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Mahatma Vol6 100%

Individual Civil Disobedience ( 1940-1941 ) On October 17, 1940, Vinoba Bhave solemnly inaugurated the individual satyagraha movement by delivering an anti-war speech at Paunar, a village near Wardha.


Vaishali Shah's Journey to the Land of Mahaprabhuji 66%

INDIAN SITAR BY WESTERNERS It is always very amusing to enjoy Indian musical instruments by westerners  who really try to put efforts to play those difficult strings together. Recently  Vaishali  Shah  attended  such  event  in  Nehru  Center  in  London  where  three  Europeans played very good sitar, ghunghru, Arabic drums etc.  They  did  a  good  justice  to  the  instruments,  taal,  Soor  and  tempo  of  the  melodies they created on stage. It is very difficult for her to appreciate any  westerner attempting to play Indian instruments as for us it is an attempt to  connect with god and not just create random music.  She  still  appreciates  their  efforts  and  music  they  created  and  entertained  relatively a good audience.  IN THE LAND OF  MAHAPRABHUJI Champaran  has  become  historically  famous  for  the  first  ever  satyagraha  march led by Mahatma Gandhiji which  put  the  place  firmly  in  the  independence  struggle  of  India.  Champaran  is  also  a  spiritual  hotspot.  It  is  famous  as  the  birthplace  of  Shri  Vallabhacharya  known  as  Shree  Mahaprabhuji.  Mahaprabhuji  lived  in  the  fifteenth  century  in  Champaranya  near Raipur in present day Chattisgarh.  He  is  the  founder  of  the  Vallabh  sect  known  as  Pushti  marg.  His  birth  was  itself a miracle.


Solar Powered (Geo-Eng) 56%

Page-37 მარადისობის კანონი შენ რომ არა შორით ნათება Я помню чудное мгновенье Dominions Luminous Mind Black Swan Dog Awareness Perfect Genuineness Satyagraha Ellis Bell Covenant Dreamcatcher Bibliography გვ.


SP Eng 55%

Metaphysical Poetry Dominions Luminous Mind Black Swan Dog Awareness Perfect Genuineness Satyagraha Ellis Bell Covenant Dreamcatcher Page-23 Bibliography Page-30 PAGE 2 Part One - The Veil of Maya World of Illusions When eating a fruit, think of the person who planted the tree,” (Vietnamese proverb) The world of illusions describes the world of matter, material world, with its own thought patterns, cosmology, civilizations and political life.


Lange Nacht 21.2.14 50%

Ihre SoloCD’s ‚Satyagraha’ 2007 und ‚Spanish Guitar Masterpieces’ 2013 erhielten hohe internationale Anerkennung.


Mahatma Vol4 48%

Now he took his abode in the Satyagraha Ashram, Wardha, and turned in into a hive of acitivities.