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Mapa HS Nueva Ecija NHS Matanao NHS Division Manila Rizal Calamba City Iriga City Quezon Camarines Sur Cagayan De Oro City Misamis Oriental Cagayan De Oro City Tanjay City Cagayan De Oro City Cebu City Zamboanga Del Sur Cebu City Naga City - R7 Batangas City General Santos City Bacolod City Talisay City South Cotabato Carcar City Manila Bacoor Paranaque City Palawan Batangas Bago City Batangas City Baguio City Oroquieta City Ilocos Sur Lipa City Ilocos Sur Batangas Valenzuela City Davao Oriental Manila Nueva Ecija Davao Del Sur Region National Capital Region CALABARZON CALABARZON Bicol Region CALABARZON Bicol Region Northern Mindanao Region Northern Mindanao Region Northern Mindanao Region Central Visayas Region Northern Mindanao Region Central Visayas Region Western Mindanao Region Central Visayas Region Central Visayas Region CALABARZON Central Mindanao Region Western Visayas Region Central Visayas Region Central Mindanao Region Central Visayas Region National Capital Region CALABARZON National Capital Region MIMAROPA CALABARZON Western Visayas Region CALABARZON Cordillera Autonomous Region Northern Mindanao Region Ilocos Region CALABARZON Ilocos Region CALABARZON National Capital Region Southern Mindanao Region National Capital Region Central Luzon Region Southern Mindanao Region Overall Score Essay Raw Percent Percentile Standard Score Correct Rank Score 84 97 109 3 77 84 100 3 87 99 119 3 77 84 100 3 83 97 108 3 74 79 98 3 76 84 100 3 87 99 119 3 77 84 100 3 73 76 97 3 82 96 107 3 76 84 100 3 87 99 118 3 83 97 108 3 78 89 102 2 86 99 115 3 86 99 117 3 72 76 97 3 80 92 104 3 73 76 97 3 74 79 98 3 77 84 100 3 77 84 100 3 85 99 113 3 86 99 116 3 89 99 119 3 72 72 96 3 91 99 119 3 77 84 100 3 81 95 106 3 82 95 106 3 86 99 115 4 78 87 101 3 82 96 107 3 71 70 95 3 81 94 105 2 81 94 105 2 91 99 119 3 78 87 101 2 BUREAU OF ALTERNATIVE LEARNING SYSTEM Department of Education ALTERNATIVE LEARNING SYSTEM ACCREDITATION &


SimCityList Beta 98%

MacBruce's Region Coordinator "If It's Not Here, I Forgot It"


Richmond Housing Study 98%



Conference 1 97%



vhfhandbookv600- 97%

INTERNATIONAL AMATEUR RADIO UNION REGION 1 VHF MANAGERS HANDBOOK 2011, IARU Region 1, CH-6330 CHAM ZG, Switzerland The content of this Handbook is the property of the International Amateur Radio Union, Region 1.


Project W First Jump Results 97%

Based on region, wormholes should be randomly connecting to other regions of space within the known expected distribution by type to the destination region using a significance level of 0.05 OBSERVED CONNECTIONS &


Draft Regional Development Plan 97%

Your Committee/Region meets regularly and its decisions are recorded.


MCFR Comments on RTA Plan 96%

Comments on Regional Transit Authority Draft Regional Transit Master Plan The Motor City Freedom Riders are an organization of metro Detroit bus riders and allies, founded in 2014 in the conviction that “transportation is freedom.” We believe our region needs a strong regional transit system to secure the right to transportation for all of us people, whether or not we happen to own an automobile.


Program en 96%

The region’s high population growth and mounting numbers of urban poor, low productivity of major crops, and the effects of climate change and deteriorating natural resources may greatly worsen food insecurity and resilience, especially if political turmoil continues in the region.


Archipelago crib sheet 96%

move meeple/ship by one region !!


CEDS Plan Nov 30th 2015 DRAFT 95%

The CEDS identifies issues, needs and critical priorities that impact the region’s ability to advance the local economy.


2013-06015715 024 (2) 95%

3124-0102-2598-4400-8 03/09/2013 - 09/09/2013 Total PRESTO Trips Nombre totale de trajets – PRESTO York Region Transit 10/09/2013 - 16/09/2013 9 Total PRESTO Trips Nombre totale de trajets – PRESTO York Region Transit 17/09/2013 - 23/09/2013 Total PRESTO Trips Nombre totale de trajets – PRESTO Total PRESTO Trips Nombre totale de trajets – PRESTO Total PRESTO Trips Nombre totale de trajets – PRESTO Total PRESTO Trips Nombre totale de trajets – PRESTO Total PRESTO Trips Nombre totale de trajets – PRESTO Total PRESTO Trips Nombre totale de trajets – PRESTO $24.00 Total PRESTO Value Valeur totale PRESTO $30.00 Total PRESTO Value Valeur totale PRESTO $15.00 Total PRESTO Value Valeur totale PRESTO $18.00 Total PRESTO Value Valeur totale PRESTO 9 Total PRESTO Trips Nombre totale de trajets – PRESTO York Region Transit 05/11/2013 - 11/11/2013 Total PRESTO Value Valeur totale PRESTO 6 York Region Transit 29/10/2013 - 04/11/2013 $24.00 5 York Region Transit 22/10/2013 - 28/10/2013 Total PRESTO Value Valeur totale PRESTO 10 York Region Transit 15/10/2013 - 21/10/2013 $21.00 8 York Region Transit 08/10/2013 - 14/10/2013 Total PRESTO Value Valeur totale PRESTO 8 York Region Transit 01/10/2013 - 07/10/2013 $27.00 7 York Region Transit 24/09/2013 - 30/09/2013 Total PRESTO Value Valeur totale PRESTO $27.00 Total PRESTO Value Valeur totale PRESTO 10 Total PRESTO Trips Nombre totale de trajets – PRESTO York Region Transit $30.00 Total PRESTO Value Valeur totale PRESTO 10 $30.00 PRESTO Transit Usage Report/Rapport sur l’utilisation du transport en commun avec PRESTO 2013 Page 1/2 PRESTO Transit Usage Report / Rapport sur l’utilisation du transport en commun avec PRESTO PRESTO card number/Numéro de carte PRESTO:


East Asian Financial Crisis 95%

Rather, primarily using the case study method and quantitative analysis through copulas, this paper attempts to prove that widespread panic from foreign investors and those within the region exacerbated the economic woes through speculation and the failed policies of the East Asian states, international institutions, primarily the IMF, transnational corporations and the United States.


Between European and Regional identity - Program 95%

Panel round 2  José Ignacio Ceniceros González (TBC), President of the Government of the Autonomous Region of La Rioja, and Chair on the CoR Commission on Social policy, Education, Employment, Research and Culture.


SECMinutes6.18.2015 95%

SEC Minutes 6.18.2015    Roll Call    Chairperson: Stephen Nielsen  Vice­Chair: Curtis Hart(Proxy)  Treasurer: Excused  Secretary: David Traynor    Region 1: Michael Pickens (Proxy)  Region 2: Ellen Mench (Proxy)  Region 3: Tiffany Diaz De Lione  Region 4: Michael Wilson (Proxy)  Region 5: M Carling  Region 6: Jason Fonville (Proxy)  Region 7: Rory Leckband    1837hrs Approval of SEC Minutes:  Motion to approve MP  None Opposed  Motion Carries    1838 hrs Treasurers Report  Motion to Accept as Submitted  Comment from floor, cannot accept without personal review   Motion does not carry    Campaign Committee Report (MP)  Focus on 2016 goal of 66 candidates. (30 candidates currently ready to run)  Chairperson requests taking on 100 candidates statewide.  SN & MP need to take meeting to determine CC focus    Old Business    Officer and Regional Director Goal  Major Goal needs to be fundraising  easiest to do by growth    SN: 114 current active members, wants to grow above 500 before end of 2015.  Every paid member of National Party to State party. Makes # 4800 by YE  Fundraising target $5 million dollars for statewide fundraising.    Region 1: Jacob Lamont  Recruiting and Activating younger people. Quick growth lately.  Will have idea of metrics by next month.  LRN.Fm  Newsletter/Distribution    Potential Candidates:  Ferndale Mayor  Vicki?  Port Comm  ?Zimmerman  Whatcom County Council Barbara Brenner       Region 2: Ellen Muench  Solidifying all positions 6.19.15  Motion to nominate EM director R2  2nd  Carried Unanimously  Goals: Increasing Membership  Target to be established 6.19.15  More community visibility  *Standardized Literature to Distribute amongst regions*  Goals Received via Email:  Region 2 will recruit 150 new members in a years time with 40 % of total membership active.     Region 2 will participate in at least 1 educational event per month    Region 3: Tiffany DDL  25 new members Kitsap County end of 2015  100 new members King County end of 2015  Liberty Logic Love  Calendar  Monthly social events in King and Kitsap  Chartering and ByLaw work going on on Sunday 6.21  2 Potential but not confirmed candidates for 16  Goals Received Via Email:  Goals  100 New Party Members in King County by Dec 31st, 2015  25 New Party Members in Kitsap County by Dec 31st, 2015    Chapter both counties in LPWA. (King may/may not be done per recent e­mail (?))  Incorporation, Getting IRS EIN numbers for Each county by July 15th 2015  Opening Back Accounts for each County by July 25th, 2015    Candidate Goals  I 'believe' that in­fact both Michelle and Tim Turner are running. Forgive me, I am not sure which positions  yet. Past Campaigns were both 48th district, State Rep, and State Senate respectively.   Michelle has a campaign manager, not sure about Tim yet    Marketing Goals  Both counties using 'Love, Logic, Liberty' as a marketing campaign to change perception, create interest,  and get folks to out two social events titled 'Liberty on the Rocks' and 'Liberty­Curious Kitsap'  ● This Campaign will be done with posters. (Throughout King County and Kitsap. Also Jefferson,  Mason County. ) Posters posted at colleges, Pot Shops, Black hair salons, growing shops,  community boards, Gun stores, wherever.   ● Buttons  ●   ● Social­Media  ●   Michelle has started hers. Mine is very close.     Kitsap Press Release will be released on/around July 1st 2015.       Region 4: Motion to Appoint Allen Acosta R4 director  2nded  Carries Unanimously  No current notes for Region 4  *Ed Pole contributed 150­200 to finance Oly Pride. SEC Owes him Thank you!*      Region 5: MCarling  Reach out and contact uncontacted people    Endorsed Candidates:  Adena Grigsby is Running for Kelso City Council Position 7  Kelburn Koontz­ City Council Position #4  Curtis Hart Cowlitz Fire District 2 Seat three  Rob Gibbs for School Director Position #3. Rob has already won his seat as he is unopposed.    Region 6: Jason Fonville(Proxy)  Received Via Email  1. R6 Goals and Metrics        A. Identify Leadership in Every Major City in R6 by 60 days              a) Yakima: Gavin Keefe                  Wenatchee: David Traynor( Jason Fonville perhaps taking over?)                  Tri­Cities:  Michael Ballard                  Moses Lake: Ty Howard                  Walla2: Vacant                  Leavenworth: Ann Crosby                  Chelan: Vacant (Shane Collins?)        B. Within 6 months each city lieutenant will be responsible to recruit 10 activists. These will  be people who are paid up with dues to the state party. Pushing for monthly auto­withdrawals.        C. Gavin Keefe and David Traynor will be providing all leaders with tools, and physical  support through this process.    Endorsed Candidates:   Gavin Keefe, Yakima City Council District 6  Don Meyers, Moses Lake City Council Seat 3    Region 7: Rory L  Establish affiliated organizations in all counties, with levels.  L1, 5  L2, 10  L3, 15  Challenge every single seat in all districts    Judicial Committee Clarification  Judicial Committee Consisits of:


GSC January 2019 Meeting Minutes PDF 95%

Completed Other Board Councils/Student Region Representatives:


RX Field Guide Draft R02 94%

This guide will explain how to create a RallyCross program in your SCCA region, and offer some best practices to make it a success.


Aruba Declaration 2017 94%

CARIBBEAN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FORUM 2017 Aruba Declaration Introduction On the initiative of the Caribbean Countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and with financial and technical support from the Netherlands, Representatives of 32 Governments, private companies, NGOs, universities and applied research institutions from the Caribbean Region;


( ) DungeonWorld Perilous Wilds 94%

A region is a large swath of landscape with a set boundary, or outline.


Continent-level tactics guide for 41st MRC 94%

no more than 70% region population should be had, for more players are wasteful excess.


RNase E Poster AMGEN 93%

The gel band patterns of purified fractions indicate the possible existence of monomeric and dimeric forms of aconitase [C] Primer A miniSOG + STOP Downstream homology region KmR + STOP Primer B [C]: