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0613MBLP 100%

    The student will know:  I CAN reflect on the inner workings and what goes on behind the scenes for the percussion  ensemble STOMP!    I CAN use active listening to describe instrumentation, genre, tempo, and other musical elements in  the music I hear and performances I see.    The student will be able to:    Assessment:  What method of assessment to be used? (Describe the formal or informal assessment procedures.)      What criteria (rubric) will to be used to determine level of understanding or skill competence?      Musical Elements Addressed:   APS Music Standards Addressed:  Expressive:​  Dynamics, Tempo, Style  •​ Perform ​ (sing, speak, play)  •​  Creating ​ (compose)  Timbre:​  Vocal, Instrumental  •​  Move to Music  •​ Relate to History & Culture  Duration:​  Beat, Meter, Rhythm  •​ Listen, Analyze, Describe  •​  Read and Notate  Pitch:​  Melody, Harmony, Tonality  Class Lesson Groupings:   Structure:​  Form, Texture  Whole Class  Small Group  Individual  Musical Processes:  Materials Needed:  Experience  Improvisation  STOMP Out Loud full movie: Exploration  Creation  0iE  Imitation      Stomp Out Loud worksheet   Stomp Out Loud video worksheet            Learning Activities ​ (Be sure to address modification & differentiation needs)  Time  The teacher will:  The student will:  8:20 ­ 8:25  Discuss with the class the ideas of teamwork, creativity,    responsibility, and trust.    8:25 ­ 8:32  8:32 ­ 9:32  9:32 ­ 9:40  9:40 ­ 9:47  9:47 ­ 9:55            Hand out the worksheet and go over the questions. Tell  the students to be thinking of these as they watch the  video.  Watch the full movie, making sure students are filling in  their worksheet or at least keeping the questions in mind.  Discuss the questions from the worksheet once again,  opening things up for students to share their thoughts.  Go over any questions that may not have been discussed,  and give the students time to write their answers.    Hand out and ask students to complete the teacher  survey.  Tell them it’s not mandatory, but that Prof.  Rowan would *greatly* appreciate their thoughts (and  tell them to be honest!).       


STOMPOutLoudworksheet 95%

STOMP OUT LOUD – WORKSHEET Answer the questions in full sentences!


RESPAWN Taster 88%

Finding Your Reason To Butt-Stomp Turtles Quest 2:


Gear 75%

Equipo de Portero de Hockey Leg Pads Stomp Hechas a Mano en Canada 34+2 Stomp  es  una  marca  de  goalie gear  canadiense,  el  dueño  de la  empresa  fundo  brian´s  con  el señor   brian´s,   pero  después  de  problemas  el  fue   a  fundar  su  propia  empresa.  NO.1  en CANADA.  Cómo  es   una  empresa  familiar  y  chica  a  comparacion  de  las  grandes,  no  tienen suficiente  dinero  como  pagar  un  portero  de  la  NHL,  por   eso  no  lo  ves  ahi.  Pero  están certificadas para niveles PRO cómo la NHL.


Brand, Demon Warrior 72%

Claw 11 - Vicious Stomp [rager 4] Eschew Materials 7th 8th 9th Conditional Modifiers Domains/Specialty School 0 Monk's Outfit 1st Special Abilities Shield Touch of Gracelessness Bred for War - +1 to Intimidate/CMB Inspiring Rush - +1 to attack/damage on charge - 1/day, affects allies for 1 turn 2nd Mutant Eye - +2 to Sense Motive, -1 to Diplomacy - +4 when sensing mind-affecting effects - 3rd Stunning Fist:


060312 Brandon Resume 67%

First place Redbull Snow Wars, third place in Schweitzer Stomp Games, placed ninth in Junior Nationals, 2nd place Big Mountain slopestyle, and 4th place Big Sky slopestyle.


CV Valentin Prévost 67%

MongoDB, Hibernate, SpringMVC for Java, Stomp over Websocket, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Google Maps API in Java and Javascript  What I learned from it:


Conor Doyle - Music and Mediumship 65%

Such an event usually produces cries of great ululation from the women while the dancers stomp their feet harder and the mbira ensemble begin playing their instruments as vigorously as possible.


DragonScales6thgrade (1) 63%

don’t stomp like a wildebeest.


Wazza 60%

Created using PCGen v6.06.01 on Apr 6, 2017 at 11:42:55 AM Level:7 (CR:6) Page 2 Innate Racial Spells Name ❏ Stomp School Psychokinesis Time 1 standard action Duration Instantaneous Range 20 ft.


3XW2 Set 56%

running stomp - 2 2.


Mushi Family Catalogue (October 2010) 56%

Legend • Hi Profile - Dont Forget EP • S.F.A.R - In My Dreams EP • Chemlab - Chemlab EP • Hypersonic - Overend Show • Sanathana - Puppets • Combinations - Fuck the System EP • Injection - Under My Skin EP • Scone - Maze Ambients • Concept - The Vicious Cycle • Interactive Noise - Rewire • Sergej Source - Left Behind EP • Cortex - Spiritual Tonic • Interactive Noise - Time and Space Remixes EP • Shagma - Rainbow Island EP • D_Root - Rootart • Killer B - The Lost But Not Forgotten EP • Shayning - Lobotomized EP • Dark Nebula - Moonshine EP • Krusseldorf - 5 Pointed Star EP • Shinouda - Basic Stomp EP • Deep Chill Network - Dream Companion • Leksa - Oriental Moon • Shpongle feat.


Keggy 54%

Created using PCGen v6.06.01 on Apr 4, 2017 at 10:21:24 AM Level:7 (CR:6) Page 3 Innate Racial Spells Name ❏ School Psychokinesis Stomp Time 1 standard action Duration Instantaneous Range 20 ft.


FT310 Script #2 (3) 51%

The Real Final Exam: