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Zirconia Brochure2 100%

Up to five times stronger than all-porcelain restorations, nothing looks more like natural teeth.


cusp donate 96%

It hasn’t been easy, but we’ve reached this current lull with stronger relationships, stronger points of affinity, and a stronger desire to act for total freedom now.



If athletes are fighting injuries, there is no way for that athlete to get stronger without first spending time on recovery.


KeyboardKommanderStrategyGuide 88%

The Standard - Weaker than everything else - Can drop any buff - Slow The Tank - Deals more damage - Lots of health - Slow 2 The Sprinter - Rushes the player - Low Health - Easy to stun The Nurse - Heals other zombies - Powers up other zombies - Low Health - low attack power 3 The Grub - Fast - Eats zombies to get stronger The Rager - Rages on attack - Runs fast and hits hard in rage state Health Kit - Zombies sometimes drop healthkits - Can be destroyed to restore Fort health 4 Variations - Mutant - Faster - Hits harder - More aggressive - Purple hue - Cyborg - More health - Mechanical parts - Special tactical gear Difficulty Setting - Five difficulties - Keyboard Kadet - Keyboard Komrade - Keyboard Kaptain - Keyboard Kolonel - Keyboard Kommander - First three for learning the game - Last two are fast paced - More Zombies - Strategy needed to survive - Difficulty increase over time - More Zombies - Stronger Zombies - Faster Zombies - More Complex Words 5


USDCAD Daily Update, June 23- 2015 86%

The Loonie is stronger versus most of its key trading partners despite its weakness against the greenback.


Abak Serra Critical Analysis 86%

In this category, Jeffrey Terrace comes out as the stronger communicator of the two.


January 2016 OC Market Report 85%

Since demand was stronger in 2015, the inventory did not grow as much.


ngo-reaction-to-the-first-draft-of-the-gcr march2018 81%

The Programme of Action must operationalize NY Declaration commitments in order to enhance accountability We appreciate the stronger language on accountability in the first draft, particularly the removal of references to “interested States” in favour of an open invitation to all Member States to take action.


ClassesDnD5e 81%

Druid Channel primal energy, you can assume the shape of beasts, you can become stronger beasts with higher levels.


6 self tanning lotion 80%

The stronger the tingle (the greater percentage inside the lotions), the much more intense the feeling are going to be.


Mission 4 The Calm Before 79%

» Dominate more territorial sections than the opponent at the end of the game round (2 Objective points) » Complete a specialist task (Obtainable only once) (1 objective point) » Have a stronger surviving task force by the end of the game (2 Objective points) Both players will deploy on opposite sides of the game table, in a standard Deployment Zone 12 inches deep.


10 Inventions on key layout 78%

Consideration of human anatomy When we analyze the anatomy of human finger, we find some of our fingers are stronger and more dynamic than others.


2008-03 78%

High latitude facilities utilizing the auroral electrojet have generated stronger (>1 pT) ELF/ VLF signals.


Quad Technique Packet 2011 77%

• In general, consistency of heights dictate volume, however the music is the ultimate factor in defining volume (there will be situations in which players are asked to play a phrase stronger or lighter than normal for musical expression.) • Additional arm is added above 15”.


Quad Technique Packet 2012 77%

 In general, consistency of heights dictate volume, however the music is the ultimate factor in defining volume (there will be situations in which players are asked to play a phrase stronger or lighter than normal for musical expression.)  Additional arm is added above 15”.


GymStoppaniShortcutToSizeV5BodybuildingGym 76%

A study I performed with the Weider Research Groups shows that lifters are stronger across all lifts when they train to their favorite tunes.


AQS Beat Nov Dec 2015 76%

Stronger than hate, stronger than evil, stronger than death – and that the blessed life which began in Bethlehem two thousand years ago is the image and brightness of the Eternal Love?


Blood Bowl Competition Rules Pack 75%

Obviously, if one player is stronger than the other he is more likely to knock down their opponent when he makes a block.


resume may2014 75%

While reactions were stronger in the lower frequencies in the Anterior-Posterior direction, they were stronger in the higher frequencies in the Medial-Lateral direction.


Task 6 - Vaccines, Vaccinations, and Immunity 75%

The more experience your body has makes your immune system stronger.


resume 75%

Resume    Diwakaran Ilangovan  Diwakaran Ilangovan, sophomore at Yale College  Date of Birth: September 1st, 1995    Kinesiology Research at the University of Maryland Department of Kinesiology        11th – 12th grade  35 hrs/wk, 10 wks/yr  Research with Dr. John J. Jeka on the effects of vertical visual perturbations on human body  mechanics in walking  Analyzing how random vertical oscillations of a subjects surroundings (controlled, in a virtual  reality environment) affect the kinematics of the human body while subjects walk on a  treadmill. By analyzing the components of a subject’s surroundings separately, we can better  understand how the brain coordinates stimuli with responses.  o Created random signals for use in the experiment and also created the program that  coordinated the virtual  reality room’s displays with the signal  o Analyzed data of a wide range of fields, including general body movement data,   Electromyographical data, and eye movement data  o Identified Fourier transforms between the signals and the data  o Applied physical and mathematical findings to the biological task – identified key  features in the data that pointed to specific responses  o Produced data for analysis in future studies involving Parkinson's patients and  comparative tests with other types of perturbations  Full research paper submitted separately, see abstract below  Research paper entered in Intel Science Talent Search, selected as semifinalist on Jan 9, 2013.    Physics Team       Head captain of school physics team, 11th 12th grades  9th – 12th grade  3hrs/wk, 30 wks/yr  USAPhO (USA Physics Olympiad) Semifinalist (Approximately top 400 in the country) 10th, 11th,  12th grades  Physics Bowl Regional runner up, 9th grade    Math Team         Co‐Captain of school math team, 12th grade  9th – 12th grade  3 hrs/wk, 30 wks/yr  USAMO (USA Math Olympiad) Qualifier (Approximately top 270 in the country) 10th, 11th, 12th  grades  AIME (American Invitational Math Examination) Qualifier (Approximately top 5 percent in the  country) 7th‐12th grades  University of Maryland High School Math Competition Honorable Mention (Approximately top  50 in the state) 9th – 12th grades  Member of school PUMaC (Princeton University Math Competiton) A team, 5th, 6th, 2nd place in A  division in 10th, 11th, 12th grade respectively    Resume       Diwakaran Ilangovan  PUMaC individual finalist (at least within top 40) in A division 11th,12th grade  Member of school HMMT (Harvard MIT Math Tournament) A team, 8th, 9th, 6th place in A  division in 10th, 11th, 12th grade respectively  Member of school ARML (American Regional Math League) A team, 7th, 9th, 7th in 10th, 11th, 12th     Biology Club     Co‐founder and Co‐captain of school biology club, 12th grade  5 hrs/wk, 15 wks/yr  USABO (USA Biology Olympiad) Qualifier (Approximately top 10%), 11th, 12th grade    Computer Science     Montgomery Blair High School Computer Systems Operator (SysOp), 11th, 12th grade  USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) Silver division, 9th – 12th grade  Known languages  o Java  o C/C++/Objective C  o MATLAB  o LaTeX    Science Bowl       Captain, 11th, 12th grade  9th – 12th grade  3 hrs/wk, 20 wks/yr  Regional winners, 9th – 11th grade  National runner ups, 10th grade    Sai Seva Volunteer Work    Participant in Hindu volunteer organization to feed the needy in D.C., 11th, 12th grade  o 5 hrs/wk, 22 wks/yr  o Make and distribute healthy, vegetarian cuisine to the homeless in D.C., including  vegetable rice, potato curry, and red kidney bean curry  Works in association with the Lions Club Eyeglass recycling center, 11th, 12th grade  o 5hrs/wk, 12 wks/yr  o Help the Lions Club in recycling of used eyeglasses, including washing, identifying the  prescription, and packing for shipment to third world countries.    Varsity Volleyball     Member of team, 11th, 12th grade  15 hrs/wk, 10 wks/yr  Division champions in 2012    Tae‐Kwon‐Do/Karate     Began at age 5, continued until in 11th grade  3 hrs/wk, 50 wks/yr  Received black belt in 8th grade, second degree black belt in 10th grade    Resume    Diwakaran Ilangovan  The Perception of Vertical Visual Perturbation While Walking    Abstract:      By using the information our eyes collect from our surroundings, we can better stabilize  ourselves and keep in control of both standing and walking. Many studies have been done to  test the effects of horizontal and lateral visual motion, but no studies have been done of  vertical visual movement. In this study, we observed the effect that random vertical movement  of a subject’s surroundings has on the subject while walking on a treadmill, expecting that  perhaps a small but measurable response would be produced. The subjects were presented  with two different amplitude signals, while walking at 5 kilometers per hour, and their body  kinematics were measured. Frequency response functions were calculated, and the gains and  phases demonstrate interesting results – there is evidence of down‐weighting, the “ignoring” of  high amplitude perturbations that has been documented in other studies, and there are  noteworthy patterns in the gains across the frequencies studied. While reactions were stronger  in the lower frequencies in the Anterior‐Posterior direction, they were stronger in the higher  frequencies in the Medial‐Lateral direction. This is hypothesized to be because higher frequency  perturbations are also shorter period perturbations, and so they affect the subject in the span  of a single gait cycle. Phase plots show us other interesting patterns, for example an upward  movement of the vertical field leads to a forward movement of the body, which would indicate  how the body perceives these perturbations. These results together provide a compelling  argument that vertical visual feedback is in fact highly important in the maintenance of stability  of the body. The findings can be used in future studies that compare the responses of healthy  subjects to the responses of pathological walkers, which could lead to the discovery of the  causes of several types of walking disorders and corresponding treatments to help the suffering  individuals recover.


ocrαтιc 73%

17 mins ago αυтocrαтιc If you just delete those your sentences will be much stronger.


906 F.Supp.2d 1083 73%

Injunction O1093 Although all four factors for a preliminary injunction must be met, they operate on a sliding scale, under which the elements of the preliminary injunction test are balanced, so that a stronger showing of one element may offset a weaker showing of another;


Chaikin Portfolio Health Check 16Oct2015 72%

WSH, GLRE, HCC, RDN NWLI,THG,KINS,SIGI Insurance POTENTIAL SWAPS You may want to consider swapping the following weak stocks for stronger stocks within the same Industry.


EuropeUnited 72%

Guide for new players Fast leveling - That let you unlock new features and increase the max capacity of your deck to have stronger cards all at the same time The main tasks to level fast is completing daily Trials and Mazes;