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retro style shop 100%

Steampunk is a fictional alternative history, set in England during the Victorian or Edwardian period.


31/03/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

Design Doc Thomas Loughran 74%

I mostly found inspirational images from google searching things like “fantasy gnome drawing” or “steampunk goggles drawing” and finding things that I thought were interesting more so from an idea standpoint than artistically.


07/01/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

Authentic Steel Boned Corset 73%

We deal in following kind of corsets:Authentic Steel Boned Corsets Shop Waist training Corsets Leather Steampunk Clothing Steel Boned Steampunk Clothing Gothic clothing for Women Online Gothic Clothing Dress Burlesque Corset Clothing Fashion Burlesque Corsets Shop Corset Dresses Women Fashion Corset For more details, you can go through the below link:http://www.vionacorset.com/ Authentic Steel Boned Corsets Steel Boned Corsets are intended to secure your abdomen, lessening it by up to 4 - 5 inches.


08/05/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

Steel Boned Corset 73%

We make a number of types of corsets, Steel boned corset Gothic clothing for women Gothic corset Burlesque costumes Corsets for women corset dresses Shop Waist Training Corsets Leather Steampunk Clothing Steel boned steampunk corset Fashion burlesque corsets For more details, Please visit our website:- For more details, Please go through, http://www.vionacorset.com/


17/08/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

forsining-mechanical-watch-review 73%

Forsining Mechanical Steampunk Watch Review “You will never find time for anything.


26/02/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

facts to consider when choosing1899 63%

It's possible for you to make excellent steampunk props, like this rocketeer tools,, from things at home.


31/07/2013 www.pdf-archive.com

Scaricare Libri Draw With Jazza - Creating Characters Gratis Di Josiah Brooks 58%

Whether sci-fi or steampunk, comic book heroines or tattooed action heroes, animal familiars or alien races, you will discover the limitless possibilities of creating your very own characters for comic books, cartoons, video games and more!


26/01/2019 www.pdf-archive.com

Marchese Simone TGS Pag.4 57%

In fine, nell’anno corrente, per la tesi di laurea in Grafica d’Arte ha rielaborato in chiave del tutto personale ed innovativa i 22 Arcani Maggiori dei Tarocchi, sostituendo le figure tradizionali con dei robot in legno a metà strada tra lo steampunk (un filone della narrativa fantascientifica Ottocentesca) e i karakuri (tradizionali robot giapponesi, realizzati in legno e ceramica) restando però fedele alla simbologia ed iconografia originaria, conservando tutti quei dettagli che arricchiscono di significati reconditi le misteriose figure dei Tarocchi.


11/12/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

Simone-Marchese-TGS-BN-questionario 57%

Il lavoro per la mia tesi di laurea, I tarocchi rielaborati in chiave a metà tra lo steampunk ed I karakuri.


07/01/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

100k products 56%

9 STEAMPUNK GLASSES ......................................................................................................................... 10 HEAVY DUTY PHONE CASES ...............................................................................................................


24/07/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

The Force and the Fury Press Release 54%

Renowned film festivals such as Raindance, Open World Film Festival in Toronto, UK Steampunk Film Festival, and Cedar Rapids Film Festival have honored the work of Big Puddle Films.


24/04/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

Best thriller novels 54%

interchange history, Bangsian dream, comic dream, contemporary dream (urban dream), dull dream, tall tale dream, chivalrous dream, high dream, chronicled dream (Celtic dream, steampunk, wuxia, medieval dream, ancient dream), adolescent dream, low dream, dream of conduct (mythic fiction), sentimental dream, science dream (sword and planet, kicking the bucket earth), superhero dream, sword and divination, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


01/07/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

edoardo-audino-EGETN 53%

E G E V Studi di personaggi in stile “steampunk”.


06/02/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

gintama silver soul sakata gintoki1871 50%

costumes superman Steampunk is quite lioose.


07/08/2013 www.pdf-archive.com

bits of advice and methods1293 48%

Starting off with Materials If ever the notion of paying several hours, otherwise days, establishing the items of a Steampunk necklace or bracelet you wish to use sounds like a chore, chances are you may enjoy developing your jewelry from the range of premade things.


23/05/2015 www.pdf-archive.com


Fumetti/libri Abiti ed accessori steampunk Gadget ed oggettistica Materiale audio/video Abiti ed accessori cosplay Altro (specificare) ………………………………..


29/03/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

corsets-1 44%

They are a mainstay in gothic fashion, a beautiful part of Steampunk style and are also a popular item in mainstream fashion too.


21/08/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

Adventures of Van Helsing 42%

The scenarios have a few strokes steampunk, which helps an inviting atmosphere, however, the producer must have felt compelled to take us a few scenarios that seem mandatory gender, breaking a little variety and thematic.


18/06/2013 www.pdf-archive.com

Project Spark Props (1) 41%

Props Name Type Default Brain Powered Availability Alternative Uses Acorn Object No Free Ancient Stone Landmark Object No Free Player Spawner Ancient Stone Ring Object No Free Chain Link Apple A Object Interact Heal (brain gallery) No Free Custom Head Apple B Object Interact Heal (brain gallery) No Free Custom Head Bear Trap Object Bear Trap Yes Free Crown Bird Egg Object Hatching Egg No Free Hill (Cartoon) Bluebelll Flower Object No Free Swamp flower Cabbage Object No Free Hair Camera Gizmo Special No Free Camp Fire Object Yes Free Cattail Object No Free Clay Pot Object No Free Coin Object No Free Coin Pile Object No Free Crossbow Weapon Equip(brain gallery) No Free Crossbow Bolt Object No Free Crystal Shard Object No Free Emerald Object No Free Pickup Exclamation Point A Object No Free Enemy Alert Exclamation Point B Object No Free Enemy Alert Explosive Barrel Object Explosive(brain gallery) No Free Explosive Crate Object Explosive(brain gallery) No Free Fancy Telescope Object No Free Fighter's Shield Shield Equip(brain gallery) No Free Fighter's Sword Weapon Equip(brain gallery) No Free Fire Grill Object No Free Fire Poker Weapon Equip(brain gallery) No Free Fish Bone Object No Free Floating Water Pool (Special Object No Free Glass Yes Free Old Wheel No Free Cozy Fire Pickup - Coin (brain gallery) Projectile Trail (brain gallery) Giant Crank Object Toggle Power on Interact(brain gallery) Goblin's Axe Weapon Equip(brain gallery) Debris Wheel Ship Steampunk Sculpting part Prison Bars Props Goblin's Cleaver Weapon Equip(brain gallery) No Free Goblin's Shield Shield Equip(brain gallery) No Free Gourd Bottle Object Pickup - Poison(brain gallery) No Free Hanging Lantern Object No Free Heart Pickup Object No Free Huge Femur Object No Free Key Object No Free Knife Weapon Equip(brain gallery) No Free Leather Bag Object No Free Leather Ball Object No Free Leg of Meat Object No Free Light Bulb (Special) Special No Free Lily Pad Object No Free Log Beam Object No Free Logic Cube Object No Free Lotus Flower Object No Free Metal Hanger A Object No Free Metal Hanger B Object No Free Metallic Sconce Object No Free Path Special No Free Potion Bottle Object No Free Primitive - Cone Object No Free Primitive - Cube Object No Free Primitive - Cylinder Object No Free Primitive - Pyramid Object No Free Primitive - Sphere Object No Free Primitive - Torus Object No Free Push Block Object No Free Question Mark A Object No Free NPC Interaction Question Mark B Object No Free NPC Interaction Ranger's Arrow Object No Free Ranger's Axe Weapon Equip(brain gallery) No Free Ranger's Bow Weapon Equip(brain gallery) No Free Bump Full Heal (brain gallery) Interact Heal (brain gallery) Interact Heal (brain gallery) Projectile Trail (brain gallery) Money Pouch Pickup Props Ranger's Quiver Object No Free Reinforced Storage Bin Object No Free Rock Arrowhead Object No Free Rock Hovel Object No Free Rope Piece Object No Free Round Boulder Object No Free Ruler - 10 Meters Special No Free Rustic Arrow Object No Free Rustic Balcony Object No Free Rustic Barricade Object No Free Rustic Bench Object No Free Rustic Bow Weapon Equip(brain gallery) No Free Rustic Bridge Object No Free Rustic Chair Object No Free Rustic Cupola Object No Free Rustic Door A Object Timed Reset Switch(brain gallery, renamed "Manual Doo Yes Free Rustic Door B Object Timed Reset Switch(brain gallery, renamed "Manual Doo Yes Free Rustic Dormer Object No Free Rustic Entrance Object No Free Rustic Fence - Broken A Object No Free Rustic Fence - Broken B Object No Free Rustic Fence - Large Object No Free Rustic Fence - Medium Object No Free Rustic Fence - Small Object No Free Rustic Fence Gate Object No Free Rustic Fence Gate - Whole Object Rustic Fence Posts Object No Free Rustic Granary Object No Free Rustic Hall Object No Free Rustic Lever Object Yes Free Rustic Melee Dummy Object No Free Rustic Outhouse Object No Free Rustic Picnic Table Object No Free Projectile Trail (brain gallery) Timed Reset Switch(brain gallery, renamed "Manual Doo Yes Toggle Power on Interact(brain gallery) Free Foot Props Rustic Pillar - Log Object No Free Rustic Pillar - Stone Object No Free Rustic Pillar - Wood Object No Free Rustic Post Object No Free Rustic Sign Object Detect Show Message(brain gallery) No Free Rustic Sign - Directional Object Show Helpful Message(brain gallery) No Free Rustic Signpost Object Detect Show Message(brain gallery) No Free Rustic Tower Object No Free Rustic Wall A Object No Free Rustic Wall B Object No Free Rustic Wall Gate Object Automatic Door (brain gallery) Yes Free Rustic Weather Vane Object Weather Vane (brain galler) No Free Rustic Window - Barred Object No Free Rustic Window - Boarded Object No Free Rustic Window - Planter Object No Free Rustic Window - Round Object No Free Rustic Window - Square Object No Free Rustic Window - Thin Object No Free Rustic Wishing Well Object No Free Rustic Work Crane Object No Free Sign Board A Object Detect Show Message(brain gallery) No Free Sign Board B Object Detect Show Message(brain gallery) No Free Sign Board C Object Detect Show Message(brain gallery) No Free Speaker Gizmo Special No Free Stone Chimney A Object No Free Stone Chimney B Object No Free Stove Pipe Object No Free Sword Weapon Equip(brain gallery) No Free Thatch Roof A Object No Free Thatch Roof B Object No Free Thatch Roof C Object No Free Thatch Roof D Object No Free Thatch Roof E Object No Free Grate UFO Props Thatch Shed Object No Free Throwing Rock Weapon Town Bell Object Toggle Power on Interact(brain gallery) No Free Yes Free Trap Door Object Trap Door(brain gallery) Yes Free Treasure Chest Object Village Flag Object Treasure Chest(brain gallery) Yes Free No Free Windmill Blades Object Wooden Barrel Object No Free No Free Wooden Bucket Object No Free Wooden Crate Object No Free Wooden Crate - Broken Object No Free Wooden Platform A Object No Free Wooden Platform B Object No Free Wooden Platform C Object No Free Wooden Ramp Object No Free Wooden Stairs A Object No Free Wooden Stairs B Object No Free Wooden Stairs C Object No Free Wooden Stairs D Object No Free Woodland Decaying Log Object No Free Woodland Fern A Object No Free Woodland Fern B Object No Free Woodland Fern C Object No Free Woodland Mushroom A Object No Free Woodland Mushroom B Object No Free Woodland Mushroom C Object No Free Woodland Mushroom Cap Object No Free Woodland Mushroom D Object No Free Woodland Palm A Object No Free Woodland Palm B Object No Free Woodland Rock - Large A Object No Free Woodland Rock - Large B Object No Free Woodland Rock - Medium A Object No Free Windmill(brain gallery) Custom Eyes Window shutter Dead tree trunk


06/01/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

unique jewelry fashion1738 40%

They may function concentrate on jewelry of a particular type, such as amber or turquoise, or they might have a theme, such as steampunk or classic.


27/03/2014 www.pdf-archive.com

Romance in the Air o A World of Adventure for Fate Core 34%

Any resemblance to real people, soldiers with ridiculous accents, doughty heroes and heroines with stiff upper lips, alternate histories both known and unknown, blushing sky-captains, or frankly the entire steampunk genre, is purely coincidental, but kinda hilarious.


29/01/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

tmp 3357-CommunityUpdateLetter-Jan2016-4-1657895200 26%

                      Community Update Letter  January 2016                  Information contained herein is proprietary and confidential, and may not be shared in written, electronic, verbal, or other forms of  transmission now available or  invented in the future without the written permission of Creative Misfits.      01/10/2016  Hi Crossroads.    We are writing to you as a group because it is necessary. We have come to this conclusion as a team.     When we joined staff with Crossroads to run events, we spoke with Tab (the Alliance Licence Holder) and Christina (Owner of Creative  Misfits) in their respective roles. This talk was about values, taking care of each other, not being dicks and having a great time being  creative. It made us think about the positive changes we could make in people’s lives by learning about them and then writing stories to  challenge them and their characters in ways that could help them grow. We believe in this: the values, the vision of the future, and an  intentional community. The promise of a place where everyone is accepted. That being creative and artistic makes a difference, and  that what we did changed lives for the better. All of us bought into the vision, the values, and we all agreed to hold each other  accountable to them.    Each of us has been lied to and manipulated in one way or another by the Alliance Licence Holder. Over the last several years many of  us have seen the Alliance Licence Holder use his position of authority in the chapter to sexually target numerous young women by lying  to them and those around them (including us) in order to secure sexual favors. These lies were first discovered in September of 2015.    Additionally, several of us on staff have witnessed the Alliance Licence Holder on multiple occasions take advantage of, publicly  disrespect and humiliate, manipulate, emotionally bully, and gaslight (to manipulate someone by psychological means into questioning  their own sanity) the Owner of Creative Misfits.    The Plot Team, General Manager and Owner of Creative Misfits held an intervention with the Alliance Licence Holder in late  September. We talked about the unacceptable behaviors that had been witnessed by team members and addressed actions he would  need to take in order for us to find a way to work with him again. This included seeking treatment for the personal issues that led him to  lie to numerous women in our community, and other people who care about them, in order to secure sexual favors. We agreed to revisit  the issue in three months in adherence to established policies made to give everyone cool down time when conflict happens.     Unfortunately, within a week of that intervention the Alliance Licence Holder chose to ask one female staff member (whom he’d  previously lied to and victimized) to resume sexual relations with him, and then began relations with another and asked her to lie to the  Owner of Creative Misfits and the staff about that new development.    In conclusion, we believe from direct collective observation that the Alliance Licence Holder has been, and continues to, sexually target  young women (at both chapter events and chapter­related parties he held). We further believe his sexually aggressive and manipulative  behavior as a leader in the community created an extremely uncomfortable environment for women in monster ​ camp. Examples: our  female to male ratio dropped in monster camp without explanation; we had several young women come once and never return; one  young woman was upset to a degree that she will not speak of Crossroads or to any staff to tell us what happened; we had complaints  of inappropriately aggressive behavior after many events and social gatherings. This is a ​ problem we can’t ignore.    As a team, we try to uphold our community beliefs and ideals. Somewhere along the line we missed that things had gone off­course.  We acknowledge that it happened, and that it hurt a lot of people. We’re correcting it now, and we’re doing everything we can to build  something positive out of the clarity this difficult situation has brought for us. When we first learned about all of this, we followed policy  and asked the Alliance Licence Holder to take a break for a few months so he could have an opportunity to heal and regain the right to  work his way back into the community, and so everyone else could have time to calm down and make a reasoned decision when we  met in our annual strategy session.     After several months to cool down, and having given him the chance to start making amends and work on personal healing, the Alliance  Licence Holder has not made any obvious efforts to change the problematic and predatory behaviors we’ve observed. It appears  instead that he has continued the above behaviors.    In light of this, the Creative Misfits team will no longer work with the Alliance Licence Holder or run Alliance events.  We are banning the  Alliance Licence Holder from all Creative Misfits events until such a time as the Owner and General Manager both agree to that  change.    1  Information contained herein is proprietary and confidential to addressee only.    In addition the Owner of Creative Misfits’ health is important to us and to the continuation of this organization. Her health has been  impacted detrimentally by everything that has been discovered and taken place. Continuing to discover that women in our community  (who come to her home, and participate in her business) are having sexual relations with a person who is harming her and targeting her  for continued harm is not okay. This is impeding her recovery, and we’re not going to stand aside and watch it keep happening.    We’re all adults. We make our own choices. If women in this community want to have sexual relationships with the Alliance Licence  Holder after being informed of this, you are welcome to. You are adults. If you make that choice, you are NOT welcome at any events,  social gatherings, or even in the online space for this group. Please understand that for the time­being this is the consequence of that  action, which we as a team will enforce.    The Owner of Creative Misfits deserves the space to heal and move on. We all want to move on, and we cannot do this if members of  our community continue to do these things in our community space.    Maybe take a pause. Get a glass of water, cup of tea, shot of whiskey, whatever. Breathe and then continue reading. It’s  gonna be okay. We’ll all get through this change and back to having lots of fun together.    The national organization of Alliance LARP had nothing to do with this, and this is not the type of behavior that organization tolerates or  encourages. At this time, while we are still interested in running high fantasy (it’s our home, and it brought us all together), we also want  to be able to run cyberpunk, steampunk, Sci Fi, Zombie Apocalypse, and all kinds of creative event types that will open up a huge  amount of flexibility and creativity for all of us. We want to do it all with the simplest possible rules set that will support the story. We  want to try something new, and see where it can take all of us. So while we have no hard feelings whatsoever, and wish them all the  best, we will not be running Alliance games or pursuing a licence to do so in the near future.    It’s been an intensely dramatic few months. We know, we feel it too and we want it to be over. We won’t sacrifice what is right for what  is convenient. Our entire team is standing behind the Owner of Creative Misfits and the other people victimized by the Alliance Licence  Holder. We are going to move on from the past, and together build something far better and more aligned with our group values and  vision than we had before.    We can rise from these ashes and make what we want to build together come true. We’re an amazing community of talented people  who are committed to also being good, decent, caring human beings. Sometimes we will be tested and have to enforce the boundaries  and values of our community. We got this.    Here’s a quick outline of what’s coming immediately, and expect to hear a lot more in the FB group soon as we move everything  forward:  1.


16/01/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

WonderfulChapter3 26%

Chevalier sorti d'un univers Renaissance française/Steampunk, il va sans dire.


22/11/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

engineer-5E-ver1.14 17AUGUST2015 25%

Steampunk Goggles by Toefje-Kunst Engineer A small, round object falls down through the cavern from a ledge above and lands at the feet of the orc chieftain.


12/09/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

Wei Wu 20%

Vashon is still pushing the Steampunk line, as well as the old stand-by Synergist Business tag, along with the dime- (well, maybe a little more) a-dozen Actioneer line of suits.


02/09/2014 www.pdf-archive.com