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Memorandum 100%

From the Desk of REDACTED In reference to the unknown light in the tree its source is subject to REDACTION.


vg-v-gm docket 7-12-16 1468375150-headed 98%

# 1 Exhibit REDACTED Sur−Reply, # 2 Exhibit REDACTED Declaration, # 3 Exhibit REDACTED Exhibit 1, # 4 Exhibit REDACTED Exhibit 2, # 5 Exhibit REDACTED Exhibit 3, # 6 Exhibit REDACTED Exhibit 4, # 7 Exhibit REDACTED Exhibit 5, # 8 Exhibit REDACTED Exhibit 6, # 9 Exhibit REDACTED Exhibit 7, # 10 Exhibit REDACTED Exhibit 8)(Schultz, Meredith) (Entered:


Appendix Schuette Schedule Overview 94%

Schuette Schedule Overview Date 1/14/11 1/18/11 1/21/11 1/24/11 1/25/11 1/28/11 2/4/11 2/14/11 2/18/11 2/25/11 2/28/11 3/4/11 3/7/11 3/8/11 3/9/11 3/10/11 3/11/11 3/14/11 3/18/11 3/23/11 3/24/11 3/25/11 3/28/11 3/29/11 3/30/11 3/31/11 4/1/11 4/6/11 4/8/11 4/11/11 4/18/11 4/21/11 4/22/11 4/25/11 5/2/11 5/3/11 5/4/11 Notes Auto Show evening ONLY Leadership Midland Meeting 12-1 ONLY Desk Time Desk Time Desk Time Desk Time BLANK CALENDAR Crains Detroit Luncheon 11:30-2 ONLY Desk Time Desk Time Conf Call 12-12:30 ONLY Redacted 10:15-11:15 ONLY Desk Time NAAG Meeting NAAG Meeting AG in Lansing office Meet w Rep Stamas 9-10 ONLY Desk Time Desk Time House Approps budget hearing (appears to be FYI only) NAAG Conf Call ONLY Desk Time BLANK CALENDAR BLANK CALENDAR BLANK CALENDAR BLANK CALENDAR BLANK CALENDAR Desk Time Desk Time &


ModelMi5IntelligenceReportonSinnFein 89%

Redacted Mi5 Security Brief.   For Presentation to COBRA  TOP SECRET                Operation FREE DERRY     Redacted Mi5 Security Brief.   For Presentation to COBRA  TOP SECRET    Goal of the Operation  Infiltrate Sinn Fein and expose its links to terrorists. We must prevent the accession of a​ n Irish  Messiah that will rally these undisciplined ​ youngsters​ .  This will entail deep investigation of the  leaders of ​ both British and Irish​  Sinn Fein. Our goal is ​ the total destruction of the party and the  reputation of the leader.     Recommended Course of Action  Any action taken by the United Kingdom Government against Sinn Fein, even with extreme  links to terrorism, shall be seen as an act against dissent. Because of this we must deal with the  Sinn Fein “Problem” from inside the party. Several members of the Sinn Fein Grouping are  planted agents of Mi5 and some even Mi6. We plan to Install ​ /u/Nettlth​  as leader of the Sinn  Fein Independent grouping in order to destabilise relations between the Provisional Irish  Republican Army. Additionally his extreme views shall weaken Sinn Fein's influence and  popularity within Northern Ireland.  If this course of action is taken is is likely that Sinn Fein  shall disband within a matter of years.       Evidence:    ­ High Quantities of ​ C4 plastic​  explosives uncovered, delivered to the postal address of a  /u/irelandball  ­ Detailed plans of ​ /u/​ padanub​  ​ and ​ /u/​ InfernoPlato’s​  ​ schedules  ­ Scribblings of plans to ​ blow up parliament​ , inside ​ Irelandball’s​  parliamentary journal  ­ Testimony given by /​ u/NoOneCares​  and ​ /u/LookingForWizard ​  places /u/Irelandball in  secret IRA meetings  ­ A secret Mi5 agent inside Sinn Fein, ​ /u/MrEgueneKrab​ , was able to leak documents to  Mi5 that showed that Sinn Fein was laundering money for New Jersey based ​ Cocaine  smugglers​  and the ​ Irish Republican Army    Known Affiliates /u/NicolasBroaddus  /u/cocktorpedo  /u/electric­blue  /u/zoto118      Redacted Mi5 Security Brief.   For Presentation to COBRA  TOP SECRET  Known Members /u/Irelandball     Party Affiliations ● ● ● ● Sinn Fein(United Kingdom)  Sinn Fein(Fake Ireland)  Fianna Fall(Republic of Ireland)  Independent(United States)  Terrorist Affiliations ● Self proclaimed member of the IRA  Threat Level ​ Low         Redacted Mi5 Security Brief.   For Presentation to COBRA  TOP SECRET      /u/Nettlth   Party Affiliations ● Sinn Fein(United Kingdom)  ● B​ olsheviks(USSR)     Terrorist Affiliations ● ● ● ● ● Alleged member of the Irish Republican Army  Confirmed member of ​ Daesh   Sympathiser towards ​ Islamic and Communist​  militant groups  Participator in the ​ London Tube​  Bombings  Known listener of ​ Nickleback​  ­ ​ Extreme Caution is Advised  Threat Level ​ VERY VERY VERY HIGH Redacted Mi5 Security Brief.   For Presentation to COBRA  TOP SECRET  /u/anciarraioch   Party Affiliations ● Sinn Fein(United Kingdom)  ● Labor (Australia)  ● MGuardian newspaper      Terrorist Affiliations ● No suspected terrorist organisations  Threat Level ​ Quite a nice chap actually


Alphabay Investigation Techniques 89%

NAME​ ​&​ ​ADDRESS:​ ​[REDACTED],​ ​United​ ​Kingdom PHONE​ ​(SIGNAL)​ ​CONTACT​ ​#:​ ​[REDACTED] ABOUT​ ​ME​ ​/​ ​PERSONAL:


Subject Einar 88%

Subject Einar -- 3495 Clone duration -- Approximately 90 days, terminated in action against the <redacted by the High Council>


Resume(redacted) 84%

Education • AS Computer Science | School Name | City, MN | Currently Enrolled • HS Diploma | Redacted High School | City, MN | Year Skills • Java • Python Experience Company Name | Redacted, MN Personal Trainer | March 2014 – Present • • • Marketing and promoting PT packages Evaluating and designing exercise programs Assessing and correcting biomechanics and movement patterns • Company Name | Redacted Minnesota Site Evaluator | January 2010 – Present • • • Inspect and evaluate on-site septic systems Assess and design on-site septic systems for new properties Marketing and communication with current and potential clients Personal Projects NewOnDvD | Java • • Creates a list of movies recently released on dvd from Metacritic Averages ratings for these movies from Metacritic, IMBD, and RottenTomatoes


Syllabus-Anon 83%

M/W/F, 12:00 - 12:50 pm [REDACTED] Final:


TaupierEdward AttyMotionWD 011916 82%

The copy as it was originally presented to Judge Mullarkey -- well, it doesn't exist as it originally was presented to Judge Mullarkey because the -- as I explained earlier the -- after he did sign we redacted, and by “we” I mean Sergeant Medina specifically, redacted the name that was on it.


serverconfig 80%



GreenLevelClearance-Daedalus 71%

 All  relevant  personal  data  will  be  redacted.


The Ritz SA17-006 65%

Many items requested were not provided and some documents (Tax form 990’s) had been redacted.


Para.docx 63%

The Exterior § 1 - Redacted Full Timeline §2 - Selected Posted Images Part Two:


Disclaimer 61%

With respect to any documents you may choose to upload to the Paul Jarrett Website, we take the privacy and confidentiality of such documents seriously, and we permanently delete any redacted edits you make to documents.


ECC Proposed Resolutions 60%

1000 and the Removal of Member Matthew Perron – redacted.



LESLIE ST. ALBORD II #28 Brackenbury Drive P.O.


BadAss Resume (3) 60%

  D. Jensen Thomas  4216 N. McDONALD RD.  Spokane Valley,  WA 99216  916-292-8262  JensenThomas21@GMAIL.COM  Mission Statement  My name is Jensen Thomas and sales get me hella juiced. I have tiger blood in my veins, as well as  organs from some of the more cunning apes.  I  am 110% committed to winning, ALL the time.  Technically still on the payroll  at a large tech company, but looking to jump ship on that dumpster  fire.  Experience  March 1991 - April  1993  Jammin’ Juice, San Luis Obispo, CA​ - Juice Jammer  ● Started in on the ground floor of my buddy’s juice company. I worked there for 3 years,  became vice-president, but after some accusations of insider trading came to light, we  liquidated the juice company, and made a cool half million  June 1995 - December 1999  Enron, Houston, TX​ - Junior Executive  ● Climbed the corporate ladder for a few years at Enron, but honestly I thought y2k was going  to be a way bigger deal.  Liquidated all my assets and converted them to precious metals,  bought a boat and spent a few years off the Somali Coast  May  2006 - PRESENT  Microsoft, Redmond, WA ​- R&D Specialist  ● After realizing the world hadn’t ended and deciding to get back into the corporate game, I  figured the ​Blade-Runner/Total Recall​ aesthetic was going to be at the height of popularity.  Was instrumental in the launching of the Zune ™ Didn’t catch on like I’d hoped,  People  found it, “monstrously large” and “off-putting” and “not user-friendly”  customers weren’t  ready for the sleek, dazzling interface that personified the early 90s alt future  Education  1993 - 1995  Super Classified NASA/Haliburton Joint Training Academy, Location Redacted​ -  Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet, Fig and Plumbs full member  Was specially chosen for elite business training.  Further information provided upon verification of  credentials  Awards  Intramural Karate Tournament Champion, 1982, sold life-rights to the ​Karate Kid​ franchise


ECC Proposed Resolutions 59%

1000 and the Removal of Member Matthew Perron – redacted.


ECC Proposed Resolutions 59%

1002 and the Removal of Member Matthew Perron – redacted.


ECC Proposed Resolutions 59%

1002 and the Removal of Member Matthew Perron – redacted.