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Mueller 1998 100%

Shape Conservation and Remnant Movement Gereon M¨ uller Universit¨at T¨ ubingen 1.


TheFlashTimeTravel 88%

He’s from an alternate timeline. This also implies that future!Flash (from  timeline 1) would have vanished as well, which is possible, as we don’t  see him again. Disproved (most likely) because divergent theory would  still preserve a time remnant (Zoom killed multiple past selves and  survived).   ii.


Past medical history 84%

(20/06/2013) – Extensive debridement at the level of the neck, obtaining passive extension of the neck, covering of the remnant tissue gap thanks to rotation and advancement of the musculocutaneous flap of the left pectoralis major.


Aleister-Crowley-book-of-the-law-alternative-commentary 83%

- To the bring hope and guidance to the remnant church that is still loyal to the good teachings of the only true God.


true-book-of-the-law 82%

Watchmen of ‫ יהוה‬- as delivered by ‫מִיכָאֵל‬ to ‫יוֹנ ָה יוֹנ ָה יוֹנ ָה‬, a simple servant of ‫יהוה‬- faithful to the true remnant of Able.


Aleister-Crowley-true-book-of-the-law-purest-translation 81%

Watchmen of ‫ יהוה‬- as delivered by ‫ מִיכָאֵל‬to ‫יוֹנ ָה יוֹנ ָה יוֹנ ָה‬, a simple servant of ‫יהוה‬- faithful to the true remnant of Able.


Echoes of Armenia Cate Touryan 8.17 75%

Ingrid Reti Literary Award, 2017, ARTS Obispo First Place, Essay on “Place” Echoes of Armenia by Cate Touryan ‘‘To be born Armenian is to become a remnant,” my grandfather once told me.


Swamiji CW 71%

I am proud to tell you that we have gathered in our bosom the purest remnant of the Israelites, who came to Southern India and took refuge with us in the very year in which their holy temple was shattered to pieces by Roman tyranny.


AlgoClear Brochure (1) 70%

Exterior Cleaning of Buildings Recommended by Description:


Remnants 65%



cv 63%


The Spring Cleaning [Español] 63%

Se ha añadido un icono de color para el tiempo del Fire Remnant/Remanente de Fuego (Ultimate) del Ember Spirit.


J.M. Lattimer and M. Prakash. The Physics of Neutron Stars 62%

The kinetic energy of the expanding remnant is in the order of 1×1051 to 2×1051 erg, and the total energy radiated in photons is further reduced by a factor of 100.


crosswordDelhi 60%

bpb Weekend Crossword Weekend Crossword:


Christmas 60%

all means all what is christmas?


JDIT-2016-0712-022 59%

The rationale of patients with early-stage papillary thyroid cancer for accepting or rejecting radioactive iodine remnant ablation.


Be perfect 58%

The rejection of Jesus as the messiah by the remnant Jews in Israel, descendants of Jews that were exiled to Babylon, led to their rejection by God.


w E 18800700 56%

God's dealings with the Jewish people, as a nation, ended at the Cross, but after that favor was extended to the remnant, until as we believe not a kernel of wheat was left to perish in the destruction of Jerusalem.


TheLastOrchid 0.6.5a 54%

Tykon Cluster This hyper-dense sector is the remnant of several supernovae that seemed to have exploded all about the same time, relatively speaking.