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Workout 100%

10 Pull Ups 10 Dumbbell Thrusters 20 Flutter Kicks Rest Remainder of Minute RUN/WALK:


03/01/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

IJETR011816 96%

If it doesn't give +1 or -1 as remainder then it is a twin prime generator w.r.t.


27/12/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

proof5 96%

If ¬(3|n), then there is a remainder.


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Example Planned Giving Policy 95%

Gifts of remainder interest – including Charitable Remainder Unitrust, Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust, Charitable Gift Annuities;


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BasicCryptologyEncryptionNotLikeTodayCryptoCurrency 92%

We need to take the remainder of the numbers in the sequence when divided by the number of letters in our alphabet (in our standard alphabet we have 26 letters).


21/05/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

151334593-Quantitative-Aptitude 88%

  READING MATERIALS ON QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE                                         CONTENTS  SR.NO.  TOPICS  PAGE NO.  1  H C F AND L C M   2  2  FRACTION  3  3  ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA  4  4  NUMBER SYSTEM  5  5  PROBLEM BASED ON AGES  8  6  SIMPLE INTEREST AND COMPOUND INTEREST  9  7  PERCENTAGE  10  8  AVERAGE  13  9  RATIO AND PROPORTION  16  10  PARTNERSHIP  20  11  TIME AND WORK & PIPES AND CISTERNS  22  12  ALLIGATION  26  13  PROFIT AND LOSS  29  14  TIME, SPEED AND DISTANCE  33  15  TRAINS  39  16  BOATS & STREAMS  43  17  MENSURATION  47  18  QUESTIONS FOR PRACTICE                    www.studentguide.co.in    • • •  Buy Books  & Magazines Online   •  Free Email & SMS   Solved Question Papers & Video  • Tutors  •  Mock Exams (CAT, IIT,  Gate, etc)   Scholarships & Loans   Expert  Advice &  Discussion Board                                                                                 HCF & LCM    In order to understand this concept, we need to learn some words    Factor ‐ One number is said to be a factor of another when it divides the other exactly. Eg‐ 6 & 7 are  factors of 42.    Highest  Common  Factor  ‐  Hcf  of  two  or  more  numbers  is  the  greatest  number  that  divides  each  of  them exactly. Thus ,6 is the HCF of 18 & 24.Because there is no number greater than 6 that divides both  18 & 24.  eg‐ HCF of 1365,1560& 1755  1365 = 3*5*7*13  1560 = 2*2*2*3*5*13  1755 = 3*3*3*5*13  HCF = 3*5*13 = 195     Relation between HCF & LCM   HCF(n1,n2) x LCM(n1,n2) = n1 x n2           after expressing the given fractions in lowest terms.  LCM  ‐ lcm of two or more given numbers is the least number which is exactly divisible by each of them.  15 is a common multiple of 3 & 5  LCM of 8, 12, 15, 21  8= 2*2*2*  12= 2*2*3  15 = 3*5  www.studentguide.co.in    • • •  Buy Books  & Magazines Online   •  Free Email & SMS   Solved Question Papers & Video  • Tutors  •  Mock Exams (CAT, IIT,  Gate, etc)   Scholarships & Loans   Expert  Advice &  Discussion Board   21= 3*7  Here,  the  prime  factors  that  occur  in  the  given  numbers  are  2,  3,  5,  7  and  their  highest  powers  are  respectively 2*2*2, 3, 5, & 7.  Hence , the required LCM = 2*2*2**3*5*7= 840        Ex1: The LCM of two numbers is 2079 and their HCf is 27. If one of the numbers is 189, find the other ?    sol. the required number= LCM * HCF /first number= 2079*27/189 = 297    Some questions on this topic  Q1. Find the least number of square tiles required to pave the ceiling of a hall 15m 17cm long and 9m  2cm broad.  Ans ‐ 814    Q2. Find the HCF & LCM of 4/5, 5/6, 7/15?  Ans ‐ HCF =  1/30    LCM = 140    HCF of decimals    step 1  ‐first of all , we make the same no. of decimal places by putting zero or zeroes in the given no .It  is done only when the nos have different decimal places i.e. 1.3,1.32  step II ‐ find the HCF of the given numbers without taking decimals into consideration i.e. as integers  step III ‐ put in the result , i.e. HCF as many decimal places as there are in each of the numbers after  making them same in step 1.                                                                                         (TOP)    www.studentguide.co.in    • • •  Buy Books  & Magazines Online   •  Free Email & SMS   Solved Question Papers & Video  • Tutors  •  Mock Exams (CAT, IIT,  Gate, etc)   Scholarships & Loans   Expert  Advice &  Discussion Board     FRACTIONS    Proper Fraction: is one whose numerator is less than denominator.  eg ‐ 3/4, 17/19    Improper fraction: a fraction whose numerator is equal to or greater than the denominator . eg ‐ 17/12,  18/5    Complex fraction: is one in which the numerator or denominator or both are fractions. eg ‐ 5'7/8    Q. Simplify :           7      3 ‐   2   ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ ÷     ‐‐‐‐  5/7     5‐8/3      3‐ 3/2          ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐          4‐ 3/2      Q2. One ‐quarter of one seventh of a land is sold for Rs 30,000. What is the value of an eight thirty ‐  fifths of land?  Ans‐ one quarter of one seventh = 1/4 *  1/7= 1/28  8/35 of the land will cost  30,000*28*8/35 = Rs 1,92,000.  Recurring Decimals: a decimal in which a figure or set of figures is repeated continually .  eg ‐ 1/3 = 0.333‐‐‐‐‐‐  www.studentguide.co.in    • • •  Buy Books  & Magazines Online   •  Free Email & SMS   Solved Question Papers & Video  • Tutors  •  Mock Exams (CAT, IIT,  Gate, etc)   Scholarships & Loans   Expert  Advice &  Discussion Board     Simplify:  Q1. 9.5* 0.085/0.0017 * 0.19  (Ans‐ 0.01)    Q2.  (0.6bar + 0.7bar +0.8bar + 0.3bar) * 9000 = 24,000                                                                                           (top)      ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA    Algebraic  Expressions:    .a  number  ,  including  literal  numbers  ,  along  with  the  signs  of  fundamental  operations .    Eg:  Find the sum of   1) ‐15a2 +3ab ‐6b2 , a2 ‐5ab + 11b2   ,‐7a2   ‐18ab ‐13b2 and 26a2  ‐16ab ‐7b2    Ans‐ 5a2   ‐36ab ‐15b2     Remainder Theorem: this theorem represents the relationship between the divisor of the first degree  in the form (x‐a) and the remainder r(x)  Q: Find the remainder when 27x3 ‐9x2 +3x‐ is divided by 3x+2   Ans : 3x+2=0 , x = ‐2/3  remainder is f(‐2/3)  f(‐2/3) = 27(‐2/3)3 ‐9(‐2/3)2 +3(‐2/3) ‐8  www.studentguide.co.in    • • •  Buy Books  & Magazines Online   •  Free Email & SMS   Solved Question Papers & Video  • Tutors  •  Mock Exams (CAT, IIT,  Gate, etc)   Scholarships & Loans   Expert  Advice &  Discussion Board


09/10/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

riscvinstructions 87%

64 Upper 64 bits of 128-bit signedunsigned product Divide div x5, x6, x7 x5 = x6 / x7 Divide signed 64-bit numbers Divide unsigned divu x5, x6, x7 x5 = x6 / x7 Divide unsigned 64-bit numbers Remainder rem x5, x6, x7 x5 = x6 % x7 Remainder of signed 64-bit division Remainder unsigned remu x5, x6, x7 x5 = x6 % x7 Remainder of unsigned 64-bit division Load doubleword ld x5, 40(x6) x5 = Memory[x6 + 40] Doubleword from memory to register Store doubleword sd x5, 40(x6) Memory[x6 + 40] = x5 Doubleword from register to memory Load word lw x5, 40(x6) x5 = Memory[x6 + 40] Word from memory to register Load word, unsigned lwu x5, 40(x6) x5 = Memory[x6 + 40] Unsigned word from memory to register Store word sw x5, 40(x6) Memory[x6 + 40] = x5 Word from register to memory Load halfword lh x5, 40(x6) x5 = Memory[x6 + 40] Halfword from memory to register Load halfword, unsigned lhu x5, 40(x6) x5 = Memory[x6 + 40] Unsigned halfword from memory to register Store halfword Load byte sh x5, 40(x6) lb x5, 40(x6) Memory[x6 + 40] = x5 x5 = Memory[x6 + 40] Halfword from register to memory Byte from memory to register Load byte, unsigned lbu x5, 40(x6) x5 = Memory[x6 + 40] Byte halfword from memory to register Store byte sb x5, 40(x6) Memory[x6 + 40] = x5 Byte from register to memory Load reserved lr.d x5, (x6) x5 = Memory[x6] Load;


20/03/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

141-aptitudequestionswithanswersfortime1 87%

L.C.M = 852*1491/213 = 5964 4) The smallest number which when divided by 20, 25, 35, 40 leaves the remainder 6 When divided by 14, 19, 23 and 34 respectively is the difference between divisor and The corresponding remainder is 6.


20/05/2014 www.pdf-archive.com

FatLossKettlebellWorkoutRoutines 84%

Kettlebells can be helpful for a variety of purposes, but here I will show several kettlebell workout  routines that will be quite effective for fat loss. One of the primary fundamentals to making a  workout burn a good amount of fat is to bring the heart rate and breathing rate up. Breathing  heavily, though not very fun at the time, is important to get rid of fat since the fatty acids within  the bloodstream have to be oxidized; thus oxygen utilization is very important. A lot of heavy  breathing leads to a lot of oxygen being consumed throughout the training session, and that is  what will burn a lot of fat.    Fat loss kettlebell workout routines don’t have to be complicated; there are plenty of  straightforward set­ups that can be absolutely brutal to perform. One example is:    Fat Loss Workout #1  10 kettlebell swings, 1 push­up, 10 swings, 2 push­ups, …., 10 swings, 10 push­ups      Details  Be aware that these swings can be performed with one bell or two, and if using two, complete  the push­ups while holding onto the handles of the kettlebells. Performing push­ups like this (with  neutral wrist position) is generally better for the wrists, elbows, and shoulders.    Minimal rest ought to be taken at all times, preferably completing all of the reps without resting at  all. For individuals who are less mathematically­inclined, that’s 100 swings and 55 push­ups,  completed in (if possible) less than 15 minutes. That’s a lot of work and also a fantastic solution  to burn off some body fat.    Although it’s certainly necessary to continue moving during a fat loss kettlebell workout in an  effort to obtain the best results, also, it is critical that the exercises used are selected wisely.  Choosing an exercise that forces the body to keep moving isn’t enough: it must pose a good  enough challenge so the workout serves as an effective strength stimulus as well. A youthful and  in­shape person would likely be breathing hard following a set of swings and 12” box step­ups,  but are those step­ups posing any strength challenge whatsoever? Not likely. While they would  keep the person in motion and breathing heavier than usual, they wouldn’t do much to develop  more strength.    Consequently, in the swing and push­up workout above, adding weight to the push­up is  recommended if the individual can complete the whole workout without an excessive amount of  effort.    Swings, being as powerful as they are, really should be built into just about every fat loss  kettlebell workout. It’s nearly impossible to do “too many” of them, so there’s no harm  incorporating them because they do an extremely great job of increasing the heart rate.      Here’s another great kettlebell fat loss workout utilizing swings and push­ups:    Fat Loss Workout #2  Swings for 20 seconds, 5 push­ups, 30 seconds rest. Repeat for 15 minutes.    If after that workout the push­ups remain very easy, attempt to add weight or reps in the future.  Listed below are two additional powerful fat loss kettlebell combinations:    Fat Loss Workout #3  Using 2 kettlebells:  10 swings, walk 30 steps, 10 goblet squats, walk 30 steps  10 swings, walk 30 steps, 9 goblet squats, walk 30 steps  Continue down to 1 goblet squat.    Fat Loss Workout #4  Using 1 or 2 kettlebells. Start at the top of the minute.  5 swings, 1 push­up, rest the remainder of the minute.  10 swings, 2 push­ups, rest remainder of the minute.  5 swings, 3 push­ups, rest remainder of the minute.  10 …, 4…., rest  5 …, 5…, rest  All the way up to 10 swings and 10 push­ups.    In this workout, rotating between sets of 5 and 10 swings provides a small bit of additional rest.  Go ahead and make all sets of swings 10 after successfully completing the workout above.    Give these fat loss kettlebell workouts a shot! With additional proper nutrition and resistance  training, they will likely provide all of the additional fat loss virtually anyone would desire.    For more free information on kettlebells and kettlebell workouts, check out  www.kettlebellworkoutroutines.net.   


17/05/2014 www.pdf-archive.com

4th sem Solution 83%

What is the remainder when 7187 is divided by 800?


07/05/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

Uttarakalamritam 82%

The remainder will prepresent the number of the asterism (of birth) reckoned from the groups of nine beginning with Aswini, Magha or Moola as the case may be.


16/11/2013 www.pdf-archive.com

Day 3-Pigeonhole 81%

call ai the number of games that the chess master played the first i days and consider the sequence {a1 , a2 , ..., a77 , a1 + 21, ..., a77 + 21}.) Problem 10 (Chinese remainder theorem) Let m and n be relatively prime positive integers, and let a and b be integers where 0 ≤ a ≤ m − 1 and 0 ≤ b ≤ n − 1.


24/01/2014 www.pdf-archive.com

portable toiletss in los angeles1286 80%

And with its business releasing far better cutting-edge services one can be remainder guaranteed of comprehensive consumer satisfaction.


28/04/2014 www.pdf-archive.com

Day 2- Pigeonhole 79%

call ai the number of games that the chess master played the first i days and consider the sequence {a1 , a2 , ..., a77 , a1 + 21, ..., a77 + 21}.) Problem 15 (Chinese remainder theorem) Let m and n be relatively prime positive integers, and let a and b be integers where 0 ≤ a ≤ m − 1 and 0 ≤ b ≤ n − 1.


24/01/2014 www.pdf-archive.com

ACCT 434 Week 2 Master Budget Flexible Budgets 79%

Of the credit sales that are collectible, 60% are collected in the month of sale and the remainder in the month following the sale.


10/03/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

ACCT 434 Week 2 Master Budget Flexible Budgets 79%

Of the credit sales that are collectible, 60% are collected in the month of sale and the remainder in the month following the sale.


13/07/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

ACCT 434 Week 2 Master Budget Flexible Budgets 79%

Of the credit sales that are collectible, 60% are collected in the month of sale and the remainder in the month following the sale.


01/03/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

cleaning services demand for your1008 78%

In this way, just settle-back along with remainder for you personally realize that it's not necessary to fret for your feasible Cleaning of your property which could not really got happen if you had left it for you to acheive it.


25/04/2013 www.pdf-archive.com

karney 78%

Let ax be the remainder after dividing an by 5.


07/02/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

advice for senior retirement living1173 77%

It is not always about what other people want for you, but what you expect for the remainder of your life.


31/05/2014 www.pdf-archive.com

shed fat quickly by turning1230 77%

It is necessary to get an adequate amount of rest and also remainder after your exercise sessions.


14/07/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

5 Services Offered By Financial Services Companies 77%

5 Services Offered By Financial Services Companies to Help Retirees Lots of financial services information mill highly searched for after by individuals who would like to retire and spend the remainder of their days with comfort.


20/07/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

what are the principal features1275 77%

what are the principal features Inside the active whole world of nowadays, somebody frequently wants a crack via his day-to-day jam-packed schedule regarding operates and obtain an interval throughout solitude where he is able to loosen up and provide his / her body and his brain a much essential remainder.


02/05/2014 www.pdf-archive.com

plumbing services what do1101 76%

Since the quality of task would certainly have a huge effect on the remainder of the building, you need to select your plumbers with great discernment.


28/02/2018 www.pdf-archive.com