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ErickMotaProfile 100%

Entertainment July 2016 - April 2017 (10 months) Feature Film of the Day of the Death Character Animator at Bardel Entertainment December 2014 - December 2015 (1 year 1 month) King Julien (Dreamworks) Character Animator, rigger May 2014 - December 2015 (1 year 8 months) 3D Character rigging and Animation of ice cream company´s pet brand “Helados Tucky Tucky”.


CV-Europass-20180130-Giudice-EN 91%

Curriculum vitae PERSONAL INFORMATION Michele Angelo Maria Giudice viale Belisario, 9, 20145 MIlano (Italy) (+39) 328 772 00 01 Sex Male | Date of birth 05/01/1985 | Nationality Italian PREFERRED JOB Electrician, lighting technician, ground rigger, IPAF operator, sound technician, sound engeneer WORK EXPERIENCE 02/01/2014–31/12/2017 Electrician, lighting technician, rigger, IPAF operator, sound technician, sound engeneer Doc Servizi soc.


SM160901-SIFE 75%

Open the reserve container and remove the RAX-RSL system (certified rigger) or c.


VehicleCatalogue 72%

Smartgun System, Internal Vehicle Modifications Amenities, High Armor, Standard (6) Drone Rack, Standard, Mini Drone Rack, Standard, Mini Drone Rack, Standard, Mini Drone Rack, Standard, Mini Electrochromatic Coating Gridlink Gridlink Override Handling Enhancement (1) Increased Seating Morphing license plate Ram Plate Rigger Cocoon Rigger Interface Run Flat Tires Searchlight Smoke Projector Smuggling compartment (dwarf, human, elf, or ork) Special Armor Modification (Fire Resistance) (18) Special Armor Modification (Non-Conductivity) (18) Special Armor Modification (Universal Mirror Material) (4) Speed enhancement (1) Spoof chip Valkyrie Module Weapon Mount, Standard (Flexible, Internal, Remote) Modifications:


DroneCatalogueMk2 70%

Cheetah Jaws Gecko Grips Realistic Features (1) Rigger Interface Gear (Cash:


Matrix 62%

Matrix Action Brute Force Crack File Crash Program Data Spike Erase Mark Erase Matrix Signature Jam Signals Check OS Control Device* Format Device Garbage In/Garbage Out Hack on the Fly Hide Set Data Bomb Snoop Spoof Command Break Target Lock Change Icon Confuse Pilot Control Device* Detect Target Lock Edit File Enter/Exit Host Grid Hop Invite Mark Jump into Rigged Device Matrix Perception Matrix Search Reboot Device Send Message Supress Noise Switch Interface Mode Target Device Trace Icon Trackback Disarm Data Bomb Full Matrix Defense Jack Out Roll Cybercombat + Logic Hacking + Logic Cybercombat + Logic Cybercombat + Logic Computer + Logic Computer + Resonance Electronic Warfare + Logic Electronic Warfare + Logic Electronic Warfare + Logic Computer + Logic Software + Logic Hacking + Logic Electronic Warfare + Int Software + Logic Electronic Warfare + Int Hacking + Intuition EWar + Int + RCC NR**** none EWar + Int + RCC NR (as action) Computer + Logic + RCC NR Computer + Logic none none none Electronic Warfare + Logic Computer + Intuition Computer + Intuition Computer + Logic none EWar + Logic + RCC NR none Electronic Warfare + Logic Computer + Intuition Computer + Intuition Software + Intuition none Hardware + Willpower** Opposed Roll Willpower + Firewall Protection Rating x 2 Intuition + Firewall Intuition + Firewall Willpower + Firewall Signature Rating x 2 none 6 dice Intuition + Firewall Willpower + Firewall Logic + Firewall Intuition + Firewall Int + Data Processing Device Rating x 2 Logic + Firewall Logic + Firewall Logic + Sensors none Pilot + Firewall (as action) Threshold 2 Intuition + Firewall none none none Willpower + Firewall Logic + Sleaze none Willpower + Firewall none none none Willpower + Firewall Willpower + Sleaze none Data Bomb Rating x 2 none Logic + Attack** * Control Device may or may not use Data Processing as its Limit ** Only roll if Link Locked *** Suffer Dumpshock if in VR mode *** Rigger Command Console Noise Reduction Rating Type Complex Complex Complex Complex Complex Complex Complex Simple (as action) Complex Complex Complex Complex Complex Complex Complex Simple Simple Complex (as action) Free Complex Complex Complex Simple Complex Complex Other Complex Simple Complex Simple Complex Complex Extended Complex Interrupt Simple Marks Req.


nat schools package 61%

-WinTech 1x International with Bow Mounted Aluminium Wing Rigger -WinTech Reduced Diameter Shaft Blades -Nielsen-Kellerman StrokeCoach with Surge Rate -WinTech Boat Trestles (Small) Only £4,999 RRP £5,459 Saving £460 0% Finance* - £1000 deposit with 12 payments of £333.25 To take advantage of this fantastic offer simply visit us at National Schools Regatta, or feel free to contact us on or 0115 981 8183 Please note other package options are also available on request / *Finance available on personal purchases only Good Luck!


Nasa -2014 - pdf website version 60%

033 394 2030 • NASA Safety Selection 1 HAND PROTECTION RIGGER LEATHER GLOVE CANDY LEATHER GLOVE • Reinforced Palm, Thumb and Index • Safety Cuff • Wrist Length • • • • GREEN LEATHER GLOVE GREEN LEATHER GLOVE • Welders Glove • Wrist Length • Welders Glove • Elbow Length • Also available in Shoulder Length CHROME LEATHER GLOVE CHROME LEATHER GLOVE • Wrist Length • General Work Glove • Double palm • Elbow Length • General Work Glove • Double palm RED LEATHER GLOVE TIG GLOVE • • • • • Goat Skin • Driver Glove • Wrist Length Welding Glove Extra Padding Elbow Length Fully lined Patch Palm Striped Cotton Back Wrist Length General Handling NASA Safety Selection 2 HAND PROTECTION TIG GLOVE PVC GLOVE • • • • • Red • Smooth • Knitted Wrist Cow Skin Driver Glove Wrist Length Available with winter fleece lining PVC GLOVE PVC GLOVE • Red • Smooth • 35cm • Rough Terry • 27cm • Heavy duty PVC GLOVE PVC GLOVE • Rough Terry • 35cm • Heavy duty • Shoulder Length • 60cm • Chemical glove PVC KNITTED HEAVY DUTY GLOVE PS2X GLOVE • Rough terry • Heavy duty • Fully coated pvc • Reinforced thumb /forefinger and palm • SABS NASA Safety Selection 3


Morini New CM 200EI 54%

R I NI C MO A RM S A The new model is an improving of our traditional N N E W CM 200EI E T I TI O MP O A RM S A R I NI C MO N E T I TI O MP O NEW CM 20 0 EI M O R E P er f orm a n c e T H AN E V E R S W I S S New Ch a rgi n g L ever i n C a rbo n Fiber N e u e r Lad e h e b e l a u s Ka r b o n f as e r n q u a l i t y New T rigger U n it s y stem N e u e s A b z u g ss y st e m C a rbo n Fiber P l a te A bd e c k p l att e a u s Ka r b o n f as e r n T ot a l New E le c tro n i c S y stem V o l l st ä n d i g n e u e E l e k t r o n i k Air c y li n der with D igit a l M a n ometer P r e ss l u f tb e h ä l t e r m i t d i g i ta l M a n o m e t e r New C R 2 - 3 V B a tter y N e u e C R 2 - 3 V B att e r i e C a rbo n Fiber B A R R E L C O V E R VENTILATED BARREL New Compe n s a tor La u f ma n t e l a u s Ka r b o n f as e r n l a u f M i T l a u f B o h r u n GE n N e u e r K o mp e n sat o r


Domino 48%

10 + 1d6 RIGGER INIT: 10 + 1d6 MATRIX AR:


shivakali 48%



USA Catalogue 2018 31%

Rigger Welding Protection Disposables Vending Ready 157 159 163 164 165 LIMITED LIFE Coveralls and Shoe &


The Rigger 25%

RIGGER WWU MEN’S CREW ANNUAL ANNUAL W ri t t e n by S eve r n H e n r y B r ow n N a t h a n C a r l Ph o t o g r a p hy D e s i g n e d Fall Q u a rt e r 2 0 1 4 by A n d e r son H a a se S m it h b y To h n N a t h a n Ke a gl e H a a se Spring 2014 Summary The spring racing season of 2014 proved to not only be long and demanding for the Vikings, but also highly eventful.


Clancy 20%

Outdoors, Engineering, Cracking, and Biotech are groups that should only be taken as incompetent if they would directly be a skill your characters build would use, such as a medic for Biotech, decker for Cracking, rigger for Engineering, etc.