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PC list 100%

23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 Natalia Guliakina Neena Gupta-Biener Georgiy Gerkushenko Roman Horváth Marian Hostovecky Said Hadjerrouit Wolfram Hardt Tiko Iyamu Michael Koniordos Maria Kordaki Bal Krishna Bal Marina Kultsova Dmitriy Korobkin Alexey Kizim Alexander Kataev Viktor Kureichik Alexey Kaperko Valery Lezhebokov Oleg Leonenko 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Mehran Misaghi Peter Mozelius, Christos Malliarakis David Moffat Jean-Charles Marty Anna Matokhina Takako Nakatani Carla Oliveira Selcuk Ozdemir Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, United Kingdom Lattakia University, Syria University of Piraeus, Greece KULeuven, Geel, Belgium Universtiy of Nottingham, United Kingdom University of Urbino, Italy Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia University de Quimper, France Tampere University of Technology, Open Innovations Association FRUCT, Finland Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra, Portugal B V Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering and Technology, Karnataka, India Polytechnic Institute of Cavado and Ave, Portugal Thomas More Kempen, Geel, Belgium Moscow Institue of Phisics and Technology, Moscow, Russia Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania University of Danang, Vietnam Inst.


Cluster Participants 99%

Russia Inner Core: Russia Inner Core: Russia Inner Core:


Russian Strategic Thinking 19 01 2018 99%

Current Russian Strategic Thinking Interpreting and responding to current Russian military activity We must not interpret what we see as a Russian revival of Cold War practices, nor look at the Crimean operation alone and think this is how Russia would inevitably manage war with the west, rather:1) There is no single model for conflict with NATO.


Appendix D - Russian media data in date-time order to 060418 98%

Appendix D Account Screen Name Like Count Re-tweet Count Link Post Creation Time Followers Friends /971049499383779328 2018-03-06T15:46:56 7589 2737 London /971354187102605312 2018-03-07T11:57:39 70110 887 London, England /971355731537616896 2018-03-07T12:03:47 70110 887 London, England /971438332734394368 2018-03-07T17:32:01 70110 887 London, England /971444275820023808 2018-03-07T17:55:38 70110 887 London, England /971451666099679232 2018-03-07T18:25:00 70110 887 London, England 2018-03-08T11:39:25 70110 887 London, England 2018-03-08T11:40:06 70110 887 London, England /971734781556912128 2018-03-08T13:10:00 70110 887 London, England @EdwardLeighMP says "circumstantial evidence against Russia is very strong"


Scripal Case 97%

relations between Russia and the West or the EU) and in some cases irrelevant (i.e.


Appendix O - Russian Propaganda Troll Sites for monitoring 97%

Appendix O Account Joined Posts Following Followers Likes Stated Location Other Accounts UK UK UK Switzerland Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Not stated Not stated Kremlin Bot factory @Ian56789 @ukgranddad @Malinka1102 @KissZuriCheese @_belka_strelka Lancier1812 @ElenaOxara222 @Rossia_foreverl @LikaVed nov-11 avust-10 schan-12 schan-17 zercl-12 avr-14 matg-14 zercl-14 avr-13 155000 97100 78500 17000 26000 297000 276000 227000 207000 4503 2359 788 175 8901 5567 5080 681 530 32500 3609 4706 10200 21400 11500 6051 5165 1151 682 67600 95400 17300 47100 28900 66300 131000 2996 @MoskRussia @marcelsardo @MarkSleboda1 @KrResident @ UrgIntellegence @Vityzeva @ValLisitsa @SaIsBack @NinaByzantina schan-14 avr-11 sett-13 mars-15 oct-11 avr-17 fan-10 sett-13 mars-13 176000 134000 81800 41600 35100 5037 39700 15100 19800 3016 2645 3243 212 64 72 1025 189 148 21900 16300 12500 23600 15000 5821 21700 176 23400 11000 95600 13400 4959 1574 10700 14200 17200 9224… / belka_strelka… @ninakouprianova


Why is it so difficult to address the Russia issue in Spain 96%

Personal – In Confidence Why is it so difficult to address the Russia issue in Spain, and what should be done?


David Grodzki Energy Security in the V4 96%

Even though energy security is of importance for the EU as a whole, with the Commission estimating that the import dependency of the Union will reach 73-79 per cent by 2020 and close to 90 per cent by 2030, especially the new twelve member states will be affected by any decision Russia makes about future (oil1 and) gas exports.


Russia and IT Elections final fwl 96%

RUSSIA AND THE ITALIAN ELECTIONS ITALIAN ATLANTIC COMMITTEE ABSTRACT The Italian elections of the 4 March 2018 originated speculations regarding the extent of the potential Moscow’s influence through a disinformation campaign and thanks to the internal support of political parties and movements, precisely the League and the 5 Star Movement (5SM).


Russian-propagandist 96%

A range of activists in Armenia that contribute Russian interests, propaganding and promoting Russia’s official posture and intensions, meantime positioning themselves as “analysts”, “experts”, “politics”.


The death of a pillar 96%

We have often painted, rightfully so, Russia as a very corrupt country, in which politics are decided in closed doors meetings.


II Report Greek Diplomatic Expulsions 96%

After expulsions, Greek media don’t doubt Russia has been meddling Greece unexpectedly announced on 11 July it was expelling two Russian diplomats and barring two more from entry for “illegal activities perpetuated within the Greek state and which constitute interference in Greece’s domestic affairs”.


Russian Lies and the Skripal Case 090318 v2 96%

Whether or not this proves to be the case, there are plenty of reasons why the finger of blame has been pointed at Russia, because of a pattern of lies and devious behaviour which has come from the Kremlin in recent years.


FCO Skripal twitter sample 23.3.18 96%

SKRIPAL TWITTER ROUNDUP 23.03.18 Chris Hernon    Stephen Davies letter still getting play New ‘proof’ there was no nerve agent is that Nick Bailey isn’t dead or seriously incapacitated Backlash against Russia and those who congratulated Putin - Lithuania considering expelling Russians ‘Proof’ Search on ‘Stephen Davies Salisbury’ Jimmy @JimmySecUK Corbyn supporters are now slandering and mocking Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey for the crime of not being sufficiently injured whilst serving the public.


WC vs EC rosters 95%

Country World Championships Rosters European Championships Rosters Austria Andreas BABSCH (Austria) Andreas BABSCH (Austria) Wolfgang BIEDER (Austria) Torbjorn JONSSON (Austria) Arno LINDERMANN (Austria) Arno LINDERMANN (Austria) Josef SIMON (Austria) Gunther PURKARTHOFER (Aust Christian TERRANEO (Austria) Josef SIMON (Austria) Franz TERRANEO (Austria) Christian TERRANEO (Austria) Jean Marie BACKES (Belgium) Sam BAHBOUT (Belgium) Sam BAHBOUT (Belgium) Philippe COENRAETS (Belgium) Patrick BOCKEN (Belgium) Steven DE DONDER (Belgium) Philippe COENRAETS (Belgium) Steve DE ROOS (Belgium) Zvi ENGEL (Belgium) Zvi ENGEL (Belgium) Mike VANDERVORST (Belgium) Mike VANDERVORST (Belgium) Belgium Bosnia No roster listed for European Championships Denmark Michael ASKGAARD (Denmark) Dennis BILDE (Denmark) Dennis BILDE (Denmark) Morten BILDE (Denmark) Morten BILDE (Denmark) Knut BLAKSET (Denmark) Poul CLEMMENSEN (Denmark) Mathias BRUUN (Denmark) Hans Christian GRAVERSEN (Denmark) Soren CHRISTIANSEN (Denmar Kasper KONOW (Denmark) Martin SCHALTZ (Denmark) David BAKHSHI (England) David BAKHSHI (England) Tony FORRESTER (England) Tony FORRESTER (England) David GOLD (England) David GOLD (England) Frances HINDEN (England) Jason HACKETT (England) Graham OSBORNE (England) Justin HACKETT (England) Andrew ROBSON (England) Andrew ROBSON (England) Jyri AAVA (Estonia) Maksim KARPOV (Estonia) Vahur KURIG (Estonia) Tiit LAANEMAE (Estonia) Teno LUTTER (Estonia) Vassili LEVENKO (Estonia) Jaanus MARIPUU (Estonia) Leo LUKS (Estonia) Olavi OJA (Estonia) Lauri NABER (Estonia) Vilmar VAHE (Estonia) Sven SESTER (Estonia) Kauko KOISTINEN (Finland) Vesa FAGERLUND (Finland) Vesa LESKELA (Finland) Kauko KOISTINEN (Finland) Seppo NIEMI (Finland) Vesa LESKELA (Finland) Jussi Pekka TAMMINEN (Finland) Clas NYBERG (Finland) England Estonia Finland France Same roster in both events Germany Sabine AUKEN (Germany) Sabine AUKEN (Germany) Joerg FRITSCHE (Germany) Michael GROMOELLER (German Michael GROMOELLER (Germany) Julius LINDE (Germany) Julius LINDE (Germany) Martin REHDER (Germany) Christian SCHWERDT (Germany) Christian SCHWERDT (Germany Roy WELLAND (Germany) Roy WELLAND (Germany) Nikos DELIMPALTADAKIS (Greece) Konstantinos DOXIADIS (Greec Michel EIDI (Greece) Aris FILIOS (Greece) Panagiotis KANNAVOS (Greece) Konstantinos KONTOMITROS ( Yankos PAPAKYRIAKOPOULOS (Greece) Tassos KOUKOUSELIS (Greece) Greece Theodoros TRIANDAPHYLLOPOULOS (Gree Thanassis MATZIARIS (Greece) Hungary Iceland Vassilis VROUSTIS (Greece) Petros ROUSSOS (Greece) Daniel GULYAS (Hungary) Miklos DUMBOVICH (Hungary) Gal HEGEDUS (Hungary) Gal HEGEDUS (Hungary) Balazs KOTANYI (Hungary) Gyorgy KEMENY (Hungary) Gabor MACSKASY (Hungary) Tamas SZALKA (Hungary) Balazs SZEGEDI (Hungary) Laszlo SZILAGYI (Hungary) Laszlo SZILAGYI (Hungary) Gabor WINKLER (Hungary) Sveinn Runar EIRIKSSON (Iceland) Sveinn Runar EIRIKSSON (Icel Throstur INGIMARSSON (Iceland) Throstur INGIMARSSON (Icelan Birkir JONSSON (Iceland) Birkir JONSSON (Iceland) Adalsteinn JORGENSEN (Iceland) Thorlakur JONSSON (Iceland) Snorri KARLSSON (Iceland) Adalsteinn JORGENSEN (Icelan Karl SIGURHJARTARSON (Iceland) Magnus Eidur MAGNUSSON (Ic Ireland Same roster in both events Israel Michael BAREL (Israel) Ilan BAREKET (Israel) Alon BIRMAN (Israel) Michael BAREL (Israel) Ilan HERBST (Israel) Assaf LENGY (Israel) Ophir HERBST (Israel) Amir LEVIN (Israel) Dror PADON (Israel) Josef ROLL (Israel) Yaniv ZACK (Israel) Yaniv ZACK (Israel) Mario D' AVOSSA (Italy) Massimiliano DI FRANCO (Italy) Stelio DI BELLO (Italy) Giovanni DONATI (Italy) Massimiliano DI FRANCO (Italy) Alessandro GANDOGLIA (Italy) Italy Latvia Lorenzo LAURIA (Italy) Lorenzo LAURIA (Italy) Andrea MANNO (Italy) Andrea MANNO (Italy) Alfredo VERSACE (Italy) Alfredo VERSACE (Italy) Aigars GERMANIS (Latvia) Nauris ARMANIS (Latvia) Ugis JANSONS (Latvia) Martins LORENCS (Latvia) Martins LORENCS (Latvia) Janis NEIMANIS (Latvia) Maija ROMANOVSKA (Latvia) Bruno RUBENIS (Latvia) Ivars RUBENIS (Latvia) Ivars RUBENIS (Latvia) Karlis RUBINS (Latvia) Karlis RUBINS (Latvia) Lebanon No roster listed for European Championships Lithuania No roster listed for European Championships Monaco Same roster in both events Netherlands Same roster in both events Norway Erik A EIDE (Norway) Erik BERG (Norway) Harald EIDE (Norway) Boye BROGELAND (Norway) Lars EIDE (Norway) Thomas CHARLSEN (Norway) Petter EIDE (Norway) Thor Erik HOFTANISKA (Norwa Kristian ELLINGSEN (Norway) Espen LINDQVIST (Norway) Baard Kaare GRAESLI (Norway) Steffen Fredrik SIMONSEN (Nor Poland Same roster in both events Russia Igor BAVCHINE (Russia) Igor KHAZANOV (Russia) Yury KHIUPPENEN (Russia) Maria LEBEDEVA (Russia) Vadim KHOLOMEEV (Russia) Sergei ORLOV (Russia) Ivan SEMENOV (Russia) Dmitri PROKHOROV (Russia) Vitold SLIVA (Russia) Vladmir TATARKIN (Russia) Pavel VOROBEI (Russia) Andrez VORONOV (Russia) San Marino No roster listed for European Championships Scotland Alex ADAMSON (Scotland) Alan GOODMAN (Scotland) Sandy DUNCAN (Scotland) Irving GORDON (Scotland) Danny KANE (Scotland) Danny KANE (Scotland) Stephen PETERKIN (Scotland) Stephen PETERKIN (Scotland) Derek SANDERS (Scotland) Brian SHORT (Scotland) Spain Sweden Switzerland Federico GODED (Spain) Gabriel CARRASCO (Spain) Gonzalo GODED MERINO (Spain) Gabriel FRACTMAN (Spain) Andres KNAP (Spain) Federico GODED (Spain) Luis LANTARON (Spain) Gonzalo GODED MERINO (Spai Jordi SABATE (Spain) Ramon GOMEZ HIERRO (Spain) Arturo WASIK (Spain) Pedro GONCALVES (Spain) Tommy BERGDAHL (Sweden) Fredrik NYSTROM (Sweden) Fredrik NYSTROM (Sweden) Mikael RIMSTEDT (Sweden) Johan SYLVAN (Sweden) Ola RIMSTEDT (Sweden) Johan UPMARK (Sweden) Johan SYLVAN (Sweden) Niklas WARNE (Sweden) Johan UPMARK (Sweden) Frederic WRANG (Sweden) Frederic WRANG (Sweden) Bachar ABOU CHANAB (Switzerland) Bachar ABOU CHANAB (Switzer Bartlomiej IGLA (Switzerland) Stephan MAGNUSSON (Switzerl Stephan MAGNUSSON (Switzerland) Dmitrij NIKOLENKOV (Switzerla Dmitrij NIKOLENKOV (Switzerland) Fernando PIEDRA (Switzerland) Fernando PIEDRA (Switzerland) Marco SASSELLI (Switzerland) Cedric THOMPSON (Switzerland Turkey Ukraine Emre KAYA (Turkey) Nuri CENGIZ (Turkey) Omer KIZILOK (Turkey) Orhan EKINCI (Turkey) Enver KOKSOY (Turkey) Yusuf KAHYAOGLOU (Turkey) Tolga OZBAY (Turkey) Enver KOKSOY (Turkey) Bircan OZTURK (Turkey) Ali UCAR (Turkey) Dogan UZUM (Turkey) Nafiz ZORLU (Turkey) Yuliy CHUMAK (Ukraine) Volodymyr DRAGAN (Ukraine) Volodymyr DRAGAN (Ukraine) Oleksandr NYEMTSEV (Ukraine) Volodymyr PORKHUN (Ukraine) Volodymyr PORKHUN (Ukraine) Oleg ROVYSHYN (Ukraine) Oleg ROVYSHYN (Ukraine) Gennadii RYBNIKOV (Ukraine) Gennadii RYBNIKOV (Ukraine) Borys SHUKHMEYSTER (Ukraine) Borys SHUKHMEYSTER (Ukrain


meetings in greece feb 2017 95%

10 02 2017 Thanos Dokos, George Tzogopoulos Greeks have a romantic notion of Russia;


English version high 95%

Russia’s Information War in Germany:


CV, Misha Tsvik, 2020 94%

ONBOARDING 01/2018 - 12/2018 (1 yr) Wrike, Saint Petersburg, Russia Leading and managing Growth &


Appendix F - UK tabloid media data in date-time order to 060418 94%

NORTH KOREA could be involved in Russian spy's poisoning, says secret 12 agent 4 7 thetimes 9 thetimes 12 10 thetimes 16 21 5 5 thetimes 10 6 thetimes 8 11 13 20 MailOnline statuses/97100472190435 3280 statuses/97107166298365 5425 Counterterrorism detectives have taken charge of the inquiry into the suspected poisoning statuses/97107921367461 of a Russian double agent and his daughter 4785 Whitehall sources have said MI5 believes former spy Sergei Skripal was the target of an statuses/97118677623995 assassination attempt linked to Russia 5968 Secret agent says North Korea could be involved in Russian spy's POISONING statuses/97119377185252 5568 Prince William may boycott the World Cup in Russia over the spy "poisoning", Boris statuses/97126443169820 Johnson has hinted 2624 Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia remained critically ill in hospital yesterday after being statuses/97129060476753 exposed to an unknown substance 1008 RT @DailyMailUK:


Report-Skolkvovo-08012016-2 94%

FROM RUSSIA WITH MONEY Hillary Clinton, the Russian Reset, and Cronyism   1   Table of Contents   Executive  Summary  ....................................................................................................................................


Active Measures CND Integrity Initiative visit to Oslo 94%

From Cold War to Hot Peace, Russia’s tools of influence and information warfare 1330- 1530 Informal Workshop on Fighting the Information War, Chair - Henning-Andre Sogaard, Defence Research Institute, MOD (


johnsaf 94%

3 When the Soviet Union broke up, Ukraine inherited the world's third largest nuclear stockpile.4 In an attempt to control the proliferation of nuclear weapons, in 1994 Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine signed what became known as the Budapest Memorandum.


resolution1Av1.3 94%

Condemns Russia's aggressive expansionism in general, 3.


FCO Skripal material 16.03.18 94%

SKRIPAL @GicAriana FollowFollow @GicAriana More Let's not forget that #Russia also poisoned former #Ukraine President #Yushchenko in 2004.