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SilkWayWest 230517-060717 100%

Bulgaria Gim Doo, Serbia Dunarit Corp, Bulgaria Gim Doo, Serbia CN Romarm SA, Romania Cherming Ordinance Inc.


terminarz 92%

14:00 Kostaryka - Serbia 20:00 Brazylia - Szwajcaria 22.06.2018r.


Marko Ivanovic Resume 86%

MARKO IVANOVIC Zetska 17, Novi Sad, Serbia 21000 | | C:


Drazen Nenadic CV ENG 2017 86%

DRAŽEN NENADIĆ Vladimira Rajkovica 23, 11307 Belgrade, Serbia +381 69 116 1116 Born on December 31 st, 1986 (30 years old) Nationality:


wyniki 86%

Kostaryka - Serbia 10. ... Brayzlia - Serbia 25.


Balkans Trip Report SBL 86%

Montenegro, Serbia, Greece:


FFT World Cup 2018 Group Stage Fixtures 82%

WORLD CUP 2018 FIXTURES GROUP STAGE DATE TIME MATCH DATE 14 JUN TIME 11pm MATCH RUSSIA vs Saudi arabia 15 JUN 8pm 11pm egypt vs uruguay morocco vs iran 16 JUN 2am 6pm 9pm portugal vs spain france vs australia argentina vs iceland 21 JUN 2am 8pm 11pm IRAN vs spain denmark vs australia france vs peru 17 JUN 12am 3am 8pm 11pm peru vs denmark croatia vs nigeria costa rica vs serbia germany vs mexico 22 JUN 2am 8pm 11pm argentina vs croatia brazil vs costa rica nigeria vs iceland 2am 8pm 11pm brazil vs switzerland sweden vs south korea belgium vs panama 23 JUN 2am 8pm 11pm serbia vs switzerland belgium vs tunisia south korea vs mexico 18 JUN 19JUN 2am 8pm 11pm tunisia vs england colombia vs japan poland vs senegal 20 JUN 24JUN 25JUN 2am RUSSIA vs egypt 8pm portugal vs morocco 11pm uruguay vs saudi arabia 2am 8pm 11pm germany sweden england vs panama japan vs senegal 2am poland vs colombia DATE TIME MATCH 25 JUN 10pm 10pm uruguay vs russia saudi arabia vs egypt 26 JUN 2am 2am 10pm 10pm spain vs morocco iran vs portugal denmark vs france australia vs peru 27 JUN 2am 2am 8pm 10pm iceland vs croatia nigeria vs argentina mexico vs sweden south korea vs germany 28 JUN 2am 2am 10pm 10pm serbia vs brazil switzerland vs costa rica japan vs poland senegal vs colombia 29 JUN 1am 2am panama vs tunisia england vs belgium


Ox stress Pyelonephritis 80%

OXIDATIVE STRESS STATUS IN CHILDREN WITH PYELONEPHRITIS Predrag Stojakovic1, Marija Slavkovic1, Gorica Banjac1, Milica Miljkovic1, Jasmina Ivanišević1, Jelena Kotur-Stevuljević1, Amira PecoAntić2, Duško Paripović2, Stanislava Petrović3 for Medical Biochemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy – University of Belgrade, Serbia 2University Children’s Hospital, Belgrade, Serbia 3Health Center “Stari Grad”, Belgrade, Serbia 1Department Introduction:


Integrity Initiative Serbian Cluster 77%

Research and assessment Description Monitoring of the Russian malign influence in Serbia, as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Croatia.


Germanus1935OldCalendaristEcumenismEng 73%

The Bishop Who Consecrated Bishop Matthew of  Bresthena Was An “Old Calendarist Ecumenist”      Metropolitan  Germanus  of  Demetrias,  who  consecrated  Bishop  Matthew of Bresthena in 1935, did not have the Gkoutzidis‐style ecclesiology.  On the contrary, Metropolitan Germanus of Demetrias believed that all of the  Patriarchates  and  Autocephalous  Churches  that  continued  to  retain  the  Patristic  Calendar  were  still  canonical  and  Orthodox,  even  if  they  had  not  severed  communion  with  the  New  Calendarists.  Accordingly  to  this  quite  moderate  ecclesiology,  Metropolitan  Germanus  of  Demetrias  published  a  Pastoral Encyclical in 1935, in which he writes that the very PURPOSE of the  Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece was to CO‐OPERATE  with  the  Patriarchates  and  Autocephalous  Churches  that  kept  the  Old  Calendar! In the said Encyclical we read:       “…Remaining faithful to the tradition of the Seven Ecumenical Councils, the  ordinances  of  which  our  Church  respects  and  unwaveringly  retains,  we  shall  collaborate  [Greek:  synergazometha]  with  the  Orthodox  Churches  of  Jerusalem,  Antioch, Mt. Sinai, Mt. Athos, Russia, Poland, Serbia and the remaining Orthodox  Churches  that  keep  the  Patristic  Old  Festal  Calendar,  not  acquiescing  to  remain  under  the  curses  and  anathemas  of  the  Holy  Fathers  and  the  Orthodox  Patriarchs,  who in Ecumenical and Regional Councils, appointed what is befitting…”    The original text in Greek reads:       «...Ἐμμένοντες  πιστοὶ  εἰς  τὰς  παραδόσεις  τῶν  ἑπτὰ  Οἰκουμενικῶν  Συνόδων, τῶν ὁποῖων τὰς διατάξεις σέβεται καὶ διακρατεῖ ἀπαρασαλεύτως  ἡ  ἡμετέρα  Ἐκκλησία  [τῶν  Γ.Ο.Χ.  Ἑλλάδος],  θὰ  ΣΥΝΕΡΓΑΖΟΜΕΘΑ  μετὰ  τῶν  ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΩΝ  Ἐκκλησιῶν  Ἱεροσολύμων,  Ἀντιοχείας,  Ὄρους  Σινᾶ,  Ἁγ.  Ὅρους, Ρωσσίας, Πολωνίας, Σερβίας καὶ λοιπῶν ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΩΝ Ἐκκλησιῶν,  αἴτηνες  κρατοῦσι  τὸ  πάτριον  παλαιὸν  ἑορτολόγιον,  μὴ  στέργοντες  νὰ  διατελῶμεν  ὑπὸ  τὰς  ἀρὰς  καὶ  τὰ  ἀναθέματα  τῶν  Ἁγίων  Πατέρων  καὶ  τῶν  Ὀρθοδόξων  Πατριαρχῶν,  οἴτινες  ἐν  Οἰκουμενικαῖς  καὶ  Τοπικαῖς  Συνόδοις  ὡρισαν τὰ συμφέροντα...»      Since  Metropolitan  Germanus  of  Demetrias  believed  that  the  Patriarchates of Jerusalem, Antioch, Russia, Serbia, etc, were valid Orthodox  Churches, and that the role of the G.O.C. was to collaborate with them, does  this not make him an “Old Calendarist Ecumenist” according to the extremist  Gkoutzidian ecclesiology? If so, then that would make Germanus a graceless  heretic  even  at  this  time  that  he  was  consecrating  Bishop  Matthew.  So  then,  with which grace did he perform the consecration?    Behold the original document in Greek, as it was found in the archive  of Bp. Kirykos Kontogiannis, and criminally hidden for all of these years:


Institute for Statecraft Proposal (Nov 2018) 72%

Algeria, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Jordan, KSA, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA, , Qatar, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE.


Denizen - Rainbow of Vengeance 71%

69 Balkan Mountains, Serbia – 4 July 2011 ..........................................................................


eeres 2011 leaflet eng 70%

OP ‘t Veld, Cauberg-Huygen Raadgevende Ingenieurs BV, the Netherlands • Ongoing Activities of EE in Serbia – B.


II - Balkans AC Effort (Draft) - 140818 70%

Awareness of Chinese, Turkish and V4 influence in non-EU Balkan States, and associated potential risks to be mitigated and opportunities that might be exploited 1 2 Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania Currently Albania is a full NATO member and Montenegro is a prospective member APPROACH TO STUDY:


SBL Role Trajectory and Targets 70%

(21st –23rd May)  Cluster meeting in Serbia.


ToR Trainers-Facilitators CA BiH 69%

Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Bosnia &


ToR Facilitators CA MKD 69%

Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Bosnia &


Issue 1 68%

Austria-Hungary thought that Serbia had something to do with the assassins, and they probably did, so they go declare war on Serbia.


PLAN 67%

6).Da bi BH Airlines privukao stranog partnera potrebno je da stanu na noge i da drzava u tome maksimalno ucestvuje kao sto je to slucaj u susjednoj Srbiji kad je uspostavljena Air Serbia od bivseg Jat Airways-a.


d9Hoare 66%

Or consider the case of Britain’s Socialist Workers Party (SWP), whose best-known blogger Richard Seymour, self-named – in apparent unawareness of the concept of irony – ‘Lenin,’ recently took issue with those of us who characterised the regime of Slobodan Milošević in Serbia as ‘fascist.’ To do so, Seymour told us, ‘degrades the very concept of fascism.’ Meanwhile, the SWP runs a front organisation called the ‘AntiNazi League’ (ANL), which regularly portrays the British National Party (BNP), not merely as ‘fascist,’ but as ‘Nazi.’ In every possible respect – authoritarianism, rejection of democratic practice, territorial expansionism, incitement of populist | 110 | Hoare | Framing the Balkan Wars chauvinism, continuity with actual pro-Nazi groups from World War II and actual employment of mass violence against ethnic minorities – the Milošević regime scored higher on the ‘fascist’ scale than does the BNP.


GOCDemetrias1935eng 62%

ENCYCLICAL OF METROPOLITAN GERMANUS OF  DEMETRIAS, PUBLISHED AND DISTRIBUTED IN MAY 1935    The  following  flyer  was  published  and  distributed  throughout  the  Metropolis  of  Demetrias  in  May,  1935,  after  Metropolitan  Germanus  of Demetrias  and  two  other  hierarchs had officially returned to the old calendar. The section has been emphasized  in bold print where Metropolitan Germanus describes that he and his fellow hierarchs  have  the  purpose  of  collaborating  with  the  Old  Calendarist  Patriarchates  and  Autocephalous Churches. This proves that although the three hierarchs did denounce  the  State  Church  of  Greece  as  schismatic,  they  did  not  regard  the  Churches  of  Jerusalem,  Antioch,  Mt.  Sinai,  Mt.  Athos,  Russia,  Poland,  Serbia,  etc,  to  be  schismatic, but on the contrary, they viewed them as “collaborators.” Bishop Matthew  accepted  consecration at their hands  despite  this, and  he was also fully  aware of  the  fulfilment  of  this  obligation  when  the  Holy  GOC  Synod  (to  which  Bishop  Matthew  belonged)  decided  to  send  Metropolitan  Chrysostom  of  Florina  to  Jerusalem  and  Antioch for this very purpose in 1936. Is this not “Old Calendarist Ecumenism” as  described in the mind of Bp. Kirykos Kontogiannis? The below document was taken  from  Bp.  Kirykos’  own  archive  at  Koropi.  This  document  has  been  hidden  in  this  archive for several decades. It cannot be said that Bp. Kirykos is unaware of it, because  together with the original document there was also a photocopy of the same document,  upon  which the controversial  statement  is underlined with  a pen.  Whose pen might  that be? For it to be underlined it means it was not only read but attention was also  drawn  towards  it.  So  the  question  remains:  Why  has  Bp.  Kirykos  failed  to  publish  such  an  important  document?  What  could  be  his  excuse  other  than  the  fact  that  he  hides such documents on purpose in order to get away with falsifying GOC history to  suite his fanatic one‐sided positions? A true Orthodox bishop does not hide the truth  from  his  flock  by  choosing  to  reveal  only  the  documents  that  suit  him.  A  true  Orthodox bishop reveals the truth, be it in his favour or not. Thus, Bp. Kirykos proves  to be a false bishop. His own archive betrays him. The original document in Greek is  available as a scanned image, while the below is an English translation:    HELLENIC REPUBLIC    METROPOLITAN OF DEMETRIAS    Pious  priests,  honourable  wardens  of  the  Churches,  and  remaining  blessed  Christians of our most holy Metropolis.    A  qualification  sine  qua  non  for  every  pastor  is  to  have  love  towards  our  Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. “Do you love me?” our Saviour asked Peter,  “Tend my sheep.” Love and faith towards the Saviour and towards the one,  holy,  catholic  and  apostolic  Church  that  He  founded,  is  what  we  bishops  confess  officially  before  God  and  men  when  we  take  up  the  hierarchical  dignity,  certifying  that  we  desire,  by  divine  succour  and  confidence,  to  unwaveringly  retain  the  faith  of  Christ  and  the  holy  traditions  completely  spotless.  Upon  reaching  a  thirty‐year  period  of  shepherding  the  God‐saved  eparchy  of  Demetrias,  we  retained,  with  fear  of  God,  the  holy  traditions,  protecting the flock of Christ from every opposing attack, becoming a faithful  witness  of  the  divine  and  holy  canons  and  traditions  of  our  Church.  Unfortunately,  men  speaking  perversely  received  the  succession  of  the  Holy  Church of Greece, and, perverting the truth, they substituted it with falsehood  and  deceit,  disregarded  the  Holy  Canons  and  the  Holy  Traditions,  causing  obvious spiritual damage. Our objections were in vain. Our protests were to  no  avail.  Not  considering  even  one  of  all  of  these  [objections  and  protests],  they  disregarded  the  Festal  Calendar  [Greek:  Heortologion]  of  our  Church,  which is inextricably linked to the Paschal Rule [Paschalios Canon], the Sunday  Cycle  [Kyriakodromion],  the  fast  of  the  Holy  Apostles,  and  the  worship  in  general,  introducing  instead  of  the  Orthodox  Festal  Calendar  (Julian),  the  Gregorian  (Frankish)  calendar.  We,  due  to  love  for  the  Church,  for  twelve  entire  years  did  not  cease  to  advise  and  admonish  the  innovators,  pointing  out  the  downhill  direction  the  Church  had  taken  leading  to  the  future  severing  of  the  unity  of  the  One  Holy  Church  of  Christ,  and  the  arising  discords, attitudes and riots, but unfortunately we were not listened to. With  great sorrow and contrition of heart we were compelled, together with other  hierarchs, to overthrow and expel the Gregorian calendar, keeping it only for  the  daily  life  and  political  necessities  of  the  Christians,  while  embracing  the  Festal  Calendar  of  our  Church,  based  on  the  Julian  Calendar  which  was  adopted  for  use  by  our  Church  at  the  Ecumenical  Council  of  Nicea.  Remaining  faithful  to  the  tradition  of  the  Seven  Ecumenical  Councils,  the  ordinances of which our Church respects and unwaveringly retains, we shall  collaborate  [Greek:  synergazometha]  with  the  Orthodox  Churches  of  Jerusalem,  Antioch,  Mt.  Sinai,  Mt.  Athos,  Russia,  Poland,  Serbia  and  the  remaining Orthodox  Churches  that  keep the  Patristic Old Festal  Calendar,  not  acquiescing  to  remain  under  the  curses  and  anathemas  of  the  Holy  Fathers  and  the  Orthodox  Patriarchs,  who  in  Ecumenical  and  Regional  Councils, appointed what is befitting.     We  are  convinced  that  you  shall  follow  us  to  the  fields  of  evangelical  grace,  just as the shepherd treads before the sheep and the sheep follow him, and do  not  follow,  but  rather  flee,  from  anything  alien.  For  about  150  years,  emperors, hierarchs and mighty men upon the earth were expelling the holy  icons  from  the  churches,  but  the  Faith  of  the  Christians  proved  to  be  victorious, triumphantly restoring [the icons] to the churches, because “this is  the victory that has conquered the world,  namely, our Faith.” Whenever the  people  felt  their  faith  being  disgraced,  they  supported  and  retained  [their  faith]  unscathed  and  unfalsified  throughout  the  centuries.  Therefore  stand  fast  and  hold  the  Orthodox  Traditions,  keep  the  Patristic  Festal  Calendar,  namely, the Julian. Hold fast what you have, so that no one may deprive you  of your crown, namely, Orthodoxy.    In Athens, May, 1935.    Your fervent supplicant to Christ,    + Metropolitan Germanus of Demetrias


GOC1935DiangelmaBeng 61%

The Second Public Communication of the Holy  Synod of the G.O.C. in 1935 Recognizes the  Patriarchates of Jerusalem, Antioch, Serbia, etc    In  the  below  Encyclical  by  the  three  GOC  hierarchs,  the  statement is  made  that the  reason why the New Calendarists are schismatic is because they separated themselves  liturgically from the Churches of Jerusalem, Antioch, Serbia, etc, who chose to remain  with the old calendar. In saying this, it means that the three hierarch still considered  the above Old Calendarist Patriarchates to be part of the Church. Far removed is this  from the false theory of Bp. Kirykos who claims that the Old Calendarist Patriarchates  all fell in 1924 even if they retained the old calendar. Bp. Kirykos refers to anything  opposing such a belief as “Old Calendarist Ecumenism.” But if this is the case, then  Bp. Kirykos himself has his consecration from the hands of Bishop Matthew, who had  no  problem  receiving  consecration  from  the  hands  of  these  three  hierarchs,  despite  their clearly open “Old Calendarist Ecumenism” exemplified in the below Encyclical  they published in May, 1935, as their official communication to the Orthodox people.    PASTORAL ENCYCLICAL  of the Most Eminent Metropolitans  of the Autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church,  Germanus of Demetrias, Chrysostom formerly  of Florina, and Chrysostom of Zacynth    .


20180101 Tariffs dcp-ipTrademarks and Domain Names 2018 60%

registration) 395 KH Cambodia 35 KR South Korea 160 LA Laos 90 MX Mexico 115 NO Norway 290 NZ New Zealand 35 OA African Intellectual Property Organization 760 OM Oman 465 PH Philippines 35 SE Sweden 270 SG Singapore 210 SX Saint Martin 240 SY Syrian Arab Republic 405 TH Thailand 360 TM Turkmenistan 95 TN Tunisia 70 TR Turkey 130 US United States of America 335 For each additional class 60 60 80 170 For each additional class as from the 4th 120 2nd 2nd 2nd 4th 2nd 2nd 4th 4th 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 4th 2nd 0 330 1.940 35 135 160 35 130 70 170 120 90 140 395 155 35 215 115 365 195 60 485 125 280 130 235 120 140 4th 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 4th 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 180 585 115 155 330 40 505 480 110 35 50 435 UZ ZM ZW 1 Uzbekistan Zambia Zimbabwe 1115 95 35 2nd 2nd 2nd 125 120 75 Based on a prior corresponding Benelux registration 2 Concerns Antigua and Barbuda, Albania, Armenia, Algeria, Austria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Benelux, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, Bhutan, Botswana, Brunei Darussalam, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Curaçao, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Egypt, European Union, Finland, France, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, India, Indonesia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Republic of Korea, Kazakhstan, Laos, Liechtenstein, Liberia, Lesotho, Lithuania, Latvia, Morocco, Monaco, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Madagascar, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Mongolia, Mexico, Mozambique, Namibia, Norway, New Zealand, African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI), Oman, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Sudan, Sweden, Singapore, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sierra Leone, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Sint Maarten (Dutch part), Spain, Syrian Arab Republic, Swaziland, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe.


obey cleopatra 58%

Knez Mihailova 7/6 11000 Belgrade, Serbia tel: