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Slep's answer 98%

Motion to Dismiss.....................................................................................12 SLEP-TONE PLED SUFFICIENT FACTUAL CONTENT TO STATE A CLAIM OF VIOLATION OF THE LANHAM ACT, MINNESOTA UNIFORM DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES ACT, AND COMMON LAW UNFAIR COMPETITION THAT IS PLAUSIBLE ON ITS FACE...................................13 A.


Stollznow Response to Complaint 2014Dec10 96%

Defendant is without sufficient knowledge or information to admit or deny the allegations contained in Paragraph 7 of the Complaint and therefore denies the same and demands strict proof thereof.


Columbia Opinion 96%

KOELTL, District Judge.1 Plaintiff John Doe appeals from a judgment of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (Furman, J.), which granted Defendant Columbia University’s motion to dismiss Plaintiff’s complaint for failure to state a sufficient claim.


031121949663 95%

To the extent any factual allegation is implied, Defendants lack 8 sufficient information to either admit or deny the allegations in paragraph 2 and on that 9 basis Defendants deny the allegations in said paragraph.


Smith Answer 93%

Defendant denies that “immediate and irreparable injury, damage or loss will result,” as alleged if,” visitors are permitted to carry firearms on the Zoo property.” The remainder of Paragraph 1 of Plaintiff’s Petition is multiplicious and conclusory and cannot be either admitted or denied and Defendant is without sufficient information to either admit or deny any remaining allegations and, therefore, all remaining allegations in Paragraph 1 are, therefore, denied.


ExtendedInvestigation Torries Manual 88%

This includes a logbook recording sufficient data and notes to allow a conclusion to be drawn.


RationalReligion 85%

What is the sufficient reason for this mysterious existential barrier?


ACH 83%

I understand because this is an electronic transaction, these funds may be withdrawn from my account any day after approval of the amount authorized by me in advance, after which I can guarantee sufficient funds are in the account.


M HOSNY ABBAS - CV 2017 83%

CAREER SUMMARY A confident and creative Senior Graphic designer who is self-motivated, self-sufficient with 12 years of experience in the management of the complete design process, from conceptualization to delivery including 2 years of experience in motion graphic.


Exhibits for motion for judgment on the pleadings 81%

If the petition is valid and sufficient, the proposed amendment shall be submitted to the electors at that general election and shall become effective if approved by either three-fifths of those voting on the amendment or a majority of those voting in the election.


Matter 12 - Health, Well-being and Accomodation Needs 81%

Gladman do not believe that Policy LP10 addresses this element of housing need in sufficient detail.


Writ of Execution for $302,989.96 81%

Q Out of the personal property of the debtor, and if sufficient property cannot be found, then out of the real property belonging to the debtor on the day the judgment was entered on the docket of this Court as shown above or any time after that date.


PublicFAQmediasheet 80%

Committee on Rights and Compensation (CRC)  University of Colorado at Boulder   16 June 2016    Who we are and what we do:​  We are a  group of graduate employees committed to improving  the lives of all current and especially future graduate  employees at CU Boulder. The hard work  we perform is on the front lines of teaching and research that keeps the university running and  maintains CU’s reputation as a top­tier university. CRC ​ is monitoring graduate worker issues,  particularly financial compensation and workplace rights, with the goal of implementing needed  changes. CRC aims to improve graduate worker conditions with action complementary to work  done by the United Government of Graduate Students (UGGS).     Why now: ​ While it is not new that graduate employees face challenges, the increasing disparity  between our compensation and minimum self­sufficiency income,  combined with recent  administrative mishandlings of academic and employment  issues, have prompted graduate  employees to come together to improve our situations.    Why this matters: ​ Graduate students’ economic vulnerability  can impede their ability to pay rent, deal  with medical conditions, or survive an unplanned emergency. Such economic stresses negatively impact  their work as researchers and educators, work that is necessary to University of Colorado’s mission. It can  also delay time to graduation and impede recruitment of new talent.    What are our concerns?   ● ● ● ● ● Current graduate employee compensation falls well short of a living wage.​  Hours worked  may exceed hours paid, funding can be unpredictable semester­to­semester (sometimes with  negligible notice of funding cuts), and current employment contracts allow for appointments to be  withdrawn without due process. While these concerns are not unique to CU Boulder, the situation  is especially bad here. By our committee’s calculations, the gap between a living wage and the  cost of living is greater than that of any other PAC­12 institution ­­ especially after accounting for  the mandatory fees that are a precondition to our employment  Graduate employees lack adequate health insurance, family­friendly policies, support services  and resources, and affordable, available, on­campus grad student housing.  We deserve transparent and consistent criteria for employment appointments. We deserve  accurate information on time to graduation and graduation outcomes, information vital to  recruitment and retention.   Especially as STEM majors become more popular, we deserve consistent teaching lab safety  standards, equipment, and training.   We deserve transparency and accountability with regards to sexual misconduct, discrimination,  harassment, and other violations of the Graduate Student Bill of Rights. The current processes  often discourage reporting, making problems hard to solve. Of note: The University implemented  a Campus Climate Survey for all graduate students in the Fall of 2014, yet most data is still not  publicly available, leaving us unable to address the problems uncovered. The findings of this  survey have not lead to sufficient changes in policy.    For more information, contact Roger Emmelhainz at ​​  .


Dahlstrom v. Dawkins report and recommendation 20-Nov-2015 80%

Where, as here, no evidentiary hearing is conducted, “the party seeking to assert jurisdiction must present sufficient facts as to make out only a prima facie case supporting jurisdiction.” Id.


Richmond Housing Study 80%

The ability of the Richmond region to be competitive and to meet—and even exceed—its economic development potential depends critically on the availability of a sufficient amount of housing in the right places and of the right types and prices.


Havilandmanuscriptprojectetc 80%

-Used to inform basic statemegts u l-::


74 - Hot Shots' Reply to Slep-Tones Response to Motion to Dismiss 79%

6 Instead, Plaintiff filed its instant suit without notice, warning, sufficient facts to support its 7 allegations and without differentiating between the litany of defendants identified therein.


PT's Reply to Response to PT's Motion to Dismiss 79%

LV 419,741,586v1 4-20-12 Greenberg Traurig, LLP Suite 400 North, 3773 Howard Hughes Parkway Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 (702) 792-3773 (702) 792-9002 (fax) Case 2:12-cv-00239-KJD -RJJ Document 53 Filed 04/20/12 Page 3 of 17 1 fails to allege sufficient and consistent facts or legal principles upon which any relief could 2 be granted;


oc training bulletin bellevue 79%

The use of the word 'warrants' implies that there must be a sufficient objective basis for the alarm, or circumstances that would cause alarm in a reasonable person.



Taupier In The Absence Of Sufficient Evidence ....


MTH3260 Exam Sheet 78%

Sufficient Statistics Factorization Theorem Suppose Pθ has density f (x | θ) ∀θ ∈ Θ Statistic T is sufficient for θ iff f (x | θ) = g(T (x), θ)h(x) for some functions g :


Sexual Minorities Uganda v Lively 77%

Lively, 254 F.Supp.3d 262 (2017) American citizen's physical presence in United States, along with sporadic e-mails to Uganda concerning lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people in Uganda, was not sufficient forceful contact with United States to overcome presumption against extraterritorial jurisdiction, and thus district court lacked jurisdiction over claim by umbrella organization representing groups advocating for fair and equal treatment of LGBTI under Alien Tort Statute (ATS);