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Rome Viharo is a pseudoscience promoter 100%

He was banned on Wikipedia in 2013, after engaging in sockpuppetry on the talk page of the article about Rupert Sheldrake to support Sheldrake's pseudo-scientific ideas.


2. The Vampire Predator Bible 57%

In modern times the flow of deductions has avalanched with such names as Reich, Nordstrom, Sheldrake, and Einstein coming to mind.


References-Musings-Dr Lionel Milgrom-H&Y Magazine-Feb-2018 54%

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Limar.Synchronicity313 47%

In one of the relatively early papers devoted to this matter (Keutzer 1982), the synchronicity phenomenon was juxtaposed with the ‘morphic resonance’ hypothesis suggested by Rupert Sheldrake.



MARKwSMITH ; Flynn Sheldrake Williams; Kaelan and Reagan Thomas; John Farrow;; Rob Turner; Thomas Mcgarrigle; Connor James Hadley; Ryan Hannen; Sebastian Le Beau; Amelia Ward; Daniel McCulloch; Paul, Rebekah, Harry, Lucas &