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Developments in Outer Space 100%

UNCLASSIFIED Developments in Outer Space:


40K(8.18) 99%

Bolt Pistol 1 $5.00 K-1-4 CAPTAIN 1 $5.00 K-1-5 CAPTAIN 1 $5.00 K-1-6 Blood Angels Shoulder Pads 1 $3.20 K-1-7 Space Marine Commander 1 $10.40 K-1-8 Marneus Calgar, Lord Macragge 1 $5.00 K-1-9 Space Marine 西加流士 1 $5.00 K-1-10 Veteran Seargeant Aurelius 1 $5.00 K-2 Astorath the Grim 1 $5.00 K-3 Mephiston, Lord of Death 1 $5.00 K-4 Captain Tycho 1 $5.00 K-5 Space Marine Command Squad 1 $20.00 (K-5+K-20+ K-30+K33) 1 $45.00 K-6 Space Marine Terminator Chaplain 1 $5.00 K-7 Space Marine Techmarine with Servitors 1 $17.10 K-5+K-20+ K30+K-33 Reclusiam Command Squad K-8 Servitors with Multi-melta 1 $5.60 K-9 Space Marine Chaplain with Crozius and Power Fist 1 $5.00 K-10 Space Marine Tactical Squad 1 $16.00 K-11 Space Marine Librarian with Axe and Plasma Pistol 1 $5.00 K-12 Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnought 1 $22.00 K-13 Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard 1 $18.80 K-14 Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest 1 $5.00 K-15 Brother Corbulo 1 $5.00 K-16 Space Marine Terminator Squad 1 $14.10 K-17 Space Marine Terminator Close Combat Squad 1 $14.10 K-18 Space Marine Sternguard Veteran Squad 1 $13.80 1 $28.80 K-19身体 Squad!) Space Marine Centurion Squad body 1 $13.80 K-20 Space Marine Chaplain 1 $5.00 K-21 Drop Pod 1 $20.50 K-22 Blood Angels Death Company 1 $18.80 K-22-1 Blood Angels Death Company body身体 1 $5.60 K-22-2 Blood Angels Death 1 $3.20 K-19 Space Marine Centurion Squad 3 extra bodies (totally may make 6 Centurion Company flight bag飞行背包 K-23 K-23*3 K-23*5 Imperial Knight 1 $38.00 Imperial Knight Household 1 $105.00 1 $160.00 Spearhead(K-23*3) The Iron Brotherhood (K- 23*5) K-24 Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost 1 $5.00 K-25 Space Marine Assault Squad (5 extra legs for free) 1 $18.80 K-25-1 Jump Packs=5 1 $3.20 K-25-2 Packs=5 1 $1.30 K-25-3 Assault Squad Leg 1 $3.20 1 $50.00 Angel's Wrath Intervention K-25*2+K-213 Force Web Bundle (K- 25*2+K-213) K-26 Space Marine Devastator Squad 1 $22.60 K-26-1 Space Marine Grav-Cannon and Back Pack Assemblies 1 $3.20 K-26-2 Space Marine Missile Launcher and Back Pack 1 $3.20 K-26-3 Space Marine Multi Melta and Back Pack Assemblies 1 $3.20 K-26-4 Space Marine Lascannon and Back Pack Assemblies 1 $3.20 K-27 Space Marine Scouts with Sniper Rifles 1 $13.80 K-28 Space Marine Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer 1 $32.00 K-28 Space Marine Land Raider 1 $32.00 K-29 Whirlwind parts 1 $8.00 Assemblies K-29+K-33 Whirlwind 1 $26.40 K-30 Space Marine Razorback part 1 $4.00 Space Marine Razorback 1 $22.80 (K-31+K-33) 1 $28.00 K-32 Space Marine Vanguard Veteran Squad 1 $14.00 K-33 Space Marine Rhino 1 $19.60 K-34 Space Marine Stalker/Hunter part 1 $13.80 1 $28.80 K-30+K-33 K-31+K-33 K-34+K-33 (K30+K33) Blood Angels Baal Predator Warhammer40K Space Marine Stalker/Hunter (K34+K33) K-35 Space Marine Land Speeder 1 $10.00 K-36+37 Space Marine Attack Bike 1 $15.50 K-37 Space Marine Bike 1 $8.00 K-37-1 Space Marine Bike Squad Upgrade Pack 1 $5.00 K-37-2 Space Marine Bike Squad Upgrade Pack 1 $5.00 K-37*3 Space Marine Bike Squad 1 $22.00 K-38 Space Marine Veterans Mk1 1 $11.80 K-39 Space Marine Veterans Mk2 1 $11.80 K-40 Stormraven Gunship 1 $40.00 K-41 rhino change maintainer 1 $8.00 (K-37*3) change parts Space Marine Vindicator (K41+K33) 1 $26.40 Predator parts 1 $8.00 Space Marine Predator (K42+K33) 1 $26.40 K-43 Ahriman 1 $5.00 K-44 Abaddon the Despoiler 1 $7.20 K-45 Nurgle Daemon Prince 1 $13.80 K-46 Khârn the Betrayer 1 $5.00 K-47 Chaos Space Marine Terminators 1 $18.80 K-47-1 Chaos Space Marines Bike 1 $7.20 Chaos Space Marines Bike*3 (K-47-1*3) 1 $20.50 K-47-2 Lucius the Eternal 1 $5.00 K-47-3 Possessed Chaos Space Marines 1 $17.10 K-47-4 混沌腿+背包 FW145专用 1 $13.80 1 $13.60 1 $5.60 K-41+K-33 K-42 K-42+K-33 K-47-1*3 Chaos Space Marines K47-5+K47-6 Terminator Lord(K47- 5+K47-6) K-47-6 Chaos Space Marines Terminator Lord parts K-47-7 Huron Blackheart 1 $5.00 K-47-8 Havocs 1 $13.60 K-47-9 Night Lords Hero 1 $5.00 (BODY)身体配件


AIA space brochure 98%

Global Leadership in Space and Ensure Continued Competitiveness and Innovation U.S.


space 98%

Space Exploration &


AIA Cong Test HSci 97%

Committee on Science and Technology Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics U.S.


Matter 15 Green Wedges, Open Space a 97%

Green Wedges, Open Space and Green Infrastructure Thonock and Somerby Estates Matter 15 – Green Wedges, Open Space and Green Infrastructure Thonock and Somerby Estates Contents 1.


Barber AIA Expansion Projects 97%

PROMOTING THE AIA SPACE SYSTEMS DIVISION AND SPACE COUNCIL While the Aerospace Industries Association is a premier aerospace &


AIA Cong Test T&I for Stevens 96%

Stevens Vice President, Space Systems Aerospace Industries Association Good morning Chairman Costello, Ranking Member Petri and members of the Subcommittee.


TimeandLightAlienationinContemporarySpace 96%

  Time and Light: Alienation in Contemporary Space   Traditional spaces serve to facilitate movement and commerce1, simplifying life through  efficient design. The mall, casinos, airports, and other commodity­centres function to encourage  a numbing alienation and propagate consumption. Alternative, non­traditional spaces undermine  these aims, instead providing a space for self­reflection and repositioning away from the  capitalist trajectory of space, and therefore the mechanics of the everyday through their  manipulation of time and light. A synartetic, or nonhistorical, approach to the analysis of these  alternative spaces provides an avenue that cannot be periodized or folded back into the more  traditional narratives of space.  Benjamin’s arcades and the shopping mall participate in the traditional trajectories of  capital, commerce and space. In this traditional narrative, spaces function to serve us by  facilitating movement and commerce through their architectural makeup. Benjamin references  An Illustrated Guide to Paris​  in his seminal​  Passagenwerk:   These arcades, a recent invention of industrial luxury, are glass­roofed, marble­paneled  corridors extending through whole blocks of buildings, whose owners have joined  together for such enterprises. Lining both sides of these corridors, which get their light  from above, are the most elegant shops, so that the passage is a city, a world in miniature2    These enclosed microcosms, with their monumental facades and wide array of consumer options,  parallel the 1960s American mall in both form and purpose. Victor Gruen, a prominent  shopping­plaza designer, believed that suburban malls could become the epicenter of suburban  1  Here I mean commerce as a signifier of the implicit narrative of traditional spaces.   Benjamin, Walter, and Rolf Tiedemann. ​ The Arcades Project​ . Cambridge, MA: Belknap, 1999. Print.  2   social interactions.3 The community sphere Benjamin detected in the Arcades was perhaps fully  realized by the American mall.4   This traditional trajectory directs us towards spaces that facilitate commerce and  movement. Space is treated as an engine of capital, chained to an insatiable desire for goods and  services. Although overlooked by this narrative, there is a rich history of non­consumable spaces  in the 20th century. These spaces resist us: they are non indexical, serving to neither facilitate  commerce or movement. These spaces manipulate time and light in order to motivate  self­reflection; through them we examine the positioning of our bodies in the contemporary  environment. Unlike in the mall, within the alternative spaces we are faced with an introspective  experience that unveils (rather than obscures) the true nature of alienation in the contemporary  environment.   For instance, James Turrell’s ​ A Frontal Passage ​ (Figure 1)​  ​ transforms the passivity of  light into an active force by endowing it with a physical presence as the singular artistic medium  utilized in the work. This manipulation increases the awareness of one’s own body, and therefore  one’s positioning in the space. Light becomes a marker of the existential moment in that to  become aware of one’s body and its temporal limitations is the feeling of existentialism. The  properties of light, when manipulated through structures, forces a reorientation that is  symptomatic of an experience with existential questions5. This existential moment hinges on  3  ​ Davidson, Ronald A.. “Parks, Malls, and the Art of War”. ​ Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast  Geographers​  73 (2011): 27–51. Web...  4  ​ I think it is important to note here the furthest articulation of this spatial impulse: e­commerce. However, this  conclusion of the narrative seems to function more to implode the dialogue in on itself rather than furthering it. In  this way, e­commerce becomes the ouroboros. By shedding it’s locus, e­commerce distances itself from a discourse  on physical structures or site and moves towards one regarding modes of consumption.   5  These existential questions, and the experience attached therefore, mark a new sublime differing from the historical  sublime in form and function. The sublime is no longer an individual experience, instead it is marked by a collective  existential experience. Furthermore, the new sublime is no longer strictly attached to “art space” or feats of god,  instead it is extended into commodity space and the everyday.      manmade structures with alienation as a key determinant of the contemporary experience. The  self­reflexive manipulation of time and light open the body to the feeling of existentialism and  causes a subsequent repositioning in the contemporary landscape. Turrell's work provides us a  lens through which to examine the intersection of time, space, and light as mechanics of the new  social existentialism. As the catalogue establishes: “​ Instead of diffusing freely from one side of  this wall to the other, the light ends abruptly in space, as if it had density. The power of the work  lies in this paradox, in which nothingness gains physical presence.”6  The physical presence of  nothingness, manifested through the physicality of light, confronts us with our own finitude. In  other words, we disappoint the desire to fill space undefined, as light can. Therefore,  disappointing the accompanying wish for immortality. As one moves around the work, the work  itself changes. The positioning of the body to the piece transforms it from a mere light show to  an expansive view of the abyss. Our body’s relationship to the piece is therefore of tantamount  importance. The experience of becoming re­aware of the limitations of our body is in fact the  experience of existentialism. Light, space, and time function in the work to trigger a new  awareness of our body in the space. Our awareness of our body in this space then triggers an  awareness of our body in the contemporary environment. This repositioning is symptomatic of  the new social existentialism.  This new understanding of the contemporary environment  includes an acknowledgement (or a purposeful un­acknowledgment) of our own alienation from  other bodies and space itself.    ​ Publication excerpt from The Museum of Modern Art, ​ MoMA Highlights​ , New York: The Museum of Modern Art,  revised 2004, originally published 1999, p. 343      6   Shopping malls and casinos are designed to encourage naive alienation; their windowless  facades obscure natural light, and the passing of time. Naive alienation encourages an acceptance  of our positioning and a continuation of the rhythm of neoliberalism through a shrouding of the  potential for collectivity. If we are all individual consumers, then we are alone and must  consume products to bridge the gap between ourselves and others. Alternatives to these  traditional structures, such as Isamu Noguchi’s ​ California Scenario (​ Figure 2)​ , ​ use light as a  physical force to express a revelatory alienation. Revelatory alienation functions to unveil our  positioning, allowing for self reflection and a radical repositioning. Revelatory alienation tears  down the constructed individualism of neoliberalism. In its place emerges a collective  existentialism experienced through the body's relationship to space. Noguchi’s work is  symptomatic of this type of unveiling. Nestled in between the largest mall in California, several  office centres, and a parking lot, ​ California Scenario​  is a dramatic pause in the monotony of the  everyday7. Light in Noguchi’s work is as present as the sculptural elements, arguably becoming a  sculptural object in itself. Standing in ​ California Scenario ​ feels similar to standing on a sundial­  one becomes aware of the passing of time as a physical presence. During the afternoon, the sun  bouncing off the neighboring parking lot causes the space to become so bright and hot that it is  physically overpowering for many viewers.8 The heat and light reflecting off the adjacent  parking garages dramatically changes the environment. It is through this heat that light becomes  a texture in the work; this heat makes it uncomfortable to be within the space and therefore  7  Ironically, in reading the Yelp reviews of the California Scenario it becomes clear that (when not reflected upon)  the work often becomes an elaborate stage for the everyday. Vivian A. writes “​ My friends and I took our prom  pictures here (...) It was an impeccable place to take pictures at; nice, quiet and may I add, very clean too! Although  it's a quite a small space, there's a lot of different artsy backgrounds you can choose from, which made it the perfect  photo spot!”  8  Yelp user Tilla L. writes “​ I came around 2 pm which was so hot that day so it could have a huge impact based on  my experience here.”    changes how one composes their body within the space. Compare this to the florescent lights of  an office building or mall, lights within these structures pass as neutral and unremarkable. They  work to neutralize the space, anesthetizing the aesthetic experience of existing within them and  therefore distancing us from a real awareness of our bodies and the passing of time. Light within  California Scenario ​ functions as the only real temporal marker. The piece does not change; the  landscape and sculptures are constantly preserved as to appear atemporal and unchanging. Even  in just moving across the plaza, one can observe how light is utilized as haptic and dynamic.  Approaching the forested area of the plaza feels like approaching a mirage, the heat reflecting off  the stone ground contrasts the lush grass and temperate shade (Figure 3). The transitioning  between the two environments within the larger scenario shocks the body into a revelatory  alienation. Using this experience as a key; one can then reconsider the positioning of their body  outside ​ California Scenario ​ instead of naively accepting the conditions of their positioning in the  world.     Naive alienation, or acceptance, suggests an abstraction or denial of space. To follow  Worringer’s ​ Abstraction and Empathy ​ to its conclusion would be to admit that to productively  exist in the contemporary environment one must mentally abstract space. Completely absorbing  the myriad of hyper­real contemporary spaces would be overwhelming to an individual.  Worringer elaborates;   While the tendency of empathy has as its condition a happy pantheistic relation of  confidence between man and the phenomena of the external world, the tendency to  abstraction is the result of a great inner conflict between man and his surroundings, and


letter 96%

Greetings from AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries.


Start up Workshop Schedule - March to Nov 14 96%

Marketing Hatters Space - Nuneaton th Session1:


Exploring spaces Oct 10.4 96%

We will propose a method of obtaining topological information about an unknown space from minimal empirical data.


Exhibitor Guidelines & Application Woof 16 95%

Assigning, subletting, subdividing or sharing of exhibit space is prohibited.


Blue Origin SWOT 95%

It is a viable and prescient force in the space launch industry.


Cosmos Model 95%

Tetracoor In this publication already was explained in how gravity or Cosmos energy consists, considering it as the space and time union to form one alone element:


SpacesBrochure 95%

Duke Studios on Sheaf Street in Leeds City Centre provides creative meeting and event space available to anyone looking for something different.


MAR TFM - Bioskop Contract & Application (Complete) 95%

Rates of Vendor Space Display Area Area (length X width) Price (R) Amount of space required Standard stand 2,0m X 3,0m = 6,0m² R 450.00 Number of spaces:____ 2 Food Area 2,0m X 3,0m = 6,0m R 600.00 Number of spaces:____ The most preferred space is given on a first come first served basis.



10/10/2017 GIANT LEAPS...  With your help, the New Announcements and Achievements  York Space Alliance made giant leaps this summer towards our goal of harnessing New York energy to grow a global space ecosystem. Thanks for being aboard!


Tools in Space 94%

Then write an informative essay (3-4 paragraphs) explaining why we have different tools to study space.


Off site space program 94%

Off-Site Program Space During Construction The current schedule from our Construction Manager, CE Floyd, plans for our vacating the theater and west wing studios (“theater building”) August 26, 2017 (this coming summer).


AIA report space 0109 94%

The Role of Space in Addressing America’s National Priorities A Special Report January 2009 Aerospace Industries Association 1000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1700 Arlington, VA 22209-3928 703-358-1000 The Role of Space in Addressing America’s National Priorities A Special Report January 2009 January 2009 The Role of Space in Addressing America’s National Priorities As a new administration and Congress take office, AIA is working to ensure that our nation’s policymakers are aware of the major issues facing our aerospace industry.