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B Fly BRUSH 100%

BRUSH MATERIA_SURFACE GRES PORCELLANATO SMALTATO RETTIFICATO_NATURALE GLAZED PORCELAIN STONEWARE RECTIFIED_NATURAL LO STUDIO Design Brush Brush BEAT Brush HAMMER BRUSH SQUARE 75x75 291/2”x291/2” BRUSH HALF 37,5x75 143/4”x291/2” BRUSH BRICK 18,5x37 72/7”x144/7” BRUSH CODE 30x75 12”x291/2” BRUSH BRUSH HAMMER BRUSH BEAT BR040 Brush Cemento Square 75x75 291/2”x291/2” BRH040 Brush Hammer Cemento Square 75x75 291/2”x291/2” BRB040 Brush Beat Cemento Square 75x75 291/2”x291/2” BR060 Brush Mastice Square 75x75 291/2”x291/2” BRH060 Brush Hammer Mastice Square 75x75 291/2”x291/2” BRB060 Brush Beat Mastice Square 75x75 291/2”x291/2” BR050 Brush Fango Square 75x75 291/2”x291/2” BRH050 Brush Hammer Fango Square 75x75 291/2”x291/2” BRB050 Brush Beat Fango Square 75x75 291/2”x291/2” BR070 Brush Lava Square 75x75 291/2”x291/2” BRH070 Brush Hammer Lava Square 75x75 291/2”x291/2” BRB070 Brush Beat Lava Square 75x75 291/2”x291/2” BR400 Brush Cemento Half 37,5x75 143/4”x291/2” BRH400 Brush Hammer Cemento Half 37,5x75 143/4”x291/2” BRB400 Brush Beat Cemento Half 37,5x75 143/4”x291/2” BR600 Brush Mastice Half 37,5x75 143/4”x291/2” BRH600 Brush Hammer Mastice Half 37,5x75 143/4”x291/2” BRB600 Brush Beat Mastice Half 37,5x75 143/4”x291/2” BR500 Brush Fango Half 37,5x75 143/4”x291/2” BRH500 Brush Hammer Fango Half 37,5x75 143/4”x291/2” BRB500 Brush Beat Fango Half 37,5x75 143/4”x291/2” BR700 Brush Lava Half 37,5x75 143/4”x291/2” BRH700 Brush Hammer Lava Half 37,5x75 143/4”x291/2” BRB700 Brush Beat Lava Half 37,5x75 143/4”x291/2” BR140 Brush Cemento Brick 18,5x37 72/7”x144/7” BRH140 Brush Hammer Cemento Brick 18,5x37 72/7”x144/7” BR160 Brush Mastice Brick 18,5x37 72/7”x144/7” BRH160 Brush Hammer Mastice Brick 18,5x37 72/7”x144/7” BR150 Brush Fango Brick 18,5x37 72/7”x144/7” BRH150 Brush Hammer Fango Brick 18,5x37 72/7”x144/7” BR170 Brush Lava Brick 18,5x37 72/7”x144/7” BRH170 Brush Hammer Lava Brick 18,5x37 72/7”x144/7” CARATTERISTICHE TECNICHE TECH INFO BRHC40 Brush Hammer Cemento Code 30x75 12”x291/2” BRHC60 Brush Hammer Mastice Code 30x75 12”x291/2” BRHC50 Brush Hammer Fango Code 30x75 12”x291/2” BRHC70 Brush Hammer Lava Code 30x75 12”x291/2” GRES PORCELLANATO SMALTATO PORCELAIN STONEWARE SPESSORE / THICKNESS 10,5 mm_7/16” COEFFICIENTE DI ATTRITO MEDIO / AVERAGE COEFFICIENT OF FRICTION Brush - Brush Beat:


kitchen pack deluxe Sheet1 72%

kitchen  pack Whisky  Tumblers  -­‐  3  Pack Hi-­‐ball  Glass  Tumblers  -­‐  3  Pack Non-­‐Stick  Baking  Tray  28cm page  1 Stainless  Steel  Cutlery Set  16  Pieces   White  Porcelain  Dinner  Plates 26.5cm  -­‐  4  Pack White  Porcelain  Side  Plates 19cm  -­‐  4  Pack page  2 White  Porcelain  Soup  Bowl   21.5cm  -­‐  4  Pack White  Stoneware  Cereal  Bowl Fruit  Knife Kitchen  Knife Tin  And  Bottle  Opener Non-­‐stick  Roasting  Tray Ceramic  Coated  Sauce  Pan  With  Lid  18cm Non-­‐stick  Frying  Pans  -­‐  2  Pack Plastic  Chopping  Board Stainless  Steel  Peelers  x  1


Payne Bros April 2017 Genware Brochure 71%

Footwear 262 Porcelain Tableware 24 Barware 270 Oven-to-Tableware 54 Outdoor Products 290 Stoneware 62 Trays 292 RG Tableware 78 Chef Knives 296 Melamine Tableware 82 Kitchenware &


Schjeldahl Birds of a Feather (2011) 49%

Last week, the Freer débuted a temporary reinstallation of the Peacock Room, by the curator Lee Glazer, which recreates the way it appeared in photographs from 1908—adorned not with the porcelains (Leyland’s collection was long gone by then) but with two hundred and fifty-four of Freer’s own Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Middle Eastern earthenware and stoneware ceramics, which he left to the museum.