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750NecDC 100%

The Solar Staff (15pts), Resurrection Orb (25pts) Blind, Independant Character, Preferred Enemy, Reanimation Protocols, Solar Pulse Destroyers (200pts) Destroyer (40pts), Destroyer (40pts), Destroyer (40pts), Destroyer (40pts), Destroyer (40pts) Destroyers (200pts) Destroyer (40pts), Destroyer (40pts), Destroyer (40pts), Destroyer (40pts), Destroyer (40pts) Destroyers (200pts) Destroyer (40pts), Destroyer (40pts), Destroyer (40pts), Destroyer (40pts), Destroyer (40pts) Name Unit Type WS BS S T W I Destroyer Lord Jet Pack Infantry (Character) 4 4 5 6 3 2 3 10 3+ Necron Destroyer Jet Pack Infantry 4 4 5 2 2 1 10 3+ 4 A Ld Save Name Description Resurrection Orb A resurrection orb can be activated once per game, immediately after an unsuccessful Reanimation Protocols roll has been made for the bearer of the resurrection orb or another model in the same unit.


Great Crusade Necron Rule Set 3.3 86%

May take phylactery for +10 points, mindshackle scarabs and/or sempiternal weave for +15 points, tesseract labyrinth for +20 points, tachyon arrow and/or resurrection orb for +25 points, and/or phase shifter for +30 points Special rules Independent character, reanimation protocols, ever living Lord 60 points WS BS S T W I A LD SV 4 4 5 5 2 2 2 10 3+ Unit composition:


vinyl5 65%

krumb snatcha! hod turn hot!


2016 Zeitung Ortsstelle Breitenbrunn 52%

S1 S 2/1 S 2/2 S 2/3 S 3/1 S 3/2 S 4/1 Blaulichttag Bild Faschingsumzug Feuerwehrmaskenball 24 Stunden/1 24 Stunden/2 Flohmarkt/1 Flohmarkt/2 Ausgabe Dezember 2016 S 4/2 S 4/3 S 5/1 S 5/2 S 5/3 S 6/1 S 6/2 S7 S8 Reanimation Seedienste + Sanitätsdienste Lesepatenschaft Blaulichttag Jahresrückblick Jugend/1 Jahresrückblick Jugend/2 Novarock Sautrogrennen Sonstiges Highlights 2016 Faschingsumzug 2016 Feuerewehr-Maskenball 2016 24h-Tag Feuerwehrjugend Breitenbrunn und Winden und Jugendrotkreuzgruppe Wie jedes Jahr veranstalteten auch heuer wieder die Feuerwehren Breitenbrunn und Winden den 24h-Tag der Jugend.


Mag-new 48%

Warriors &


Magicians' Guild Apprentice 42%

You learned the spell Reanimation, the ritual Unseen Servant and the cantrip Second Sight Gain +2 Con, spells to left +2 Cha, spells to left +2 Dex, spells to left +2 Wis, spells to left +2 Wis, spells to left +2 Int, spells to left 1d6 1 2 3 4 5 6 1d6 You faced the Apprentice’s Gauntlet in order to graduate from the College and become a Mage.


RotTFull 36%

He knew only too well that even the most level-minded Marine could struggle to adjust to reanimation.


GBU Mountain News LIII - April 5, 2014 32%

San Andreas Fault to the right (south) of the road crossing the Aqueduct near Quail Lake and continuing along Three Point – Pine Canyon Road – Lake Hughes - Elizabeth Lake Road towards the southside of Palmdale 12th century fresco by Italian artist Giotto di Bondone depicting the destruction of a church caused by an earthquake and the reanimation of a woman On Tuesday, April 1, at least six people died when an 8.2 magnitude earthquake struck at 8:46 p.m.


w E 18930401 14%

And we hold that its use agrees in every in­ stance with the thought of a full raising all the way up to perfection (and that it never refers to a mere reanimation or awakening) except it be in one instance out of the forty-three above noted.