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AS 17 100%

For a clearer understanding of the performances of segments.


kia 2017iqs (1) 96%

June 2017 J.D.


Trados 2009 - Editor Shortcuts 95%

SDL Trados Studio 2009 – Keyboard Shortcuts Editor Menu Action Shortcut Activate Row Active Document Settings Alt+Home Add Comment Ctrl+Shift+N Add New Term Auto-scroll Source Document Browse Change Case Shift+F3 Change tag display mode Ctrl+Alt+D Check Spelling F7 Clear Draft Segments Alt+Shift+Del Clear Selected Tag Formatting Ctrl+Space Clear Tag Formatting Ctrl+Alt+Space Clear Target Segment Alt+Del Close Ctrl+F4 Close All Ctrl+Shift+F4 Comments Concordance Search F3 Concordance Search Confirm and Move to Next Segment Ctrl+Alt+Enter Confirm and Move to Next Unconfirmed Segment Alt+Add Confirmation Statistics Copy All Source to Target Alt+Shift+lns Copy Source to Target Ctrl+lns, Alt+lns Delete All Messages Delete to End of Row Ctrl+D Delete To Next Tag Ctrl+Shift+D Edit Comment External Refresh Ctrl+Shift+R Focus Next Row Alt+Down Focus Previous Row Alt+Up Go To Ctrl+G Go to Next Comment Ctrl+M Go To Next Source Segment Formatting Ctrl+Alt+Right Go to Previous Comment Ctrl+Shift+M Go To Previous Source Segment Formatting Ctrl+Alt+Left In Source In Target Internal Refresh Ctrl+R Lock Segment Ctrl+L Lock Selection Lookup Translations Ctrl+Shift+T Merge Segments Ctrl+Alt+S Messages Move to Next Segment Ctrl+Down Move to Previous Segment Ctrl+Up Open Document Perform Concordance Search Ctrl+Shift+O Enter Preview Protect Tags Quicklnsert Closing Tag Ctrl+OemPeriod QuickPlace Ctrl+Alt+Down, Ctrl+Oemcomma Refresh Filters Reject Segment Ctrl+Shift+Enter Repeat Go To Ctrl+J Reset Filters Restore Tags Ctrl+Shift+G Review or Sign-off Complete Save Ctrl+S Save All Ctrl+Shift+S Save As F12 Save Copy As Save Source As Save Target As Shift+F12 Scroll source to target selection Select All Ctrl+A Select Next Row Alt+Shift+Down Select Next Row Content Ctrl+Shift+Down Select Previous Row Alt+Shift+Up Select Previous Row Content Ctrl+Shift+Up Select Row Alt+Space Show Preview Show Translated Terms Ctrl+Shift+L Show Whitespace Characters Source Concordance Search Ctrl+F3 Split Segment Alt+Shift+T Target Concordance Search Ctrl+Shift+F3 Term Recognition Termbase Search Termbase Viewer Toggle between Source and Target F6 Toggle formatting tag display Ctrl+Shift+H Translation Results Verify F8 View Default Ctrl+Shift+D View Internally Default Ctrl+E View Internally Source Ctrl+Q View Internally Source and Target View Internally Target Ctrl+K View Source Ctrl+Shift+Y View Source and Target Ctrl+Shift+B View Target Ctrl+Shift+P Compiled by Claudia Alvis - All copyrights belong to SDL International and the respective owners.


2018-04-18 PERFECT QUEUS 94%

Queue 1* (mandatory - taken from worksheet "TA main data") NO changes allowed in this column Queue 2 Section Perfect Queue Settings Options 1 Instructions column Define in the COLUMNS (E - K) the queues which are to be saved as default queues for common scenarios 1,1 1,2 GDS Queue Name Amadeus / Galileo / Sabre / Apollo Name for the Queue 1.3 GDS Office Code/ID* The OID / PCC 1.4 PNRQ* The Queue Number 1.5 PNRQCAT The Queue Category 2 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 Usage of the Queue - General Use as default copy For all Bookings For all changed Bookings For all canceled Bookings For all Bookings to be approved For all pre-approved Bookings For all approved Bookings For all not approved Bookings (rejected bookings) This is the default queue, which is used for RP change in Amadeus cytric T&E booking flow Taken from TA main data page Default Queue Taken from TA main data page Taken from TA main data page Taken from TA main data page Nothing is selected by default Default Queue To be selected Y/N (if this selected Y other fields are not available) To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N First additional queueing flow Queue 3 Queue 4 AMADEUS Cytric AMADEUS Cytric AMADEUS Cytric GVAC22139 GVAC22139 Queue 2 Select applicable flows from Y GVAC22139 20 20 20 1 2 3 Queue 3 Select applicable flows from Queue 4 Select applicable flows from 2.8 2.9 For all bookings with Pending Approval (for preapproved and to be approved Approval System) For all passive Bookings To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N 2.10 For all bookings with active segments (no passive segment in the PNR) To be selected Y/N 2.11 If a booking with an issued ticket has been canceled on the ticketing date (Auto VOID) To be selected Y/N 2.12 2.13 2.14 2.15 2.16 2.17 If a Booking contains a Message to the Travel Agency or the Vendor If a Booking is booked after Agency Hours If a Booking is put on hold If a Booking on Hold is confirmed If a Booking on Hold is canceled If a booking is booked Out-of-Policy 3 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8 AIR If a Booking contains Air Segments If a booking contains Flight VDA Segments If a Booking contains DynaWeb(tm) Air Segments If a Booking contains a selected Ticket Credit If a Booking contains Wait-listed Air Segments If a booking contains pending segments For all bookings containing a Oneway Flight For all bookings containing a Roundtrip Flight To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N Y To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N Nothing is selected by default To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N - default scopeTo be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N 3.9 For all bookings containing a Company Fare 3.10 3.12 To be selected Y/N For all bookings containing a SAS TPC Fare For all bookings containing an AF Carte d'Abonnement Fare To be selected Y/N For all bookings resulting from a Multi Segment Requests To be selected Y/N 3.13 Accepted Air Option 3.11 Y To be selected Y/N Default Queue Queue 2 Queue 3 Queue 4 Y Y 3.14 3.15 3.16 3.17 3.18 3.19 3.20 If an Air Option has been declined If a Trip Request with Air Options has been removed completely If a GDS Booking contains a chargeable seat reservation If a GDS Booking contains additional baggage If a GDS Booking contains ancillaries If a GDS Booking contains a ticket change To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N To be selected Y/N - and value and currency to be provided in XX If a Booking contains a Fare higher than XX <currency>


List-Segmentation-Master 92%

List Segmentation Master Copyright © All rights reserved worldwide.


2013 Cumberworth BiochemJ 92%

Most ID segments fold, at least partially, upon complex formation [17,20], although in some cases functions of proteins have been related to the particular properties of the ID segment [21].


For a Contiguity-based geometry 91%

A-2- A-B, C-D and E-F are three well-defined line segments.


EPiServer-SilverPop User Guide 90%

SilverPop Integration Training Guide Version 1.0 | April 2, 2015 Table of Contents Introduction……………………………………………………………...3 - 4 User Guide – Logging In………………….............................5 User Guide – (1) Create Blocks………………………….…………6 - 7 User Guide – (2) Choose Block Type…………………………..8 - 11 User Guide – (3) Populate Block…………………………………12 - 13 User Guide – (4) Associate Segments…………………………14 - 15 User Guide – (5) Create Campaign…………………………….


Cox Business Account Guide 90%

 Ken  Kraft     Ken  Kraft  is  the  lead  marketing  executive  of  Cox  Business  and  the  final  decision  maker  of  marketing   strategy  for  all  segments.


BMW 2014 1Q 89%

Quarterly  report q1 to  31  March  2014 31  March  2014 2 BMW Group in figures   2    BMW  Group in  figures Combined Management Report   4    General Information Report on Economic   5    Position 18    Events after the End of the Reporting Period 19    Report on Outlook, Risks and Opportunities 23    BMW Stock and Capital ­Markets 24 Group Financial ­Statements 24    Income Statements for Group and Segments 24    Statement of Comprehen­sive Income for Group 26    Balance Sheets for Group and Segments 28    Cash Flow Statements for Group and Segments 30    Group Statement of ­Changes in Equity 32    Notes to the Group ­Financial Statements  4 50 Other  Information 50    Financial Calendar 51    Contacts  1st quarter 2014  1st quarter 2013  Change in % Automotive segment Sales volume BMW 1  units  428,259  381,404  12.3 MINI  units  57,868  66,154   – 12.5 Rolls-Royce  units Total  897  642  39.7 487,024 448,200    8.7 Production BMW 2  units  461,096  410,926  12.2 MINI  units  57,674  70,449   – 18.1 Rolls-Royce  units  1,154  787  46.6 519,924 482,162    7.8 Total Motorcycles segment Sales volume BMW  units  28,719  24,732 3  16.1  units  38,649  35,221 4  9.7 Production BMW Financial Services segment New contracts with retail customers  348,072  340,328  2.3  111,378  106,470  4.6 Workforce to 31 March 5 BMW Group Financial figures Operating cash flow Automotive segment  € million  2,132 Revenues  1,971 7  8.2  € million  18,235  17,546  3.9  Automotive  € million  16,559  15,907  4.1  Motorcycles  € million  472  436  8.3  Financial Services  € million  4,890  4,830  1.2  Other Entities  € million  2  1  –  Eliminations  € million   – 3,688   – 3,628   – 1.7  € million  2,090  2,038 7  Automotive  € million  1,580  1,580 7  Motorcycles  € million  64  51  Financial Services  € million  465  450  3.3  Other Entities  € million  10  17   – 41.2  Eliminations  € million   – 29 Profit before tax Profit before financial result (EBIT)   – 60 7  2.6  –  25.5  51.7  € million  2,166  2,003  Automotive  € million  1,643  1,516  8.4  Motorcycles  € million  63  50  26.0  Financial Services  € million  460  449  2.4  Other Entities  € million  57  67   – 14.9  Eliminations  € million   – 57   – 79  27.8 Income taxes  € million   – 704   – 691   – 1.9 Net profit  € million  1,462  1,312  11.4  €  2.22 / 2.22  1.99  / 1.99  11.6  / 11.6 Earnings per share6 1  8.1 Including the joint venture BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd., Shenyang (2013:


contiguïté 89%

A-1- Le cercle et le segment AB sont contigus en C et D A-2- Les segments A-B, C-D et E-F sont bien définis.


JonReitzesResumeNovember2013 88%

Doctor Oz (2013) “Live Longer For Less” Director • Directed six in-studio segments with celebrity chef Sam Talbot focusing on longevity through food choices.


NH Hotel Group 88%

Contract Functions - Market / Competitor Best Practices regular benchmarking (internal reports objectives de nition / leadership by priorities ) - Execute the company’s marketing plans towards the B2B segments, M&E and Corporate (Bookers, Travel Intermediaries and Travel Managers of Key accounts or Small and medium companies) conjointly with B2B Manager - Support on further development of what NH Hotel Group’s value proposition should be in each segment in close cooperation with Trade Marketing, B2B Digital Sale and Marketing Experience Dept.


11 553-937-1-SM 88%

Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics ISSN:


CYAAYBallRuleBookonlinepdf 88%

Each player present and in good standing must play at least ​four ​segments of each game.


bodies invisible 88%

¯ is A semi-infinite broken line l ⊂ Rd \ B with the endpoint at O ∈ Rd \ B called a billiard trajectory emanating from O, if the endpoints of its segments (except for O) are regular points of the body boundary ∂B and the outer normal to ∂B at any such point is the bisector of the angle formed by the segments adjoining the point.


SuccessStories 86%

Global Networking for a Global Biotherapeutics Leader Customer:


HIOKI 8423 ENG 86%

The thumbs in the scroll bars of the waveform display windows show you the position of the segments at a glance, greatly simplifying scrolling operations.


Engineers-Guide-to-Drinks-color rev5 86%



MarketingPortfolio (5) 85%

Marketing Portfolio MARK HOWELLS | DIGITAL MARKETING MANAGER Smarketing I revised the Smarketing methodology to fit the firm and implemented it to foster the importance of cohesive processes for sales and marketing Segmentation With a specific segmentation strategy, I use diverse tactics to target certain groups, especially across industry segments WORKING WITH SMES TO BUILD BUYER PERSONAS INDUSTRY SPECIFIC NEWSLETTERS USING WORKFLOWS TO KEEP SEGMENTATION AUTOMATED Blog/Articles I updated the blog with functionality to drive traffic and conversions like commenting, forms, CTAs, and social sharing Expanded Content I've designed and built diverse types of expanded content including infographics, eBooks, videos, and flowcharts to drive views and gated content leads


2 step segment 1 85%

 Property of 2 Step 2 Dance Studio Page 4 Part or the whole of this document may not be published or sold without prior permission from 2 Step 2 Dance Studio 2 Step 2 Dance Studio Beginning 2-Step Segment 1 The dance clock Unlike the regular clock, the dance clock is divided into only six segments to correspond to the beats of the basic music.