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PLSQL-Functions 100%

 Group Functions – This helps in grouping of rows returned by the query. This is used to compute aggregate values such as Sum, Average etc. and hence is also called as Aggregate Function.


473-2527-1-PB 98%

Users in many cases are overwhelmed by the amount if information retrieved as a result of their query on a search engine.


DNS Configuration of Cisco Router as DNS Server (1) 97%

The caching name server caches information learned from other name servers so that it can answer requests quickly, without having to query other servers for each transaction.


Two Robots Challenge Week of Code - 19 HackerRank 96%

The robots take instructions in the form of queries consisting of two integers, M a  and M b , respectively. To execute a query, a robot travels to container M a , picks up 1  candy, transports it to container M b , and then stops at M b  until it receives another query.


SQL Injection 95%

One such layer, the database, most commonly uses a database language called SQL, or Structured Query Language.


Top-K-Queries 95%

We propose in this paper a top-k query algorithm on relational databases able to produce effective and efficient results.


CRUD Review 93%

cheesepizza = menuItem(name="Cheese Pizza", description = "Made with all natural ingredients and fresh mozzarella", course="Entree", price="$8.99", restaurant=my FirstRestaurant) session.add(cheesepizza) session.commit() READ We read out information in our database using the query method in SQLAlchemy:


research statement 93%

X min P (L)Q(T, L) T ∈V L∈Λ Any decision tree which does not query the same point more than once can be described in its entirety by a matrix of the form T ∈ Rλ×n .


Troubleshooting BI Security Issues 93%

The query does not return the correct values:


knowledge-bases 92%

We propose in this paper a top-k query algorithm on relational databases able to produce effective and efficient results.

20/02/2019 articles 5676598 92%

The dependency of the Google search engine on the language and location from which the query is submitted has been evaluated."


2012-F-HW1(1) 91%

(1) Experience how much of a difference optimizing data-intensive programs can make and how this depends on physical data layout and data and query properties.


hibernate resumo 91%

StringBuilder query = new StringBuilder();


SQL Bangla Tutorial 90%

• e u (SQL) o SQL o SQL o o SQL s n o o o i (Insert) p i o o o (Query) WHERE o QUERY IN o o SQL Join Left Join o Right Join u | ( Dat abase t ut or i al i n Bangl a) :


BI Security 88%

A reporting user must have authorizations for the S_RS_COMP, S_RS_COMP1 authorization objects As well as analysis authorizations for the Info Provider on which the query is based.


Versioning-XML-Documents 87%

Not only does it allow us to query the vDocuments on a temporal and version level but also we can manage branch versioning in the temporal axis.


Semantic-Similarity-Using-Search-Engines 87%

Previous works on applications such as data integration, query expansion, tag refactoring or text clustering have used some semantic similarity measures in the past.


Questionnaire 87%

The special offers Very Good Good Ok Poor Ok Poor Quality of the items available Very Good Good How easy is it to submit a query?


Appendix2 87%

2/12/2016 NCBI Blast:HMF1AA_dt74b_5 sequences (IYWV7OX01CEBZW) BLAST ® Basic Local Alignment Search Tool NCBI/ BLAST/ blastn suite/ Formatting Results ­ BUJTM9P9015 Formatting options Download Blast report description HMF1AA_dt74b_5 sequences (IYWV7OX01CEBZW) RID Query ID Description Molecule type Query Length BUJTM9P9015 (Expires on 02­13 10:02 am) lcl|Query_189085 IYWV7OX01CEBZW nucleic acid 199 Database Name Description Program nr Nucleotide collection (nt) BLASTN 2.3.1+ Graphic Summary Distribution of 136 Blast Hits on the Query Sequence 1/8 2/12/2016 NCBI Blast:HMF1AA_dt74b_5 sequences (IYWV7OX01CEBZW) Descriptions Sequences producing significant alignments:


Saksham-Singhal-Resume 86%

Built federated query auto-completion microservice from scratch which will become a part of Adobe Universal Search Service.


plan my vacation 84%

Challenges include processing a large amount of data to compile the most suitable and convenient travel plan, ensuring that this data is valid, gathering this data and minimizing query time.


IRProject1 83%

Introduction  The primary purpose of this project is introduce students to the different technical aspects  involved in this course and subsequent projects. By the end of this project, a student would  have achieved the following:    ● Setup an AWS account and simple EC2 instances  ● Learn about the Twitter API, and querying twitter using keywords, language filters and  geographical bounding boxes  ● Setup a Solr (a fully functionality, text search engine in Java) instance ­ understand basic  Solr terminology and concepts  ● Index thousands of tweets in multiple languages  ● Setup a quick and dirty search website showcasing their collected data and  implementing faceted search..    The specific challenges in completing this project are as given below:    ● Figure out specific query terms, hashtags, filters etc to use in order to satisfy the data  querying requirements.  ● Correctly setup the Solr instance to accommodate language and Twitter specific  requirements    The rest of this document will guide you through the necessary setup, introduce key technical  elements and then finally describe the requirements in completing the project. This is an  individual project and all deliverables MUST be submitted by 19th September 23:59 EST/EDt  2.