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Re-Educating the Reflective Practicioner 100%

The factual, epistemological and pedagogic bases of Donald Schön’s Design Education and its underpinning scheme, Reflection-in-Action, are examined from an objectivist point of view.


Waves 99%

Reflection of Light Author comment: ... Angle of reflection (r):


Montra Rogers 94%

Reflective Teaching, Educational Strategies, Professional Development, Theory Practice Relationship, Social Studies This applied dissertation examined how middle school social studies teachers in a large urban school district in Texas described and documented their process of self-reflection as they integrated instructional strategies learned in professional training into their social studies courses.


greeting-card 94%

we’ll then add a subtle reflection.


AM Progam 92%

New Mexico Coalition For Literacy !


Singularity Universe 92%

Universe Observer Reflection Singularity of Form relative to the illusion of time Parallel Observation of the Ego Empty of form Observation of Trinity Exponentially accurate observation of form via increasing definition of angular data You are here .


diffuser coefficient 90%

Diffuser performance analysis by measured-based modelling.


Moment Theory In A Nutshell 90%

Reflection limit by mw output:


ContentServer.asp-7 90%

This work focuses on the mini-course on writing in English as a foreign language to graduate and post-graduate students attending this Jornada, and it aims at presenting a reflection on its design and implementation.


Hardware 89%

ExaScale Computing Study:


YoungFreudiansFall (1) 89%

 Nemesis  heard  this  prayer  and  so,  one  day,  as  Narcissus   was  bending  down  to  drink  from  a  clear  spring  he  caught  a  glimpse  of  his  reflection  borne   in  its  waters.


E0371025028 88%

The principal objective of this study is to maximize the photon absorption, keeping reflection to a minimum.


BoyerKelly Michelle OIA694 Reflection April112016 Video 88%

Michelle Nicole Boyer-Kelly OIA 694 – Mascha Gemein 15 April 2016 Video Reflection This reflection is in response to the video that was recorded for my presentation, “Literary Representations of American Indian Environments:


HIOKI FT3405 ENG 87%

to 19.7") Detection range Reflection detection Flashing red LED built into [HOLD] key, indicator buzzer Sampling period 62.5 ms to 2 s (depending on usage conditions) Display refresh rate Approx.


catechism or Logic or thinking destined for Self- and school lessons-English-Gustav Theodor Fechner 87%

Fechner Leipzig in the Baumgärtner bookstore 1823 content introduction First Chapter Of the division of logic Pure logical elementary theory Chapter Two About Logical Things and Features Chapter Three Of the supreme thought laws Chapter Four Of the concepts in general Fifth Chapter On the Quantity of Terms Sixth Chapter On the Quality of Terms Seventh Chapter On the Relation and Modality of Terms Chapter Eight Of the judgments in general Chapter Nine Categorical Judgments TEN CHAPTER ON THE UNIQUE LIABILITY, subordination, opposition, and reversal of categorical judgments Chapter Eleventh Of the hypothetical and disjunctive judgments CHAPTER TWO The difference of judgments and sentences in content Chapter Thirteen Of the conclusions in general, and in particular the categorical ones Fourteenth Chapter Of The Hypothetical And Disjunctive Inferences Fifteenth Chapter Of the abbreviated conclusions CHAPTER XVI OF THE figured conclusions Seventeenth Chapter Of the composite conclusions Eighteenth Chapter Mistakes and Fallacies Pure logical methodology Nineteenth Chapter Of Science, System And Method CHAPTER XX Of the explanations CHAPTER XXI Of the divisions Twenty-second Chapter Of The Proofs Applied Elementary Theory Chapter Twenty-third Of the Logical Diseases (Logical Pathology) Twenty-fourth Chapter Of The Logical Remedies (Logical Therapeutics) Twenty-fifth Chapter On the Acquisition of Knowledge and, in Particular, Experience Twenty-sixth Chapter Continued Twenty-seventh Chapter Of Reflection Twenty-Eighth Chapter On the Communication of Knowledge introduction Although the human mind is a simple being, in which one can not distinguish temporal and spatial parts, one accepts after the various kinds of activities which he expresses several faculties in which the cause of these activities is sought.


AIS160 BoyerKelly SecAL Assignment4 87%

Paths of Life Exhibit Reflection Visit the Arizona State Museum located on campus.


2016 Passion Planner Printable Full 86%

I wanted to make a planner that could be the place for all your thoughts by having the structure of an appointment calendar, the potential for creativity of a sketchbook, and the reflection space of a journal.


Planning and ideas throughout 3rd year 85%

* My interests *Projects set by both NUA and myself * Practical skills and ideas * Competitions * Research * Writing, reflection, report, promotion Recognise the value of my research and how it supports my practice: