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lec-15.6up 100%

Choose a subset of size n k and what’s left out is a subset of size k .


thing 96%

In other words, given a collection I ⊆ 2E of sets satisfying the independent set axioms, show that the collection C of minimal subsets not in I satisfy C1–C3, and conversely given a collection C satisfying C1–C3, show that the collection I of subsets containing no subset from C satisfy the independent set axioms.


Exploratory Analysis 94%

subset(females, Rel == 2)[, "Diff"] and subset(females, Rel == 1)[, "D iff"] F = 0.49965, num df = 42, denom df = 58, p-value = 0.009929 alternative hypothesis:


final 94%

If the computer prints 40 subsets, prove that some subset must have been printed at least twice.


SubmittedQuestions 90%

Let U be a connected open subset of Rn.


notes01 86%

n - 1 Initially all elements are in n different subsets find(i) - Returns integer (“leader”) indicating which subset includes i i and j are in the same subset ⇔ find(i)==find(j) union(i,j) - Takes the set union of the subsets with leaders i and j.


blah 86%

This is clearly a subset of the general crossword problem.


Rnotes AFP 82%

2.3.3 Difference between [] and subset() .


DiffGeoSheavesRamanan.21-22 81%

Mx n V O} is finite, and if i E Ix then x belongs to Vi and Mx is a subset of Ui.


x13401792 81%

This is where the 2nd dataset is implemented for analyzing the modern era subset to find if there is a correlation between high population states, gun ownership Vs police deaths.


Exploring spaces Oct 10.4 80%

A 1-bridge is a singleton subset of F A 2-bridge is a 2-sequence {F1 , F2 } ⊂ F, F1 6= F2 , such that F1 ∩ F2 6= ∅ For n ≥ 3, a n-bridge is a n-sequence {Fi }ni=1 ⊂ F such that for each i ∈ {1, .., n − 2}, Fi , Fi+1 , Fi+2 are distinct, and Fi ∩ Fi+1 ∩ Fi+2 6= ∅ Given a collection F of subsets of a space X, and given F, K ∈ F, we will say that “there exists a n-bridge between F and K” if there exists a n-bridge {Fi }ni=1 ⊂ F such that F1 = F and Fn = K.


Regular Totally Separable Sphere Packings arXiv 79%

If P is a 3-regular totally separable packing of unit circles in R2 generated by a convex uniform tiling, then P is congruent to P3, K6, K9 or a subset of P1.


PandasPythonForDataScience 78%

df[1:] Get subset of a DataFrame 7 Pandas The Pandas library is built on NumPy and provides easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tools for the Python programming language.


Matching-Knowledge-Bases 78%

for each concept C we define a subset S(C) ⊆ O, and for each role R we define a subset S(R) ⊆ O × O as follows:


Matching-Human-Resources 74%

In this approach, research on the knowledge base will be based on a subset of the description logics SROIQ-D that is introduced in Section 2.


ASH 2011.Jessica McDaniel 73%

To determine if CD28 expression is necessary for lenalidomide action in T cells, we sorted healthy donor T cells into CD8+CD28+ and CD8+CD28- populations, and found that lenalidomide-induced proliferation and interleukin-2 (IL-2) production were completely ablated within the CD28null subset.


sparse-inverse-covariance 70%

I took different price returns from a subset of the equity market between the period January 3rd 2019 and October 28th, 2012.


Top-K-Queries 70%

Concerning the formalism for representing the knowledge, a subset of the description logic SROIQ is used in [5].


EE 65%

Soon after, the German mathematician Ernst Kummer was able to generalize to exponents of “regular” primes, an infinite subset of the primes which occur much more frequently.


quantalm 64%

Quite simple, it simply covers it, and a subset of a set in a quantale covers only a subset of what that set covers.


HW4 61%


HW3 61%

If a language L1 is regular (i.e., accepted by some DFA), then every language L2 which is a subset of L1 is also regular (i.e., L2 must also accepted by some DFA).


ind1 61%

Can mathematics be dangerous?