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Cream massage, Soothing foot masque, Warm Towel, Moisturizing with Collagen Wrap WHITE TEA AND GINGER PEDI $70 MANI $30 Searching for the ultimate spa pedicure?


Dermalogica 80%

TAFESA - Adelaide Campus - 18-Jun-2018 9:40 AM Stocktake simple listing for manual completion Records found = 150 Brand Item Size Dermalogica AGESMART - AGE Smart Complex (DISCONTINUED) 30ml Dermalogica AGESMART - Antioxidant Hydramist 355ml Dermalogica AGESMART - Daily Superfoliant 114g Dermalogica AGESMART - Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 118ml Dermalogica AGESMART - MultiVitamin Power Exfoliant 30amp Dermalogica AGESMART - MultiVitamin Power Firm 74ml Dermalogica AGESMART - MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque 177ml Dermalogica AGESMART - MultiVitamin TheramafoliantTM 177ml Dermalogica AGESMART - Skin Perfect Primer 50ml Dermalogica AGESMART - Skin Resurfacing Cleanser 473ml Dermalogica AGESMART - Super Rich Repair 120ml Dermalogica CLEANSERS - Precleanse 473ml Dermalogica CLEANSERS - Special Cleansing Gel 946ml Dermalogica CUSTOMISATION - Calming Botanical Mixer 118ml Dermalogica CUSTOMISATION - Puryfing Botanical Mixer 118ml Dermalogica CUSTOMISATION - Replenishing Botanical Mixer 118ml Dermalogica EXFOLIANTS - Daily Microfoliant 170g Dermalogica EXFOLIANTS - Exfoliant Accelerator 35 177ml Dermalogica EXFOLIANTS - Skin Prep Scrub (DISCONTINUED) 177ml Dermalogica EXTRACTIONS - Multi- Active Scaling Gel (NEW) 237ml Dermalogica EXTRACTIONS - Post Extraction Solution 237ml Dermalogica EXTRACTIONS - Scaling Fluid (DISCONTINUED) 237ml Dermalogica EYE TREATMENTS - Stress Positive Eye Lift 44ml Dermalogica EYE TREATMENTS - Soothing Eye Make Up 237ml Dermalogica IONACTIVE - EndoThermal Gelloid Part A&B Dermalogica IONACTIVE - ExoThermal Gelloid 177ml Dermalogica IONACTIVE - Hyaluronic 59ml Dermalogica IONACTIVE - Niacinamide 59ml Dermalogica IONACTIVE - Oligopeptide 59ml Dermalogica IONACTIVE - Retinol 1% 59ml Dermalogica MASQUES - Colloidal Masque 177ml Dermalogica MASQUES - Contour Masque 142g Dermalogica MASQUES - Plankton Masque 177ml Dermalogica MASSAGE - Clearing Additive 30ml Dermalogica MASSAGE - Massage Cream 177ml Dermalogica MASSAGE - Revitalizing Additive 30ml Dermalogica MASSAGE - Soothing Additive 30ml Dermalogica MEDIBAC CLEARING - Acidic Activator, Part B 177ml Dermalogica MEDIBAC CLEARING - Enzymatic Base, Part A 227g Actual Qty Page 1 of 4 Brand Item Size Dermalogica MEDIBAC CLEARING - MediBac Clearing Complex 30ml Dermalogica MEDIBAC CLEARING - Oil Free Massage 207ml Dermalogica MEDIBAC CLEARING - Sebum Clearing Masque 177ml Dermalogica MEDIBAC CLEARING - Skin Exfoliant System each Dermalogica MOISTURISATION - Active Moist 177ml Dermalogica MOISTURISATION - Intensive Moisture Balance 177ml Dermalogica MOISTURISATION - Sheer Tint Medium SPF 20 118ml Dermalogica MOISTURISATION - Solar Defense Booster SPF50 118ml Dermalogica MOISTURISATION- Skin Smoothing Cream 177ml Dermalogica TONERS - Multi Active Toner 473ml Dermalogica ULTRACALMING - Barrier Defense Booster 60ml Dermalogica ULTRACALMING - Barrier Repair 118ml Dermalogica ULTRACALMING - Calm water gel 177ml Dermalogica ULTRACALMING - Clinical Colloidal Oatmeal Masque 453g Dermalogica ULTRACALMING - Clinical Oatmeal Mask 117ml Dermalogica ULTRACALMING - Super sensitive shield 118ml Dermalogica ULTRACALMING - UltraCalming Cleanser 946ml Dermalogica ULTRACALMING - UltraCalming Complex 30ml Dermalogica ULTRACALMING - UltraCalming Serum Concentrate 118ml Dermalogica AGE smart - AGE REVERSAL EYE COMPLEX 15ml Dermalogica AGE smart - ANTIOXIDANT HYDRAMIST 150 ml 150 ml Dermalogica AGE smart - ANTIOXIDANT HYDRAMIST 30 ml 30 ml Dermalogica AGE smart - Daily Superfoliant 57g Dermalogica AGE smart - DYNAMIC SKIN RECOVERY SPF30 50 50 ml Dermalogica AGE smart - MAP-15 REGENERATOR 8 g 8g Dermalogica AGE smart - MULTIVITAMIN POWER FIRM 15ml 15 ml Dermalogica AGE smart - MULTI-VITAMIN POWER RECOVERY 75ml Dermalogica AGE smart - MULTIVITAMIN POWER SERUM 22ml Dermalogica AGE smart - MULTIVITAMIN THERMOFOLIANT 75ML Dermalogica AGE smart - OVERNIGHT REPAIR SERUM 15 ml 15ml Dermalogica AGE smart - OVERNIGHT RETINOL REPAIR AND 30ml &


Pricelist 8PP Option1 (1) 74%

Formulated to improve skin clarity and reduce blemishes whilst soothing redness and inflammation.


Invitation for Heather's Bachelorette Party (4) 72%

indoor pool, Jacuzzi hot tub, steam room, sauna, Fitness Center, and spa showers $15 per person for food (includes champagne, breakfast, and lunch)   Discount Spa Packages:  BRONZE PACKAGE - $135 SILVER PACKAGE - $175 GOLD PACKAGE - $220 *50 Min Massage ​OR​ Organic Facial *50 Minute Swedish Massage *50 Minute Swedish Massage *​Classic Pedicure *Organic Facial *Organic Facial *Classic Pedicure   You can select individual services if you do not want a package:  You could also add services onto any package    Manicures -Classic Manicure​ - Bring moisture and nutrients back to the skin with an ultra mild sudsy hand soak, followed by moisturizers designed to keep your skin soft and supple. $20  -Citrus Spa Manicure​ - With its zesty fragrance, Citrus Spa Manicure will energize, refresh and lift spirits every time!! Coupled with an exfoliating hand scrub and paraffin  treatment leaving the hands silky smooth. $40    Pedicures -Classic Pedicure​ - This treatment starts with an aromatic soothing foot soak, followed by our signature exfoliant, finishing with a fragrant moisturizer leaving your feet refreshed  and hydrated. $50  -"Toe"tally Pampered​ - All of the perfection of the classic pedicure followed by a luxurious paraffin treatment, leaving your feet warm and silky. $75  -Spaaa!!! Pedicure​ - This uplifting treatment softens even the roughest feet. Reduces inflammation to help revitalize tired and aching legs and feet. Coupled with a cooling  marine mask leaving feet revived. $75    Massages -Spa Swedish -​ Light to medium pressure in this traditional western full body Swedish massage will relieve tension, stimulate circulation and soothe muscles. 50 minutes  $90  -Spa Stone - ​Warm basalt stones and aromatherapy oils melt away stress and muscle aches. 50 minutes $100    Page 1 of 2  Body Treatments -Exfoliate​ - Body scrubs remove impurities and dead skin cells to reveal new radiant hydrated skin. All scrubs use essential oils and finish with a hydrating moisturizer. Choose  from Invigorating Salt Scrub (45 minutes) or Gentle Creme Exfoliant (45 minutes).  $80  -Body Wraps​ - We begin with a dry brushing of the body. Your essential balm is then incorporated with massage techniques specific for that treatment. Next the targeted mask is  applied and you are wrapped in a warm cocoon. The product is toweled or showered off and you are moisturized providing deep hydration. Choose from Relax/Hydrate, Tone/Slim  or Circulate/Detoxify. 50 minutes. $115  Facials -Organically Yours - truly amazing facial featuring 100% certified organic products customized to treat your individual skin care needs. Nourish and refine your complexion to  a flawless finish with the benefit of vitamins and nutrients. Includes extractions, if needed, neck, shoulder. 50 minutes. $90  -Back Facial - Perfect for treating this hard to reach area. Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, steamed towels and extractions, if needed. 25 minutes. $55  -Ultimate Facial - No small detail overlooked in this treatment. Enjoy all the benefits of the ORGANICALLY YOURS FACIAL together with eminence eye and lip treatment and  back and hand exfoliation. 75 minutes.  $140  -Eminence Vitamin Body Wrap with Mini Facial - Perfect for an all-over glow. Relax while antioxidants and vitamin-rich enzymes gently exfoliate and dissolve dryness.  Restores nutrients to the skin for a healthier appearance and a super soft and supple feel. Blissful. 50 minutes. $150    Dinner and cocktails to follow onsite at Seabase Lounge      Please RSVP online by 8/14 at:​:  Text/call/email any questions: Michele 732.804.6296 ​  ​      Don’t forget a swimsuit!


cat 14 70%

Soothing fragrance. 30ml Merch price/10ml:


Danielle's SPA Evening 64%

Our soothing cleanser will remove impurities from your skin followed by a calming oatmeal masque that will instantly calm redness and reduce inflammation.


10905 Retreat Brochure 2 A5 Landscape Spot 519 PROOF 60%

Stylish fittings, luxurious surroundings and soothing sounds balance the mind, body and soul and drift to perfect serenity and relaxation.


A4 wellness by Bakel 60%

PORTOPICCOLO WELLNESS by MASSAGGI ORARI MASSAGGIO SOFT RELAX 50’ € 70.00 MASSAGGIO INTENSE RELAX 50’ € 70.00 MASSAGGIO STRESS RELEASE 50’ (Schiena) € 70.00 Venerdì 1 / 8 / 15 / 29 luglio 9.00 - 11.50 / 16.00 – 19.50 Sabato 2 / 9 / 16 / 30 luglio 9.00 - 11.50 / 16.00 – 19.50 MASSAGGIO STRESS RELEASE 50’ (Collo e cervicale) € 70.00 MASSAGGI MASSAGGIO STRESS RELEASE 50’ (Gambe) € 70.00 Dal Mercoledì alla Domenica 9.00-12:00 16:00 - 20:00 SKINCARE BAR GINNASTICA DEL RISVEGLIO SKINCARE BAR SKIN TEST 50’ Analisi della pelle mediante skin scanner / routine cosmetica / applicazione / compilazione scheda cliente per acquisto € 40.00 SUNCARE TEST 30’ Analisi melanina e idratazione / routine solare applicazione / eventuale acquisto con scheda € 30.00 THIO-C ANTIAGE FACE TREATMENT LUMINOSITY 30’ Trattamento illuminante anti-età a base di Vitamina C pura e Glutatione € 30.00 Green Beach Dal Mercoledì alla Domenica 8.00 - 8.40 Ginnastica posturale abbinata a esercizi di respirazione Prenotazione con 24H di anticipo PILATES Green Beach Mercoledì e Giovedì 19.00 - 19.45 Prenotazione con 24H di anticipo € 30.00 SOOTHING TREATMENT 30’ Trattamento lenitivo e decongestionante per pelle arrossata e sensibile AT T I V I TÀ YOGA (Dai 4 ai 10 partecipanti) € 10.00 ( 1 ingresso) € 80.00 ( 10 ingressi) PILATES (Dai 4 ai 10 partecipanti) € 10.00 ( 1 ingresso) € 80.00 ( 10 ingressi) I prodotti Bakel sono acquistabili presso l’Hotel Falisia, a Luxury Collection Resort &


Reference Guide to Raising the WOOD Child 60%

Add bath toys, find a soothing swim coach, or choose challenging yoga poses that force the muscles to fatigue.


Paula Barrett Friends Programs 60%

the kids encouraged to try their best more often, being able to identify feelings, the notion of thumbs up and thumbs down actions and the self-soothing and breathing component.


Crafty Vanbrugh Updates 60%

Aleksander revised perspective and provided the soothing tunes of Vivaldi to provide an appropriate motivational soundtrack J Our next session, 9th Febuary, will be on COLOUR AND PERSPECTIVE in the Warren as always And just a reminder – the sessions are drop in and pencils, rubbers, basic paints and paper etc will be provided, though you are welcome to bring your own!


Regular update wk 8 60%

As always, we had soothing music and tea to accompany our artistic endeavours and destress at the end of the week!


2005-Carriage-Carriage-brochure 60%

Lavish, yet practical and efficient interiors surround you in soothing tones of rich fabrics and warm solid wood paneling and cabinetry available in standard Merit Oak, or optional Natural or Honey Maple.


Medical Spa and Wellnes 60%

In a perfectly relaxing environment, doctors and health experts and their trained staff create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere where they enlighten guests about all of the available treatment options, and then customize a program to address their specific needs to achieve long-term wellness and sustained beauty.


TBB - Services 60%

We'll make you look like you haven’t Red Eye Recovery Lip Lover Angel Mask 10 minute super Soothing eye mask to cool, de-puff and brighten your eyes $15 Gently exfoliate dry skin away then add a honey based lip mask to Smooth, soften and make your lips kissable again $10 A halo to your shiny locks.


Smart Citron Real Estate citron properties (40) 60%

This gated community situated on the Palm Jumeirahs most secluded atoll brings its own pristine beach, landscaped tropical gardens and soothing water features which provide an idyllic cocoon away from the busy city.


Simbul Tempus 57%

AT-WILL POWERS MAGIC ITEMS WEAPON Memory Hole CHARACTER PORTRAIT Psychokinetic Quarterstaff +1 WEAPON Mind Thrust WEAPON WEAPON ARMOR Elusive Cloth Armor (Basic Clothing) +1 (E) ARMS FEET ENCOUNTER POWERS HANDS Second Wind HEAD Nightmare Eruption NECK Distract RING Send Thoughts RING PERSONALITY TRAITS WAIST DAILY POWERS Hand of Caution MANNERISMS AND APPEARANCE UTILITY POWERS Soothing Words Daily Item Powers Per Day Heroic (1-10) Power Points: