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Technical Attachment 100%

SPACEX NON-GEOSTATIONARY SATELLITE SYSTEM ATTACHMENT A TECHNICAL INFORMATION TO SUPPLEMENT SCHEDULE S A.1 SCOPE AND PURPOSE This attachment contains the information required under Part 25 of the Commission’s rules that cannot be fully captured by the associated Schedule S.


nasa goddard teleconference 97%

NASA Collaboration with SpaceX’s Red Dragon
 FISO Telecon September 21, 2016 Phil McAlister, NASA Headquarters Background • December 2014:


REPORT - SpaceX explosion Response 90%

The thesis of those videos was the September explosion of the SpaceX missile, while undergoing a "Static Fire"


output 89%

VEHICLE COMPARISON BLUE ORIGIN NEW SHEPARD SPACEX FALCON 9 Blue Origin's New Shepard suborbital booster and SpaceX's Falcon 9 suborbital booster may look alike at first glance.


FinalReport Hyperlynx 89%

Connor Catterall, Ben Cooper, Nicole Garcia, George Kemp, Chandler Lacy, John Spinelli, Mark Urban, and Susan Waruinge 12/3/2015 ABSTRACT In the summer of 2015, Team HyperLynx was one of over three hundred collegiate teams to initially enter the SpaceX Hyperloop pod competition.


Grad portfolio 86%

Projects SpaceX Creature Comfort: ... Digital Fabrication SpaceX Creature Comfort:


SEPTEMBER 10 2017 80%

-SpaceX has launched the US Air Force‟s super-secret space shuttle announced on 7th Sept.


Hyperloop Midterm Presentation 78%

 Proposed by Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX  New form of transportation that will consist of a pod traveling in a low pressured tube on a frictionless surface at speeds near Mach 1.


sample 78%

Mechanical Engineering 5/16 school • Competing in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition (senior design project) o Currently prototyping a pod for Elon Musk's Hyperloop concept in which pressurized pods will travel through reduced-pressure tubes at high speeds o Member of one of 22 student teams to advance to the final stage of the competition (115 teams total) o Designed and manufactured a lateral stability system for the rail-guided pod o Created a fiberglass layup of an aerodynamic body shape o Collaborated with industry professionals including SpaceX advisors to make and improve design decisions • Practiced problem-solving skills:


Accounting For Taking and Trading in Space 73%

The cost to get a kilogram of mass into orbit on SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy will soon fall below $1000.


Blue Origin SWOT 68%

Nels Weber DRAFT ONLY 4 of 9 Blue Origin and SpaceX were vying for use of the historic Launch Complex 39A and the GAO denied Blue Origin’s claim, even against NASA’s recommendation that both companies be allowed to use the facility.


DRAFT Hyperlynx Final Design Package 61%

OVERVIEW Team Hyperlynx will design, fabricate, and assemble a pod to win the wheeled vehicle category of the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition.


resume for reddit 61%

Mechanical Engineering 5/16 University of • Competing in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition in which pods will travel through reduced-pressure tubes at high speeds (senior design project) o Member of one of 22 student teams to advance to the final stage of the competition (115 teams total) o Utilized thermodynamic principles combined with analytical and numerical methods to determine the speed at which choked flow of air will occur in the tube o Designed and manufactured a lateral stability system for the rail-guided pod o Created a fiberglass layup of an aerodynamic body shape o Modeled the heat generation of disc brake rotors by using transient analysis techniques • Practiced problem-solving skills:


Great Awakening 58%

Under Obama NASA’s funding was reduced and money was pumped into a little know company called SpaceX.


Nathan Collins Resume 54%

SpaceX – Hawthorne, CA January 2013 – June 2013 Senior Project:


my failed article 47%

Edit Entry Admin Actions EDIT THIS ARTICLE THE LATEST HEADLINES See how close SpaceX came to landing its latest rocket CREATE STREAM FROM THIS ARTICLE SEE AVAILABLE ENTRY IMAGES VIEW ORIGINAL IMAGE Lonelygirl15 is back because we can't resist sequels Vimeo wins appeal against record labels in copyright lawsuit Last September, I placed my first Amazon Google adds quick and Page 1 of 7 6/16/16, 11:11 PM Prime Now order, a few Chobani yogurts that would come in for less than the local grocery !


(PDF) Glenbrooks Congress 2015 - Winning Words 44%

Winning Words From novice to nationals… d 2015 Glenbrooks Tournament Preliminary and Semi-Final Congress Legislation Researchers Nicholas Aranda Sylvia Culpepper Nicholas Golina Kevin Hauff Sarah Kuczmarski Matthew Magee Sophia Zupanc 1 Table of Contents Prelims 2 – A Bill to Phase Out the Solar Investment Tax Credit to Encourage the Use of Solar Energy 9 – A Bill to Reform Corporate Cash Holdings to Increase Competitiveness 16 – The Corporate Tax Dodging Prevention Act of 2015 23 – A Bill to Put America to Work 30 – A Bill to Tax Corporate Use of Water 37 – A Bill to Boost the Housing Market 42 – A Resolution to Ratify the Ottawa Treaty 49 – A Bill to Diminish the Islamic State’s Power in Syria 55 – The Philippines Economic Recovery Act of 2015 62 – A Bill to Assist America’s Kurdish Allies 67 – A Resolution to Increase the Usage of Private Military Contractors in the Central African Republic 73 – Middle Eastern Stabilization Act (MESA) of 2015 80 – A Bill to Fund the Nineveh Plain Protection Units 87 – A Resolution to Combat Human Trafficking 95 – A Bill to Remote Military Commanders from Decisions over the Prosecution of Sexual Assault Cases 102 – A Bill to Subsidize Public Transportation 107 – The Clean Lung Act of 2015 114 – A Bill to Amend the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 to Provide Greater Transparency in the Legislative Process 121 – A Bill to Reform Gun Laws for the Intellectually Disabled 127 – A Bill to Increase Funding for the Department of Homeland Security 136 – A Bill to Ensure Fairness to High Skilled Workers 147 – A Bill to Subsidize SpaceX 152 – A Bill to Give the Disadvantaged an Opportunity through Education 158 – A Bill to Invest in Thorium Nuclear Reactors Semis 167 – The Financial Fairness and Stability Act of 2015 173 – A Bill to Reappropriate Aid from Israel to Nigeria 180 – A Bill to Reduce Prison Populations A Bill to Phase Out the Solar Investment Tax Credit to Encourage the Use of Solar Energy 1 Research Compiled and Summaries Written by Shin San ◈ Text of Legislation◈ ◈ General Analysis◈ As stated in the bill’s text, the Solar Investment Tax Credit, or ITC, is a 30 percent federal tax credit for solar systems on residential and commercial properties that, under current law, remains in effect through December 31, 2016.


DOC-20170618-WA0001 44%

Human colonies on Mars could be possible within our life time, according to SpaceX CEO Elon Musk who has outlined his vision for a self sustaining city on the red planet in a new study.


humanity technology feature story 43%

Even Elon Musk, the inventive genius and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, has warned about the dangers of AI technologies, and has pledged $10 million dollars to the Future of Life Institue, a volunteer research organization that works to 'mitigate the existential risks facing humanity', with a focus on social implications of AI.