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PLSQL-Functions 100%

 Group Functions – This helps in grouping of rows returned by the query. This is used to compute aggregate values such as Sum, Average etc. and hence is also called as Aggregate Function.


31/10/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

sigir12-spelling 99%

A Generalized Hidden Markov Model with Discriminative Training for Query Spelling Correction Yanen Li, Huizhong Duan and ChengXiang Zhai Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL 61801 {yanenli2, duan9, czhai}@illinois.edu ABSTRACT 1.


01/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

QSQL paper 98%

Specifying Information Quality in Relational Database Queries Amir Parssian, InfoPyramid William Yeoh and Mong Shan Ee, Deakin University A A Structured Query Language extension uses an estimator module to evaluate quality profiles that rate the accuracy and completeness of query results.


04/04/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

473-2527-1-PB 98%

Users in many cases are overwhelmed by the amount if information retrieved as a result of their query on a search engine.


13/08/2011 www.pdf-archive.com

Google Has Added “Humming Bird” 98%

The search engine algorithm aims at sorting out the information available against a particular query from the user.


14/09/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

weighted-linear-regression 97%

Estimating CPU Per Query With Weighted Linear Regression 614.3 s 380.0 s 317.1 s 293.1 s 132.2 s 291.2 s z x y q.46d0a9841d8d15 681 0.99 3.44 0.004 -63.3 24.1 q.5dcb2b57a2af77bb 719 0.91 3.42 0.011 -355 5.22 q.981c089fc6a7c217 581 0.99 3.86 0.003 -2.32E+3 1.41 q.8773ae79bcad770c 719 0.98 3.62 0.005 -5.64E+3 1.36 q.1a2c43d7d39b748b 719 0.99 3.61 0.004 -1.81E+3 1.54 q.2e09446e39e26d42 690 0.94 3.35 0.009 34.6 13.4 q.b4c5f3d55b4e9dc 719 0.99 3.6 0.004 -2.23E+3 1.68 q.1e299bdd1cf7a625 2 1 3.88 0 -229 0 q.b21cac0c6ac1883e 618 0.98 3.56 0.005 -192 2.35 q.42107779fcd075ef 719 0.91 2.71 0.012 1.16E+4 0.412 q.175ed29f1d4c8f03 719 0.98 3.61 0.005 -9.59E+3 1.6 q.f3dcff7d95f7730f 15 0.98 3.51 0.043 -25.8 5.71 q.5721c438ee6a188 702 0.99 3.47 0.004 -124 12.6 q.2c509f1ed2220464 702 0.99 3.43 0.004 -37 47.8 e.6cbf55e7c81df51d 2 1 2.55 0 -783 0 e.785f8ac3c1ea1c93 711 0.98 3.09 0.005 993 2.12 q.7e56f3238e6c5904 236 0.98 3.22 0.010 143 2.48 q.9c5eceaf0623e18c 719 0.98 3.58 0.005 -2.54E+4 2.06 q.9659def20a9fb5a5 719 0.98 3.54 0.005 -2.56E+3 3.02 q.84ae95a99c262132 719 0.95 2.88 0.008 2.31E+3 0.653 q.7f34381df64db829 719 0.9 2.5 0.012 7.62E+4 0.277 q.6cbf55e7c81df51d 136 0.94 3.23 0.021 225 2.17 q.5a62368ba35d9f59 36 0.98 3.31 0.026 69.8 3.22 q.46b9e5597a64f0e7 592 0.99 2.94 0.004 293 3.37 q.f3228b87e7b1b7f3 711 0.99 3.44 0.004 -116 20 q.ff60c9b4f7de6530 719 0.98 3.48 0.005 -1.66E+3 6.43 q.f38279ed28be5363 195 0.99 3.42 0.008 2.06 123 q.d849c2d7d1d265d1 649 0.98 3.57 0.005 -174 2.18 q.de5b2c348b0f3ff1 719 0.98 3.64 0.006 -4.96E+4 1.02 q.9b7cbe367825f927 719 0.99 3.61 0.004 -2.23E+3 1.53 q.ade8b59d3591ed97 400 0.99 3.23 0.005 134 2.83 November 20, 2016 • Revision 2 θ Meet the Author Baron Schwartz Baron is a performance and scalability expert who participates in various database, opensource, and distributed systems communities.


05/01/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

DNS Configuration of Cisco Router as DNS Server (1) 97%

The caching name server caches information learned from other name servers so that it can answer requests quickly, without having to query other servers for each transaction.


13/03/2014 www.pdf-archive.com

Cognos Online Training 96%

Author Professional Reports Fundamentals Examine Report Studio and its interface Explore different report types Create a simple, sorted, and formatted report Explore how data items are added to queries Create List Reports Format, group, and sort list reports Describe options for aggregating data Create a multi-fact query Create a report with repeated data Focus Reports Using Filters Create filters to narrow the focus of reports Examine detail and summary filters Determine when to apply filters on aggregate data Create Crosstab Reports Format and sort crosstab reports Convert a list to a crosstab Create complex crosstabs using drag and drop functionality Create crosstabs using unrelated data items Present Data Graphically Create charts containing peer and nested items Add context to charts Create and reuse custom chart palettes Present key data in a single dashboard report Focus Reports Using Prompts Identify various prompt types www.MonsterCourses.com +1(772) 777-1557 info@monstercourses.com www.MonsterCourses.com Use parameters and prompts to focus data Search for prompt items Customize prompts to facilitate users' choices Navigate between pages Display users' prompt selections in the report Extend Reports Using Calculations Create calculations based on data in the data source Add run-time information to the reports Create expressions using functions Use Additional Report Building Techniques Reuse objects within the same report Share layout components among separate reports Discuss report templates Add pages to a report Choose options to handle reports with no available data Customize Reports with Conditional Formatting Create multi-lingual reports Highlight exceptional data Show and hide data conditionally render objects in reports Drill-Through From One Report to Another Let users navigate from a specific report to a target report Pass parameter values to filter the data in drill-through targets Drill-through Definitions Parameter-driven drill through Steps to enable drill-through access for a package Drill through Assistant Enhance Report Layout Force page breaks in reports Modify existing report structures Apply horizontal formatting Specify print options for PDF reports Combine data containers displaying data from different queries www.MonsterCourses.com +1(772) 777-1557 info@monstercourses.com www.MonsterCourses.com Format data and report objects IBM Cognos Report Studio:


04/06/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

Two Robots Challenge Week of Code - 19 HackerRank 96%

The robots take instructions in the form of queries consisting of two integers, M a  and M b , respectively. To execute a query, a robot travels to container M a , picks up 1  candy, transports it to container M b , and then stops at M b  until it receives another query.


19/02/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

SQL Injection 95%

One such layer, the database, most commonly uses a database language called SQL, or Structured Query Language.


25/11/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

DEXA2016# 11039 95%

We propose in this paper a top-k query algorithm on relational databases able to produce effective and efficient results.


21/05/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

Top-K-Queries 95%

We propose in this paper a top-k query algorithm on relational databases able to produce effective and efficient results.


23/05/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

DBMSUnit4 94%

Database Management System 10CS54 UNIT 4 SQL The Relational Database Standard SQL The Relational Database Standard 4.1 Data Definition, Constraints, and Schema Changes in SQL2 4.2 Basic Queries in SQL 4.3 More Complex SQL Queries Page 51 Database Management System 10CS54 UNIT 4 SQL The Relational Database Standard 4.1 Data Definition, Constraints, and Schema Changes in SQL2 x x x x x x x x x x Structured Query Language (SQL) was designed and implemented at IBM Research.


23/08/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

25N13-IJAET0313541 revised 94%

2231-1963 QUERY PROCESSING BY USING VIRTUAL QUERY ENGINE TOOL Priti Kishor Doad and Satish Jaykrishna Alaspurkar Department of Computer Science &


13/05/2013 www.pdf-archive.com

1z0-047 Oracle certified 94%

The nested query executes after the outer query returns the row.


31/01/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

CRUD Review 93%

cheesepizza = menuItem(name="Cheese Pizza", description = "Made with all natural ingredients and fresh mozzarella", course="Entree", price="$8.99", restaurant=my FirstRestaurant) session.add(cheesepizza) session.commit() READ We read out information in our database using the query method in SQLAlchemy:


21/01/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

The Best SQL Server DBA Interview Questions [UPDATED - 2018] 93%

Update Statistics is used to force a recalculation of query optimization statistics for a table or indexed view.


12/04/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

Troubleshooting BI Security Issues 93%

The query does not return the correct values:


19/07/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

research statement 93%

X min P (L)Q(T, L) T ∈V L∈Λ Any decision tree which does not query the same point more than once can be described in its entirety by a matrix of the form T ∈ Rλ×n .


09/03/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

paoletti2016 93%

We propose in this paper a top-k query algorithm on relational databases able to produce effective and efficient results.


08/06/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

IJETR011720 92%

Index Terms— Image databases, image segmentation, ontology, relevance feedback, Semantic region, semantic template, Support Vector Machine (SVM), Binary Decision Tree (BDT), Region Based Image Retrieval (RBIR), semantic learning, query image, foreground region, Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) I.


27/12/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

Speech Analytics Market 92%

https://kbvresearch.com/speech-analytics-market/ kbv Research | +1 (646) 661-6066 | query@kbvresearch.com Market Dynamics – Speech Analytics Market Speech analytics is used in identifying patterns and trends from the historical and real-time customer data and devise retention strategies and as a result, limit customer churning.


02/04/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

IoT Data Management Market 92%

https://kbvresearch.com/iot-data-management-market/ kbv Research | +1 (646) 661-6066 | query@kbvresearch.com Market Dynamics – IoT Data Management Market Traditional data management systems are used to handle the storage, retrieval, and update elementary data items, records and files.


13/09/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

mathematics.verticalnews.com articles 5676598 92%

The dependency of the Google search engine on the language and location from which the query is submitted has been evaluated."


31/08/2011 www.pdf-archive.com

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