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TastaturbefehlBlender 100%

Datei Neu Öffnen… Zuletzt geöffnet… User Preferences/Einstellungen Speichern Speichern unter… Kopie speichern… Beenden Shortcut Strg + N Strg + O Strg + Alt + O Strg + Alt + U Strg + S Strg +  Strg + Alt + S Strg + Q RMT/MMT/LMT = rechte/mittlere/linke Maustaste Npad = rechter Nummerntastaturblock Der Pfeil  = Umschalttaste Rendern Render Frame Gerendertes Bild speichern Render Animation Render nochmal zeigen Border Render Shortcut F12 F3 Strg + F12 F11 +B Fenster Vollbild Fenster maximieren Fenster dublizieren Screen Layout wechseln Move To Layer/Ebene Shortcut Alt + F12  + Leertaste Strg + Alt + W Strg + LMT/RMT M Grundlegendes Add/Hinzufügen Delete/löschen Objekt dublizieren Shortcut +A X +D Transformation Grab/Bewegen Rotate/Drehen Scale/Skalieren Transformation verfeinern Transformation auf Achse Transformation zurücksetzen Priportional Editing AN/AUS Shortcut G R S G/R/S +  G/R/S + Y/X/Z Alt + G/R/S O Tastaturbelegung für Blender Diese Tastaturbefehle sind für Windows Nutzer.


lightroom-keyboard-shortcuts-cheat-sheet 94%

screen modes SHORTCUTS Enter Library Loupe view E E and go to next photo Enter Library Grid view G G Show Quick Collection Cmd+Opt+B Enter Library Compare view C C Save Quick Collection Cmd+Shift+B Ctrl+Shift+B Enter Library Survey view N N Clear Quick Collection Cmd+Opt+B Ctrl+Alt+B Open selected photo in the Develop module D D Set as target collection Shift+B Shift+B Cycle forward / backward through L / Shift + L L / Shift + L Toggle Lights Dim mode Cmd + Shift + L Ctrl + Shift + L Cycle screen modes F F Previous screen mode Shift + F Switch between Normal and full-screen, Cmd + Shift + F Ctrl + Shift + F Add keywords Cmd + K Ctrl + K Go to Normal screen mode Cmd + Opt + F Ctrl + Alt + F Edit keywords Cmd+Shift+K Ctrl+Shift+K Cycle info overlay I I Set a keyword shortcut Cmd + Opt + Ctrl + Alt + Show/hide info overlay Cmd + I Ctrl + I Shift + K Shift + K Shift + K Shift + K Enable painting Cmd+Opt+K Ctrl+Alt+K Add a keyword from a Opt + 1-9 Alt + 1-9 Cycle forward / backward Opt + 0 / Opt Alt + 0 / Alt + Lights Out modes hide panels Metadata and keywords SHORTCUTS Add/remove keyword shortcut from selected photo Using a secondary window SHORTCUTS keyword set to selected photo Open secondary window Cmd + F11 F11 through keyword sets + Shift + 0 Shift + 0 Enter Grid view Shift + G Shift + G Copy/paste metadata Cmd + Opt + Ctrl + Alt + Enter normal Loupe view Shift + E Shift + E Shift + C / Shift + C / Ctrl Enter locked Loupe view Cmd + Shift + Return Ctrl + Shift + Enter Cmd + Opt + + Alt + Shift + Enter Compare view Shift + C Shift + C Shift + V V Enter Survey view Shift + N Shift + N Save metadata to file Cmd + S Ctrl + S Enter Slideshow view Cmd + Option + Shift + Return Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Enter Open Spelling dialog box Cmd + :


zlorigin sandboxie 88%

Create a new shortcut (Desktop ->


GymStoppaniShortcutToSizeV5BodybuildingGym 87%

D SHORTCUT TO SIZE gym gym Edited by Doyu Hevenliff Shortcut To Size:


Basic Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts 85%

  v2.0.1 Basic Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts CTRL + C (Copy) CTRL + X (Cut) CTRL + V (Paste) CTRL + Z (Undo) Delete (Delete) Shift + Delete (Delete the selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin) CTRL while dragging an item (Copy the selected item) CTRL + Shift while dragging an item (Create a shortcut to the selected item) F2 key (Rename the selected item) CTRL + RIGHT ARROW (Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next word) CTRL + LEFT ARROW (Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous word) CTRL + DOWN ARROW (Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next paragraph) CTRL + UP ARROW (Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous paragraph) CTRL + Shift with any of the arrow keys (Highlight a block of text) Shift with any of the arrow keys (Select more than one item in a window or on the desktop, or select text in a document) CTRL + A (Select all) F3 key (Search for a file or a folder) CTRL + F4 (Close the active document in programs that enable you to have multiple documents open simultaneously) Alt + Tab (Switch between the open items) Alt + ESC (Cycle through items in the order that they had been opened) F6 key (Cycle through the screen elements in a window or on the desktop) Shift + F10 (Display the shortcut menu for the selected item) CTRL + ESC (Display the Start menu) F10 key (Activate the menu bar in the active program) Backspace (View the folder one level up in My Computer or Windows Explorer) ESC (Cancel the current task)


Homeworld 2 Installation Guide v3 83%

Step 1 Insert the homeworld 2 disc and follow the on screen instructions, if you are using a 64bit operation system make sure the install destination path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Sierra\Homeworld2 Once completed return to desktop and locate the Homeworld 2 shortcut.


texmacs-manual 81%

GNU TEXMACS user manual Table of contents 1.



Replace with more options  Document Editing Techniques  Mail Merge for Letter Writing  Signature and Document Protection  Shortcut Keys  Save As in Different Formats  Working With Pictures, Shapes &


Tagger Install procedure 77%

From the shortcut folder move the Tagger/Clipper/QA icon(s) (any or all depending on the setup) to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop.


Out of Box Setup Process 77%

MS Office 365 Trend AV LT Agent Azure VPN 7-Zip RD Web Access Shortcut Netsuite Shortcut


Matching-Knowledge-Bases 77%

⊥ is a shortcut for ¬>.


Trados 2009 - Editor Shortcuts 75%

SDL Trados Studio 2009 – Keyboard Shortcuts Editor Menu Action Shortcut Activate Row Active Document Settings Alt+Home Add Comment Ctrl+Shift+N Add New Term Auto-scroll Source Document Browse Change Case Shift+F3 Change tag display mode Ctrl+Alt+D Check Spelling F7 Clear Draft Segments Alt+Shift+Del Clear Selected Tag Formatting Ctrl+Space Clear Tag Formatting Ctrl+Alt+Space Clear Target Segment Alt+Del Close Ctrl+F4 Close All Ctrl+Shift+F4 Comments Concordance Search F3 Concordance Search Confirm and Move to Next Segment Ctrl+Alt+Enter Confirm and Move to Next Unconfirmed Segment Alt+Add Confirmation Statistics Copy All Source to Target Alt+Shift+lns Copy Source to Target Ctrl+lns, Alt+lns Delete All Messages Delete to End of Row Ctrl+D Delete To Next Tag Ctrl+Shift+D Edit Comment External Refresh Ctrl+Shift+R Focus Next Row Alt+Down Focus Previous Row Alt+Up Go To Ctrl+G Go to Next Comment Ctrl+M Go To Next Source Segment Formatting Ctrl+Alt+Right Go to Previous Comment Ctrl+Shift+M Go To Previous Source Segment Formatting Ctrl+Alt+Left In Source In Target Internal Refresh Ctrl+R Lock Segment Ctrl+L Lock Selection Lookup Translations Ctrl+Shift+T Merge Segments Ctrl+Alt+S Messages Move to Next Segment Ctrl+Down Move to Previous Segment Ctrl+Up Open Document Perform Concordance Search Ctrl+Shift+O Enter Preview Protect Tags Quicklnsert Closing Tag Ctrl+OemPeriod QuickPlace Ctrl+Alt+Down, Ctrl+Oemcomma Refresh Filters Reject Segment Ctrl+Shift+Enter Repeat Go To Ctrl+J Reset Filters Restore Tags Ctrl+Shift+G Review or Sign-off Complete Save Ctrl+S Save All Ctrl+Shift+S Save As F12 Save Copy As Save Source As Save Target As Shift+F12 Scroll source to target selection Select All Ctrl+A Select Next Row Alt+Shift+Down Select Next Row Content Ctrl+Shift+Down Select Previous Row Alt+Shift+Up Select Previous Row Content Ctrl+Shift+Up Select Row Alt+Space Show Preview Show Translated Terms Ctrl+Shift+L Show Whitespace Characters Source Concordance Search Ctrl+F3 Split Segment Alt+Shift+T Target Concordance Search Ctrl+Shift+F3 Term Recognition Termbase Search Termbase Viewer Toggle between Source and Target F6 Toggle formatting tag display Ctrl+Shift+H Translation Results Verify F8 View Default Ctrl+Shift+D View Internally Default Ctrl+E View Internally Source Ctrl+Q View Internally Source and Target View Internally Target Ctrl+K View Source Ctrl+Shift+Y View Source and Target Ctrl+Shift+B View Target Ctrl+Shift+P Compiled by Claudia Alvis - All copyrights belong to SDL International and the respective owners.


Keyboard shortcuts and Function Keys in Windows 7 74%

projector/monitor options Opens run dialog box – shortcut to documents Opens corresponding program in taskbar Mini preview in taskbar of open applications - L to R VIEW AND CHANGE WINDOW SIZE OR POSITION Reduce window size Dock window to left or right Move window to second monitor Minimize a window to desktop To show desktop – repeat to undo Peek at desktop Close window– repeat to desk top – repeat to log off option.


Keyboard shortcuts and Function Keys in Windows 7 74%

projector/monitor options Opens run dialog box – shortcut to documents Opens corresponding program in taskbar Mini preview in taskbar of open applications - L to R VIEW AND CHANGE WINDOW SIZE OR POSITION Reduce window size Dock window to left or right Move window to second monitor Minimize a window to desktop To show desktop Peek at desktop Close window Magnifier - Zoom in Switch to previous active window View, scroll and select all open windows MOVING AROUND IN A DOCUMENT Up one line of text Down one line of text Right one character Left one character Up one paragraph Down one paragraph Right one word Left one word Up half a page Down half a page To end of current line To start of current line To top of document To bottom of document Copy Cut Paste Undo TEXT FORMATTING COMMANDS Bold Italic Underline Double Underline Word Underline Grow Font Size Shrink Font Size Superscript - Shrink letters above text line e.g.


readme1 69%


GetApplicationAttachment 68%

4 Adding a Shortcut Icon .......................................................... 4 Removing a Shortcut .............................................................


atlassian-git-cheatsheet 63%

as a shortcut for <url>


lec latex 62%

So if you just add something between those lines, as shown below on the left, and then “compile” the file by hitting the compile button (or pressing the compile keyboard shortcut) on your front-end, it should produce a .pdf file (it’ll probably ask you to give it a name and save it somewhere) that looks like the box on the right (except of course that it’ll be the size of a full page):


5555555555 61%

Charge the phone Earpiece Headset socket Charging socket Left selection button Call button Torch button Top 10 Voice mail Microphone * International prefix/Symbols Lanyard hold # Input method/ Silent Camera shortcut Message shortcut 15.