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Michellia Service Request Form 79%

Michellia Service Request Form Name :


Midterm Answer 67%

Linked list is good for sequential access and need not resize every time a new element is added due to dynamic allocation of memory.

04/04/2016 62%

Users can resize and reposition each photo on each page.


Blender Logo Tutorial 1 62%

Thats because our logo is very small we will resize it to a good shape.


rahul resume 60%

Rahul Sirasao  Permanent Address: 1603 Dorcey Lane San Jose, CA 95120  Campus Address: 1107 S. Fourth Street Champaign, IL 61820  (408) 460 0954 • ​ rahulsirasao96@​    Objective  Seeking an intern position to expand my exposure to a real world work environment in the area of software development, software  testing, data science, machine learning, and statistical analysis which will use my problem solving and communication skills    EDUCATION University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign  ​ Aug ‘14 ­ May ‘18  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Statistics  ● Dean's List: Spring 2015   ● Relevant Coursework: Data Structures, Computer Architecture, Discrete Structures, Statistical  Analysis, Probability Theory, Linear Algebra  EXPERIENCE  Laboratory 206 Corporation June ‘15 ­ August ‘15  Information Technology Intern   ● Oversaw and Headed the company's sector of Quality Assurance  ○ Coordinated, organized, and logged U.I. and backend development bugs through Trello  ● Utilized and controlled performance­analysis and testing tools for dynamically tracing and  profiling OS X and iOS code  ○ Tracked internal processes, collected data, and interpreted the collected data  ● Consolidated in the design and function of multiple User Interface Features on main product  ● Collaborated with company’s Technical Marketing Team   ● Promoted and publicized product through advanced SEO methods      PROJECTS  Expanding Image Processing Class​ : Developed a Image processing class in C++ to                                             include following functionality. This will be enhanced to have more features.  ● Reading and writing IMG and PNG file, Image Operations: Rotate, Translate, Fill, Resize, Flip  ●  Convolution functions: Median Filter, Sobel Operator for edge detection, General   convolution  operator for machine learning  ●  Photomosaic generator​  by using k­d tree to find nearest neighborhood.                                          ​    Tree Class​ : Developed classes to implement following common tree structure in C++: B­Trees, K­D Trees,                                             AVL Trees, Huffman Trees, Binary Search, Quad Trees                                             ​ Simple Sentiment Classification of Twitter messages​ : Developed Java based sentiment classifier which                                              uses predefined dictionaries of positive and negative words using Aho–Corasick data structure.  Project Hummingbird: ​ Developing an autonomous quadcopter from scratch with the Student Space   Systems Club. Responsible for architecture and software development of the quadcopters flight   stabilization functions using a PID controller. Arduino and FPGAs will be used for this purpose.    SKILLS  Languages/OS  ● JavaSE, C++, Verilog, R, Mathematica, HTML/CSS, Python, Linux, iOS, Android    VOLUNTEER/ Anandwan Medical Hospital/ Omkar Trust  June ‘13 ­ Dec ‘15  ACTIVITIES Social Volunteer  Black and Brown Youth Society September ‘14­May ’14  Co­founder and President  Track and Field December ‘10­May ‘14  Team Captain  Student Space Systems January ‘16­  Member


Puzzle4TEENs 58%

Click twice on “Layer” to “Merge down” everything Click on “Image” Click on “Canvas Size” Center and resize the canvas Click on the Bucket Fill Tool Choose the colors to fill in the pieces and background Save your drawing:


Mobile Business Value 1 Pager 58%

With Optimizely’s Visual Editor, you can modify text, images, move and resize elements, and more, all without having to submit and wait.


cms 58%

function resize($file, $type = 1, $rotate = null, $quality = null) { global $tmp_path;


help 57%



texmacs-manual 56%

GNU TEXMACS user manual Table of contents 1.


AL~style guide hr 040316 54%

The Air League Never change the colours of the logo Never outline the logo Never use blends on the logo Never change the fonts of the logo Never reconfigure or resize logo elements Never redraw the bird symbol Never compromise the integrity of the logo by placing it colours or images that compromise legibility 4.


Russian Strategic Thinking 19 01 2018 52%

UK (and NATO) now need to resize upwards, but needs to resize its thinking first.


ARMA-3-SQF-Cheat-Sheet-Revision-3 52%

three element arrays required vector vectorAdd vector vector vectorCos vector cosine of angle vector vectorCrossProduct vector vector vectorDiff vector subtraction vector vectorDistance vector vector vectorDistanceSqr vector vector vectorDotProduct vector vector vectorFromTo vector unit vector vectorMagnitude vector vectorMagnitudeSqr vector vector vectorMultiply scalar vectorNormalized vector Arrays array append array in place array apply function defines _x array arrayIntersect array A ≠ a count array condition count array defines _x array deleteAt index array deleteRange [index, count] array find value A ≠ a value in array A ≠ a value is non-array array isEqualTo any A ≠ a array pushBack value array pushBackUnique value array resize count reverse array array select index array select boolean array select [index, count] array select condition defines _x array selectRandom array array set [index, value] array sort boolean true for ascending + array deep copy of array array + array array - array A ≠ a sub-arrays not compared Configs conditions are strings, passed config in _x condition configClasses config configFile root config configHierarchy config array of superclasses configName config configProperties [config, condition true, inherit true] configSourceMod config created by mod configSourceModList config edited by mods getArray config getMissionConfig name sqm or description.ext getMissionConfigValue name sqm or description.ext getNumber config getText config inheritsFrom config superclass of config isArray config isClass config object isKindOf name for CfgVehicles, CfgAmmo name isKindOf name for CfgVehicles, CfgAmmo name isKindOf [name, config] isNumber config isText config missionConfigFile description.ext root config config >>


achecker 2017-09-12 23-30-37 50%

} .sxn_agency.cont_text{ Success Criteria 1.4.4 Resize text (AA) Check 117: