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kms 100%

Learning - learning results in a change in behaviour that occurs as a result of experience -early theorists described it as a behaviour change to a stimulus (stimulus-response theories:


Théorie kiné Bragard part.2 99%

comprendre les différents axes de classification des douleurs et leur complémentarité pouvoir appliquer cette classification à des situations de terrain 1) différence douleur/nociception Stimulus potentiellement lésionnel —>


Exploring Stimulus Variability in Applicant Attractiveness 96%

Stimulus Variability in Attractiveness Bias Exploring the Effects of Physical Attractiveness in Job Applicant Evaluations:


OEM Summer2012Poster2 96%

Krešimir Josi , University of Houston Introduction Optimization problems in neural network models frequently appear in the theoretical neuroscience literature for a variety of purposes, such as putting upper bounds on network performance1, formulating general principles of network organization3,6, and even predicting how encoding strategies vary with changing stimulus statistics1.


SV2 chap. 2 91%

de paramètres du MI (maintenus dans une gamme de leurs via mécanisme(s) régulateur(s) propre(s) - T° (36,1°—37,8°) - pH sanguin (7,35—7,45) - calcémie (90—105mg/L) - kaliémie (3,5—5mmol/L) - glycémie (0,8—1g/L à jeun) - PA, volémie, Posmotique plasma, PCO2a,… Eléments du mécanisme régulateur Stimulus = changement de la valeur/perturbation du paramètre !


Review of Basic Neuroscience 80%

Unconditioned stimulus (e.g. ... Conditioned stimulus (e.g.


Poster 80%

Figure 1 shows the stimulus for the unfamiliar scan, figure 2 shows the stimulus for the familiar scan and figure 3 shows the stimulus for the orientation scan.


social wanting dysfunction autism asd 73%

Based on learning experiences, previously neutral stimuli usually acquire reward value either through the occurrence of hedonic sensations of ‘liking’ an unconditioned stimulus (UCS) when consuming it (for example, the actual taste of chocolate) or through associations of a conditioned stimulus (CS) that predicts a reward (for example, picture of a chocolate bar).


SV2 chap 3 partie 2 71%

savoir refaire et légender dès que stimulation (réatteinte du PMR) 4 sur 8 Pierre Cnockaert 2017-2018 charges + entrent dans la cell, provoquant un courant électrique qui stimule l’ouverture d’autres canaux… augmentation du PA Ouverture des CVD K⁺ et fermeture des canaux Na⁺ = hyperpolarisation mécanismes responsables du PA Propriétés du PA d’un neurone - codage de l’intensité de la stimulation un stimulus plus intense ne se manifeste pas par une réponse plus intense, mais par une augmentation de la fréquence de PA (plus de PA pour un grand stimulus) 5 sur 8


SV2 chap 4 partie 3 70%

stimulus) —> ... - Stimulus :


uncle fritz 70%

It is the copy in sound of a nerve stimulus.


marques etal 2009 TrueFalse 67%

Successive trials were separated by a variable inter-stimulus interval.


altemeyer teaparty2010 65%

* Anger among economic conservatives rose yet higher in early 2009 when Congress responded to President Obama‟s call for a massive economic stimulus to keep the recession from turning into a Depression.


VNG Diagnostic Assessment 65%

Non-invasive, infrared cameras are used to directly measure the patient’s eye movements and how the eyes respond to various visual, positional and caloric stimulus.


Stimulus Second Edition 65%

Stimulus A collection of poetry… By, Muhammad Farhan Ahmed Copyright © 2016 by Muhammad Farhan Ahmed All rights reserved.


Patrick Turner Problem set 2 62%

5​ ​years​ ​from​ ​now​ ​as​ ​the​ ​market​ ​will​ ​have​ ​more​ ​time​ ​to​ ​adjust​ ​to​ ​the​ ​stimulus C.


Draft%20EIR 62%

providing safe, clean and reliable power to approximately 264,000 homes (which would produce approximately 1 million less tons of carbon dioxide emissions when compared to using fossil fuels), economic stimulus, creating 600 temporary workers, and 20 fulltime employees, increases sales tax revenue, demand for housing.


DavidVeroneauResume-1on1 62%

ACADEMIC PROJECTS Auditory Neuroscience Modeling Research   Modeling of Non-Newtonian Blood Flow   January 2015 – Present Expanded an existing published mathematical model of signal inputs from the auditory neural pathway, correlated both with sound stimulus frequency and age in order to gain deeper understanding of the neurological factors involved in age-related hearing loss.


Telecom Sector thesis 61%

Professors and seniors for providing the stimulus for making this thesis successful.


DIVA poster final final (2) 61%

In most trials, the summed classification probabilities in the most fit individual Stimulus and categories used rose to 5.2 by the twentieth generation, and within a few generations had spread to the whole population.


TET Paper 1 Child Development and Pedagogy 58%

Types of learning-Learning Hierarchy-signal learning stimulus-response learning-Motor and verbal chain learning-Multiple discriminations concept learning-Learning rules and problem-solving.


The Comeback Manifesto 58%

In order to satisfy the high level of reward stimulus we have become addicted to we become trapped in a cycle of quickly avoiding the low points in our lives and reaching for activities we know are quick to reward us.


40-Sri Wahyuni 58%

Keterampilan ini harus dilatih melalui pemberian stimulus yang menuntut seseorang untuk berpikir kritis.


OtmaneElrhaziPatterns 56%

The first type involves recognition of concrete entities using sensory information, for example, visual or auditory stimulus.


Jan17thResumeRayLo 55%

PUBLICATION Engaging and Disengaging Recurrent Inhibition Mediates Sensing and Unsensing of a Sensory Stimulus Debajit Saha et al.