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Chronical Guide VtM Pgs 6-10.indd 100%

The Sabbat do not follow any Prince, and instead hash out uneasy coexistences between their war packs.


Chronical Guide VtM Pgs 31-35.indd 96%

In the modern nights, the Lasombra are the Sabbat’s answer to the Ventrue.


Chronical Guide VtM Pgs 81-85.indd 86%

The Tlacique battled the Sabbat in turn—and lost miserably.


Chronical Guide VtM PGs 16-20.indd 85%

While the Conquerors delved into the Sabbat, the Voivode are the depths of the Pit again and again, bringing back secrets its soul.


WIPLePrinceestmort-1 83%

La Camarilla et le Sabbat.


Chronical Guide VtM Pgs 86-90.indd 82%

The first breath (as the Strigoi call their mortal years) is a horrid torment of beatings and mutilation for the Sabbat Bratovitchs, tending the Fleshcrafted Creatures from the Pit;


Chronical Guide VtM PGs 2-5.indd 74%

The Sabbat hierarchy of vampire societies, particularly in Western The Sabbat is founded on the dual principles of freedom and Europe, was rigid and controlling, in which Elders ruled as loyalty.


Chronical Guide VtM Pgs 36-40.indd 73%

They also populate the Sabbat in lesser numbers, where they frighten even their packmates with their psychotic displays.


Chronical Guide VtM PGs 56-60.indd 72%

Over time, the the Sabbat, and by the terrible Ghūl are able to manipuBlood Curse laid upon them by the late the transition between Tremere.


Raigen 58%

Bishop Attributes Social Charisma_____●●●●● OOOOOOOOO Manipulation__● OOOOOOOOO ●●●●●● Appearance____● OOOOOOOOO ●● Smooth Talker Persuasive Abilities Skills Animal Ken___OOOOOOOOO Crafts________OOOOOOOOO Drive________●●●●● OOOOOOOOO Etiquette_____ ● OOOOOOOOO Firearms______●●●●●●● OOOOOOOOO Larceny______●●●● OOOOOOOOO Melee________●●●●● OOOOOOOOO Performance___● OOOOOOOOO Stealth_______●●●●● OOOOOOOOO Survival______● OOOOOOOOO Motorcycle Pistols Knives Silent Movement ____________OOOOOOOOO Advantages Backgrounds Generation ____________ OOOOOOOOO ●●●●● Rituals ____________ OOOOOOOOO ●●●● Status ____________ OOOOOOOOO ●●●● Alternate Identity ____________ OOOOOOOOO ●● Resources ____________ OOOOOOOOO ●● Domain ____________ OOOOOOOOO ● Humanity/Path Path Of Power and the Inner Voice __________________ ● O● O● O● O● O● O● OOOO Command Bearing:___________ ( +0 ) Willpower ●● ●● ●● ●● O OO OO OO OOO ¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨¨ Blood Pool ¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨¨¨¨ ¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨¨¨¨ ¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨¨¨¨ ¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨¨¨¨ ¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨ ■¨¨¨¨ Mental Perception____● OOOOOOOOO ●●●●● Intelligence____● OOOOOOOOO ●●● Wits_________● OOOOOOOOO ●●●●● insight Changes in Strategy Knowledges Academics____●● OOOOOOOOO Computer_____●● OOOOOOOOO Finance_______● OOOOOOOOO Investigation___●●● OOOOOOOOO Law_________●● OOOOOOOOO Medicine_____●●● OOOOOOOOO Occult_______●●●●● OOOOOOOOO Politics_______●●●●● OOOOOOOOO Science_______OOOOOOOOO Technology____●●● OOOOOOOOO Kindred Lore Sabbat ____________OOOOOOOOO Virtues Conscience/Conviction__●●●● OOOOO Self-Control/Instinct___● OOOOO ●●●● 7 Courage___________ OOOOO ● ●●●● Health Bruised Hurt Injured Wounded Mauled Crippled Incapacitated -1 -1 -2 -2 -5 Weakness Incurable Derangement Experience Blood Per Turn:_____ 6 Attributes:


Patrick Connolly CV 58%

Patrick Connolly Postgraduate Researcher, National University of Ireland Galway.


OliverVTM 55%

One evening while (Continued in Description) _______________________________________________________________________ Goals Becoming Sabbat Regent _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Description 128 (cont)limping home after a late night of working, he met an enigmatic man, Age:____________________________________________________________________ 25 , with promises of immense wealth, and unimaginable power.


Chronical Guide VtM Pgs 41-45 .indd 53%

The Final Nights have many things in store for the Tremere, however, and the more powerful they grow 43 most promising apprentice, Gortrex, leader of the Order of the Black Sun, escaped the rigid order and control of his Master, defecting to harbor with the Tzimisce in the Sabbat, taking his Order with him.


RS Vampire 50%

However, unlife for Jack Dugas was similarly unpleasant, as he chafed at his __________________________________________________________________________ sire's teachings and became disenchanted with the nightly visits to elysium and the camarilla politics, chosing instead to head out on his own for decades, settling in cities __________________________________________________________________________ warring with the Sabbat and reclaiming his former role as a soldier.


TandemBibel Markusevangelium V83 50%

Am Sabbat geht Jesus in die Synagoge.


Osgood, Russell CV 49%

RUSSELL K. OSGOOD Addresses Office Home Russell K.


Dreieinigkeit 45%

Darum nun suchten die Juden noch mehr, ihn zu töten, weil er nicht allein den Sabbat aufhob, sondern auch Gott seinen eigenen Vater nannte und sich so selbst Gott gleich machte.


Chronical Guide VtM pGs 26-30.indd 45%

A Sabbat Old Vrykolaka Curse bloodline calling itself the The Aura of death that emanates from within Harbingers of Skulls has the Old Vrykolaka leaches the life out of recently arisen, also the very air.