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Wheelock's Latin - Frederic M. Wheelock 100%

Ablative of Comparison XXVII Irregular Comparison of Adjectives XXVIII Subjunctive Mood;


19/04/2014 www.pdf-archive.com

Conjugaison Espagnol (6) 95%

Indicative mode, the present, continuous present, past, past tense and the more-than-perfect, more-than-perfect, future simple, future composed and the subjunctive:


05/07/2013 www.pdf-archive.com

Conjugaison Espagnol (11) 95%

Indicative mode, the present, continuous present, past, past tense and the more-than-perfect, more-than-perfect, future simple, future composed and the subjunctive:


05/07/2013 www.pdf-archive.com

Spanish 88%

Indicative – Facts and actual situations Subjunctive – Actions that are doubtful, possible, or desirable Imperative – Orders or commands Verb forms:


19/11/2013 www.pdf-archive.com

Tables - Verbs, regular 75%

egI audTvT eerY laudatUlll monitum actum audItum captum Indicative Active Present laude laud as lauclat laudamus laudatis laud ant moneo mones monei monemus monetis manent ago agis agit agimus agi1is agul1t audio Imperfect laudabam laucl5b5s laudabat laudrrbamus laudabatis laudabant monebam monebas monebat monebITmus monebITtis monebant agebarn age bas audiebam audiebITs audiebat audiebamus capiebam capiebITs capiebat agebatis agebant aucliebatis audiebant capiebatis capiebant Future laudab6 laudabis laudabit laudabimus laudabilis laudabunt moneb6 monebis monebit monebimus monebitis monebunt agam ages agel agemus agetis agent audiam audies audiet audiemus audietis audient capiam capies capiel capiemus capietis capient Perfect laudavI laudavistT laudavit laudavimus laudavislis laudaverunt monuT monuisti monuit monuimus monuistis monuerunt egT egistT egit egimus egistis egcrunt audTvT audTvistT audTvit audTvimus audTvistis audlverunt cepT cepistT cepit cepimus cepistis ceperunt Pluperfect laudaveram laudaveras laudaverat laudaveramus laud avera tis laudaverant monueram monueras monuerat monueramus monueratis rnonuerant egeram egeras egerat egeramus egeratis egerant audTveram audlveras audlverat audlveramus audlveratis audlverant ceperam cepcras ceperat ceperamus ceperatis ceperant Future Perfect laudaver6 laudaveris laudaverit laudaverimus laudaveritis laudaverint rnonuero rnonueris monuerit monuenmus monueritis monuerint cgero egeris egerit egerirnus egcritis egerint audTvero audTveris audTverit audTverimus audTveritis audTverint cepero ceperis ceperit ceperimus ceperitis ceperint age bat agebamus audIs audit audTmus audTtis audiunt capiB caplS capit capimus capitis capiunt capiebITmus Appendix Subjunctive Active Present laudern moneam iaudes laudet moneas laudernus laudetis laudent agam agas maneat moneamus moneatis agat agamus agiHis agant maneant audiam audias alldiat audiamus audUUis audiant capiam capias capiat capiamus capi5tis capiant Imperfect laudarem laudares landuret laudaremus laudaretis laudarcnt monerem agerem ageres agerct moneres moneret moneremus moneretis monerent ageremus ageretis agerent audTres audTret audlremus audlretis audlrent caperem capcrcs caperet caperemus caperetis capercnt audTrem Perfect egerim egerIs egerit audlverim cepenm audlvcrTs ceperTs laudaverit monuerim monuerIs monuerit audTverit ceperit laudaverTl11us laudaverTtis laudaverint monuerTmus monuerTtis l110nuerint egerTmus egerTtis egerint audTverTmus audTverTtis audTverint ceperTmus ccperTtis cepcrint monuissem monuisses monuisset mOl1uissemus monuissetis monuissent egissel11 eglsses egisset egissemus egissetis egissent audTvissem audTvisses audTvisset audTvissemus audTvissetis audTvissent cepIssem ceplsses cepisset cepisscmus cepissetis cepisscnt audT audTte cape capite laudaverim laudaverTs Plupel'fect laudavissem laudavisses laudavisset laudavissemus laudavissetis laudavissent Present Imllerative Active lauda laudate mone monete age agite Indicative Passive Present laudor la udaris( -re) laudatur laudamur laudaminT laudantur moneor l11oneris(-re) monetur monemur moneminT rnonentur agor ageris( -re) agitur agimur agil11inT aguntur audior audTris( -re) audTtur audTmur audTl11inT audiuntur capior ea peris( -re) capitur capimur capil11inT capiuntur Impel'fect laudabar laudabaris( -re) laudabiitur laudabal11ur iaudiibaminT iaudabantur l110nebar rnonebaris(-re) monebiitur monebamur l110nebarninT monebantur agebar agebiiris( -re) agebatur agebiimur agebarninT agebantur audiebar audiebaris(-re) audiebatur audiebarnur audiebaminT audiebantur capi§bar eapiebaris(-re) capiebiitur capiebamur eapiebaminT eapiebantur 453 454 Wheelock's Latin Future laudabor JaucWberis( -re) laudabitur monebar moneberis(-re) ll10nebilur laudabimur laudabiminT laudabuntur monebimur monebiminT monebuntur agar audiar ageris( -re) audieris(-re) audietur agctur agemur agcminT agentur audiemur capiar capieris(-rc) capietur capiemur auclieminT audientur capientur capic1111l11 Perfect laudatus es laudatus est laudITtT sumus monitus sum monitus cs monitus est monitT SlmlllS actus sum actus es actus est audTtus sum audHus es actY laudatT estis monitT cstis laudITtI sunt monitT sunt act!


03/03/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

AV1 Stories & Exercises 60%

Further subjunctive clauses.


26/08/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

John Holloway 51%

There is no room for the subjunctive in the scientific discourse of identitarian thought.


23/04/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

Pali Grammar - Duroiselle 48%

Designating a statement using a verb in the subjunctive mood to indicate a wish or desire, as in Had I the means, I would do it.


22/04/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

KPDS Ders Notları 46%

41 URGENCY FİİLLERİ (SUBJUNCTIVE - Çekimsiz fiil yapıları – DİLEK KİPİ) ..........................................................................


19/05/2014 www.pdf-archive.com

12370-56227-1-PB 40%

Possible word formations and morphological analyses of the German word “haus” Word Morphological Analyses haus h¨auser h¨ausern hause hauses Noun Masculine Singular Verb Infinitive Verb Present SecondPerson Singular Verb Present FirstPerson Singular Verb Present FirstPerson Plural Verb Imperfect ThirdPerson Plural Verb Subjunctive SecondPerson Singular Verb Present Participle Verb Past Participle Masculine Singular Noun Neuter Nominative Singular Noun Neuter Dative Singular Noun Neuter Accusative Singular Noun Neuter Accusative Plural Noun Neuter Nominative Plural Noun Neuter Genitive Plural Noun Neuter Dative Plural Noun Neuter Dative Singular Noun Neuter Genitive Singular Related Works In a natural language processing pipeline morphological disambiguation can be considered at the same level as POS tagging.


02/10/2016 www.pdf-archive.com