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Rhythmus – Open Music Lab 100%

Here are two beautiful rhythmic pieces by two pioneering electronic composers from the UK:


Liner notes 94%

The Puerto Rican danza is distinguished from other Caribbean danzas by a distinctive rhythmic structure.


Conor Doyle - Music and Mediumship 89%

This kind is usually induced by more intense, aggressive, and rhythmic music.


10-Triptych (for four voices) 84%

generally speaking, moments of denser texture (with all four voices present) should give way to a greater sense of movement and rhythmic propulsion.


Geomungo Factory Songlines Profile 83%

The sound was rhythmic, muscular and very compelling, unlike anything I’d heard before – throbbing, percussive and trance-like.


Quad Technique Packet 2011 80%

technique, touch, sound quality, rhythmic clarity, and dynamic clarity.


Quad Technique Packet 2012 80%

technique, touch, sound quality, rhythmic clarity, and dynamic clarity.


Cellar 77%

The soft, rhythmic HUM of a distant generator fades in.


Downingtown Bass Drum Audition 71%

Section A is a rhythmic etude for one player.


Rhythmic Reading 71%

Rhythmic Reading Snare Drum 5 S.



This sacred healing art, passed down from generation, utilizes rhythmic strokes intergrating the use of forearms and elbows Our massages enhance relaxation, stimulation, blood circulation and stress relief We offer:


Carry This Back to New York CONCERT 71%

*drums start for many bars, do not vary part much - any manner of percussion (conga, bongo, bell, etc) can be added *on cue, all players play note or notes in brackets in rhythmic unison, let ring, then take LONG rests in between *each successive rest MUST be shorter, and so compress the form until after MANY passes the form is played as written *when this occurs, repeat the exact written form with no extra rests many times and build until cue for CODA -no rest can be longer than the rest previous to it- the shape cannot go "backwards"


1MDV - Rhythmic Illusions Basics 71%

Rhythmic Illusions Basics   44               2                   3                    4               The 1-Minute Drum Video         


Lesson Plan Day 3 70%

-Students will be able to sing/play Sufi melody -Students will be able to keep a rhythmic pattern using assortment of drums -Students will be able to recreate a piece of Sufi music under teacher guidance and using electronic equipment in addition to instruments.


FourTwenty 69%

"Grandma, what are you doing?"


11-(los espejos) a mute theatre 69%

Passages in which rhythmic notation is approximate are designated by a bracket above the stave which has a number that indicates (in seconds) said passage’s duration.


TGS BN GuillaumeCLARISSE 69%

Cold currents thrid, and turn to rhythmic tidal lyres.


Pastoral Interapocalyptacourse 68%

(A viscous, rhythmic lack.) How when you fuck me so hard it hurts, I persist.


Advanced Comprehension Test 1 67%

This music is known as “hot Jazz” due to the enormously fast speeds and rhythmic drive.


El nino Score 67%

The “storyline” is built on the general idea of destruction, that is present throughout the textural and rhythmic moments.


MBR nomiform 2015 (1) 67%

Logical (Mathematical) Musical (Rhythmic) Naturalist Intrapersonal Existentialist !


Paper8PrimarySourceEssay 66%

In search of the true explanation for the tides, Galileo then looks to the Mediterranean sea, an example, perhaps, with which his contemporaries could all relate.15 In his characteristic discursive style, he considers the possible explanations for the observed tidal effects of this body of water, and states that this must either be explained by a rhythmic change in the volume of water - ”are there perchance hereabouts some abysses or openings in the bottom of the sea through which the earth draws in and expels the water, breathing like some immense and monstrous whale?”16 - or by movement of the sea’s basin as a whole;


Antonius Roberts Motion-01 65%

describes the rhythmic melodic progressive gestures that make up each sketch.