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Passport Studio Schematics-Diagrams 100%

VDDAL VDDAR VDD +25.7VDC TP8 R2 P11 VDDAR + + C2 47u/63V VSS 1 GND_R C4 220n 2 C66 470u/35V 3 VSSA VSSD SGND VDDP2 24 VDD VDD 4 C23 R11 5.6k C9 220p C18 330p 5 VDDA BOOT2 IN2M OUT2 C46 100n/100V R6 10/2512 IN2P VSSP2 MODE NC19 19 D16 RF101L2S R14 7 OSC STABI 18 GND_R 5.4VAC TP20 5.6k 470n R43 6.8k C42 8 IN1P VSSP1 17 C37 680n C38 100n/100V C37A DO NOT STUFF B2 BEAD L1 9 IN1M OUT1 16 22uH/3.5A 470n 5.6k 10 NC10 BOOT1 15 11 NC11 VDDP1 14 C44 15n C48 C51 220p 100n 12 NC12 PROT 8 D17 RF101L2S C54 100n/100V GND_RIN 895mVAC TP18 R21 10/2512 VDD 13 VDD R10 C21 470n VSSAL 6 GND_R VDDA 4 C17 330p C7 220p 22 BOOT2 IN2M 5 C45 100n/100V 21 OUT2 IN2P 6 C32 11 SINEWAVE 720mVpp @363kHz WITH NO AUDIO R5 10/2512 C20 20 19 NC19 OSC 8 C41 R19 5.6k GND_LIN VDD 198mVAC TP15 B3 BEAD 11 SINEWAVE 800mVpp @320kHz WITH NO AUDIO TP13 10 C25A DO NOT STUFF C26 100n/100V VSS C31 100n/100V SQUAREWAVE 54Vpp @320kHz C33 C35 330n TP11 10 C35A DO NOT STUFF L4 IN1M 10 NC10 BOOT1 15 11 NC11 VDDP1 14 PROT 13 R20 10/2512 C43 15n D13 RF101L2S C47 895mVAC TP17 100n 11 SINEWAVE 1100mVpp @320kHz WITH NO AUDIO D14 RF101L2S VSS C50 220p 12 NC12 GND_R VDD VDD C GP2 R29 0 VDD CS1 VSS 5.4VAC TP19 C74 220p 47uH/2.5A C53 100n/100V C49 220p C73 220p B4 BEAD 16 OUT1 L_W L_G L_T TO J1 ON ON SPKR CONN PCB FBL_GND R17 22/2512 P16 LT_O 100n 9 CN2 1 2 3 CS3 GND_L 17 VSSP1 10.4VAC TP21 C25 680n C29 18 STABI IN1P D12 RF101L2S R9 22/2512 SQUAREWAVE 54Vpp @320kHz GND_L 5.6k C39 330p D11 RF101L2S P14 LW_O 100n 470n VSS 22uH/3.5A VSSP2 MODE 7 R16 470n VDD L3 100n R13 10.4VAC TP22 C8 220p C13 15n 100n CS2 VSS GND_L C55 220p C56 220p 7 3 30.9k 1% D18 RF101L2S VSS C52 220p C5 23 VDDP2 100n C27 R_T R_G R_W VSS 470n 5.6k TO J16 ON ON 1/4"