical HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript C# / ASP.NET MVC / SQL Python / AJAX / JSON Experience Key Software Systems June – Nov 2017 Web Developer • Built a Google Maps web app that animated live multi-user GPS from SignalR.


SBC (3) 90%

Foi escrita na linguagem Python utilizando-se do framework Django e o banco de dados PostgreSQL.


CV 88%

Computer Programming (Python), Numerical Methods (Mathematica), Statistics of Financial Markets, Interest Rate Models, Econometrics of Financial Markets, Spatial Econometrics (R), Computational Finance.


Resume Ranganath 3 88%

Bangalore 2015 TEC HN I C A L SK I L L S  Proficient in C, Java, Python and C++98  Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Android  Other :


Sriram Resume 88%

My team was among top­10 finalists in a national level project competition “JED­I 2013”.  Presented and showcased a prototype of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping on Kobuki Platform at IISc­Open  Day 2015.    COMPUTER SKILLS  ● ● ● ●   Programming Languages: ​ Python,C++,C,Java,JavaScript,Shell Scripting,MySQL Operating Systems:​  Linux­Ubuntu,Red hat,Debian,Windows­Desktop/Server Areas of Interest:​  Computer Networks,Systems Engineering,Conversational Agents,Web Development  Web Technologies and Frameworks: F ​lask​ ,D ​jango,Node.js,Bootstrap,Redis,MongoDB,Git      KEY PROJECTS  Human Following Mobile Robot:  ● Built the control module using Image based Visual Servoing for a Human following Mobile Robot in C++.  Virtual Assistant for Ubuntu:  ● Working on a Virtual Assistant platform using Speech Recognition and Natural language processing toolkit in  Python.  Automation of Vulnerability assessment Framework:  ● A software tool to automatically find configuration vulnerabilities in various network devices such as Cisco and Juniper  Routers and Firewalls series.  Python­API for a UHF­RFID Reader:  ● A serial communication API to exchange data with a UHF­RFID reader board in Python.    WORK EXPERIENCE   Zero Energy Network Labs, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore  Role:Project Assistant    June 2014 – April 2015  ● Headed a team of three working on a research on “​ Efficient Localization Schemes for an airplane using RFID  techniques”​ .


NetworkPaper (1) 87%

 As  a  result,  professionals,  hobbyists  and  students   introduced  to   the  field  can  be  significantly  overwhelmed  by  the  constantly  changing  relationships among those technologies.   Introducing  a  simpler  way  of viewing and clustering  technologies  within  the  field  of  computer  science  would  help   people   get  a  clearer  picture  of  the   application  and  trends  of  the  technologies  people  are  using.  As  an  example,  someone  being  introduced  to   Python  for  the  first  time  might   understand  the  syntax  and  basic  applications,  but  won’t  be  able  to  recognize   how  Python  interacts  and fits in the grand scheme of technologies.   For   the   characterization  of  such  technologies  we  used  Stack  Overflow  as  a  source  of  data  directly  related  to   the  field   trends.  Stack  Overflow  is  a  popular  internet  platform  for  people  to  ask  and  answer  technologically  relevant  questions.  We  used  their  API  to  gather  the  tags of each post  and  construct  a  similarity   network  based  on  the  frequency two tags are seen together.          We chose to visualise our results by constructing  a  node  map  using   the   network  analysis  library  networkX and the visualization package ​ Gephi​ . The  visualization  contains  each  note as  the  tag  and  all  the vector­nodes as the related technologies.  Methods and Techniques  We   constructed  a  network  out   of  the  1000  most   1 popular​   tags  and  examined  the   characteristics   of  our  network.  Each   network  node  reflects  a  technology  tag  and  each  connection  represents  a  directional  dependency  to  other   tags.  In   order  to  measure   the  dependency  we  computed  the  conditional  probability  of  each  tag   appearing  with  another.       This  metric implies that each tag combination has 2  relationships that it  can  be  characterized with. One  is  the  relationship of tag1  to tag2  and,  conversely,  the  relationship   of  tag2  to   tag1.  We  chose  dependency  over  the  jaccard  distance  of  two  tags  due  to   hub  nodes  being  connected  to  so  many  other  nodes,  and,  as  a  result,  the  strength  of  the  connection becomes diluted.     As  an example,  python’s connection to  pandas has  an  index  of  0.08 (8% of all python posts are  about  pandas)  but  pandas’   connection  to  python  is  0.9,  meaning that  90%  of  all  pandas  posts  also include  the “python” tag.       In order  to consider a connection between two tags  as  valid,  we  set  a  threshold  of   d(1,2)   >  5%.



2013 – May 2017 COURSEWORK Intro to Machine Learning, Neural Computation, Probability and Random Processes, Optimization Models, Signals and Systems, Computational Photography, Operating Systems, Relativity and Quantum Physics WORK EXPERIENCE Microsoft Corporation Summer 2016 Software Engineer Intern  Designed and implemented new framework for Microsoft Azure that focuses on engineering principles and reliability in Python and C++  Developed skills in computer networking and operating systems  Was among a select few interns invited to pitch project to the CTO and CVP of Microsoft Azure Undergraduate Computer Vision Researcher Jan.


Ken Shaffer Resume.doc (1) 87%

Skills ● ● ● ● ● ● ● High Stamina Python/Java/C++/C​ programming skills Familiar with ​Matlab​, ​Verilog​ (HDL), Agile Devlopment Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS Adaptable Diligent Perceptive Experience / Volunteering ● ● ● ● Over 450 hours Volunteer Experience at Public Library (High School) Volunteer Experience at CIF events for Cross Country and Track (High School) Over 150 hours experience gardening, landscaping a Cross Country Course, moving items for events, and helping out.