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Line Sheet- Malas- Fall 2015-FINAL 100%

brass mala 69/138 49/98 59/118 item code M080158 M080191 M080190 M080151 description matte picture jasper, brass, smoky quartz &


Line Sheet- Mini Malas- Fall 2015-FINAL 99%

silver-plated brass mini mala 54/108 fossil coral, pyrite, faceted smoky quartz, brass &


national menu 94%

BACON Fresh mozzarella and our rich, tasty tomato sauce baked to perfection and topped with loads of smoked ham and mouth-watering smoky bacon.


Line Sheet- Bracelets- Fall 2015-FINAL Sheet1 88%

brass bracelets 64/128 59/118 49/98 59/118 wholesale/retail wholesale/retail 54/108 Page 1 FALL 2015 BRACELETS item code WBS70029S WBS70020G WBS70024S WBS70014S description set of seven smoky quartz &


Smoky at Robbinsville 81%

    Ron Mau has two sons who played football for and graduated from Smoky  Mountain High School (Ronnie‐‘09 and Rusty – ‘11).  Both played junior varsity  and varsity football for the Smoky Mountain Mustangs.  For a period of 6 years,  which started before either of his son’s played varsity and extended until after  both had graduated, Ron kept all statistics for the varsity football team,  reported those statistics to the Asheville Citizen Times and served on the  Touchdown Club Board of Directors.  Rusty’s football career was cut short due  to injuries.  Despite no longer having a son involved on the football field Ron  served as President of the Touchdown Club for what would have been Rusty’s  senior year of football. After Rusty graduated, Ron stepped down from the  Touchdown Club Board of Directors but continued to keep statistics for the  Mustangs for an additional year.  Ron is a big football fan and continues to  follow Mustang football.  Ron himself had a football career that included some  time on a Big 8 (now Big XII) football roster.      Mickey Luker has two children (Gracelyn & Bailey) attending Smoky Mountain  High School.  Gracelyn is a cheerleader for the Mustangs!  Mickey has been a  big supporter for the Mustangs and a football fan.  He is your candidate for  Jackson County Commissioner ‐ District #4 and believes in improving the lives  for all the families of our communities.  Mickey and his family own and operate  the Caney Fork General Store and have been a supporter of the Touchdown  Club..  He will bring many years of leadership, service in public service and  business entrepreneurship to our County government.   Mickey and Ron want to:   Improve the lives of the families of Jackson County   Ensure county finances are sustainable   Protect and improve natural resources, infrastructure and county  facilities in our communities    GOOD LUCK MUSTANGS!  Smoky Mountain Mustangs  At   Robbinsville  August 19, 2016                  Robbinsville Roster  Mustang Roster  No.  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  14  15  19  22  24  25  28  29  30  31  32  34  40  41  42  43  44  45  52  53  54  55  58  60  64  65  66  68  72  75  77  79  82  88  Name   Cyrus Lanning,    Tristan Kenyon    Andrew Cobaugh    Cody Lominac    Tyler Walizer    Pat Espinoza    Cole Hooper    Tony Houston    Nate Coffey    Dawson Jamison    Austin Baumgarner    Will Sutton    Connor Moore    Nathan Webb    Mathew Ridley    Montrell Turner    Alex Messer    Gage Kosnik    Devon Macke    Andy Houston    Kyle Bradley    Daniel Burch    Jordan Davis    Michael Ashe    Quinn Manning V    Brian Naulty    Griffin Woody    Coleman Sellers    Hunter Coggins    Tanner Norman    Seth Steinbicker    Mckae Bumgarner    Bryce Reagan    Blake Curtis    Devon Stephens    Lane Roberson    Darren Buchanan    Cole Burch    Derek Balliot    Jackson Paulus    Andrew Lillard    Chandler Hensley    Parker Williamson    Josh Sellers    Sam Mathis    Emmitt Baldwin   Pos.  RB/LB    WR/DB   WR/DB   WR/DB   WR/DB   WR/DB   QB/DB   WR/LB   QB/DB   WR/DB   WR/DB   WR/DB   WR/DB   WR/DB   RB/DB   RB/DL   WR/DB   TE/LB   K/P   WR/LB  RB/LB   WR/DB   RB/LB   RB/LB   TE/DL   RB/LB   WR/LB   OL/DL   RB/LB   TE/LB   OL/DL   OL/DL   OL/DL   OL/DL   OL/DL   OL/DL   OL/DL   OL/DL   OL/LB   OL/DL   OL/DL   OL/DL   OL/DL   OL/DL   OL/DL   WR/DB   Gr  JR  JR  JR  SO  JR  JR  SR  JR  JR  JR  SR  SR  SR  JR  SR  JR  JR  JR  SR  JR  SR  JR  JR  SR  JR  SR  SR  JR  JR  JR  JR  JR  SR  JR  SR  SR  JR  JR  SR  JR  JR  JR  SR  SR  JR  SO  Ht.  5’9”   5’9”   5’9”   6’0”   5’11   5’8”   6’3”   5’8”   6’2”   6’0”   6' 2"  5’11   6’3”   6’0”   5’6”   6’1”   6’0”   6’1”   6’0”  5’8”   6’1”   5’10  5’11  5’10  6’0”  5’5”   5’7”   5’10   5’9”   6’0”   6’2”   5' 9"  6’1”   6’5”   6’2”   5’10  6’1”   6’2”   5’9”   6’0”   6’1”   5’8”   6' 2"  6’4”   6’3”   5’9”       Wt.  160  160  165  160  150  140  175  140  195  155  205  160  180  160  155  225  140  220  185  140  180  160  185  190  205  150  180  235  190  185  210  190  190  305  235  285  200  280  250  255  225  190  245  280  200  135  No.


170710-urban-a4-folded-web 81%

salad 16.9 * See our display for todays specials, sandwiches and pastries BURGERS LO A D E D F R I E S [All burgers are served on a brioche bun] URBAN 35 BURGER 100% beef patty, smoky bacon, lettuce, tomato, sweet pickles, Urban 35 house signature sauce &


SSI Flyer 2017 77%

Presents: Smokies Science Investigations July 17-22 Age:


Mouth Watering Mexican Night 75%

Mushrooms 8.95 British steak, the Mexican way 12.50 8oz rump steak marinated in a smoky Pasilla de Oaxaca rub, served with smoky chipotle salsa and salad garnish YUCATEAN Grilled Chicken Breast 9.95 Butterflied &


Completed LINE SHEETS- MALAS-SPRING 2016 73%

silverplated brass mala lilac stone, turquoise, smoky quartz, carved date- wood &


3703-15MO Barbuch Newcastle 01 KRS comments (1) 70%

12 YEAR OLD, SCOTLAND Complex nose and flavour of smoky peat and sweet vanilla, smooth lingering finish.


Ehlers Family Letter Nov 2011 68%

A Breath of Fresh, Smoky Air For two months, I had felt like the finish line of a race I was running was repeatedly moved off into the distance after I had sprinted each time to get there.


Clues to Blue Eyes 67%

Creme single-dilute coat colors include palomino, buckskin, and smoky black.


Begging Bowl menu 65%

smoky with warm vanilla tones, red fruits and soft, well rounded tannins.


Email Invite 60%

Please join us for a fun, fresh, and exciting cocktail like our smoky Cigar Lover's Manhattan or one of our 'Think Again' Cosmopolitans with house cranberry bitters, yuzu juice, and fresh cranberry syrup.


Line Sheet- Mini Malas-MINI MALAS- SPRING 2016 60%

silverplated brass mini mala aquamarine, matte fossil coral, smoky quartz, nepali brass guru bead &


Wk 8 Michaelmas 2015 60%

MCR Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Pulled Pork Shoulder with Smoky BBQ Sauce, Apple &


HJB's Set Menus 60%

Choice of Braised Pork Belly Pork belly glazed in a smoky BBQ sauce.



Compass Box Great King Street - New York Blend (750mL)   Compass Box Great King Street - New York Blend (750mL) John Glaser has created only 1,650 bottles of this unique, smoky, full-flavoured Blended Scotch whisky.


6 Norman 60%

Large smoky-mirrored garage which has ample parking for four cars and at least two extra parking spots for your visitors.


Beef Order Form 60%

Contact: BEEF CUTTING ORDER Farm/Farmer Name:


MenuSummer 60%

FIRST ORDER COFFEE ALL DAY MENU YOGHURT BOWL 13 Fruit puree, seeds and grains, pickled strawberries MUSHROOMS ON TOAST 15 Mixed mushrooms, egg, native herbs A D D Bacon / Avocado +$3 EGGS ON TOAST 15 2 Eggs, herb salad, quark, strawberry vinegar, nut free dukkha A D D Bacon / Avocado / Wagyu +$3 POTATO WAFFLE 15 Egg, plum chutney, seeded mustard horseradish, walnuts A D D Bacon / Wagyu +$3 SALAD 16 Buckwheat, grilled peach, fennel, chicken, greens, chimichurri BIT OF EVERYTHING 15 Meat, manchego cheese, pickles, egg, relish, bread A D D More meat / Avocado / Egg +$3 SANDWICH #1 15 Iceberg, bacon, roast leek, smoky nut butter, pickled green tomato SANDWICH #2 9 Bacon, egg, mayo TOAST With whipped butter and homemade jam.


SmokinGunMenu 60%

People love our slow-cooked, smoky barbecue taste.