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C & J Flavor List 100%

Crushin Candies (Available in Edmonton Only) Fuzzy – Fuzzy peach gummy candy Jolliez – Apple/watermelon jolly Rancher Rockz – Strawberry Poprocks Crushin Candies (Available outside of Edmonton) Fuzzy – Fuzzy peach gummy candy Jolliez – Apple/watermelon jolly Rancher Rockz – Strawberry Poprocks Bubblez – Blue raspberry hubbabubba bubble gum Nerdz – Grape and raspberry sour nerds Rootz – Creamy root beer float gummy candy Roos – Your favorite cookie with vanilla frosting!


117-1284 Tutti Frutti DELIVERY MENU MS 95%

Minimum order for Delivery $12.00 Strawberry Banana (Strawberry, Banana) Broadway Berry (Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry) Acaí Smoothie (Acaí berry, Blueberry, Banana) Suggested Additional Toppings:


DTJ Menu ALL 94%

冷饮料系列 COLD BEVERAGES J001 香港特制柠檬茶 2.8 J002 香港丝袜奶茶 2.8 J003 木瓜鲜奶 3.8 J004 椰子鲜奶 3.8 J005 蜜瓜鲜奶 3.8 J006 香蕉鲜奶 3.8 J007 蜜瓜汁 3.8 J008 西瓜汁 3.8 J009 草莓汁 4.2 J010 芒果汁 4.2 J011 草莓鲜奶 4.2 J012 芒果鲜奶 4.2 Hong Kong Ice Lemon Tea Hong Kong Milk Tea Papaya Milk Coconut Milk Honeydew Milk Banana Milk Honeydew Juice Watermelon Juice Strawberry Juice Mango Juice Strawberry Milk Mango Milk 鲜奶加益力多加 $3 Milk with Yakult additional $3 热饮系列 HOT BEVERAGES **Dine in orders are subject to a 10% service charge and 7% GST **Take away orders are subject to 7% GST Photos are only for display purposes K001 意式浓缩咖啡 2.8 K002 极品咖啡 2.8 K003 卡布奇诺 3.8 K004 摩卡 3.8 K005 拿铁玛奇朵 4.2 K006 热巧克力 4.2 Expresso Brewed Coffee Cappucino Mocha Latte Macchiato Hot Cocoa BEST SELLER PREMIUM 魔鬼球 DEVIL’S Chocolate Ball 16.8 PREMIUM 冰镇 幻彩千红 Magical Universe 16.8 PREMIUM 天使の火焰 ANGEL’S Flame 16.8 **Dine in orders are subject to a 10% service charge and 7% GST **Take away orders are subject to 7% GST Photos are only for display purposes BEST SELLER 西式甜品系列 WESTERN W001 4 焦糖炖蛋 (15mins) 6.8 苹果脆脆配雪糕 (15mins) 8.8 火焰雪山 (15mins) 9.8 殿糖级心太软配雪糕 (15mins) 10.8 黄金酥皮拿破仑 (15mins) Crème Brulee W002 Apple Crumble With Ice-Cream W003 Flaming Colline De Neige W004 Signature Molten Chocolate Lava Cake With Ice-Cream W005 W00 12.8 (黄金芒果·红钻草莓·D24榴莲) Napoleon (Mango • Strawberry • D24 Durian) Choice of Ice Cream:


Survey-Form-Dutch-Lady 94%

your answer less than RM900 Yes Chocolate;Strawberry Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Maintain Yes Yes RM9,000 to RM10,999Yes Fresh Milk;Low Fat;Chocolate Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No No Maintain Yes Yes Above RM15,000Yes Full Cream;Chocolate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Maintain Yes Yes Banana, and do.



vanilla ice cream 27k Black Strawberry espresso &


ice cream sandwich recipes 92%

vanilla extract Strawberry Ice-Cream:


LaSuiza Menu2016 Nofotos 92%

Cheers (crema de ron) $5.500 Capucheers Cappuccino and Cheers (rum cream) Mocaccino Chocolate, café, leche y brandy $6.000 Mocaccino Chocolate, coffee, milk and brandy Carajillo Café, miel, leche, brandy y crema chantilly $6.300 Carajillo Coffee, honey, milk, brandy and whipped cream (Mayores de 18 años) Ron, brandy, amaretto, crema de ron (Must be over 18) $6.000 Rum, brandy, amaretto, rum cream Impuesto al consumo · 8% Limonada de yerbabuena Limonada de coco Burbujeantes de panela · Limón y flor de Jamaica · Tamarindo $2.500 $2.500 Panela sparkling drinks · Lemon and roselle Hibiscus · Tamarin Limonada natural $3.200 Natural lemonade Limonada de coco $6.000 Coconut lemonade Limonada de fresa $4.500 Strawberry lemonade Limonada de jengibre $4.000 Ginger lemonade Limonada de yerbabuena $4.000 Lemonade with spearmint Jugo de naranja natural $4.000 Natural orange juice Jugo de mandarina natural $5.000 Natural tangerine juice Jugo de mandarina y fresa $5.300 Tangerine and strawberry juice $4.500 $4.800 Natural juices Soursop, mango, strawberry, blackberry, passion fruit, inca berry, grape, feijoa or arazá · Fruit juice · Fruit juice with milk Jugos naturales Guanábana, mango, fresa, mora, maracuyá, uchuva, uva, feijoa o arazá · En agua · En leche Malteadas Vainilla, chocolate, pistacho, arequipe, café, ron, brownie, frutos rojos, almendras, maracuyá, fresa, mora o arazá $7.000 Milk shakes Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, milk caramel, coffee, rum, brownie, berries, almonds, passion fruit, strawberry, blackberry or arazá Té helado (Nestea) $3.000 Iced tea (Nestea) Milo $4.800 Milo Leche $2.800 Milk Gaseosa (Coca-Cola, Sprite, Manzana) $2.800 Soft drinks (Coke, Sprite, Apple) (Mayores de 18 años) Cerveza Club Colombia $6.500 Beer - Club Colombia (Must be over 18) (Mayores de 18 años) Copa de vino tinto o blanco $7.000 Glass of red o white wine (Must be over 18) Impuesto al consumo · 8% Genovesa de frutos rojos Torta de espinaca Milhojas, acordeones, rollos de limón, maní, coco y chocolate, entre otra gran variedad de deliciosos pasteles $2.500 Napoleons, accordions, lemon, peanut, coconut and chocolate rolls, among a great variety of delicious bakery goods Palito de queso, pastel de jamón y queso $3.400 Cheese sticks, ham and cheese puff pastry Porción de torta Ponqué al día, piña, durazno, requesón, amaretto y capuchino $3.800 Cake slices Ponqué al día (Cake of the day), pineapple, peach, cottage cheese, amaretto, cappuccino Torta de zanahoria $3.700 Carrot cake Torta de espinaca $3.700 Spinach cake Torta de chocolate $5.200 Chocolate cake Torta de limón con semillas de amapola $4.300 Lemon cake with poppy seeds Genovesa de frutos rojos $4.500 Wild berries Genoise cake Sapitos $3.200 Sapito cup cake Volcán de chocolate Delicioso bizcocho relleno de chocolate fundido acompañado con helado de vainilla $9.500 Molten chocolate cake A delicious chocolate biscuit filled with molten chocolate with vanilla ice cream.


Covington Take Out - Web 90%




2) Banana and Strawberry Smoothie This is a seriously rich yet healthy smoothie that has become a classic because the sweet flavours of banana and strawberry are perfectly complementary.


COO-Bistro-and-Boutique-Hostel-Menu-4mb 88%

TEA ESPRESSO Additional Shot +1.5 HOT 4 ICED 4.5 LONG BLACK 5 LATTE 5.5 6.5 PICCOLO 5 CAPPUCCINO 5.5 6.5 MOCHA 6 6 7 7.5 Vanilla Gelato | Espresso Shot VALRHONA CHOCOLATE 7.5 9.5 Manjari 64% | Jivara 40% | Sea Salt Vanilla Espuma HOT TEA Classic English Breakfast | Timeless Earl Grey | Ever-Green Tea | Chamomile | Peppermint COLD BREWED ICED TEA Mango Peach | Summer Passionfruit 6 MOJITO 18 FLAVOURED MOJITO 20 CAIPIRINHA 18 FLAVOURED CAIPIRINHA 20 WHISKEY SOUR 18 Bacardi Carta Blanca I Fresh Mint I Lime Juice I Club Soda Peach I Strawberry I Passionfruit 8 12 KRONENBOURG BLANC 14 SOMERSBY APPLE 12 WHITE WINES EL COTO BIANCO 2014 SPAIN 75 13 65 58 BOUCHARD PÈRE &


G.M. Recipes 88%

Strawberry Surprise Freezer Jam Requirements;


CDC-Brochure-FINAL 88%

From the light savor of the Marguerite (tomato, basil, garlic and mozzarella) to the sinful indulgence of the Madeline (strawberry, sweet cream and whipped cream), there’s a dish for every desire.


news release-ucla combined pesticides 85%

  Ann   Lopez,   Executive   Director   of   the   Center   for   Farmworker   Families   and   member   of   the   Safe   Strawberry   Monterey   Bay   pesticide   reform   coalition.


Untitled document 85%

Le Gavroche Café et Pet Pets Shop Directory Updated DAILY Search (Press CTRL + F) For An Item Caffeine Free Neocola Cinnamon Swirl Toffee Ice Cream Chocolate Cake Blue Doughnut Pink Doughnut Pink Sprinkle Doughnut Purple Doughnut Rainbow Doughnut Sugar Doughnut Strawberry Milkshake Vanilla Milkshake Chocolate Milkshake Banana Milkshake Strawberries and Cream Baby Food Ultimate Burger Cheeseburger Chocopie Slice Angelpuss Warf Buzzer Snorkle Greeble Blumaroo Steak Psimouse Rainborific Slushie Holiday Slushie Chocolate Chip Cookie Slushie Christmas Tree Negg Blueberry Chia Pop Lime Chia Pop Rainbow Chia Pop Gingerbread Lupe Treat B-B-Q Pork Breakfast Croissant Orange Chicken Banana Roll Blueberry Roll Grape Roll Guava Roll Orange Roll Lime AChyfi Stego Searex Tri-nana Hot Dog with Mustard &


ChilisMainMenu Version 012Updated 84%

Watermelon and strawberry syrup blended with fresh cranberry juice.


Yacht Club Bar List - COVER 4 ante all Inclusive 0014MED.PDF 84%

PORT Limoncello, Sambuca, Baileys Irish Cream, Jägermeister Fernet Branca, Ramazzotti, Averna, Montenegro Sherry Harveys Bristol Cream, Sandeman Ruby Porto CAFFETTERIA Vodka, Cointreau, succo di mirtillo rosso, Rose’s lime Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice, Rose’s lime Martini Royale Vermouth Martini Bianco, prosecco, lime fresco Martini Bianco vermouth, prosecco, fresh limee Aperol Spritz Aperol, prosecco, soda Aperol, prosecco, club soda Espresso Caffè decaffeinato / Decaffeinated coffee Cappuccino Caffellatte / Caffè latte Marocchino (mini cappuccino) Caffè d’orzo / Barley coffee Caffè corretto Caipinha/Caipiroska/Caipirissima Irish coffee Cioccolata calda / Hot chocolate Tè caldo / Hot tea Bitter Campari, vermouth Martini Rosso, soda con un accenno di Grappa o Sambuca / with a splash of Grappa or Sambuca Cachaça o vodka o rum, lime, zucchero Cachaça or vodka or rum, lime, sugar Negroni Gin, Bitter Campari, vermouth Martini Rosso Gin, Campari Bitter, Martini Rosso vermouth Americano Campari Bitter, Martini Rosso vermouth, club soda Bloody Mary Vodka, succo di pomodoro, sale, pepe, salsa Worcestershire, Tabasco ZERO ALCOHOL Piña Colada Zero Ananas fresco, crema di cocco, succo d’ananas, latte Fresh pineapple, coconut cream, pineapple juice, milk Strawberry Daiquiri Zero Purea di fragole, sweet &


CASECAKES spring2015.compressed (1) 84%

$55 STRAWBERRY LEMONADE Everything you know, nothing you’ve ever had!





flavours 84%

blends  ­ DX Bavarian Cream by TFA / TPA ­ 10 ML  ­ Vanilla Swirl Flavor by TFA / TPA ­ 10 ML    mains  ­ Cantaloupe by TFA / TPA ­ 10 ML  ­ Mango Flavor by TFA / TPA ­ 10 ML  ­ Strawberry (Ripe) Flavor by TFA / TPA ­ 10 ML  ­ Dragon fruit Flavor by TFA / TPA ­ 10 ML    sides  ­ Cheesecake (Graham Crust) Flavor by TFA / TPA ­ 10 ML  ­ Vanilla Bean Ice Cream by TFA / TPA ­ 10 ML  ­ DX Banana Cream by Loranns ­ 10 ML                            http://e­liquid­ ne%2529  http://e­liquid­    http://e­liquid­  http://e­liquid­  http://e­liquid­  http://e­liquid­­+Simple+Strawberries+and+Cr eam


MP Vday Menu 2017 83%

California Cobb Strawberry Pecan Romaine and iceberg, tomatoes, bacon, cheddar and Gorgonzola cheeses, egg, avocado ranch dressing and scallions.


Banqueting Wine list NEW 1 82%

125ml measures are available for all wines served by the glass 18.95 Bin 175ml 250ml Bottle Red Wine 2b El Velero Tempranillo Tinto Albali, Valdepeñas France 4.50 5.75 16.00 Cherry-red Tempranillo that strawberry and fruits of the forest.



I Love You baileys, kahlua, vodka, milk, cream rum Melon Martini vodka melon, pineapple and lemon juice, melon liqueur Sake Sunrise sake,grenadine,ice 420 420 395 420 390 425 425 590 385 430 395 340 380 380 420 450 420 340 NON-ALCOHOLIC COCKTAIL Fruit Punch mixed orange, pineapple, lemon, blueberry and grapefruit juice Yellow Jacket pineapple, lemon and orange juice Frappe Banana/Pineapple/Strawberry fruit, milk, cream Ginger Orange fresh orange, ginger and soda Strawberry Sunrise yogurt, fresh strawberry, banana, fresh oranges 310 300 350 375 410 PIVO / BEER Heineken Carlsberg Tuborg točeno / Tuborg draft beer Lav Somersby 0,25 0,33 0,33 0,25 0.33 215 280 195 145 230 TOPLI NAPICI / HOT DRINKS Espreso / Espesso coffee Espreso sa mlekom / Espresso coffee with milk Espreso sa šlagom / Espresso coffee with cream Espreso dupli / Double espresso Espreso dupli sa mlekom / Double espresso with milk Cappuccino Nes kafa / Nescafe Japanski čaj / Japanese tea 135 145 155 255 265 155 175 215 BEZALKOHOLNA PIĆA / NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINKS Aqua Viva negazirana / mineral water Aqua Viva negazirana / mineral water Rosa negazirana / mineral water Knjaz Miloš gazirana / sparkling water Knjaz Miloš gazirana / sparkling water Evian Coca cola / Fanta / Sprite Coca cola zero Cockta Bitter lemon / Tonic / Orangina Voćni sokovi flašica / Fruit juices Limunada / Lemonade Cedjena pomorandža / Cedjeni grejp Fresh orange juice / Grapefruit juice Ledeni čaj / Ice Tea Red Bull 0,2 0,75 0,33 0,2 0,75 0,33 0,25 0,25 0,2 0,25 0,2 130 245 140 130 245 350 185 195 165 185 170 180 285 0,33 0,25 195 330


6WeekMealPlanA 81%

Meal Plan A Week 1 Breakdown:


vtb2014catering 81%

Soda, Coffee, Tea, and Dessert Chocolate Ganache or Strawberry Crème anglaise or Lemon Custard $ 8.00 House wine / Domestic beer $ 12.00 Premium Wines/ Domestic and Imported Beer Dinner Package B Appetizer ( select two):