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Surviving Art school CC 100%

a QTIPOC (Queer, Trans* Intersex People of Colour) artist collective – which aims to create radical, grass roots space for queer artists of colour to interrogate the politics of art, in relation to queer identity, institutional racism, and anti-colonialism.


LiberationanditsLimitsArthurTress1977SupermanFantasy 98%

Liberation and its Limits: Negotiating Queer Male Sexuality in Arthur Tress’ 1977  Superman Fantasy.      Adding to multiple 1960s and 70s American ‘liberation narratives’, Gay Liberation mobilized  social progress through essentialized representation. Shot in industrial ruins of Manhattan’s  Chelsea piers ­ historic gay cruising sites ­ Arthur Tress’ 1977 photograph, ​ Superman Fantasy​ ,  features a white male poking his penis through a cardboard Superman cut­out. The merging of  Tress’ male model with Superman’s artifice produces multiple readings of an incorporated  double body. Examining the secret identity archetype as queer metaphor, oblique relations to  masculine myths like Superman highlight broader negotiations with nationalism ­ neocolonial  orderings of the “American way” are bound to Gay Liberation itself, recuperated as a  homonationalism​ . A black and white photograph excluding Persons of Color, ​ Superman Fantasy  chromatically fuses the ​ whiteness ​ of its characters, exposing a gendered racism in neoliberal  imaginaries: queer cis white males are displaced by heterosexist matrices, but remain “gay  figureheads” from privileges of race and ‘biological’ sex. Branding the queer white male body,  Superman acquires new genitals, physically co­opting ‘Othered’ sexuality into flat construction:  fantasy becomes a vehicle for control and domination. However, penetrating the cut­out is a  symbolic act of queer vigilantism, echoing Superman’s heroic acts outside the law through  post­Stonewall illegalities of same­sex relations. Viewing identity as a tenet of capitalism,  Superman Fantasy’s ​ penetration​  ​ models ​ accelerationist​  liberation when paired with time: the  only way out is through. This latter point locates current possibility and tension for liberation,  ‘speeding up’ global capital toward imminent rupture through cybernetic projection. Virtualities  like social media mutate agency, complicating liberation in a superpowered patriarchy.                                                                    Arthur Tress ­ ​ Superman Fantasy ​ ­ Fiber Print ­ 1977


QT Discussion 97%

A Few Notes Toward a Discussion of Queer Theory Stephen C.


The Homeless Diaspora of Queer Asian Americans 97%

The Homeless Diaspora of Queer Asian Americans Author(s):


ThreadingANation 97%

First there were the Stonewall Riots, police raids on bars and in gay neighborhoods that targeted queer communities for persecution and imprisonment.


conference-program-guide-7 96%

Ill Nana (Auditorium, 2nd floor) Ill Nana is a queer positive multiracial dance company that has worked collaboratively with culturally diverse communities, youth and various community groups in order to increase equitable access to dance, movement and performance spaces in the city of Toronto.


xiaoleilesbianfilmthesis 96%

                            Transnational Lesbianism in a Sinopheric Context:  Queer Asian Identity Politics in Films     by xiaolei        Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the  Degree of  Bachelor of Arts and Sciences  Quest University Canada        and pertaining to the Question     What influence does western thought have on eastern values?        April 26, 2016                                          ______________________________             Fei Shi, PhD.            ______________________________                             xiaolei                          Acknowledgements:   I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to my motivational mentor, Fei Shi for his  patience with my idiosyncratic approach to research and presentation and also to Mandy  for her meticulous proofreading of my initial manuscript. Further thanks to Kendra for her  assistance with looking over my introductory paragraph, Vic for his motivational  metaphilosophy, Ísabella and Tashi for their copious laughter, Nangsal for her mysterious  2​ smile, Ying​  for the delightfulness of her existence, and to my parents for their support in  allowing me to attend Quest these past four years.                                       Table of Contents    Introduction            4­6  Historical Background and Introduction of Films            6­8   Film Analysis   I.


Copy of Truth Knows No Gender Final 92%

I am a Queer Transgender Woman of Color and I am writing you with a heavy heart in order to preserve the integrity of the truth.


Miniheft LSF 2017 91%

Anhand aktueller „Queer Shorts from Turkey“ will sie bei den Film­ tagen die Gegenwart und Zukunft von Queer Cinema in der Türkei dis­ kutieren.


TruthKnowsNoGender 90%

I am a Queer Transgender Woman of Color and I am writing you with a heavy heart in order to preserve the integrity of the truth.


Looking Awry - Bisexual Representation Talk 90%

Taking a ride through cinema’s invocations of bisexuality, from well-known Hollywood neonoir thrillers to underground queer filmmaking to the extremities of European art cinema, let’s take a moment to consider representations of bisexual desire on screen.



Joyner 1 ABSTRACT Title of Thesis:


LAG Jahrestagung 2017 digital 84%

JAHRESHAUPTVERSAMMLUNG 10:00 Begrüßung 12:00 Mittagspause (Selbstversorgung) FACHTAG 13:00 Begrüßung und inhaltlicher Einstieg 14:00 Vortrag und Diskussion Mädchenarbeit im Kapitalismus – (Queer-)feministische Perspektiven auf gesellschaftliche Ausgrenzungsszenarien Referentin:


PDF Resume 80%

 Gabriel  Grilli                Choreographer              Stories  of  Queer              NQAF,  Curated  by  Erika            Solo  Dancer                                  D      iaspora                      Cespedes            Choreographer                 Josephine  Baker  Tribute            Solo  Dancer   (’14)           SF  Ethnic  Dance  Festival   (’13)              Dancer       Runway     Ritual  (2015)   TalkStyle  (2015)     Training         On-­‐Camera  Acting  with  Giovannie   Espiritu     BA,  Cultural  Studies  &


CAAL 2018 Handout Ashley R Moore 79%

• When students join an unfamiliar class (inbound trajectory), they make do with makeshift indicators—who people are— to cautiously gauge the level of sexual literacy and queer acceptance of those around them.


Gianluca-Papi-EGE-TN 75%

The sun and wind 3 Chapter 3 While Dorothy was looking earnestly into the queer, painted face of the Scarecrow, she was surprised to see one of the eyes slowly wink at her.


Gianluca-Papi-EGE-TN 75%

The sun and wind 3 Chapter 3 While Dorothy was looking earnestly into the queer, painted face of the Scarecrow, she was surprised to see one of the eyes slowly wink at her.


336965024-With-Someone-I-Do-Not-Die 74%

A thousand millipedes living any particular gaze to defend myself, I’m a fan of his own creation in order to protect and stay a while Me and getting made of what queer is a paved parking lot.



AND OTHER THINGS ARTISTS DO BEST By Shauna Jean Doherty “Under certain circumstances failing, losing, forgetting, unmaking, undoing, unbecoming, not knowing may in fact offer more creative, more cooperative, more surprising ways of being in the world” (The Queer Art Of Failure, 2).


2S YES Youth and Elder Summit Info Sheet 73%

60 Indigenous high school students from northern Ontario, who self-identify as Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, Métis, status and non-status) and LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex and Queer), or who identify as Two Spirit.


syllabus 70%

Gender and Queer - Read “Gender and Queer Intro” (LEARN) November 17th Wittig, “The Straight Mind” Halberstam, “Queer Temporalities and Postmodern Geographies”
 November 19th Butler, Gender Trouble:


ASN4 Conference Programme Web 69%

radicalism and reformism (federalism) in their assessment of the Bolshevik's regime in Russia Sergey Saitanov K1.05 Situated struggles Land defense, queer nihilism and the human strike two queer anarchist settlers from Canada Towards an anti-colonial anarchism:


Ham 69%

By acting as if one is being progressive in addressing the subject in such a manner designates queer person to the position of the other in opposition to heterosexuality.


Our Gall.001 64%

Addiction Recovery QUeer Kids Kicks Azz ALLDAY DATA &


CV EN 64%

Architecture Ecole Boulle Graduated with 15,5/20 2014 2015 @itssirine Skills Languages Visual Artist and self-employed Designer Master in Fashion and Environnement Ecole Duperé FabManager and teacher, B:Lab Ecole Boulle FabLab, B:Lab Ecole Boulle Formed in 3D Scanning and printing, Arduino, Physical interaction and Processing 2014 2015 Preparation class in Applied Arts Specialized in product and Graphic design Ecole Duperré 2013 2011 Bachelor degree in Litterature Plastic Arts and Art History option French (Native) English (C1) German Swedish Cr a f t m a n sh i p Experiences August September 2016 Drawing Adobe Suite Modeling 3D Printing July 2016 3D Scan Arduino Silk screen printing Photography Video Interest Drawing, Contemporary Art, Photography, Architecture, Editoral design, Fashion, french Cinema, Typography, Feminism and Queer Studies.