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gunviolencearchive(1) 100%

* Data source: 2019 Mass Shootings ** Data source:


gunviolencearchive(3) 99%

* Data source: 2019 Mass Shootings ** Data source:


gunviolencearchive(5) 99%

* Data source: 2019 Mass Shootings ** Data source:


gunviolencearchive(2) 99%

* Data source: 2019 Mass Shootings ** Data source:


gunviolencearchive(4) 99%

* Data source: 2019 Mass Shootings ** Data source:


gunviolencearchive(6) 99%

* Data source: 2019 Mass Shootings ** Data source:


schoolshootings 99%

2019 School Shootings *Date *City *State May 9, 2019 Manhattan KS May 7, 2019 Highlands Ranch CO May 7, 2019 Savannah GA April 30, 2019 Wesley Chapel FL April 30, 2019 Charlotte NC April 30, 2019 Woodbridge VA April 24, 2019 Concord AR April 21, 2019 Tulsa OK April 18, 2019 Springfield Township PA April 18, 2019 Mesquite TX April 17, 2019 Flint MI April 17, 2019 Lyons IL April 16, 2019 Missoula MT April 10, 2019 Houston TX *School Name *Intent *Outcome Kansas State Other University STEM School Attack on Highlands Ranch others Savannah State Attack on University others Weightman Unintentional Middle School discharge University of Attack on North Carolina at others Charlotte Hylton High Unintentional School discharge Self-harm - no Concord High intent to hurt School others Dove School of Unknown Discovery Springfield Elementary Unknown School Unintentional Horn High School discharge Attack on Flex High School others George Self-harm - no Washington intent to hurt Middle School others University of Unknown Montana Sterling Aviation Attack on High School others *Data Source:


rich 99%

$79.2 B Source of wealth:


LayerZero Series 70 1600A eSTS 98%

One power source is selected to be the preferred source.


HIOKI SS7012 ENG 97%

DC SIGNAL SOURCE SS7012 Signal Generator Improved stabilit y and lower calibration costs C o n d u c t l o o p t e s t i n g o f instrumentation systems (4-20 mA) Validate thermostatic devices and distributors Use as a calibrator and low-power generator for production facilities maintenance and electronic device evaluation DC Signal Source Supplies and Measures Signals Simultaneously The HIOKI DC SIGNAL SOURCE SS7012 can be used not only for instrumentation system (4-20 mA) maintenance, but also for maintaining and servicing thermostatic devices, distributors, and industrial meters, as well as for evaluating electronic circuits and devices, and for production facility maintenance.


LayerZero Series 70 eSTS 97%

One power source is selected to be the preferred source.



Open Source Action Centre Report OCCUPY KINGSTON:


messages messages 95%

| preferences | | logout all | unread | messages | comment replies | post replies | username mentions /r/Christianity expand all On prejudice and exclusion based on beliefs collapse all [–] to /r/Christianity/ sent 2 hours ago Hi Mods, We recently had a moderator from this forum request that our forum remove links to the recent Mormon AMA. We complied in good faith by removing full participation links. We decided to allow the non­participation links ( as the only request made was to be direct and polite in any interactions permalink source source [­] from curious_mormon reply full comments  [+50] via /r/Christianity/ sent 2 hours ago Part of this message was cut off, so I apologize for the double submissions. Continued and paraphrased below:


Trados 2009 - Editor Shortcuts 95%

SDL Trados Studio 2009 – Keyboard Shortcuts Editor Menu Action Shortcut Activate Row Active Document Settings Alt+Home Add Comment Ctrl+Shift+N Add New Term Auto-scroll Source Document Browse Change Case Shift+F3 Change tag display mode Ctrl+Alt+D Check Spelling F7 Clear Draft Segments Alt+Shift+Del Clear Selected Tag Formatting Ctrl+Space Clear Tag Formatting Ctrl+Alt+Space Clear Target Segment Alt+Del Close Ctrl+F4 Close All Ctrl+Shift+F4 Comments Concordance Search F3 Concordance Search Confirm and Move to Next Segment Ctrl+Alt+Enter Confirm and Move to Next Unconfirmed Segment Alt+Add Confirmation Statistics Copy All Source to Target Alt+Shift+lns Copy Source to Target Ctrl+lns, Alt+lns Delete All Messages Delete to End of Row Ctrl+D Delete To Next Tag Ctrl+Shift+D Edit Comment External Refresh Ctrl+Shift+R Focus Next Row Alt+Down Focus Previous Row Alt+Up Go To Ctrl+G Go to Next Comment Ctrl+M Go To Next Source Segment Formatting Ctrl+Alt+Right Go to Previous Comment Ctrl+Shift+M Go To Previous Source Segment Formatting Ctrl+Alt+Left In Source In Target Internal Refresh Ctrl+R Lock Segment Ctrl+L Lock Selection Lookup Translations Ctrl+Shift+T Merge Segments Ctrl+Alt+S Messages Move to Next Segment Ctrl+Down Move to Previous Segment Ctrl+Up Open Document Perform Concordance Search Ctrl+Shift+O Enter Preview Protect Tags Quicklnsert Closing Tag Ctrl+OemPeriod QuickPlace Ctrl+Alt+Down, Ctrl+Oemcomma Refresh Filters Reject Segment Ctrl+Shift+Enter Repeat Go To Ctrl+J Reset Filters Restore Tags Ctrl+Shift+G Review or Sign-off Complete Save Ctrl+S Save All Ctrl+Shift+S Save As F12 Save Copy As Save Source As Save Target As Shift+F12 Scroll source to target selection Select All Ctrl+A Select Next Row Alt+Shift+Down Select Next Row Content Ctrl+Shift+Down Select Previous Row Alt+Shift+Up Select Previous Row Content Ctrl+Shift+Up Select Row Alt+Space Show Preview Show Translated Terms Ctrl+Shift+L Show Whitespace Characters Source Concordance Search Ctrl+F3 Split Segment Alt+Shift+T Target Concordance Search Ctrl+Shift+F3 Term Recognition Termbase Search Termbase Viewer Toggle between Source and Target F6 Toggle formatting tag display Ctrl+Shift+H Translation Results Verify F8 View Default Ctrl+Shift+D View Internally Default Ctrl+E View Internally Source Ctrl+Q View Internally Source and Target View Internally Target Ctrl+K View Source Ctrl+Shift+Y View Source and Target Ctrl+Shift+B View Target Ctrl+Shift+P Compiled by Claudia Alvis - All copyrights belong to SDL International and the respective owners.


LayerZero Series 70 ePODs Dual Type P 95%

• Redundant • Non-redundant Source 1 Input Isolation Section Source 1 Transformer Section Source 2 Input Isolation Section Source 2 Transformer Section Distribution Section:


LayerZero Series 70 ePODs Type S 95%

Redundant, Non-redundant Source 1 Input Isolation Section Source 1 Transformer Section Source 2 Input Isolation Section Source 2 Transformer Section Reliability Safety Safe Bypass Procedure InSight™ IR Portholes Waveform Capture Voice Guided Bypass Sectionalized Components “Black Box” Forensic Diagnostics Triple Modular Redundancy Option Polycarbonate Windows Touch Screen Interface Insulated, Epoxy Coated Buswork Dead-Front Hinged Doors Waveforms Automatically Emailed Silver Plated Terminals SafePanel™ Distribution Maintenance-Free Joints Connectivity Machined Hardware 3 3 Convection Cooling Ethernet Connectivity Optical Fiber Based Controls Modbus/TCP Serialized Critical Board Tracking NTP Time Clock Synchronization Transformer Vibration Isolation SNMP Connectivity © Copyright 2016 LayerZero Power Systems, Inc.


Report SchmitzSitbon 95%

Sitbon Pascal April 2016 1 Introduction The estimation of the Cosmic Microwave Background from data gathered by missions such as Planck is a problem of source separation of huge importance to cosmology, since good estimates of the CMB in turn teach us about the early Universe and allow us to determine constraints on cosmological parameters.


order form for feedback 94%

For a base price of only $20, we will create for a 2-3 minute piano song with chords based off of one provided source of inspiration from your life, an event, a person, or a memory.


04021350 94%

Open Source Evolution Analysis Izzat Alsmadi Kenneth Magel Department of computer science North Dakota state university {izzat.alsmadi, kenneth.magel} ABSTRACT Source code analysis is important for software management.


HollywoodandRecreatingHistory 94%

Source #1 Hollywood Movie Cromwell​ :


p2 1-1 94%

In this paper the idea of link breakage prediction was used to enhance the performance of the well known Dynamic Source Routing protocol (DSR) in VANET by applying a new mechanism which includes replacing the whole effected route (Not only the effected link).


Market Rate Application 94%

If so, which source?



If so, which source?


trump-intelligence-allegations-searchable 93%



LayerZero Series 70 ePODs Type N 93%

• Control System Reliability • SMR (Single Module Redundancy, Standard) • TMR (Triple Modular Redundancy, Optional) • Control Power Supply Reliability • Signal Reliability • Operator Procedural Reliability Single Module Redundancy (SMR) Reliability (Standard) Fiber Optics Single Module Redundancy is a cost-effective topology Gate Drive 1 Source 1 A that provides redundant power paths to mission-critical equipment.