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Voz + Guitarra 1 + Guitarra 2 + Baixo + Bateria + Saxofone + Trombone + Violino/Voz/Electronica VIAS/INSTRUMENTO 1 Kick 2 Snare top 3 Snare Bottom 4 Hihat 5 Overhead R 6 Overhead L 7 Tom 1 8 Floor Tom 9 Baixo 10 Guitarra 11 Guitarra 12 Violino 13 Saxofone 14 Trombone 15 Voz Lead 16 Voz 17 Voz 18 Voz 19 Voz 20 Voz MICRO / DI AKG D112 Sennheiser E604 SM57 Octava MC012 Shure Sm81 Shure Sm81 Sennheiser E604 Sennheiser E604 DI BSS AR133 SM57 SM57 DI* ATM350 ATM350 SM58 SM58 SM58 SM58 SM58 SM58 INSERTS comp comp\gate\Reverb MONIÇÃO x comp comp comp comp/reverb comp/reverb comp/reverb reverb reverb reverb reverb reverb reverb x x x xx x x xx *É também necessário um microfone para violino que não seja de colar ao instrumento, é necessário que seja um microfone de pinça ou com algum mecanismo para se prender ao instrumento sem o danificar.


2015 Trek Fuel EX5 90%

RockShox Reverb Dropper Seatpost (Right Hand Lever - 100mm drop), 31.6mm, 355mm length Handlebar:


Digital Booklet - In a Time Lapse 90%

Rhythm Guitars and Reverb Paolo Giudici:


1481236133-DM Workbook v4 110 90%

Reverbs can add a lot of texture to your drums–whether it's plate reverb on your snare or some stranger, lusher reverb on the whole kit.


GuideToMixing 84%

You should probably have at least heard of equalization, compression, and reverb.


1481236257-DM Workbook v4 112 77%

In the case, the compressor is reducing the sound of the ringing reverb to let the kick drums punch through with more force.


guitar-world-hot-summer-sale2011 76%

50wattdedi cated acousti c ampwi th reverb.


laney cub-12r 2010 sch (1) 68%

COSPC3 6 7 8 3 4 FX SEND FX RETURN 6 7 8 REVERB REMOTE G G SK3 VJackM-Ins P0SK30GND P0SK30SWTIP P0SK30TIP P0SK10GND P0SK20TIP SK2 P0SK10SWTIP P0SK10TIP SK1 A 5 P0SK20GND 2 P0SK20SWTIP 1 A G FOOTSWITCH C10 47pF 100V SM U1B P0C1001P0C1002 P0R2102 TL072 P0HD702 10N 50V SM P0U1A0OPA P0C1501 P0C1502 P0U1A0+IPA G 10uF X5R 6.3V SM P0R2901 G G +15V C15 P0C1401P0C1402 100N 50V SM R29 R6 100K SM 100K SM R1 P0R101 D2 U2A KDS226 P0D203 P0R201 P0U2A0OPA P0R102 100K SM U2B 100K SM R2 P0U2A0+IPA P0R202 +15V -15V TL072 P0R301 P0U2B0OPB -15V TL072 P0HD8003 TO 9486/HD8 P0HD8002 P0HD8001 HD80 G R16 G P0R302 1K SM P0U2B0+IPB P0HD8004 G R3 P0U2B00IPB P0U2A00IPA P0R1601 G P0U1B0OPB P0C101 P0C102 P0D201 C14 U1A P0U1A00IPA TL072 G P0U1B0+IPB 1 2 3 4 P0C5501P0C5502 P0R2101 P0HD701 C1 P0D202 1M SM R21 R27 1K SM P0R602 2 1 1 C55 P0R2902 HD7 220K SM R23 1K SM P0R601 TO HD70 P0R1702 P0R2302 P0R1701 P0R2701 R17 P0R2702 P0R2301 P0U1B00IPB 47pF 100V SM P0R1602 12K SM C11 B R4 P0C1101P0C1102 P0R701 P0R702 P0R401 B P0R402 22K SM 100pF 50V SM R7 10K SM G FOOTSWITCH G U5 5R1 SM C8 G G HD2 P0C801 P0C802 100N 50V SM 2 1 1 G C12 100N 50V SM G HD3 C P0HD301 PROGRAM 0 IS SELECTED P0HD302 G +3.3V VCCP0U508 WPP0U507 SCLP0U506 SDAP0U505 TO 9494/HD2 P0R1002 G C16 100N 50V SM P0C1602 P0C1601 A0 P0U502 A1 P0U503 A2 P0U504 VSS P0U501 XT1 P0R1001 2 1 1 P0XT102 P0XT101 C13 15pF 50V SM C 32.768KHz P0C1302P0C1301 100N 50V SM R10 P0U4028 C5 100N 50V SM TO 9494/HD1 P0C602 P0C601 G C9 P0C902 P0C901 +3.3V +3.3V R9 100K SM P0HD201 U4 28 LOUT P0U4027 27 ROUT P0U4026 26 REFP P0U4025 25 REFN P0U402424 GND P0U4023 23 DVDD P0U4022 22 POT2 P0U4021 21 POT1 P0U4020 20 POT0 P0U401919 GNDP0U4018 18 S2P0U4017 17 S1P0U4016 16 S0P0U4015 15 SDA P0C301 P0C302 470R SM NOMINAL LEVEL -10dBu 1 P0U401 LIN 2 P0U402 RIN 3 P0U403 MID 4 P0U404 GND 5 P0U405 CLIP 6 P0U406 AVDD 7 P0U407 GND 8 P0U408 DVDD 9 P0U409 X2 10 P0U4010 X1 11 P0U4011 GND 12P0U4012 T1 13P0U4013 T0 14 P0U4014 SCK P0R802 P0HD202 C4 100N 50V SM G C6 P0C702 P0C701 C7 10uF X5R 6.3V SM Spin-FV-1 P0R901 4K7 SM 10uF X5R 6.3V SM 10N 50V SM P0R801 P0C402 P0C401 P0R502 P0C502 P0C501 R8 P0C202 P0C201 P0R501 P0R902 R5 10uF X5R 6.3V SM C3 P0C1201 P0C1202 C2 G G 10uF X5R 6.3V SM +15V P0U1C00V U2C TL072 P0U1C0+V P0U2C00V P0U2C0+V C18 -15V U1C TL072 G +15V G P0C5102P0C5101 G -15V +3.3V P0C1802P0C1801 P0U601 10uF 50V P0C170NP0C170P LM1117MP-3.3 U6 +15V VoutP0U602 P0U603 Vin TabP0U604 C17 P0C4502P0C4501 -15V C45 100N 50V SM C51 100N 50V SM +15V D D Steelpark Road Title:


Ampeg R12R 61%

Alnico PWR Input Output Reverb Spring Pan


Dossier Glaciar Nuevo 56%

amplificador Fender Twin Reverb y pedalboard Guitarra rítmica:


Setup 9H5QB new 2013 55%

M One XL Reverb do a tremendous job in Dynamic Control and bringing out the frequency separation through spectral balancing.


Setup 9H5QB new 2013 55%

M One XL Reverb do a tremendous job in Dynamic Control and bringing out the frequency separation through spectral balancing.


Diluted Truth0 52%

I’m simply a re-compiler, of what I’ve seen and heard, the spinning, weaving distortion-reverb-modulation pedal strangely sounding signals singly shaping or re-effecting resonant harmonic frequencies you now see before you between those two ears of yours.


1481137245-deadmau5 FundamentalsGuide 49%

▶▶ Add an effect to one of your tracks, like a ▶▶ For those of you who want to build out reverb on the kick drum, and adjust the your home studio with more recording effect until you like the way it sounds.


Press Release Lululemon 2013 2014 49%

Com esta formação saiu cá para fora o EP Thee Ol’ Reliables (2010), disco onde a guitarra elétrica, a bateria e os sintetizadores ditam as regras, mas com muito fuzz e reverb em cima.


rode katalog 48%

katalog świąteczny 2015 17 audioplay Gitary Vintage Guild Do gitar Guild dodajemy GRATIS kostkę gitarową Do gitar Guilda dodajemy GRATIS TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Reverb.



SANDISK 128GB MICRO SD/SDXC COMPATIBILITY LIST                                                        Acer Liquid S2 Alcatel One Touch Evo 8HD Alcatel One Touch POP 8 Asus PadFone E Asus Transformer Book Trio Asus Fonepad Note FHD6 Asus VivoTab RT TF600T Blackberry (RIM) Q10 Blackberry (RIM) Z10 Blackberry (RIM) Z30 BLU Amour (D280/D290) BLU Life One M BLU Life Play S BLU Life View Tab Canon Vixia Mini Canon PowerShot ELPH 520 HS Canon PowerShot ELPH 530 HS Canon IXUS 510 Canon PowerShot N Celkon CT-910+ GoPro Hero 3 Black edition GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition GoPro Hero 3 White Edition HTC 8XT HTC Desire S HTC Google Nexus One HTC Aria HTC HD mini HTC Rezound HTC Rhyme HTC Butterfly S HTC Incredible S HTC Salsa HTC Cha Cha HTC Desire Z HTC Desire HTC Droid Incredible HTC Sensation XE HTC Legend HTC Evo 3D HTC Evo 4G HTC One Dual Sim HTC ThunderBolt 4G HTC Desire 500 HTC One Max HTC Desire 600 dual HTC Desire 601 HTC Wildfire HTC 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EPIC Plug-In-1-Electrify-lo(English) 42%

• Taste - On the musical side, drummers can sharpen their listening and tuning abilities with e-drums as they practice programming parameters such as pitch, decay, sensitivity, volume, mixing, panning and effects like reverb, filters, echo and more.


Currículos e releases 41%

canção, drone, paisagem sonora, noise, textura, violão, glitch, vozes cantando, máquinas de ritmo, baixa fidelidade, reverb de montanhas de minas gerais.


Currículos e releases 40%

canção, drone, paisagem sonora, noise, textura, violão, glitch, vozes cantando, máquinas de ritmo, baixa fidelidade, reverb de montanhas de minas gerais.



Above Joseph’s grounded vocals and acoustic guitar are strands of synthetic sound and Carly’s fey tone, decaying out in the entropy of reverb.


EPIC Plug-In-1-Electrify-lo(Spanish) 39%

• Sabor - En el lado musical, los baterías pueden mejorar sus habilidades de escuchar y de sintonía con los e-tambores mientras practican los parámetros de programación tales como el tono, la decadencia, la sensibilidad, el volumen, la mezcla, la panorámica y efectos como reverb, filtros, eco y más.


Mailing 2014 36%

stabilité, synchro Midi, interface USB (permettant de mixer 8 sorties pour la TR8 par exemple), combinaison des deux machines TR 808 ET TR 909 sous le même capot, effets Reverb et Delay, et presets d’effets live et studio (Scatter) entre autres… La TB 3 offre une surface tactile, 134 presets de son en 3 banques :


Shoe Silver Apple Manual 35%

This is useful for accentuating certain passages in a lead, instantly switching to thick distorted sounds during chords you would like to imbue with huge destructive sustain and also can be played as an instrument of its own, interjecting siren-like screeches and analog synth stabs (which works very well in conjunction with delay and reverb pedals, by the way).