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14 P 219-sanjay Mar16 100%

10.11591/eei.v5i1.611  120 Substrate Current Evaluation for Lightly and Heavily Doped MOSFETs at 45 nm process Using Physical Models Sanjay Sharma, R.P.


Lamour Biomat 2010 96%

Received 16 December 2009 Accepted 15 January 2010 Available online 10 February 2010 Recent results indicate that, in addition to chemical, spatial and mechanical cues, substrate physical cues such as gradients in surface energy may also impact cell functions, such as neuronal differentiation of PC12 cells.


Lamour GJPC 2011 95%

Available Online 30 May 2011 Abstract The nanoscale characteristics of the adhesion substrate and the composition of the culture medium are investigated as factors that have an influence on neuritogenesis and on the structure/morphology of the neurites.


lamour JBMR-A 2011 94%

Substrate factors such as surface energy distribution can affect cell functions, such as neuronal differentiation of PC12 cells.


9-Bualkar Abdullah, Yono H Pramono, dan Eddy Yahya 94%

PERANCANGAN DAN FABRIKASI ANTENA WIDEBAND MIKROSTRIP SLOT BOWTIE GANDA DUA LAPIS SUBSTRATE UNTUK KOMUNIKASI WIRELESS Bualkar Abdullah1,2), Yono H Pramono1), dan Eddy Yahya1) Fisika FMIPA - ITS Surabaya, 2)Fisika FMIPA Unhas Makassar 1) ABSTRAK Penelitian tentang perancangan dan pembuatan antena mikrostrip Slot Bowtie Ganda 2 lapis substrate sebagai lanjutan dari penelitian untuk 1 lapis substrate yang telah dilakukan di laboratorium optik.


Self-leveller brochure - 6 page (1) 93%

GUARANTEE OF A HIGH PERFORMANCE SUBSTRATE • The levelling coat prepares the substrate to receive the desired floor finish • The levelling coat creates an even, smooth surface • The levelling coat corrects any discrepancies in surface regularity CONDITIONS OF CHOICE • Type of use of premises • Thickness of levelling coat • Type of substrate • Type of covering • Delay before return to use GUIDANCE ON APPLICATION PROJECT PRECAUTIONS • Temperature must be between + 5°C and + 30°C during application • Further covering can only take place after the self-leveller is completely dry but within a maximum of 8 days • Consult the product Safety Data sheet before using FOR A SUCCESSFUL APPLICATION • Prepare the substrate carefully;


Lamour ColSurfB 2009 90%

AFM analysis of substrate topography showed the presence of aggregates suggesting that the adsorption is heterogeneous, and generates local gradients in energy of adhesion.


Bio 2 89%

sequence of enzyme mediated reaction E1 A E2 B Substarte C Product another product ‫ وهو تسلسل لمجموعة من الـ‬bio 1 ‫ كتير فـ‬metabolic pathways ‫اكيداخدنا‬ product ‫ وينتهى بـ‬reactants ‫ بيبدا بـ‬reaction 3-Metabolic cycle Step wise sequence of enzyme mediated reaction where the end product of last reaction is substrate of first one ‫ بتاع كل تفاعل يعتبر الـ‬end product ‫ الـ‬kreb's cycle ‫زى ما اخدنا فـ‬ ‫ للتفاعل اللى بعده‬start ‫ او الـ‬substrate A E1 B E2 E4 D E3 C Intermediate metabolite E1 , E2, E3,E4 are enzymes ---------------------------------------------------------------- 4-Metabolite :


Wickenheiser Trace DNA 87%

This case and subsequent study demonstrate that trace DNA is left behind from the last individual to contact the substrate, although mixed profiles including previous handlers often result.


2013 lamour j.nanosci.lett 86%

More generally, a better understanding of cell-substrate interactions is necessary towards substantial progress in designing biomaterials consistent with tissue engineering strategies to promote functional repair of damaged axons.


Organic Electronics 84%

Due to advantage of being commercially available high quality Si/SiO2 substrate, it has dominated the whole community.


lamour-jbmr-a-2011 supp-info 82%

Consequently, it appears that all couples of test liquids are suitable to analyze the respective distributions of γ d and γ nd for each substrate.


Sword ELISA Booster SUMMARY 82%

It is a proprietary alternative substrate that is converted to a Resonance Raman-active substrate in the presence of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and fluorescent excitation.


Lamour JCE 2010 80%

This can be illustrated by the complete spreading of water on any substrate that has a higher surface energy than that of water itself (i.e., >


JDIT-2017-0225-026 76%

A protein called Mhp1 that promotes the uptake of 5aryl substituted hydantoins into cells of the Gram positive bacterium Microbacterium liquefaciens, serving as part of a salvage pathway for carbon nutrients, has been identified, isolated and purified and its high-resolution crystal structure (Figure 2A) determined in three different conformations (open to outside, occluded with substrate, open to inside), the first for any secondary active transport protein [38-43].


2014 Lamour ACSNano 71%

Next, we sought to evaluate whether fibrils had time to equilibrate on the substrate (mica) or, conversely, were kinetically trapped in nonequilibrated conformations due to the high surface LAMOUR ET AL.


BetmigaTest 71%

Clinically relevant drug interactions between Betmiga™ and medicinal products that inhibit, induce or are a substrate for one of the CYP isozymes or transporters are not expected, except for inhibitory effect on the metabolism of CYP2D6 substrates.