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DR update 16June2016 93%

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Menu-Retail.PDF 93%

Spring Menu ’18 We deliver.


AWOHL Worksheets 93%

W R:W 10 Reps 8 Reps 6 Reps Drop Set – 6 Reps W W W W Set 1 – 30s Set 2 – 30s W W Sq step, Rv lunge, Sq step, Fr lunge, Calf rs Bulgarian Squat Front Lunge Giant Set Goblet Sumo Squat Slow W W Set 3 Set 3 – 30s Drop Set – 30s Sumo Squat Quick R R W 10 Reps 8 Reps 6 Reps W W W Set 1 – 30s Set 2 – 30s R R R W R V Stiff Leg Set 3 – 1 min Calf Raises R Cool-Down Equipment • Bench (or Stability Ball) • Weights • Worksheet and Pen • Water and Towel © 2017 Beachbody, LLC.


Vol. 1 Catalogue 2018 (Priced) 93%

In embossing, an image is pressed into the material so that the image raises from the surface.


Completion of MANMADE projects 89%

We are grateful for your support!


Darrel Haynes - The Imbeciles 89%

Darrel raises his backhand as to hit Vlad.


The One Sheet Haggadah 89%

LEADER (Raises the first glass of wine, the Cup of Sanctification, and says the following blessing):


bestshoulderexercisesformass-150406103508-conversion-gate01 89%

Dumbbell Shoulder Press  Sit on a bench with a dumbbell in      each hand, keeping good posture and a tight core with your palms facing forward The starting position is with your arms at the height of our shoulders Raise the dumbbells above our head by extending our arms Bring your arms closer together at the top of the movement Pause briefly at the top of the movement before lowering the weight to the starting position This movement can also be performed on an incline bench Barbell Shoulder Press  Set up on a bench with a barbell     rack, gripping the bar a few inches outside shoulder width Lift the bar off the rack and set up in the starting position at the height of your shoulders Keep your core tight and maintain good posture Raise the bar over your head by straightening your arms Pause for a moment at the top of the movement before returning to the starting position One Arm Dumbbell Shoulder Press  Stand with a straight back and     a tight core, feet shoulder width apart Take a dumbbell in your hand and lift it with a bent elbow to shoulder height Push the dumbbell overhead until your arm is fully extended overhead Lower the weight to the starting position Repeat the movement for both arms Front Raises       Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, core tight and your back straight Take a dumbbell in each hand with an overhand grip The starting position is with the weight at waist height with elbows very slightly bent Raise your left arm until the weight is in line with your shoulder, keeping the arm straight Pause briefly at the top of the movement, before lowering the weight to the starting position in a controlled manner Repeat the movement with your right arm


Workout Log Pages 3x4 89%

Set Set Set Barbel Standing Calve Raises Set Set Set Quad Extensions Mach.