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Fuzzy-Aggregation-Semantic-Similarity 100%

A Novel Approach for Fuzzy Aggregation of Semantic Similarity Measures Jorge Martinez-Gil, Software Competence Center Hagenberg (Austria) email:


Biomedical-Semantic-Similarity 99%

Evolutionary algorithm based on different semantic similarity functions for synonym recognition in the biomedical domain José M.


semantic-similarity 99%

Annotated Bibliography on Semantic Similarity Jorge Martinez-Gil Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH Softwarepark 21, 4232 Hagenberg, Austria jorge.


SAWSDL-Web-Services 99%

The W3C Recommendation for Semantic Annotations in WSDL and XML Schema (SAWSDL) defines an extension that can help to disambiguate the description of Web Services during automatic discovery and composition.


document 98%

Journal of Computer Science Review Applications of Nature-Inspired Algorithms in Different Aspects of Semantic Web 1 Deepika Chaudhary, 2Jaiteg Singh and 3D.P.


ThesisHochschildAnalogyCajetansDeNominumAnalogia 98%

These semantic questions, latent in the Aristotelian logical tradition, were brought to the fore by Scotus’s arguments against analogy.


Semantic-Similarity-Using-Google 96%

(will be inserted by the editor) Semantic Similarity Measurement Using Historical Google Search Patterns Jorge Martinez-Gil and Jose F.


3336c073 96%

Then, the aspect weaving and semantic impact of weaving is defined in section 3 and section 4 separately.


Word-Co-Occurrence-Literature 96%

Analysis of word co-occurrence in human literature for supporting semantic correspondence discovery Jorge Martinez-Gil Mario Pichler Software Competence Center Hagenberg Softwarepark 21, 4232 Hagenberg, Austria Software Competence Center Hagenberg Softwarepark 21, 4232 Hagenberg, Austria ABSTRACT Semantic similarity measurement aims to determine the likeness between two text expressions that use different lexicographies for representing the same real object or idea.


Semantic-Similarity-Human-Literature 95%

Looking for the Best Historical Window for Assessing Semantic Similarity Using Human Literature Jorge Martinez-Gil Mario Pichler Lorena Paoletti Software Competence Center Hagenberg Softwarepark 21 4232, Austria Software Competence Center Hagenberg Softwarepark 21 4232, Austria Software Competence Center Hagenberg Softwarepark 21 4232, Austria ABSTRACT We describe the way to get benefit from broad cultural trends through the quantitative analysis of a vast digital book collection representing the digested history of humanity.


Semantic-Similarity-Web-Intelligence 95%

(will be inserted by the editor) An Overview of Textual Semantic Similarity Measures Based on Web Intelligence Jorge Martinez-Gil Received:


fdata-03-00012 94%

As a result, FoodKG can enhance knowledge graphs with semantic similarity scores and relations between different classes, classify the existing entities, and allow FEW experts and researchers to use scientific terms for describing FEW concepts.


Semantic-Similarity-Using-Search-Engines 94%

Smart Combination of Web Measures for Solving Semantic Similarity Problems Jorge Martinez-Gil, Jose F.


Biomedical-Fuzzy-Logics 93%

Talk on “Accurate semantic similarity measurement of biomedical nomenclature by means of fuzzy logic” Jorge Martinez-Gil Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH Softwarepark 21, 4232 Hagenberg, Austria Abstract.


Knowledge-Management-Recruitment 91%

But there are still some challenges that remain open since traditional solutions do not consider semantic relations properly.


Bosco etal NHESSD-2-C671-2014 90%

The semantic array programming paradigm [Comment] – “The main difference with respect to previous attempts is the programming approach which is based on freely available software and a “semantic array programming paradigm”.


Validation-Semantic-Correspondences 89%

A Web Mining Tool to Validate Previously Discovered Semantic Correspondences.


Matching-Learning-Querying-Human-Resources 88%

We face the complex problem of timely, accurate and mutually satisfactory mediation between job offers and suitable applicant profiles by means of semantic processing techniques.


Detro et al 87%

Applying process mining and semantic reasoning for process model customization in healthcare Silvana Pereira Detro, Eduardo Portela Santos, Hervé Panetto, Eduardo Loures de Freitas, Mario Lezoche, Claudia Cabral Moro Barra To cite this version:


9 86%

Johnson and Anderson (2004) demonstrated that when items intrude from semantic memory, they are also vulnerable to inhibition.


8 84%

In the Polish language, the semantic and the formal rules of gender assignment coexist According to Corbett (1991), there are three genders in singular:


MikePoster 84%

in practice, this will be resolved by linguistic or pragmatic context, and different domains have different semantic types.


V9I5-5 82%

With emergence and acceptance of semantic web and associated services offered to the users, more and more ontologies have been developed by various stack-holders.


Ontology-Meta-Matching-Survey 81%

Semantic integration (Euzenat &


Ontology-Matching-Framework 81%

Semantic integration [Bernstein and Melnik, 2004].