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非關雌雄結構腳本 節目主題 開頭(2 分) 男同志(5 分半) 扮裝者(9 分半) 變性人(11 分) 結語(2 分) 總長 30 分 節目內容 目的 片頭 開頭,吸引注意力 街頭訪問(六回合的快問快答) 輕鬆方式帶入主題 學者介紹跨性別的定義 專家帶聽眾了解跨性別 主持人開頭-訪問餅乾 引介訪問對象餅乾 餅乾的同志處境 讓聽眾了解人物處境 主持人引家庭壓力 主持人帶出處境主軸 餅乾的家庭壓力 帶出處境內容 主持人結語 此區塊告一段落 主持人引扮裝者介紹 主持人轉場引介扮裝者族群 精神科醫師介紹扮裝者 專家定義讓聽眾了解扮裝者 主持人引廣播劇 主持人引聽眾進入劇情 扮裝者廣播劇(三個角色) 以劇情讓聽眾了解跨性別 主持人-「扮裝」的定義為何? 拋出問題讓聽眾思考 臺灣 TG 蝶園在同志遊行的發言 專家論點深化討論 主持人引言-訪問變性人 RACHEL 主持人轉場引介變性人 RACHEL RACHEL 職場壓力 描繪 RACHEL 處境 主持人引 RACHEL 主管 主持人引介受訪者 RACHEL 主管 RACHEL 主管現身說法 他人視角補充 RACHEL 處境 RACHEL 賀爾蒙治療介紹 了解受訪者的賀爾蒙治療 主持人引變性手術 主持人轉場 RACHEL 的變性手術過程 了解受訪者的生命經歷 主持人引手術後遺症 主持人轉場引手術後遺症 整形科醫師談手術後遺症 專家說法 主持人引言:RLT (REAL 主持人轉場引 RLT LIFE TEST) 精神科醫師說法 專家說法 主持人引 RACHEL 的 RLT 經驗 主持人轉場引 RACHEL 經驗 RACHEL 的 RLT 經歷 受訪者的生命經歷 主持人結語 變性人部分告一段落 主持人引學者 專家論點作結 學者對二元性別的質疑 拋出問題讓聽眾思考 主持人結語 整個節目作結


RachelCorrie Program 93%

starring Stephanie June Dora Endre Director Soukeyna Ndiaye Stage Manager Dorottya Pàlfit Graphic Designer My Name is Rachel Corrie was first presented by the English Stage Company at the Royal Court Theatre, London  Produced Off-Broadway at the Minetta Lane Theatre by Dena Hammerstein and Pam Pariseau for James Hammerstein Productions Hope.


Dickson Rachel CV BFA 91%

Rachel Dickson   Education 2017 2015 University of Nevada, Reno;


The Waiting 85%

Rachel finally made him go see a doctor about his back, and…” His voice trailed off into silence.


BB13 Predictions Post-Double Eviction 84%

JON/SHARON MANDY/MARCO KEVIN/LAURA EVICTEE # PREDICTION POINTS PREDICTION POINTS PREDICTION POINTS 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Keith 10 Keith 10 Keith 10 Adam Kalia Adam Rachel Adam Cassi (12) Kalia Rachel Jordan Shelly Porsche Porsche Porsche Shelly Dominic (11) 9 7 Cassi (12) 5 Brendon (10, 9) 7+8 Kalia Daniele (8) 8 Lawon (10) 6 Lawon (10) Brendon (10, 9) 5+6 Jordan Lawon (10) 4 Cassi (12) 2 Brendon (10, 9) Dominic (11) 2 Jeff (7) 6 Shelly Dominic (11) 1 Jeff (7) 5 Daniele (8) 3 Daniele (8) 3 Jordan Jeff (7) 4 44 6 Rachel 43 4+5 49


Rhondda Women's Forum (2) 83%

Also speaking on the topic will be the Chief Executive of Welsh Women's Aid, Eleri Butler, and domestic violence champion and survivor Rachel Williams, who will share her extraordinary story.


Rhondda Women's Forum 83%

Also speaking on the topic will be the Chief Executive of Welsh Women's Aid, Eleri Butler, and domestic violence champion and survivor Rachel Williams, who will share her extraordinary story.



Rachel and Anu want to stand together because they are “such good friends”.


Anime Library 81%

Rachel Fisher Date: ... Rachel Fisher Date: ... Rachel Fisher Date:


MOLTEN by Layla H Messner 80%

“Rachel!” Leonardo’s deep voice shouted.


04 2014 WWZnewsflash Diplomfeier 24 10 2014 79%

Den besten Bachelorabschluss mit der Note 6.0 erzielte Rachel Straumann.


Network Notes 3-27 (1) 79%

 Richard  Christianson,  Makin  Butterflies  Montessori  School     Operation  Home,  Rachel  Williams.



2:44 pm RACHEL’s PROFILE DETAILS name date of birth gender interested in RACHEL PHILLIPS 16/05/1987 male female men women ABOUT YOU short description occupation interests hobbies WHEN I AM NOT WORKING I PRACTICALLY LIVE OUTDOORS, I LOVE HIKING AND TRAVELLING.


flyer isaacengleson 76%

770-740-1340 Elite Real Estate Properties 3009 Old Alabama Road Alpharetta, GA 30022 Rachel Broach - Assoc.


PRRC Presentation(1) 76%

Teenage Mutant Spindleshaped Viruses By Rachel Champaigne and Peter Robinson Two mutant viral genes walk into a bar.


Uni of York Pre-Employment Course Final 76%

United Response STUDENTS ON THE GRADUATION TO AUTISTIC SPECTRUM @UoYCareers EMPLOYMENT COURSE FOR STUDENTS ON THE AUTISTIC SPECTRUM ABOUT THE COURSE The aim is to give you the tools required to find work placements and employment.


HS Spring Concert 76%

Michael Brown        Flute    Bass Clarinet    Trumpet    Trombone  Michaela Flynn    Casey Thelen    Olivia Groves    Harley Tratnik  Kelsie Halsted    Cierra Van Ells    Zach Schmitz    Karena Hunke  Kayla Spitzley        Kim Miller    Nathan Obery  Janay Bengal    Alto Saxophone    Grant Sorrell    Brandt Buckley  Jenna Kramer    Anneliese Hummel    Jared LaVoie    Nathan Buckley  Krysta Cashen    Ellie Stump    Zoie Schafer    Jamie Markel  Valerie Schafer     Aidan Flynn        Ryan Schafer  Rachel Thelen     Kaila Halsted               Mackenzie Andrews     French Horn      Clarinet    Savannah McQueen     Isabelle Gallagher      Tiffany Martin        Natalie O'Brien    Tenor Sax    Becca Cooper    Brendan Cassel  Meghan Ball     Sharon Britten  Nathan Koenigsknecht    Percussion      Izzy Parker    Euphonium    Olivia Smith      Jennifer Markel    Benjamin Prince    Bari Sax        Madison Simon  Ashley Martin    Raven Pitch    Tuba    Rachel Mauren  Anna Miller    Nathan Spitzley    Isaiah Schafer    Braden Huhn


Donnelly Workshop Sept 19 76%

Donnelly Workshop Sept 19 11:45-13:30 Chris Donnelly Rachel Ellehuus, OSD Policy EURO-NATO Rachel.


JS 2013 76%

Chemist - $24-25/hr – Herbalife in Torrance – 6 month + temp – Waiting/RejectedPossibly 09/16 – Pharmavite phone interview @ 10:30am – Mohamed Koroma (R&D Supervisor) Chemist II - $24-25/hr – Pharmavite in Valencia – 3month + temp – Waiting/RejectedPossibly 09/20 – Abbot Staffing recruiter interview @ 2pm – Rachel Perez Analytical Chemist - $45-55k – Aaron Industries Inc.


CNA-41 Shabi 2015 75%

Canada, Middle East, Racism, Protests 4141 548 1 Protesters demonstrate in Baltimore [AP] About the Author Rachel Shabi Rachel Shabi is a journalist and author of Not the Enemy:


bmtm online program 75%

She dedicates this show to her sister, Rachel.


PA Crunch Case Studies 74%

Rachel Rachel @CharlesHenryAllure I’m Rachel Belmont, and I am the Founder/CEO of Charles Henry, LLC.


Empty Bowl 72%

To become a sponsor or to make a contribution or in-kind donation to NPIHN, please contact Rachel Falkove, Executive Director at 215-247-4663 Ext.


Hawk Thoughts February 71%

2009-2010 Writing Stars Aceves, Sergio Adams, Destini Alvarado, Cassandra Anderson, Jovonta Bissoondyal, Sukhram Brewer, Mariah Brooks, Tiara Chau, Sara Conn, Shaianne Copeland, Rachel Cosentino, Jordan Cotto, Luis Cubero, Jenie Davis, Jessica Davis-Evans, Rachel DiDonato, Nicole Dubose, Kayla Duncan, Amber Duncan, Brandon Evensen, Kaila Flack, Megan Flores, Jessica Gadson, Shakeitha George, Charmaine Gullans, Michelle Guzmeli, Grabiel Haynes, Victoria Hays, Carrie Heslin, Destiny Himes, Michael Hollis, Lucas Holt, Douglas Hooper, Ethan Hossack, Andrea Howell, Curtis Hugee, Charquis Kamras, George Lopez, Daniel Lukose, Eveena Macon, Travis Martin, Russell Martinez, Nancy Mccalister, Roy McClendon, Derrick McCombs, Alijah McGraw, Gabrielle McPhee, Brenna Mercado, Louis Milcher, Tatiana Mitchell, Haylie Mojica, Joshmian Morales, Angelica Musko, Anthony Newsome, Chanelle Nwagbuo, David Oneale, Raul Penrod, Brittani Pereyra, Karina Perez, Victor Poole, Artreese Quinones, Giovanie Redwine, Kayleigh Rivera, Jassimine Rodriguez, Meghan Rose, Darren Sams, Hannah Sandage, Jenna Santiago, Armando Sawyer, Ashley Schiffer, Genevieve Schwaller, Jay Seals, Christa Simpson, Mikkiera Sprowl, Kayla Stewart, Andre Stojakovic, Zarko Thomas, Amber Townsend, Ashlee Trombley, Brian Walker, Stephanie West, Jesse Wheaton-Spell, Hunter Williams, Hannah Wilson, King Wilson, Tori College Bound Seniors...To be Continued!