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2015 Mitsubishi Hitachi US 100%

INDEXABLE TOOLS PAGES 3-109 3-165 SOLID CARBIDE TOOLS PAGES 110-288 166-344 APPLICATION TOOL LIST NEW ITEMS 0” 10” | IABPFN/ ABPFN Shank Style R±0.005 Modular Style | 0.25” - 1.0” SIZE RANGE 4.0” - 6.0” PROJECTION 0.375” - 1.0” SIZE RANGE 2.0” - 7.0” PROJECTION 10 PAGE 0” 10” IABPS/ABPS | Shank Style | 0.312” - 1.0” SIZE RANGE 1.25” - 4.0” PROJECTION R±0.01 22 PAGE 0” 10” | ABP4F Shank Style | 0.787” - 1.181” (20mm - 30mm) SIZE RANGE 2.36” - 6.00” PROJECTION φDc±0.01 PAGE 28 0” 10” IRH2P/RH2P | Shank Style 0.5 PAGE rε=2 Modular Style SIZE RANGE | 0.375” - 1.25” 3.0” - 5.5” PROJECTION SIZE RANGE PROJECTION 0.375” - 1.25” 2.0” - 7.0” 34 Multi Flute High Feed Type Economical Type Aerospace &


A&A Price List 2013 95%

$5 $10 $20+ $25+ $6.50 $10.50 $5 $10 $10 OLD RING SIZING Silver ↓Down ↑Up 1 Size ↑Additional (after 1st) Platinum Down ↑Up 1 Size ↑Additional (after 1st) Gold Sizing Beads Ladies ↓Down ↑Up 1 Size ↑Additional (after 1st) Break in Shank Mens ↓Down ↑Up 1 Size ↑Additional (after 1st) Break in Shank Machine Sizing:


B037106014 92%

The remaining 6 segments are branched out in two parts from respective two hip center ||July||2013|| Page 6 Neuromuscular Activities On Lower Limb’s Joint… and each branch part could be considered as a mechanical chain of articulated three lower limbs, thigh, shank and foot.


Techmetal - Karnasch wiertła trepenacyjne 85%

100 101 102 5 Netto-Preise · Net sales prices Welcher Kernbohrer / Bohrer passt auf welche Kernbohrmaschinen Which annular cutter / Twist drill fits which annular cutter machine Qué broca sacanúcleos / broca se adapta a qué máquinas perforadoras sacanúcleos Какое корончатое сверло / сверло подходит к какому станку колонкового бурения 1 KERNBOHRER / BOHRER WELDONSCHAFT 19/32 MM (3/4"+1.1/4") ANNULAR CUTTER / TWIST DRILL WELDON-SHANK 19/32 MM (3/4"+1.1/4") BROCA SACANÚCLEOS / BROCA DE VÁSTAGO WELDON 19/32 MM (3/4"+1.1/4") КОРОНЧАТОЕ СВЕРЛО / ХВОСТОВИК СВЕРЛА WELDON 19/32 ММ (3/4"+1.1/4") WELDON 2 Passende Kernbohrmaschinen von:


Class Photo 62 1 77%

Those in attendance included, front, Sharon Kiles Arrney, Mary Lynne Groosebeck Forst, Carole Sue German Shank, Wilma Pichon Rumsey, Sandra Johnson Watkins, Sandra Coler Molter, Sonnie Gottscalk Patterson, Sandra Warring Lindahl, Diane Ferris Penix, standing, David Graham, Roland Coler, Monroe Stewart, Kent Alwood, Bob Molter, Ronald Care, teacher Gary Foltz, Dan Emsberger, Dean Shank, Albert Henderson, Gene Diehl, Allen Lowe, Steve Bachelor and Tom Christlieb.


SIMLA Christmas Menu 77%

Mains (Choose one) Lamb shank Slow-cooked and tender lamb shank with caramelised onion and spices, served with tossed vegetables Tandoori roast paglu chicken Marinated with house spices and hung yogurt with soft touch of creamy tomato, with tossed vegetables Indian costal style grilled masala fish Boneless with combo of fresh and dry spices, herb tossed vegetables and tangy tomato sauce Vegetable kofta lababdar Mix vegetables stuffed patty with mild spiced creamy sauce All mains served with either butter naan or basanti pulao rice.


Evening Menu web 70%

Chips Breaded whole-tail £ 9.50 scampi served with, salad garnish and tartare sauce, and your choice of potatoes mixed salad or seasonal vegetables British Favourites Lamb Shank £13.95 Chicken Escalope £ 9.50 Lamb shank in a red wine and rosemary gravy, Chicken breast escalope in a light batter, served with root vegetable mash and seasonal vegetables with chunky chips, cheesy coleslaw and salad Steak &


Book-NEW CC - No Logo(1) 69%

Tile 45, 453 Sets 45 Hex Shank 358 High Speed Bits 45, 46, 47 Jobbers’ Length Bulk 452, 453 High Speed Display Cases 452 Masonry 45, 158 Masonry Sets 158 Multi Construction 43 Multi Purpose 26 Sets 26 Porcelain 26 SDS-Max Shank 43 SDS Shank 43, 453 Sets 43, 47, 457 Speedbor2000 166 Tap and Bit Combination 358 Tap Combos 45 Drill Bit Set 44 Daredevil 44 Drill/Driver 40, 41 Drill Gauge 136 Drill Holster 78, 476 Drill Kit 41 Drive Pins 280, 485 Drivers Nut Drivers 58 Driveway Fillers and Sealers 132, 133 Drop Cloths Canvas 449 Plastic 12, 124 Drywall Circle Cutter 174 DRYWALL SCREWS 379 Drywall Squares Adjustable 197 Standard 197 Drywall Tape Dispenser 174 Dummy Knob 220 Dummy Knobs 219, 441 Dust Masks 487 Disposable 487 E v PRODUCT INDEX Ear Muffs 298 Ear Plugs 169 EAZYPOWER 98, 99, 100 Electrical Supply Battery Tester 129 Cable Clamps 126 Cable Cutter 129 Cable Tool 127 Cable Wraptor 130 Circuit Tester 129 Clips 130 Crimping Tool 127 Dimmers 70 Fuse Puller 53, 130 Fuses Cartridge 53 Time-Delay 53 Plug Fuse 53 GFCI Tester 130 Grounding Adapter 144 Grounding Clips 126 Grounding Screws 126 Inspection Camera 129 Lock Nut Wrench 127 Multimeter 129, 136 Outlet 145 Tamper Resistant 138 Weather Resistant 138 Outlet Adapters 144, 145 Outlet Tester 129, 485 Pigtail Connections 129 Plug-in Power Supplies 221 Plugs and Sockets 71, 72 Recepticals 68, 70, 71 Receptical Tester 136 Shrink Tubing 126 Socket Adapters 72 Socket - Porcelain 72 Sockets 72 Splice Connections 128 Staples 130 Steel Crimp Connector 129 Strikes 221, 259, 316, 346, 347 Switches 67, 72 Switches/Recepticals Combo 67, 70 Switch Wall and Receptical Plates 69, 70 Tap Splices 127 Terminal Connections 128 Terminal Tool 127 Voltage Tester 129, 130, 137 Wire Connectors 54, 126 Wire Stripping Tool 7, 127 Electric Garden Tools Blower 36 Trimmer/Edger 36 vi Electric Leaf Sweeper 36 ELMER’S PRODUCTS, INC 105, 106, 107 EM-D-KAY 385, 386, 387, 388, 389, 393, 394, 395, 396 ENCORE PLASTIC CORPORATION 108, 109 ENFORCER 374 Escutcheon Plates 181, 385, 443 Escutheon Pins 162 ESTWING 110 Extension Brush Holders 10 Extension Cords 145, 146, 354 GFCI 145 Remote Switch 145 Extension Multi-Bit Driver 166 Extension Poles 283, 449 Extention Handles Button Style 212, 213 Threaded 212 Eye Bolts 167 Eye Hoe 350 F Face Shield 170 Fall Protection Kit 170 Fastener Assortments 484 Faucet Protectors 125 Felt Pads 312 Fiberglass Tape 493 File Cabinet Locks 323 Files 466 Needle 466, 484 Rotary 100 Filter Wrench 153 Finger Pulls 195 Fire Extinguishers Automobile 208 Disposable 208 Kitchen 208 Refillable 208 Wall Brackets 208 FIRST ALERT 114 Flap Disc Wheels 48 Flaring Tools 134 Flashlights 148 AA 90, 236 AAA 236 Bar 147, 148 D-Cells 90, 236 Display 148 Head Lamp 90, 144 Holster 236 Lanterns 90 LED 236, 237, 354, 491 Magnetic 148 Replacement Bulbs 236 Spot Light 90 Touch Lights 90 VERSION DATE 06-2018 I


Lunch Menu web 68%

butter Tempura King Prawns £ 4.95 King prawns in a light tempura batter with a sweet chilli dip and salad garnish Cheesy Garlic Bread (V) £ 3.95 Garlic bread slices topped with melted cheddar cheese, with red onion chutney Pub Favourites Lamb Shank £13.95 Southern Fried Chicken &


Lunch Menu web 68%

butter Prawn Horns £ 4.95 Delicious prawns and spring onions in light pastry Cheesy Garlic Bread (V) £ 3.95 horns with a sweet chilli dip Garlic bread slices topped with melted cheddar cheese, served with red onion chutney Pub Favourites Lamb Shank £13.95 Jacket Potato £ 6.95 Lamb shank in a red wine and rosemary gravy, Served a with mixed salad, and your choice of served with root vegetable mash and seasonal filling vegetables Grated Cheddar (V) Cheesy Coleslaw (V) Baked Beans (V) Steak &


lot 365 64%

STRT BIT 2 FLU 85139 ##COMB PANEL BIT 85147 ##1/8"LONG SHANK ST 1FLU 85152 ##3/16"LONG SHANK ST 1FLU85153 ##3/8"


concealmentguidewreadabilityedits 62%

SWTOR 4.0 Concealment Operative &  Scrapper Scoundrel PVP Guide by Knin  and Dr­gf  Glossary of Terms  This guide is primarily written from the perspective of Concealment Operative but will double as  a Scrapper Scoundrel guide.  As such, here is a glossary of commonly used terms and  analogous abilities between the two specs.  These will be repeated periodically in the guide to  refresh your memory but not every single time for the sake of readability.  The same will be true  of terms not used often enough to bother including in this table.  Experienced players will likely  want to skip these terminology sections.    General MMO terminology​ :    AOE: ​ Stands for Area of Effect.  This refers to abilities and affect an area rather than a specific  target.  Also sometimes referred to as Cleave.    CC:​  Stands for Crowd Control.  This refers to abilities that stun an enemy but ​ break on damage.​   This is opposed to hard stuns which stun them regardless of damage taken afterwards.  CCs  are also known as mezzes.  Operative CCs are Flash Bang and Sleep Dart (also known as a  sap).    Hard stun​ : Hard stuns are stuns that do not break on damage.  Typically 4 seconds in SWTOR.  Your hard stun is Debilitate or Dirty Kick.    DOT: ​ Stands for Damage Over Time.  Refers to abilities that deal their damage over a given  duration rather than all at once.    HOT: ​ Stands for Heal Over Time.  Like a DOT, but it heals you or a teammate instead.    LOS: ​ Stands for Line Of Sight.  Refers to putting an environmental object between you and  enemies to prevent incoming damage.    GCD:​  Stands for Global Cooldown.  This refers to the 1.5 second (this is slightly modulated by  your alacrity rating) cooldown that triggers anytime you use an ability that is not specifically off  the global cooldown.  For example, if you use Laceration you will not be able to do it again for  the approximately 1.5 seconds that is the GCD.    DR: ​ Stands for Damage Reduction.  Refers to abilities and items (e.g. Warzone Adrenal) that  reduce incoming damage by a specific percentage.    Cleave:​  Same basic definition as AoE, but it is a more defined area than simple AoE.    Yellow Damage:​  When this is mentioned what is being talked about is anything that does Tech,  Kinetic, Force, Internal, Energy damage. So people claim that anything that does that type of  damage is considered “yellow” damage because the number that appears is yellow.    White Damage:​  When this is mentioned what is being talked about is anything that is Weapon  Damage, otherwise known as “white” damage because the number that appears is white.    ____ Window:​  Anytime a a word is followed by “window” all that is being said is the duration of  that effect. I.e. “flashbang window” means the window of opportunity to perform an ability or  multiple abilities for it’s duration.      Imperial  Republic  Tactical Advantage (TA)  Upper Hand (UH)  Tactical Opportunity (TO)  Round Two (RT)  Laceration  Sucker Punch  Veiled Strike (VS)  Bludgeon  Backstab (BS)  Backblast  Volatile Substance (Sub)  Blood Boiler  Corrosive Dart (CD)  Vital Shot  Debilitate  Dirty Kick  Crippling Slice (No­turn)  Shank Shot  Exfiltrate  Scamper  Shield Probe  Defense Screen  Evasion  Dodge  Stim Boost  Pugnacity  Flashbang   Flash Grenade  Countermeasures  Surrender  Holotraverse  Trick Move  Sleep Dart (Sap)  Tranquilizer  Kolto Probe (Probe)  Slow­release Medpac (Medpac)  Kolto Infusion (Infusion)  Kolto Pack      Introduction  Concealment Operative (Scrapper Scoundrel) is a high skill ceiling melee DPS spec that brings  a completely unique combination of utilities to SWTOR PVP. Concealment damage is  simultaneously bursty and very sustained, being able to string 10K+ hits together like no other  spec in the game. Concealment enjoys exceptional survivability thanks to resisting 100% of  attacks while using Exfiltrate (Scamper), allowing you to ruin enemy burst phases with timely  use in addition to high mobility. A 30 second hard stun and a 4 second, no­turn root with  Crippling Slice (Shank Shot) grant you some of the best control in PVP. Kolto probes  (Slow­release Medpac) provide low­maintenance off­heals both for yourself and your  teammates.  And last, but certainly not least, Concealment is the undisputed king of the 1v1 ­­  making you perfect for stealing and guarding off nodes in warzones, picking off lone enemies,  and winning duels.    Rating  • Single Target DPS:  • AoE DPS:


GotThymePassoverMenu 60%

PASSOVER MENU APRIL 2016 Orders must be placed by Sunday, April 17, 2016 by 3pm Potato Latkes Potatoes, Onions, Eggs $2.00 each GF, DF, NF, V Homemade Apple Sauce $9.95/lb GF, Vegan, NF, DF The Smokehouse of New York’s Norwegian Smoked Salmon, Pastrami Smoked Salmon, Gravlax, and Cucumber Whitefish Salad Market Price DF, GF, NF Homemade Charoset Apples, Walnuts, Cinnamon, Kosher Wine $13.95/lb DF, GF, Vegan First Cut Beef Brisket (whole or sliced) Carrots, Celery, Onions, Red Wine, tomatoes, prunes, apricots Homemade Beef Stock $25.95/lb DF, GF, NF Chopped Liver Chicken livers, onions, hardboiled eggs, port wine $16.95/lb GF, DF, NF Salmon – Grilled, Poached, or Honey-Baked Smoked Individual portions or whole sides $22.95/lb GF, DF, NF Homemade Matzoh Ball Soup Chicken stock, matzoh meal, eggs, carrots, dill (includes 3 matzoh balls per quart) $15.95/qt DF, NF Homemade Potato Kugel Potatoes, onions, eggs, seasonings $10.95/lb GF, DF, NF, V Lemon Thyme Roast Chicken Cut into quarters, white or dark meat $5.95 per piece GF, DF, NF Tsimmis Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Butternut Squash, Parsnips, Raisins, Dried Apricots, Prunes, Brandy $16.95/lb GF, DF, NF, Vegan Sedar Plate Components Parsley, salted water, Horseradish, Haroset, lamb shank, roasted egg $20.00/plate Passover Paleo Blondies &


Brochure.PDF 60%

Exposed nails are ring shank and galvanized for maximum strength and no rust spots or stains o All exposed materials are pressure treated' .


Beef Order Form 60%



Firenze 2018 Banquet Menu 60%

Firenze By Night Ristorante Menu #1 Mixed Green Salad Penne Boscaiola (Pancetta, Mushrooms, and Onion Sauce) Choice Catch Of The Day Pollo Toscano (Chicken Breast Sautéed w/Artichokes and Marsala Wine Sauce) Spumoni Coffee $40 ++ Menu #2 Caesar Salad Penne Boscaiola (Pancetta, Mushrooms, and Onion Sauce) Choice Salmon Sautéed with White Wine, Lemon and Rosemary Pollo Toscano (Chicken Breast Sautéed with Artichokes and Marsala Wine Sauce) Veal Piccata (Veal Sautéed with Lemon, Capers, and White Wine Sauce) Cheesecake or Spumoni Coffee $45 ++ Menu #3 Hearts Of Romaine w/ Blue Cheese Gnocchi Firenze Choice Petrali Sole Sautéed with Lemon and White Wine Pollo Toscano (Chicken Breast Sautéed with Artichokes and Marsala Wine Sauce) Pork Tenderloin Marsala (Mushrooms and Marsala Wine Sauce) Saltinbocca Alla Romana (Veal with Prosciutto and Mozzarella Cheese) Tiramisu or Cheesecake Coffee $50++ Menu #4 Hearts Of Romaine with Shrimp Meat Gnocchi Firenze or Penne Zenzero Choice Petrali Sole Sautéed with Lemon and White Wine Prawns Pizzaiola (Capers, Oregano, Garlic, and Marinara Sauce) Osso Buco Firenze (Veal Shank with Mushrooms and Peppers) Cappone (Chicken Breast Stuffed with Fontina Cheese and Prosciutto) Fragole Con Zabaione Freddo (Strawberries with Cold Zabagione) Coffee $55 ++ Firenze By Night 1429 Stockton St.


Video Game Notes 60%

New Leaf Shadows of the Damned Super Mario 3D Land Mario Kart 7 Waking Mars Stealth Bastard Deluxe Shank 2 Bulletstorm Lost Planet:


LunchmenuJuneWoodcote 59%

date chutney £5.50 Main courses Slow braised lamb shank with polenta mash, buttered spring greens and a rich gravy £15.50 Spiced bean burger with tomato relish and fries £9.95 Chicken &


IoTGM01 58%

Io TGM, il giornalino degli utenti SOMMARIO:


hell-menu-2017-CN(3) 58%

海盐焦糖冰淇淋 巧克力冰淇淋 费约果雪芭 覆盆子雪芭 $5 想知道你在吃的 到底是什么?请看 HELL.CO.NZ I HELLthy 1.5升可乐 330毫升玻璃可乐。 了解更多包括姜汁啤酒,能量饮料、果汁和水。 ACCREDITED 2017/18 $ 4.5 $3 进入地狱最快的途径: 无乳制品 不含麸质 纯素 &%L 新西兰素食者协会批准 警告:我们非常小心,但是…… 肉类产品可能含有骨头。 橄榄可能包含石头。 产品可能含有坚果的痕迹。 无麸质产品与面粉产品在相同的前提下制备。 ios app 所有的必需食材。 CHICKEN 自由放牧的鸡肉,培根和飞达芝士。 GREEK 卡拉马塔橄榄和飞达芝士。 CAMEMBERT 法国卡门贝软乳酪,牛油果,日晒干番茄和 葵花籽。 GARLIC BREAD 香脆芝巴哒面包配黄油 WEDGES 原味,卡真料或柠檬胡椒和蘸酱。 ONION RINGS 一打啤酒糊洋葱圈。 PRAWN HORNS 半打馄饨皮配蘸酱。 SQUID RINGS 一打鱿鱼圈配蘸酱。 CORN NUGGETS 一打脆甜玉米配蘸酱。 CRUMBED MEMBERT 半打配蘸酱。 酸奶油 蓝芝士MAYO 番茄 小食 TEMPTATION FRESH GREEN dip selection 霍夫曼辣酱 7.5 英寸 浆果,香蕉,巧克力和奶油冻。 CREATOR SALAD 多于八种组成的选择,食材详情请登陆 $ 4+ 卡真香料 向地狱的美味佳肴投降吧! UNEARTHLY $10 Salad FREE RANGE CHICKEN 半打自由放牧嫩脆鸡胸配蘸酱。 TENDERS seafood pizza GLUTTONY一个极其美味的组合,几乎融合了我们所有畅销披萨顶料。 意大利香肠 玉米 菠萝 小黄瓜 黑胡椒 番茄 凤尾鱼 KALI 我们所有的意大利面均为菠菜宽面。 双人:$ 17 小食:$ 8.5 key GREEN DEMON CHICKEN DEMON 我们所有的披萨原材料均百分百源自自由放牧农场。 COKE $10 无乳糖 萨拉米,三份烟熏香槟火腿,洋葱,蘑菇,菠萝和培根。 用可乐或辣味啤酒调味。 蘑菇,鸡肉和培根,混合蒜味奶油酱。 鸡肉,辣香肠,洋葱,大蒜,辣椒,番茄,卡真香料和灯笼椒。 可选:卡拉马塔橄榄。请见辣椒指南。 ENVY 1/2个多汁的自由放牧小块, SPIRIT MISCHIEF 三倍烟熏香槟火腿,洋葱,蘑菇,菠萝和双份芝士。 配有肉汁、土豆泥和豌豆。 我们所有的意大利面均为菠菜宽面。 GRIMM GREED $12.5 $12.5 $8 1/2公斤麻辣猪肋排。 pasta 我们供应的无麦麸的原味薄底可供选择。 双人 - 每个披萨另加 $3.5 小食 - 每个披萨另加 $2 我们供应的无乳糖的马苏里拉芝士。 双人 - 每个披萨另加 $1 小食 - 每个披萨另加 50C 333 腌制的牛排,黑椒,鹿肉意大利香肠,香肠,三倍烟熏 香槟酒火腿,培根和烟熏西班牙辣香肠,贝阿恩沙司。 BBQ PORK RIBS LAMB SHANK FREE RANGE CHICKEN NIBBLES 鸡肉,杏酱,松仁,葱,奶油芝士和迷迭香。 无麦麸饼底 LUST carnivora 我们所有的披萨原材料均百分百源自自由放牧农场。 0800 666 111 你的整个订单仅收一份 $7.5 的外送费。 以上所有的价格和时间都是正确的。 价格和时间的变化不另行通知。 了解更多最新产品和条款,请前往 HELL.CO.NZ 烧烤酱 甜辣酱 树莓酱 $5 $8 $8 $8 $5 $ 5.5 $ 8.5 $5 $8 $5 $5 $9 加蘸酱 50c 蒜味MAYO 低于辣椒 烟味辣椒莎莎