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Menu 100%

Mixer ANTIPASTI MISTO PRIMI Ravioli con Ricotta e Spinaci Linguine al Ragu d’Anatra Tagliatelle Burro e Salvia SECONDI E CONTORNI Pollo alla Milanese Saltimbocca alla Romana Piccata di Pesce DOLCI Tiramisu Crema Fritta alla Veneziana CAFFE Coffee/ Tea DIGESTIVI Limoncello Please select one dish from each heading on the previous page.


Dinner Menu English December 2015 99%

aleppo pepper the beet beet "ravioli"


Speisekarte Pizzeria 33 Baar 95%

29.80 PASTE / TEIGWAREN CHF Tortelloni alla panna Mit Rahm, geriebenem Grana Padano 20.50 Tortelloni prosciutto e panna Mit Schinken, Rahm 21.50 Tortelloni burro e salvia Mit Butter, Knoblauch, frischem Salbei 20.50 Ravioli al pomodoro Mit Tomatensauce 20.50 Giganti Ravioli burro e salvia Jumbo Ravioli gefüllt mit Kräutern an Butter, Knoblauch und frischem Salbei 25.50 RISOTTO Risotto ai funghi porcini Mit Steinpilzen 24.50 Risotto frutti di mare Mit Meeresfrüchten 27.50 Risotto verdura Mit frischem Gemüse 22.50 Risotto allo zafferano Mit Safran 23.50 Risotto tartufo Mit frischem Trüffel 28.50 Risotto al salmone e rucola Mit Lachs, Weisswein, Zwiebeln, Rucola 28.50 Diese Preise verstehen sich inkl.


Standlschmaus 06-14 DEF 95%

Olang, T +39 0474 496277 MOARHOF Piazza Florianiplatz 19 Heimische Fonzies | 2Man Group Hausgemachte Ravioli gefüllt mit Winterestragon an 39030 Olang 2 Alpinhotel Keil Tourismusverein Olang Bei Schlechtwetter findet die Veranstaltung NICHTOlang statt, Ass.


FFOptimized 94%

Cereal w/ milk Ramen noodles w/ carrots+celery Toast w/ peanut butter, yogurt Eggs+toast Oatmeal w/ milk, Cereal w/ milk, raisins+brown fruit sugar Eggs+toast Leftover chili Beans+salsa over Grilled cheese rice, fruit sandwich w/ tuna, carrots+ celery Corn cakes w/ brown sugar Meat crumbles+ cheese on instant potatoes, pudding French toast topped w/ canned fruit Cereal w/ milk, fruit Toast w/ peanut butter, yogurt Grilled cheese sandwich, fruit Soup, baking mix biscuits Baking mix pancakes w/ syrup, fruit Eggs+toast Creamy parmesan noodles w/ canned chicken, carrots+celery Soup+baking mix biscuits Peanut butter+ jelly sandwich, fruit Beef stew w/ dumplings Pasta w/ tomato sauce +meat crumbles Two-bean Chicken Chili, leftover biscuits Cereal w/ milk, fruit Oatmeal w/ milk, raisins+brown sugar Bananas rolled in peanut butter+cereal Oatmeal w/ milk, raisins+brown sugar Leftover pasta, carrots+celery Soup+crackers Corn cakes w/ beans, cheese+ salsa carrots+celery Peanut butter+ jelly sandwich, yogurt Eggs+toast Pasta w/ tomato sauce +meat crumbles Cereal w/ milk, fruit Toast w/ jelly, yogurt Peanut butter+ jelly sandwich, carrots+celery Hard boiled eggs, celery w/ peanut butter+ raisins Unfried chicken, veggies, baked potato Baking mix pancakes w/ syrup, fruit Cereal w/ milk, fruit Toast w/ peanut butter, yogurt Peanut butter+ jelly sandwich, carrots+ celery Leftover tortillas w/ cheese+salsa Huevos Rancheros Beef stew w/ dumplings Cheeseburgers, Eggs+toast Soup+crackers Greens+beans w/ marinara Oatmeal w/ milk, raisins+brown sugar Rice w/ tuna, vegetables+ cheese Peanut butter+ jelly sandwich, fruit Eggs+toast Oatmeal w/ milk, raisins+brown sugar Leftover beef stew, fruit Rice w/ tuna, vegetables+ cheese Omelets w/ cheese+ tomato sauce Peanut butter+ jelly sandwich, carrots+celery Diced onions+ sweet potatoes scrambled w/ eggs Cereal w/ milk, fruit Tuna sandwich, carrots+celery Ravioli, celery w/ peanut butter+ raisins Oatmeal w/ milk, raisins+brown sugar Soup+crackers Corn cakes w/ beans, cheese+tomato sauce French toast topped w/ canned fruit Cereal w/ milk, fruit Oatmeal w/ milk, raisins+brown sugar Grilled cheese sandwiches Corn cakes w/ butter+syrup, vegetables Soup+baking mix biscuits Ramen w/ canned chicken Oatmeal w/ milk, raisins+ brown sugar Ramen+ canned chicken Beans+rice w/ taco seasoning or salsa Mac+cheese, vegetable, Jello Cereal w/ milk, fruit Grilled cheese sandwich, canned veggies Pasta w/ tomato sauce+ parmesan Jelly Oil Milk Garlic Eggs Celery Pasta Greens Salsa Cheese Rice Carrots Raisins Cornmeal Oatmeal Brown sugar Fresh fruit Green chilies Chicken broth or bouillon Butter Milk Cheese Eggs Celery Greens Carrots Ketchup Fresh fruit Mustard Taco seasoning Parmesan cheese Milk Rice Eggs Cheese Soup Greens Celery Spinach Carrots Cornmeal Fresh fruit Frozen vegetables Cereal w/ milk, fruit Ravioli, celery sticks w/ peanut butter+raisins Meat crumbles+ cheese on instant potatoes Milk Salsa Greens Eggs Cheese Soup Celery Onions Spinach Carrots Beef stew Cornmeal Fresh fruit Flour tortillas Frozen vegetables Backpack Pantry Soup Cereal Ravioli Ramen Pudding Canned fruit Canned chicken Shelf-stable milk Corn Beans Bread Yogurt Onions Beef stew Baking mix Tomato sauce Meat crumbles Instant potatoes Backpack Pantry Jello Soup Syrup Baking mix Mac+cheese Canned chicken Canned veggies Creamy parmesan noodles Cereal Bread Yogurt Potatoes Pinto beans Ground beef Tomato sauce Meat crumbles Backpack Pantry Noodles Crackers Oatmeal Pasta sauce Canned fruit Peanut butter Shelf-stable milk Beans Bread Cereal Yogurt Potatoes Tomato sauce Chicken pieces Canned veggies Backpack Pantry Soup Cereal Ramen Ravioli Pudding Canned fruit Canned chicken Shelf-stable milk Beans Cereal Bread Yogurt Canned corn Meat crumbles Instant potatoes Beef Stew and Dumplings Put 2 cans of beef stew into a saucepan.


Take Out Menu (08-01) (pdf) 94%

balsamic glaze $10 Risotto Con Funghi—slow cooked long grain Arborio rice with wild mushrooms, enhanced with black truffle oil $10 Crabmeat Ravioli alla Nostra—4 black ravioli filled with lump crabmeat &


Jeffrey's Menu 92%

ARTICHOKE 6 ounces 33.95 8 ounces 39.95 KANSAS CITY STRIP 12 ounces 32.95 BLEU CHEESE PEPPERCORN FILET 6 ounce peppercorn encrusted beef tenderloin filet, topped with warm bleu cheese cream sauce 36.95 HUNTERS SKILLET 6 ounce beef tenderloin filet surrounded by roasted root vegetables and served in a cast iron skillet 38.50 - Supper Club Suggestions Bleu cheese sauce served warm 2.95 Bleu cheese melted 2.95 Béarnaise sauce 2.95 Twice baked potato 5.95 Grilled fresh asparagus served with hollandaise 5.95 Baked potato loaded with bacon bits, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and scallions 5.95 Copper Cup Cocktails Served in a solid copper mug - Ocean Meat - Ozark distillery BATTER FRIED LOBSTER Real Ozark moonshine made within a stones throw of this restaurant (Distillery tours every Saturday) THE OZARK MULE Vanilla bean moonshine, ginger beer and lime MOSCOW MULE Smirnoff vodka, ginger beer, lime Imported coldwater North Atlantic lobster served on a bed of shoestring potatoes with drawn butter 45.95 LOBSTER RAVIOLI CEDAR PLANKED SALMON Ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese, topped with double reduced lobster cream sauce and morels of lobster 23.95 BATTER FRIED SHRIMP Hand battered butterflied shrimp served on a bed of shoestring potatoes with zesty cocktail sauce 25.95 Seasoned and grilled center cut salmon fillet served with Dijon honey mustard sauce 27.95 KENTUCKY MULE Bulleit bourbon, ginger beer, lime - Sea &


Full Menu Amico Di Amici July 2016 92%

pancetta risotto with garlic, white wine and parsley £9.95 Insalata £10.95 LASAGNA AL FORNO The Italian classic, made with bolognese, béchamel sauce and Parmesan cheese £9.15 RAVIOLI SALMONE Smoked salmon filled ravioli with a dill butter sauce £9.60 RAVIOLI CARNE Meat filled ravioli in a rich ragu sauce £9.50 TORTELLINI SPINACI (v) Spinach and ricotta filled tortellini in a creamy tomato sauce £8.95 GNOCCHI GORGONZOLA Potato dumplings cooked in a wild mushroom, garlic spinach and Gorgonzola cheese sauce £8.95 GNOCCHI SALSICCIA Potato dumplings with homemade Sicilian sausage in a tomato &


menù-primavera2017 91%

Antipasti Antipasti Appetizers | Entrées | Vorspeisen Appetizers | Entrées | Vorspeisen I I Antipasto misto di pesce Mix fish appetizer Hors d’oeuvre de poisson Gemischte meeresfrüchte vorspeise € 22,00 Filetto di sgombro in saor e dadolata di mela verde con polentina morbida mackerel fish in onion marinated with vinegar and green apple served with soft polenta Maquerau marinées à l’oignon et vinaigre avec pomme vert servi avec polenta Makrele mit zwiebeln und essig mariniert mit grunen apfel serviert mit polenta € 15,00 Bigné nero con baccalà mantecato e crema di porri Cod fish served in a black bigne with leeks cream Bigne noir avec brandade de morue servi avec creme de poireaux Baccala’ mit lauch creme serviert € 15,00 Gamberi avvolti nella pancetta con crema di zucchine fave e involtino di zucchina alla spuma di caprino Grilled prawns with bacon served with zucchini cream string beans and caprino cheese Gambas grillè avec bacon creme de courgette feves et mousse de fromage de chevre Gegrillt garnelen mit zucchini kreme saubohnen und kase mousse € 15,00 Pesce del giorno marinato servito con insalata riccia lime e mandorle tostate Fish of the day marinated served with salad lime and toasted almonds Poisson du jour marinè servis avec salad citron vert et amandes Noci di capesante su specchio di carote e curcuma con granella di pistacchio Grilled scallops on carrots cream and turmeric with pistachios Coquilles saint-jacques sur creme de carottes e curcuma avec pistaches Jakobsmuscheln mit karoten und kurkuma creme und pistazien € 20,00 Saltata di cozze e vongole Sauteed mussels and clams Moules et les palourdes sautées Sautierte miesmuscheln und muscheln € 15,00 Burratina con insalata di asparagi e tuorlo affumicato Burrata with asparagus and smoked egg yolk Burrata avec asperge et jaune d ‘œuf fume Burrata mit spargel und eigelb gerauchert € 15,00 Carpaccio di vitello, citronette e valeriana con salsa tartara Veal carpaccio with tartara sauce Carpaccio de veau avec citronette salad e sauce tartara Kalbs carpaccio mit tartara sauce € 18,00 Marinierten fisch des tages mit salat limette und mandel € 15,00 Pane e coperto | Bread and cover | Pain et couvert | Brot und gedeck € 2.00 Pane e coperto | Bread and cover | Pain et couvert | Brot und gedeck € 2.00 Primi Piatti Primi Piatti First courses | Premiers cours | Vorspeisen First courses | Premiers cours | Vorspeisen II II Spaghettoni fatti in casa con seppie al nero Gnocchi di patate e noci fatti in casa con ragu d’anatra in bianco Home made spaghetti with cuttlefish in black sauce Walnutsgnocchi with duck ragu Spaghetti maison avec seiches noir Gnocchi de patate et noix avec ragout de canard Spaghetti mit tintenfische in schwarz sause Walnussegnocchi mit ente ragu € 15.00 € 15.00 Tagliatelle nere fatte in casa con asparagi bianchi e verdi e cappesante Pasticcio del giorno Taglietelle with scallops and asparagus Lasagna of the day Tagliatelle avec asperge et coquille saint jacque Lasagne de la journée Tagliatelle mit jacobsmuscheln und spargel Lasagne des tages € 16.00 € 15.00 Reginette fatte in casa alle verdurine di stagione e ricotta salata Zuppa del giorno Reginette with mixed vegetable and dry ricotta Soup of the day Reginette avec legumes et ricotta salè Soupe du jour Reginette mit gemuse und gesalzen ricotta Tages suppe € 15.00 € 13.00 Risi bisi e scampi (min per due persone) Ravioli del giorno Risotto with schrimps and peas (min per 2 person) Homemade ravioli of the day Risotto avec crevettes et petits pois (min pour 2 personne) Ravioli maison du jour Risotto mit scampi und erbsen (min fur 2 personen) Tages ravioli € 17.00 Per pers.


Summer 2016 Party Menus 90%

Morel Ravioli Caramelised Chicken Wings Parsley &


merged document 87%

Fried Ravioli (6) .


Black Dog Menu 87%

Toasted Meat Ravioli- 6.99 Lightly toasted meat ravioli served with our delicious marinara.


Salza TO Inside v3 86%

kielbasa sausage, spinach, mushrooms, mozzarella, tomatoes English Bacon $12 • $20 Pasta Forno $12 • $20 ground beef, sausage, avocado slices, black bean puree, mozzarella steak strips, green peppers, onions, mozzarella California Veggie Texas Cheese Ravioli Lobster Ravioli Lasagna Stuffed Shells Baked Ziti Manicotti $12 • $20 Pasta Spaghetti, Linguine, Penne Down South $10 • $19 pork, coleslaw, BBQ sauce, corn, mozzarella chorizo, chicharron, carne molida, sweet plantain, onions, tomatoes, mozzarella Ecuadorian Pink Sauce!


merged (2) 86%

Rosa de Salmão sobre Bolinhos de Aveia com Couvert Creme de Queijo e Natas Cesto de Pão 8€ Manteiga Aromatizada Mil Folhas de Legumes com Parmesão Crocante Azeite d’Alho e Alecrim 8€ Creme de Queijo Fresco com Compota de Morango 6€ Salada Caesar … Com Atum ou Frango ou Camarão 15€ Entradas Sopa Rústica de Cebola 6€ Peixes Atum dos Açores Crestado com Sementes, Puré de Creme de Tamboril e Tomate Cherovias e Molho de Soja 8€ 18€ Ravioli de Foie Gras com Pera Rocha Salteada e Robalo da Costa, Bacon de Porco Preto, Trouxa de Pinhões Legumes em Juliana 12€ 18€ Mexilhões Panados com Broa de Milho e Ervas Blanquette de Lombos de Tamboril, Alho Francês Frescas Caramelizado 8€ 18€ Selecção de Croquetes Tentáculos de Polvo Confitado, Esmagada de (Rabo de Boi;


New flyer-back-12-0207 85%

$ 14.99 $ 1.10 M - 12” $ 17.99 $ 1.55 L - 14” $ 19.99 $ 1.95 $22.95 Baked with Spaghetti, Lasagna or Ravioli, &


Villa Calini - Menu Natale 2015 85%

Tartare di manzo classica su pane nero) I primi Ravioli di patate viola in sfoglia servite con un guazzetto di polipo croccante Risotto mantecato con funghi cardoncelli e chiodini al pino Il secondo Mignon di tacchinella arrosto ripiena di pistacchio e mortadella servita su polenta semintegrale Dolci in Loggia Buffet dei dolci con fontana di cioccolata e spiedini, minidessert, tronchetti di Natale alla crema, frutta e frutti di bosco, caldarroste e vin brulè Panettone di nostra produzione con gelato alla crema Scagliette di torrone Selezione di vini € 65,00 Dedicato ai più Piccoli Prosciutto cotto di tacchinella con insalatina e tortino di capra Lasagnette verdi saltate al ragù di vitello Filettini di sogliola panati e fritti o cotoletta bio, patate schiacciate e carote lucide Per i dolci … decidono i Genitori € 30,00 Nel pomeriggio intrattenimento e attività per bambini a tema natalizio.


marco polo carte 2016 84%

10.50 Ravioli ricotta et truffe blanche (ciboulette, copeaux de parmesan)................................


PESTO FOOD MENU 2016 final 83%

Tomato Veloute, Parmesan Cheese, Bread Croutons Basil, Semi Dried Tomato 40 GUAZZETTO DI MARE ALLA PESCATORA (D) (G) (A) Seafood Soup, Bread Croutons 45 RISOTTO RISOTTO AI GAMBERI E CREMA DI ZUCCHINE (D) Risotto with Shrimps, Zucchini Sauce RISOTTO ALLA ZUCCA, CAPRINO MORBIDO E SCALOGNO BRASATO AL VINO ROSSO E SEMI DI ZUCCA (D)(A) Risotto Rice with Pumpkin Puree, Goat’s Cheese Pumpkin Seeds, Red Wine Shallots N – Contains nuts, D – Contains dairy, G – Contains gluten, A – Contains alcohol All prices are in AED 75 60 PASTE SECCHE SPAGHETTI ALLO SCOGLIO (D)(G)(A) Spaghetti Pasta with Seafood, Light Tomato Sauce ORECCHIETTE PUGLIESI CON POMODORINI CILIEGINI STRACCIATELLA E RUCOLA (D)(G) Orecchiette Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce Rocket, Stracciatella Cheese LINGUINE ALL’ ARAGOSTA (D)(G)(A) Linguine Pasta with Lobster, Cherry Tomato, Garlic, Basil PENNE ARRABBIATA (D)(G) Penne Pasta with Tomato Sauce, Garlic, Chili, Basil 75 65 140 45 PASTE FRESCHE GNOCCHI DI PATATE ALLA “NORMA” (D)(G) Potato Gnocchi with Tomatoes, Eggplant Puree Smoked Ricotta Cheese 55 LASAGNE ALLA BOLOGNESE (D)(G) Bolognese, Lasagna, Béchamel, Parmesan Cheese 65 RAVIOLI NERI DEL MEDITERRANEO (D)(G)(A) Squid Ink Ravioli stuffed with Fresh Tuna, Olives Mussels, Clams, Light Tomato Sauce 65 TAGLIATELLE BOLOGNESE (D)(G) Homemade Tagliatelle with Beef Bolognese, Parmesan, Rosemary Oil 55 N – Contains nuts, D – Contains dairy, G – Contains gluten, A – Contains alcohol All prices are in AED MAIN COURSE CARNE FILETTO DI MANZO ALLA GRIGLIA CON PUREE DI PATATE E ASPARAGI (D) Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Mashed Potato, Asparagus Spears SPALLA DI AGNELLO STUFATA CON CREMA DI PISELLI E BASILICO E PATATE ARROSTO (D) Slow-cooked Lamb Shoulder, Roast Potato, Tomato Confit Sweet Peas, Basil Sauce POLLO CONFIT CON PUREA DI CAROTE, PATATE AL FORNO E SALSA DI ARROSTO AL ROSMARINO (D) Roasted Baby Chicken, Confit Leg, Carrot Purée Roast Potatoes, Rosemary Sauce 150 95 85 PESCE GAMBERONI IN PADELLA CON CREMA DI FINOCCHIO AL PROFUMO DI ARANCE E BROCCOLI (D)(A) Orange-scented Prawns, Fennel Cream, Pan Seared Broccoli 160 BRANZINO AL FORNO CON VARIAZIONI DI SEDANO RAPA CON ESSENZA DI TARTUFO (A) Baked Seabass, Celery Root, Asparagus, Truffle Essence 140 TRANCIO DI TONNO GRIGLIATO CON INSALATA AGLI AGRUMI Grilled Tuna Loin, Salad of Citrus Fruits N – Contains nuts, D – Contains dairy, G – Contains gluten, A – Contains alcohol All prices are in AED 85 PIZZA MARGHERITA (D)(G) Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Basil 45 VULCANO (D)(G) Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Beef Salami 55 VALTELLINA (D) (G) Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Rocket Beef Bresaola, Parmesan Shavings 65 CONTADINA (D)(G) Grilled Vegetables, Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese 50 Smoked Provolone Cheese TONNARELLA (D)(G) Tuna, Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese Onion, Oregano 50 ALLO SCOGLIO (D)(G) Mixed Seafood, Tomato Sauce 55 N – Contains nuts, D – Contains dairy, G – Contains gluten, A – Contains alcohol All prices are in AED


menu 04-2016 F11 83%

Hladna predjela - Cold starters Svježi sir / Fresh cheese artičoke, mladi špinat, mladi luk, kiselo vrhnje, kore za savijače artichokes, young spinach, spring onion, sour cream, filo dough 50,00Kn Jaja / Eggs divlje šparoge / panceta / hollandaise - wild asparagus / pancetta / hollandaise 65,00Kn Naš vitello tonnato / Our vitello tonnato teletina / tuna / kapare / inćuni / limun / majoneza - veal / tuna / capers / anchovies / lemon / mayonnaise 75,00Kn Sipa / Cuttlefish koromač / slanutak / crvena leća / rikola / čili - fennel / chickpeas / red lentils / rocket leaf / chili 80,00Kn Juhe - Soups Peršin / Parsley gusta juha od peršina / hren - creamy soup / parsley / horseradish 40,00Kn Juneći rep / Oxtail bistra juha od junećeg repa / goveđi jezik - clear oxtail broth / beef tongue 45,00Kn Jadranske kozice / Adriatic prawns bisque od kozica / komorač / kozice - prawn bisque / fennel / prawns 80,00Kn Topla predjela - Warm starters Puž / Snail vinogradarski puževi / šumske gljive / lisnato tijesto - garden snails / forrest mushrooms / puff pastry 60,00Kn Teleće brizle / Veal sweetbreads pistacije / prokulica / cvjetača - pistachio / brussel sprouts / cauliflower 70,00Kn Rakovica / European spider crab ravioli od rakovice / limun / kapari / maslac - european spider crab ravioli / lemon / capers / butter 75,00Kn Guščja jetra / Goose liver koštana srž / medvjeđi luk / mladi luk - bone marrow / wild garlic / spring onion 95,00Kn Glavna jela - Main dishes Palamida / Atlantic bonito grašak / hren / badem / kumin - green peas / horseradish / almond / cumin 120,00Kn Grdobina / Monkfish patliđan / kumin / korijander / rikola / začinsko bilje - eggplant / cumin / coriander / rocket leaf / herbs 165,00Kn Zubatac / Dentex krumpir / poriluk / ikra od pastrve / špinat - potato / leek / trout roe / spinach 180,00Kn Janjetina / Lamb vrganji / janjeća jetra / panceta / mladi luk / maslac / čičoka porcini mushrooms / lamb liver / pancetta / spring onion / butter / jerusalem artichoke 130,00Kn Teletina / Veal teleći kare / crne trube / zrnati senf / tikvice / smrčci / cherry rajčica / vlasac veal entrecôte / black trumpets / mustard / zucchini / morels / cherry tomato / chives 140,00 Kn Pačja prsa / Duck brasts zelene mahune / čvarci / marelice / gin / đumbir / cimet / muškatni oraščić green beans / pork cracklings / apricot / gin / ginger / cinnamon / nutmeg 145,00Kn Dubravkin put Classics Tartar od jadranske tune / Adriatic tuna tartar 75,00Kn Tatarski biftek / Steak tartar 90,00Kn Dnevna ponuda svježe ribe / Daily offer of fresh fish 1 kg - 490,00Kn Škampi / Scampi 1 kg – 750,00 Kn Hrvatski Simmental ribeye steak odležan 30 dana Croatian Simmental ribeye steak 30 days aged 350 g - 135,00Kn 500 g – 195,00Kn Francuski Charolais biftek (250 g) French Charolais beef tenderloin (250 g) 200,00Kn Španjolski Vacca Vecchia ramstek Spanish Vacca Vecchia entrecôte 350 g - 220,00Kn 500 g – 330,00Kn Prilozi / Side dishes 15,00Kn Domaći prženi krumpir / Homemade fried potato Gratinirani krumpir / Potato gratin Blitva i krumpir na dalmatinski / Swiss chard and potato dalmatian st e Pohane tikvice / Deep fried zucchini Povrće sa žara / Grilled vegetables Degustacijski menu / Tasting menu 7 slijedova / 7 courses 375,00 Kn do / until 21.00 h 12 slijedova / 12 courses 525,00 Kn do / until 20.00 h Degustacijski menu molimo odabrati za cijeli stol.


MENU PESTO Ristorante 83%

Przystawki / Appetizers Tradycyjne włoskie Caprese 19,00 Traditional italian Caprese Małże zapiekane mozzarellą i pomidorkami cherry 24,00 Blue mussels baked with mozzarella and cherry tomatoes Szynka parmeńska z melonem 24,00 Parma ham with melon Carpaccio wołowe z rukolą i parmezanem 26,00 Beef carpaccio with parmesan and rocket salad Cielęcina w sosie tuńczykowym 26,00 Veal in white tuna sauce Gęś z vinegretem musztardowo-miodowym 27,00 Sliced goose with honey-mustard vinegar Carpaccio z ośmiornicy z oliwą cytrynową i pomidorkami 27,00 Octopus carpaccio with lemon olive oil and cherry tomatoes Krewetki smażone z imbirem i pomidorkami cherry, na rukoli 27,00 Prawns fried with ginger and cherry tomatoe,s on rocket salad Sałatki / Salads Sałatka z kurczakiem marynowanym w ziołach i occie balsamicznym 22,00 Salad with chicken marinated in herbs and balsamic vinegar Sałatka z pomarańczą, gorgonzola, rukolą i miodem 25,00 Salad with orange, gorgonzola, rocket salad and honey Sałatka z szynką parmeńską, melonem i krewetkami 29,00 Salad with parma ham, melon and prawns Zupy / Soups Krem cebulowy z grzankami i parmezanem 12,00 Onion cream soup with croutons and parmesan Krem pomidorowy z ricotta 13,00 Tomato cream soup with ricotta cheese Minestrone z szynką parmeńską i ciecierzycą 15,00 Minestrone with parma ham and chickpea Pasty / Pasta Spaghetti Bolognese 22,00 Gnocchi szpinakowe w sosie z trzech serów 25,00 Gnocchi with spinach and cheese sauce Spaghetti z zielonym Pesto i kurczakiem 26,00 Spaghetti with chicken and green Pesto Ravioli ze szpinakiem i ricotta w szałwi i maśle lub z pomidorami 26,00 Ravioli with spinach and ricotta in sage and butter or with tomatoes Maccaroni z łososiem, oliwkami i bakłażanem w sosie pomidorowym 27,00 Maccaroni with salmon, olives and aubergine in tomato sauces Tagliatelle z szynką parmeńską i papryką w sosie śmietanowym 27,00 Tagliatelle with parma ham and paprika in cream sauce Lazania ze szpinakiem i kurczakiem z sosem pomidorowym 27,00 Lasagne with chicken and spinach in tomato sauce Risotto z krewetkami i małżami 28,00 Risotto with prawns and mussels Tagliatelle z krewetkami i zielonymi szparagami 31,00 Tagliatelle with prawns and green asparagus Maccaroni z wołowiną, cukinią i marchewką w sosie Gorgonzola 32,00 Macaroni with beef, zucchini and carrot in Gorgonzola sauce Spaghetti z owocami morza 34,00 Spaghetti with sea food Ryby i owoce morza / Fish and sea food Mule duszone w białym winie z porem i pomidorkami cherry (czw-sb) 29,00 Blue mussels stewed in white wine with leeks and cherry tomatoes (thu-sat) Krewetki tygrysie w maśle czosnkowym 29,00 Tiger prawns fried in garlic butter Krewetki tygrysie w śmietanie z papryka i selerem naciowym 39,00 Tiger prawns in cream with paprika and celery (leaves) Ragou z ośmiornicy z warzywami 42,00 Octopus Ragout with vegetables Filet z łososia w sosie limonkowo-miodowym ze szparagami i gnocchi 45,00 Salmon fillet in honey-lime sauce with asparagus and gnocchi Labraks pieczony z ziemniakiem i sałatką Mista 46,00 Grilled Dorada with baked potato and mix salad Filety z Dorady w winie, z oliwkami, kaparami i pomidorkami cherry 48,00 Dorada fillet in wine with olives, capers and cherry tomatoes Padellacia z owoców morza (na dwie osoby) 79,00 Padellacia with sea food (for two person) Dania główne / Main dish Filet z kurczaka nadziewany szpinakiem i ricottą, z ryżem 34,00 Chicken fillet stuffed with spinach and ricotta, with rice Polędwiczka wieprzowa w sosie ziołowym z gnocchi i warzywami z grilla 39,00 Pork sirloin in herbs sauce with gnocchi and grilled vegetables Eskalopki cielęce w sosie z kurek i suszonych pomidorów z bakłażanem 45,00 Sliced veal with dried tomato and chanterelles sauce with aubergine and rice Kaczka w sosie pomarańczowo-imbirowym z cukinią i kaszą gryczaną 46,00 Duck in ginger-orange sauce with zucchini and buckweat Polędwica wołowa w kremowym sosie z zielonym pieprzem lub gorgonzola z ziemniakiem i sałatką 65,00 Beef tenderloin in creamy green pepper or gorgonzola sauce with potato and mix salad T-Bone steak 500g z ziemniakiem i sałatą 75,00 T-Bone steak 500g with potato and Mista salad


Christmas Menu 2014 IFA DUNAMAR 80%

Romesco Miniatures Blinis with Cabrales cheese mousseline, fig chutney, green apple vinaigrette Brandade of codfish on Hummus bed Crispy octopus with sautéed potatoes and Mojo sauce of avocados Ravioli of Serrano ham with melon and Romesco Miniaturen Blinis mit Mousseline von Cabrales-Käse, FeigenChutney und Vinaigrette von grünen Äpfeln Kabeljau-Brandade auf Hummus-Bett Knuspriger Krake mit Rissolé-Kartoffeln und Avocado-Mojo Ravioli von Serrano-Schinken, Melone und Romesco Espejos Ataditos de espárragos verdes con salmón ahumado a la vinagreta frutos secos Huevos rellenos con pollo y verduritas al curry Tostada de salmorejo, jamón serrano, berenjenas y boquerones Sopa fría de manzana, apio, bola de calabaza confitada y crujiente de especias Mirrors Green asparagus bundles with smoked salmon and vinaigrette of dried fruits Eggs with chicken stuffing and vegetables with curry Toast of Salmorejo, Serrano ham, aubergines and anchovies Cold apple soup with celery, candied pumpkin dumplings and crispy spices Platten Bündchen von grünem Spargel mit Räucherlachs und Vinaigrette von Trockenfrüchten Eier mit Hühnerfleischfüllung und Gemüse mit Curry Toastbrot mit Salmorejo, Serrano-Schinken und Sardellen Kalte Suppe von Äpfeln und Sellerie, mit Kugeln von kandiertem Kürbis und knusprigen Gewürzen Ensaladas Ensalada de Nochebuena con pomelo, naranja, peras, pepino, queso azul, arándanos y piñones Ensalada de lechugas con manzana, nueces, anchoas, Mozzarella fresca y tomatitos cherry Ensalada de brócolis, pollo y patatas, en vinagreta de yogur Ensalada de col blanca, cebolla morada, beicon y huevo cocido Salads Christmas salad with grapefruit, oranges, pears, cucumber, blue cheese, cranberries and pine-seeds Lettuce salad with apple, walnuts, anchovies, Fresh Mozzarella and cherry tomatoes Broccoli salad with chicken, potatoes and yoghurt vinaigrette Salad of white cabbage with red onions, bacon and boiled eggs Salate Weihnachtssalat mit Grapefruit, Orangen, Birnen, Gurken, Schimmelkäse, Preiselbeeren und Pinienkernen Blattsalat mit Apfel, Walnüssen, Sardellen, frischem Mozzarella und Kirschtomaten Salat von Brokkoli, Hühnchen und Kartoffeln, mit Yoghurt-Vinaigrette Weißkohlsalat mit roter Zwiebel, Schinkenspeck und gekochten Eiern Sopas y cremas Sopa Waterzooi de verduras, ternera, setas y trigueros con guarnición de ternera y picatostes Crema Noël de castañas con turrón y guarnición de cubitos de panceta ahumada y picatostes Soups Waterzooi vegetable soup with beef, mushrooms, green asparagus and croutons Christmas cream-soup with chestnuts and almonds, garnished with smoked bacon dices and croutons Suppen Waterzooi-Gemüsesuppe mit Rindfleisch, Pilzen, grünem Spargel und Croutons Weihnachtscremesuppe von Kastanien mit Mandeln, Schinkenspeckwürfeln und Croutons Warme Gerichte und Beilagen Platos calientes y guarniciones Hot dishes and garnishes Muslo de codorniz a la Villaroi Quail legs Villeroi style Berenjenas con mazorquitas de maíz a la manchega Patatas fritas Aubergines with small Manchego style corn cobs Rice with seafood French fried potatoes Auberginen mit kleinen Maiskolben nach der Art von La Mancha Reis mit Meeresfrüchten Pommes Frites Solomillo de cerdo relleno de ciruelas con salsa al Oporto Pork fillet with prune stuffing and Port sauce Schweinefilet mit Backpflaumenfüllung und Portweinsauce Col romanesca en tempura Tallarines fritos con piquillo, brócolis y trompetas Salsa boloñesa y salsa de tomate Tortellini de espinacas con requesón Croquetas de Gorgonzola y nueces Romanesco cabbage in Tempura Fried Tagliatelle with red peppers, broccolis and mushrooms Bolognese sauce and tomato sauce Spinach Tortellini with Ricotta Croquettes of Gorgonzola cheese and walnuts Romanesco-Kohl in Tempura Bandnudeln, roten Paprikaschoten, Brokkoli und Pilzen Bolognese-Sauce und Tomatensauce Spinat-Tortellini mit Ricotta Kroketten von Gorgonzola-Käse und Walnüssen Salteado de champiñones con tomates cherry y langostinos al Pedro Jiménez Sautéed mushrooms with cherry tomatoes and king prawns with Pedro Jimenez sherry Sautierte Champignons mit Kirschtomaten, Hummerkrabben mit Sherry Pedro Jimenez Pierna de cordero asada al romero con salsa de menta Roast leg of lamb with rosemary and mint sauce Gebratene Lammkeule mit Rosmarin und Minzsauce Patatas duquesas naturales Zanahorias frescas con cebollitas en vinagre de Modena Castañas glaseadas al aroma de Marie Brizard Col lombarda caramelizada con manzanas, higos y orejones Duchesse potatoes Fresh carrots with small onions and Modena vinegar Glazed chestnuts with Marie Brizard aroma Caramelized red cabbage with apples, figs and dried apricots Herzogin-Kartoffeln Frische Karotten mit Zwiebelchen und Modena-Essig Glasierte Kastanien aromatisiert mit Marie Brizard Karamellisierter Rotkohl mit Apfel, Feigen und Trockenaprikosen Ballotin of turkey with chestnut stuffing Ballotin von Truthahn mit Kastanienfüllung Arroz a banda con mariscos Balotina de pavo relleno de castañas con salsa de frutos rojos turronada Atadito de verduras Entrecot de buey Rösti de verduras de temporada (en vivo) Risotto meloso de setas y espárragos verdes Mini brocheta de pollo con piña marinada al curry Salsa de pimienta verde y salsa Bearnesa Wachtelschlegel à la Villeroi Red fruit and almond sauce Vegetable bundles und Sauce von roten Früchten und Mandeln Gemüse-Bündchen Beef entrecote Entrecôte vom Rind Rösti of vegetables of the season (show cooking) Creamy Risotto with mushrooms and green asparagus Mini-brochette of chicken with marinated curry pineapple Green pepper sauce and Béarnaise sauce Rösti von Gemüsesorten der Jahreszeit (Schaukochen) Cremiger Risotto von Pilzen und grünem Spargel Spießchen von Hühnerfleisch und in Curry marinierter Ananas Pfeffersauce und Béarnaise-Sauce Lomo de bacalao en sanfaina Codfish fillet in Sanfaina Kabeljaufilet in Sanfaina Filete de salmón salar a la plancha Grilled salmon fillet Gegrilltes Lachsfilet Alaskan crab delicacies Krebs-Köstlichkeiten Boulangère potatoes American sauce and Tartar sauce Black Forest style mashed potatoes Mediterranean Timbale Dried fruits aromatized with Port and cinnamon Crispy pink yucca Raspberry sauce Bäckerin-Kartoffeln Amerikanische Sauce und Tartarensauce Schwarzwälder Kartoffelpüree Timbale nach mediterraner Art Mit Portwein und Zimt aromatisierte Trockenfrüchte Knusprige rosa Yucca Himbeersauce Desserts Nachspeisen Variety of carved and fresh fruits Auswahl an frischen und aufgeschnittenen Früchten Coulis of strawberries, peach and chocolate sauce Coulis von Erdbeeren, Pfirsich und Schokoladensauce Flambé of wild berries (show cooking) Flambierte Waldfrüchte (Schaukochen) Assortment of typical Christmas sweets and pastry Verschiedene weihnachtliche Süßigkeiten u.


GrassanosCOMenuAug1(1) 76%

6.85 Ravioli (Meat or Cheese)........................................................................


Rays montvale 73%

Bottles ................................................................2.00 2 Liter ............................................................................3.00 Fountain Soda ..............................................................1.75 Espresso........................................................................2.50 Cappuccino....................................................................4.00 Appetizers Small Large 25.00 40.00 35.00 35.00 40.00 75.00 60.00 65.00 Small Large House Ceasar Greek Chef 20.00 20.00 30.00 40.00 Veal Parmigiana Veal Francese Veal Marsala WRAPS Dine In • Take-Out Delivery • Catering 35.00 35.00 45.00 70.00 Small Large Sausage and Peppers Eggplant Rollatine Fried Mozzarella Chicken Fingers Salads 35.00 40.00 30.00 35.00 Small Large Caprese Antipasto Arugula 35.00 40.00 25.00 Veal Entrees Small Large 60.00 100.00 65.00 105.00 65.00 105.00 Small Large 80.00 80.00 85.00 Small Large Baked Ziti Ravioli Penne Vodka Penne Martino 20.00 25.00 30.00 35.00 45.00 50.00 65.00 70.00 Small Large Chicken Sorrentino Chicken Doria Chicken Parmigiana 45.00 45.00 35.00 85.00 85.00 75.00 Small Large Tilapia Francese Seafood Roberto Calamari Marinara Bowtie Gabriella Pasta Primavera Cappelini Puttanesca Lasagna 65.00 120.00 75.00 130.00 45.00 85.00 Small Large We make everything to order even if you don’t see it on this menu!


Elizabeth Dinner 72%

Fried Ravioli (6 Pieces) ……….