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Get Started with Dropbox 100%

1 2 3 4 Keep your files safe Take your stuff anywhere Send large files Work on files together Welcome to Dropbox!


MONSANTO flyer back 98%

inventor of Fun stuff like Agent orange 1 F 2 1 THINK!


Game shot 1 V2 98%



inception.shock 96%

We became good players, we addept stuff from media without to know.


KCCC 2016 Booths FINAL Sheet1 96%

 Games Big  World Blade  Daddy BopBopKat Bots  and  Stuff/Hookt  on  Toys Bots  and  Stuff/Hookt  on  Toys Bots  and  Stuff/Hookt  on  Toys Bots  and  Stuff/Hookt  on  Toys Captain  Jack's  Comics Captain  Jack's  Comics Children  of  Proteus,  The Collector's  Cache Collector's  Cache Collector's  Cache Collector's  Cache Cooke,  CW  * Corroney,  Joe  * Costume  Wrangler's  Closet Costume  Wrangler's  Closet Crimson  Chain  Leatherworks Crimson  Chain  Leatherworks Curio  Collective Dad's  Basement  Comics Damsel  in  this  Dress Damsel  in  this  Dress Dan  Grate Dan  Grate Decade  of  Excess Dragon  Alley  Jewelry Dynamic  Bazaar Elite  Comics Elite  Supergirl Extra  Life Flawed  Fox  Creations Fringe  and  Folk Fyffe,  Bryan Game  Katz Game  Katz Game  Katz Game  Katz Game  Katz Gamers4Gamers Geeky  Experience Godbeast  Toy  Mafia,  The Godbeast  Toy  Mafia,  The Great  Escape  Quest,  The Grooves Hammerlord Hi-­‐Fi  Colour  Design Infinite  Diversity Infinite  Diversity Ink  Fusion Ink  Fusion Ink  Fusion Ink  Fusion Jay's  CD  &


Passport Studio Schematics-Diagrams 94%

VDDAL VDDAR VDD +25.7VDC TP8 R2 P11 VDDAR + + C2 47u/63V VSS 1 GND_R C4 220n 2 C66 470u/35V 3 VSSA VSSD SGND VDDP2 24 VDD VDD 4 C23 R11 5.6k C9 220p C18 330p 5 VDDA BOOT2 IN2M OUT2 C46 100n/100V R6 10/2512 IN2P VSSP2 MODE NC19 19 D16 RF101L2S R14 7 OSC STABI 18 GND_R 5.4VAC TP20 5.6k 470n R43 6.8k C42 8 IN1P VSSP1 17 C37 680n C38 100n/100V C37A DO NOT STUFF B2 BEAD L1 9 IN1M OUT1 16 22uH/3.5A 470n 5.6k 10 NC10 BOOT1 15 11 NC11 VDDP1 14 C44 15n C48 C51 220p 100n 12 NC12 PROT 8 D17 RF101L2S C54 100n/100V GND_RIN 895mVAC TP18 R21 10/2512 VDD 13 VDD R10 C21 470n VSSAL 6 GND_R VDDA 4 C17 330p C7 220p 22 BOOT2 IN2M 5 C45 100n/100V 21 OUT2 IN2P 6 C32 11 SINEWAVE 720mVpp @363kHz WITH NO AUDIO R5 10/2512 C20 20 19 NC19 OSC 8 C41 R19 5.6k GND_LIN VDD 198mVAC TP15 B3 BEAD 11 SINEWAVE 800mVpp @320kHz WITH NO AUDIO TP13 10 C25A DO NOT STUFF C26 100n/100V VSS C31 100n/100V SQUAREWAVE 54Vpp @320kHz C33 C35 330n TP11 10 C35A DO NOT STUFF L4 IN1M 10 NC10 BOOT1 15 11 NC11 VDDP1 14 PROT 13 R20 10/2512 C43 15n D13 RF101L2S C47 895mVAC TP17 100n 11 SINEWAVE 1100mVpp @320kHz WITH NO AUDIO D14 RF101L2S VSS C50 220p 12 NC12 GND_R VDD VDD C GP2 R29 0 VDD CS1 VSS 5.4VAC TP19 C74 220p 47uH/2.5A C53 100n/100V C49 220p C73 220p B4 BEAD 16 OUT1 L_W L_G L_T TO J1 ON ON SPKR CONN PCB FBL_GND R17 22/2512 P16 LT_O 100n 9 CN2 1 2 3 CS3 GND_L 17 VSSP1 10.4VAC TP21 C25 680n C29 18 STABI IN1P D12 RF101L2S R9 22/2512 SQUAREWAVE 54Vpp @320kHz GND_L 5.6k C39 330p D11 RF101L2S P14 LW_O 100n 470n VSS 22uH/3.5A VSSP2 MODE 7 R16 470n VDD L3 100n R13 10.4VAC TP22 C8 220p C13 15n 100n CS2 VSS GND_L C55 220p C56 220p 7 3 30.9k 1% D18 RF101L2S VSS C52 220p C5 23 VDDP2 100n C27 R_T R_G R_W VSS 470n 5.6k TO J16 ON ON 1/4"


Niffler 94%

[9 sts] Stuff Niffler as much as possible and break yarn, but don’t sew up the top yet.


mini doctors-pixelatedmushroom-20june2015 94%

Round 2 - 2 sc in each st around = 12 Round 3 - [sc in next 2 sts, 2 sc in next st] around = 16 Rounds 4-6 - sc in each st around = 16 Round 7 - [sc in next 2 sts, sc2tog] around = 12 Round 8 - sc2tog around = 6 Round 9 - sc in each st around = 6 Carefully stuff the head.


465262-March 2015 selected-pages 93%

The Tradition of Continuous Process Improvement By C.


Magnemite 93%

Dec 1, sc 2 (18), start to stuff 13.


LDoE Guide for v1.5.11 93%

Everytime you attack, pick stuff up of the ground, cut down a tree or mine for stone and ore, you get experience.


Manual 93%

After some time you must craft some stuff for killing dinos and protecting yourself.


Snoop Dogg As A Dog 93% POHS GAHP EHT Snoop Dogg As A Dog Portraits in the collection are a striking play on both the cult of celebrity and the public’s passion for pets.


wake and bake coffee mug 93% POHS GAHP EHT Wake And Bake Coffee Mug his dual function ceramic mug allows you to drink your favorite cup of java and smoke your favorite herb using the built-in pipe.


vo profile downloads volume1 stevencox 92%

As a kid, until I was about 15 and started to think that missing the junior high dance and other stuff for a hockey game was kind of dumb, because there were girls there.


voprofiledownloads volume1 stevencox 92%

As a kid, until I was about 15 and started to think that missing the junior high dance and other stuff for a hockey game was kind of dumb, because there were girls there.


vo stevencox pdf ebook 92%

As a kid, until I was about 15 and started to think that missing the junior high dance and other stuff for a hockey game was kind of dumb, because there were girls there.


vancouverobserver downloads volume1 stevencox 92%

As a kid, until I was about 15 and started to think that missing the junior high dance and other stuff for a hockey game was kind of dumb, because there were girls there.


HollowCreek 90%

Hollow Creek High School  Episode 1          Nicholas Guenther  Diamond Stingily      Ron Barnes Matt Grady Jade Highgarden Vanessa Mariano Jason McMaster Kyle Jackson Rose Jarrett Crystal Johnson Shaun Lalowski Caitlyn Novak Carlos Reyes Maddy Szymkowicz   Hollow Creek  Village in Illinois  Hollow Creek is a village in Will County, Illinois, United States.   The population was 31,410 at the 2010 census. ​ Wikipedia  Weather​ : 73°F (23°C), Wind N at 1 mph (2 km/h), 72% Humidity  Hotels​ : 3­star averaging $90.​  View hotels  Population​ :​  31,410 (2010)  Local time​ : Monday 08:12 AM  Unemployment rate​ :​  8.3% (Apr 2013)    There’s not much to be said about Hollow Creek that hasn’t been said about other small towns.  Depending on who you ask, there’s not too much to do. There’s a few subdivisions, plans to  build a Wal Mart, and rumors of a mall.     A few high schoolers who live in the subdivisions across town go to Hollow Creek High with the  kids who live in the old part of town.     Most people in the town have lived here all their lives, but there’s no town pride, and the natives  don’t care about outsiders coming in to change things.   The high school sport teams are decent, not enough to ever win State, but the seasons revolve  around Friday night games.     Hollow Creek has had a large heroin problem, but a person wouldn’t notice from the highway.   A few people in Hollow Creek have grown up together, there’s nothing wholesome about it. It’s  common.                         Vanessa (Freshman), Maddy (Freshman), Jade (Alumni), Carlos  (Alumni)    “Yeah, I can’t think about anything else.  Idk haha like it’s crazy man all there is is sadness and  darkness but at the same time it just like overpowers you so much that you know nothing else  can really affect you.  Like nothing can touch you and like it’s funny walking around in school or  seeing people u know and like wondering if they know or trying to see if they’re acting weird.  Usually it’s obvious when they know something, but hahah people act so weird around me  anyway.  People are so weird and annoying here, like especially at Hollow Creek.  And it’s in  this stupid, normal way.  But you can watch them be uncomfortable and laugh at their  discomfort like what the fuck you do know, like imagine if they felt the kind of pain we feel, and  it’s just funny.  To just know they could never handle it.  Their lives would fall apart, and we are  just stronger and better in every way, ”  I said    “Ya I mean idc.  Idc about anything,” she said.    I put the phone down.  Both of our dads had died in the same month like 2 months ago.  I  remember her at my dad’s funeral.  Her and like 4 other friends.  I didn’t invite any of them, but  they came, and I cried when I saw them.  I cried a lot besides that, but we talked about normal  stuff too, and it felt better.  It would feel better for like 30 seconds until it felt like shit again.  Sometimes this cycle felt pointless, but sometimes it felt like the feeling better parts were  starting to last longer and the feeling awful parts were starting to get shorter, and eventually I  would just feel ok all day with maybe a couple moments of feeling awful.      It didn’t really seem to be working.  I thought talking to Maddy would be helpful, but she didn’t  really wanna talk about that stuff.  It was hard for me to talk about too.  Like when I found out  about her dad, I just said “I’m sorry.  This sucks.  I’m sorry,” and hugged her.  This was the most  we had talked about it since and she didn’t seem into it.  We talked about other stuff, though.      I picked my phone back up, and she had said, “That guy is talkn to me again.”    It was this fucking freak guy.  He was into what I thought was some really dumb shit, plus he  was 19 which made it even dumber.      She sent me a picture he had sent her.  It was heavily edited, but beneath the filters and the  shifted colors was what looked like a skinny, shirtless kid covered in blood, licking a gloved  finger.     I said, “Jesus Christ” in my head and said, “lol...” back to her.     She said, “Come on hes hot haha”     I asked what she sent back and she responded with a pic of herself.     “Idk im just like smiling and surprised like ooo wow thats cool haha”     She didn’t look surprised.  She looked sad, and I instantly felt self conscious, like fuck am I so  unaware of how miserable I look, but I didn’t look in my front cam or open a mirror. I just stared  at the phone then said, “Cuuute.”     “He said he wants to chill with us,” she said.      I knew his name was like “Jade Highgarden” or some other made up thing, and I searched him.  He had posted bunch of pics with even more blood and more editing than what he had sent  Maddy.  He had written “ThE KOVeNant” in a metal band type font in the back of some of the  pictures, and tagged “#ThEKOVeNant” in any picture with other weird looking boys.      I clicked “ThE KOVeNant” and it was a private page with Jade Hightower listed as an admin,  and a picture of him and four other boys in a graveyard as the profile pic.      “What is ThE KOVeNant?” I said, typing it stupidly like Jade had done to kind of draw attention  to the whole thing being really stupid.      “Oh haha,” she said, “It’s just like his gang like his friends.”      I looked back through his pictures. There was a guy he was with in a lot of the pictures who was  pretty hot and looked a lot more normal.  I wished Maddy would like that guy.  I felt protective of  her cuz, come on, we were going through the same shit, and it really sucked.     “Gang?” I said.  Obviously they weren’t some tough street gang.  They were weird scene kids  into some kind of weird devil stuff or something.  I just wanted her to say it, like really say it to  realize how stupid it sounded.      “Theyre into vampires and spirits and healing and shit,” she said.     “Godddd really maddy???” I said.  Being into vampires was like middle school stuff, and we  were in high school now, and this guy like wasn’t even in school at all.    “Will u come?” she said. “Please lol he can bring his friend.”    I thought about it, automatically assuming it was the hot guy in Jade’s pictures.  What reason  did a cute guy have to believe in this dumb shit?  I could talk to him, I thought. I could see how  crazy Jade really was, and maybe I could tell the guy that Jjade was freaky and that this was a  hard time for Maddy, like really hard.  Like her and I had real shit going on.  We had


Weather HKG 20151102 90%

Weather On-Air (Chi Only) Videos Central Briefing Satellite Radar Lightning 55 -80 % 60 -80 % 65 -85 % 70 -90 % 80 -95 % 80 -95 % 70 -90 % 65 -85 % 70 -90 % Hong Kong Climate Climate Highlight Temperature Monthly Normals (1981-2010) 40°C 750 mm 30°C 500 mm 20°C 250 mm 10°C Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 0 mm Month Select Month▼ *Note Details What's New HKO Side Lights Observatory's Blog NASA Astro Tide / Sea Temp 2 Nov "Cool Met Stuff"


Weather HKG 20151031 90%

23 | 26 ℃ 21 | 24 ℃ 20 | 25 ℃ 21 | 25 ℃ 22 | 26 ℃ 23 | 26 ℃ 23 | 26 ℃ 23 | 26 ℃ 24 | 27 ℃ 70 -90 % 55 -75 % 50 -75 % 60 -80 % 60 -80 % 65 -90 % 70 -90 % 75 -95 % 75 -95 % Hong Kong Climate Weather On-Air (Chi Only) Videos Central Briefing Satellite Radar Lightning Climate Highlight Temperature Monthly Normals (1981-2010) 40°C 750 mm 30°C 500 mm 20°C 250 mm 10°C Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 0 mm Month Select Month▼ *Note Details What's New HKO Side Lights Observatory's Blog NASA "Cool Met Stuff"


chica busca chico1710 89%

The disposable stuff will likely be poor quality or free stuffs are usually old.


Elementi di tracciatura 88%

DEEP Volumes-Holds-Wood stuff for climbing Elementi di tracciatura per l'arrampicata sportiva Maggio 2017 1/18 Elementi di tracciatura per l'arrampicata sportiva- Maggio 2017 Introduzione La tracciatura (creazione di un percorso di arrampicata su strutture artificiali, in inglese route setting) non é un lavoro facile se si vogliono raggiungere elevati standard di qualità.


Whatsapp 88%

To protect your sanity I have removed the boring stuff.


GuideToTokyo 88%

I live in Nakano (west Tokyo), am a loyalist to my neighbourhood (because it is the best), and dislike going to the east side because it is *boring* Stuff all tourists do, and some things they don’t… Traditional Shrine-y Stuff: