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homicide-suicide 100%

The FDA reported on a study reviewing 564 healthy children taking stimulants who died suddenly.


finished 91%

Before he could finish, he was suddenly swept up in the spindly arms of Curiosity, hugged tightly to his dark furred chest as the primate spun around on the hammock with ease, grinning mischeviously.


Lawson, or A Trucker From the Country 88%

Suddenly a door slams shut in a nearby alley.


Drawsheets with results 87%

Trelleborg Open 2014 Trelleborg, Sweden Tournament date:


M13 87%

warming up, idling Suddenly depress the accelerator pedal From B+ , momentarily drops Engine:


What If...We Had Narrators 86%

NARRATOR We our hero starting his day like normal when suddenly...


5 REV JAN12 85%

Huh,” said the voice coldly suddenly rising in a pitch causing Dr.


5 OBV JAN12 85%

Huh,” said the voice coldly with suddenly rising in a pitch causing Dr.


7 OBV March12 84%

He muttered in a low voice, “ I don't understand why the hell these signals are not working.” Suddenly his eyes spotted a shadow lurking in the dense mist but as he blinked and tried to focus on it, it disappeared.


Everything Then (3) 83%

He ponders, before reaching for 2 twigs and rubbing them together frantically in front of the candle, trying to ignite the flame. He rubs harder and harder before suddenly the twigs break in his hands. He stares at them before crunching them further in his grip. He breaths heavy, wiping his face with his hand. He looks up at the sky beginning to get darker. The forest canopy begins to dim.


Words Words Words Words 83%

Words Words Words Words Words words words words Keeping me alive, keeping me alive Words words words words The smell of them keeping me alive Beautiful words, Melodic words It's like a blanket around my body I like when you say good words to me, they're Keeping me saving me from the voices in my head Enriching the garden that I should have You can't just let it go and suddenly disappear You can't just let it go and suddenly appear Around my mirror feeling good Make the ta ta ta that I use to hook On the phone make the blla blla blla Intend to go out Words words words words Cash in my mouth cash in my mouth Words words words words I love you very much love you very much Broken song, broken words It's like chains on my own desire I like my necklace from rhymes, no worries from this fame First I'm getting my name, it's Keeping me saving me from the voices in my head Enriching the garden that I should have You can't just go and expect me to believe Masterpiece is made by silence without a beat Around my mirror feeling good Make the ta ta ta that I use to hook On the phone make the blla blla blla Intend to go out I'm getting my name You know I'm getting my name That’s why everything so running from me WRITTEN BY GaBso ©


Money God (General Info) - 9 Sep 2016 83%

!  A loser who is crazy about money thinks his wish has finally come true when Fortune God suddenly lands right in front of him.


Ode to Gallantry - Jin Yong 83%

Laviathan, Huang Yushi, Abhay @  Chapter 1 - The Black Steel Symbol (Xuan Tie Ling) The little beggar had only taken one bite of the fried cake when the corpse suddenly stood up, with the two silver hooks still pierced into its abdomen.


Eventus 82%

Suddenly the sound of the TARDIS can be heard and the camera zooms into the building before going black.


asian 82%

The Asian Invasion Of Sydneys Suburbs.


CNA-41 Shabi 2015 82%

Movements against inequality and injustice are bound by the media depiction of protest as suddenly, senselessly 'violent'.


1 81%

I am suddenly very aware, of the fact I don’t need to be here.


Madman-Mumbled-Excerpt 81%

Suddenly, the air in the car was close and stuffy.


GeekyBugle07 80%

A little back history Back in the 1950’s, a very conservative society suddenly was facing an up-and-coming generation that were breaking ground on social issues.


My Father, My Unlikely Hero 79%

He passed away suddenly on August 13th, 2008 at the age of 51.



He is watching in complete silence before suddenly bursting out with a very loud but very brief "Ha!".


Termen D&D 5E Paul Michael Bardunias 79%

I could tell we were walking up a slight incline for about a mile when the whole column suddenly halted.


Untitled 1 78%

Henri suddenly found himself plagued by dreams of a dead city, older then civilization itself, and the dark things that dwell within, neither living nor dead, neither good nor evil, neither Gods nor monsters, but a mix of all these things and more.


3REV-Nov11 78%

I suddenly realized that water is the most abundant compound found on the earth.