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FilmPartnershipOppPPT 100%

----Sundance Film Festival 2012 Opportunities PROGRAM OVERVIEW The Black Keys SPIN,  a  leader  in  celebrating  independent   talent,  will  join  forces  with  -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐  for  the   2nd  year  in  a  row  in  support  of  the  brand’s   designation  as  the  of>icial  decision  engine   of  the  Sundance  Film  Festival.


FilmPartnershipOppPPT 98%

----Sundance Film Festival 2012 Opportunities PROGRAM OVERVIEW The Black Keys SPIN,  a  leader  in  celebrating  independent   talent,  will  join  forces  with  -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐  for  the   2nd  year  in  a  row  in  support  of  the  brand’s   designation  as  the  of>icial  decision  engine   of  the  Sundance  Film  Festival.


Sam Miller Resume 92%

Skills Marketing plans, HTML5, CSS, MailChimp, Google analytics, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, SEO, PPC, Wordpress, Social media advertising Current Projects Target Form System ■ A comprehensive form that allows Sundance Institute employees to accurately and efficiently reach their various target audiences.


Evan Shapiro Bio PDF 81%

Prior to Pivot, Shapiro served as President of IFC TV and Sundance Channel, where he steered both networks to new business and programming models that garnered each network their first Primetime Emmy nominations, as well as a Golden Globe Award win for Sundance Channel.


GEMS DECK 2015 63%

Featuring the crown jewels of the cinematic season, GEMS will showcase 15 films from all around the world, including festival favorites from Cannes, Berlin and Sundance.


A4 Programme HR 60%

Proiezione del premiato documentario di Erik Gandini Surplus (2003) e del fantastico Skateistan – To Live and Skate Kabul (2010) direttamente dal Sundance Film Festival.


Koinonia Nursery 2017 Catalog 25 PDF 58%

Yellow Zone 2 Sundance Poplar Mature Size:


Nikita 5 generation pedigree 55%

De  C lan  Robe rts Pakros D' Ulmental ENCI 02/98355 Karma Vom Ochsentor SZ 2031747 Vegas Du Haut Mansard MET 24803 Rangoon Du Haut Mansard MET 11355279330 Heiko Z Agiru Bohemia DN255065/01 03­10 (Czech Republic) Black & Red  AKC DNA #V550454 Wallace Aus Agrigento PKR 2017496 01­07 (Germany ) Kessy Z Agiru Bohemia CMKU DS/44202/01/03 Alice Aranyvolgyi­Orseg MET NJ.3988/99 Olf Van Rowey DL604621/01 01­96 (Belgium) Black & Silver Topper Von Declan Haus DN270905/04 10­15 Black & Red Hawk Vom Ochoa DL693708/03 05­01 Sable  AKC DNA #V81929 Venus Vom Kuhnhof DL513643/11 05­96 Sable Nana Of Avila DN077617/10 12­07 Black Canto Vom Steinig Tal III DL537120/02 12­97 Black  AKC DNA #V208654 Della Von Schwarz Hugel DL822122/03 02­03 Black  OFA24F Delight Von Sonnenschein DL476390/09 07­96 Black & Tan  OFA24G Nikita Von Decian Haus DN432481/02 12­15 Bax Von Der Luisenstrise SZ 20422506 Jodel's The Phantom DL633288/04 10­02 Gray   Owen Du Fosse De Norva MET 506735 Jalna Du Haut Mansard MET 4497113 Scott Von Deodatus SZ 1925848 Gusta Aus Agrigento SZ 1860866 Esko Vom Danischen Hof MET 189902 (Germany ) Aranyvolgyi­Orseg Saba MET NJ.10650/93 Killroy Von Tegelhous LOSH 554899 Lady Von Muikenshof DL621988/01 05­96 (Belgium) Sable Addi Von Den Tonteichen DL445445/01 02­93 (Germany ) Sable Nasra Von Malatesta DL387759/01 02­93 (West Germany ) Sable Elvis V Gruntal DL398810/01 04­92 (East Germany ) Black Alka Von Der Eichendorfschule D732605 12­90 (West Germany ) Black Cyros Von Der Sonnenschein D900007 11­92 Black & Tan  OFA37G Bianka Von Sonnenschein DL340670/02 08­93 Black Jodel's Brisco County Jr DL496518/04 08­95 Black & Tan Black & Red Black Mountain Ranger Of Gila DN099240/06 06­06 Sable  AKC DNA #V480024 OFA71F AKC DNA #V269569 Ironshield Of Steelcross DN000951/05 07­03 Sable Nanook Gundecker­Blue Belknap DN258654/08 08­11 Blue Phantom Legend Of Steelcross DN023982/06 05­05 Black  AKC DNA #V583431 Jasmin Of Gila DN095625/06 10­07 Black & Tan Radient Flair Of Steelcross DN005967/07 05­05 Sable Natasha Von Declan Haus DN340326/05 10­15 Black & Red Nigel Habib Abimelech DL850008/06 10­03 Black Belknaps Samson DN053499/01 04­06 Black & Tan Alexis Rashi Zibborah DL758566/02 10­03 Black & Tan Spirit Shine Belknap DN198523/07 08­11 Black Belknaps Rebellion DL755518/06 01­00 Black & Tan Belknaps Houdini Magic DL829678/03 04­06 Black Faith McClain DL492034/01 01­00 Black Jodel's Memphis Belle DA017076 01­94 Black & Tan Ironwolf Of Steel Cross DL869393/01 04­02 Blue Iron Strength Of Steel Cross DL827873/05 04­02 Sable Jodel's The Phantom DL633288/04 10­02 Gray   OFA71F AKC DNA #V269569 Iron Strength Of Steel Cross DL827873/05 04­02 Sable Silver Rock's Sundance Kid DL577145/04 02­97 Sable Regal Lady Of Steel Cross DL785760/02 06­01 Black & Tan Sir Gunthre Vom Fever DL781535/04 07­00 Black & Tan Princess Gabriella Tacktara DL758566/05 07­00 Black Sir Sebastian Tacktara DL622878/06 06­98 Black & Tan Princess Zeena Vom Rugar DL677180/03 06­98 Black & Tan Bar Bergen Wolf DL672718/11 01­98 Black  AKC DNA #V234636 Q ueenie Coal Xanthia DL588242/06 01­98 Black & Tan Conan Vom Lowental DL409063/14 11­93 Black Alphonse's Babe Baby DL324375/01 11­93 Black & Tan � 2016 American Kennel Club  © 2016 All rights reserved. No material may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from The American Kennel Club, Inc. The AKC has made every effort to insure the accuracy of its information. The information provided is "as is" with all faults and without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. In no event shall American Kennel Club be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, lost profits, or any indirect damages even if AKC has been informed of the possibility thereof.


MensBracket2012 54%

Grill Fri 7:15p 23 Winner to 82 Loser to 90 Sat 4:30p B Sun 6:30p D Antonsen Construction Sundance Exteriors Sun 1:15p 23 Sat 4:30p 21 Winner to 66 Loser to 74 Fri 7:15p B Sun 6:30p 21 Skull MOnkeys B52/Hansen Spec Sun 3:15p C Fri 7:15p C Winner to 83 Loser to 91 Sat 4:30p D Sun 5:30p D Powers Creeps B52/Owners Team Sun 2:15p 21 Sat 5:30p 21 Winner to 67 Loser to 75 Fri 7:15p D Sun 5:30p 21 Al's Corral Minnehaha Liquors Sun 3:15p D Fri 8:15p C Winner to 83 Loser to 91 Sat 5:30p B Master Batters Dom's Pink Slippers Champion Sun 2:15p 23 Sat 5:30p 23 Winner to 67 Loser to 75 Sat 5:30p D Winner to 68 Loser to 76 Sat 11:00a D Winner to 68 Loser to 76 Sat 12:15p 23 Winner to 69 Loser to 77 Sat 12:15p D Winner to 69 Loser to 77 Sat 1:15p 23 Winner to 70 Loser to 78 Fri 8:15p D Jersey's Dominick's Pizza Fri 9:15p C Winner to 84 Loser to 92 Sat 5:30p C Streamline Design BTU Fri 9:15p D Dirty Birds Club Olds Sat 8:00a 21 Winner to 84 Loser to 92 Sat 11:00a C Dirty Dozen Southside Sat 8:00a 23 Cro/Lots of losses Gahlon Ins/Whalers Sat 8:00a B Winner to 85 Loser to 93 Sat 12:15p C Horsemen Plug Ugly Sat 8:00a C Brawlers Ansari's Sat 8:00a D Winner to 85 Loser to 93 Sat 12:15p 21 The Buzz Detox/American Family/NF Sat 9:00a 21 XYZ Drac's 32 0-2 Bracket Sat 6:30p B 89 Sat 7:30p C 90 Sat 7:30p B 91 Sun 9:00a B 92 Sun 10:00a B 93 Winner to 86 Loser to 94 Sat 12:15p B Sun 2:15p C Allstate Peterbilt The Game Timers Sat 9:00a B Sun 1:15p D Under Achievers K2 Bath Sun 4:30p B Sat 9:00a C Winner to 86 Loser to 94 Sat 1:15p C Sun 2:15p B Champion 1-1 Win-Lose Bracket Sat 9:00a 23 Ross Otto Construction Commercial Systems Sun 4:30p 23 Sat 1:15p D Winner to 70 Loser to 78 Sat 9:00a D Sun 2:15p D 3 Bids MAC Inc.


3RDAveDressRehearsal2017 53%



48532 DeadwoodMap2015 52%

Suites Butch Cassidy Sundance Suites 1899 Inn on Lincoln Street Higby House B &


KarynSpencerResume2016 51%

was promoted to VP in 2008 • Co-producer of Killers, 80 million dollar Lionsgate feature film starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl • Associate producer of Spread, Sundance 2009’s highest selling film • Solicited, optioned, maintained and developed a slate of 12 feature film projects at a time • Hired writers, producers, and directors for television and film • Regularly pitched and sold to studio and network heads • Supervised production of feature films, television shows, and viral Internet campaigns • Worked with Ashton to make his Twitter account the first to reach 1 million followers, beat CNN In a highly publicized race, booked Oprah appearance afterward to teach her about Twitter • Web campaigns here Everest Entertainment, NY PR CONSULTANT July 2010-Dec 2010 • Consultant for the rollout of the Oscar &


Jay Foster Resume 51%

REFERENCES Jerry Boyd, Worship Pastor 11901 Sundance Mountain Rd, Oklahoma City, OK Email:


CJLenhartResume2018 44%

directed by Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner Drake Doremus who directed Jennifer Lawrence and Anton Yelchin in 2011's "Like Crazy.” After playing it cool and tricking them into hiring me thinking I would only be a 3-month paid intern, I snuck my way up to getting a raise and working as Production Coordinator and even filling in for their lead Business Relations at times.


Hutzler Newsletter 41%

It was released at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013.


SawSpace-Jigsaw Production Notes-Lionsgate 34%

Thirteen years after Saw made its auspicious debut at the Sundance Film Festival in the “Park City at Midnight” program, combining a moral weight with clever plotting, all-encompassing dread, and nervejangling tension that pivots into full-on panic, Jigsaw ups the stakes with an all-new puzzle built around a terrifying question:


parametry freesat upcdirect 30%

Hunting Discovery ID Food Network Spektrum (HU) ČT sport Nova Sport Sport 1 (CZ) Sport 2 (CZ) Slovak Sport Sport 5 Eurosport Eurosport 2 Auto Motor Sport Extreme Sports M4 Sport Sport 1 (HU) Sport 2 (HU) Sport M Disney Channel Nickelodeon (CZ) JimJam Minimax/C8 (CZ) (06-20/20-02) 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 Megamax Cartoon Network Boomerang Da Vinci Learning Duck TV Nick Jr Nickelodeon (HU) Minimax/C8 (HU) (06-20/20-02) 105 106 107 VH1 VH1 Classic MTV Hits hudební hudební hudební 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 MTV Rocks MTV Dance MTV Music 24 MTV Europe (CZ) Óčko Mooz Dance VIVA Sláger TV Muzsika TV MTV Europe (HU) 1 Music Channel Utv hudební hudební hudební hudební hudební hudební hudební hudební hudební hudební hudební hudební en en en cz, hu, en cz en hu hu hu hu, en ro ro MEDIUM MEDIUM MEDIUM MEDIUM LIGHT MEDIUM LIGHT LIGHT MEDIUM MEDIUM LIGHT LIGHT 120 129 Stingray Music hudební en globální globální globální globální globální globální globální globální globální 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UK 1970 Record releases by date 27%

- 11 James Brown Give It Up Or Turn It Loose (EP) David Ackles Subway To The Country Simon Stokes And The Nighthawks Voodoo Woman Roxy Rock And Roll Circus Jake Holmes Saturday Night Jethro Tull The Witch's Promise chart hit - 63 Blodwyn Pig Same Old Story 13 Clarence Carter Take It Off Him And Put It On Me Walter Jackson Any Way That You Want Me Wilson Pickett You Keep Me Hanging On Carmen McRae I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know Donny Hathaway The Ghetto Vivian Stanshall - Sean Head Showband Labio-Dental Fricative Freddie Notes And The Rudies Babylon John And Beverley Martyn John The Baptist Renaissance Island Black Sabbath Evil Woman 14 Angel Pavement Tell Me What I've Got To Do TC Wiley TNT Dave Dee My Woman's Man chart hit - 14 Malcolm Holland Dawning Of The Day Eddie Holman (Hey There) Lonely Girl 15 Giorgio Moody Trudy Giorgio Moroder The Everly Brothers Good Golly, Miss Molly Rod McKuen Jean (From "The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie") Debbie Reynolds With A Little Love (Just A Little Love) Don Lane You're Everything The Tokens She Lets Her Hair Down (Early In The Morning) The Aggressors Whisky And Soda Black Velvet Please Let Me In (The Door You Closed To Me) Bobby Bridger The World Is Turning On Candy Choir Why Do You Cry My Love Crazy Elephant There's A Better Day A Comin' (Na, Na, Na, Na) 15 Julie Covington The Magic Wasn't There Steve And Albert Follow The Bouncing Ball Lee Perry And The Upsetters Yakety Yak Winston Wright With Tommy McCook Moon Invader Maytals Pressure Drop Rudy Mills Lemi-li Tinga And Ernie She's Gone Nancy Sinatra I Love Them All (The Boys In The Band) Boris Gardner Elizabethan Reggae chart hit - 58 Lee Lynch Sweet Woman The Bonzo Dog Band You Done My Brain In Daliah Lavi Love's Song (Adelina) The Steelers Get It From The Bottom Vic Damone We Have All The Time In The World Julie Rogers Which Way To Nowhere Creedence Clearwater Revival Down On The Corner / Fortunate Son chart hit - 34 Shore St.Citadel Johnny Soldier Erroll Daniels Lonely Crowd Jimmy Cliff Vietnam chart hit - 17 Burt Bacharach (Butch Cassidy And) The Sundance Kid Sandie Shaw By Tomorrow Buck Owens And The Buckaroos Big In Vegas Mike Wallace Daffodil Peter Sarstedt Without Darkness (There's No Light) Tyrannosaurus Rex By The Light Of A Magical Moon 11 Dickie Valentine Primrose Jill Regine Marry Me !


1974 Record Releases 27%

(STOP) 9 Sister Janet Mead The Lord's Prayer 9 Ultra High Frequency We're On The Right Track 8 Bobby Crush The Sting 8 The Temptations I Need You 7 Jigsaw I've Seen The Film, I've Read The Book 7 Keith West Havin' Someone 6 Garfunkel I Shall Sing 6 Millican And Nesbitt Near You 6 Bloodstone Outside Woman 5 Les Payne I Can't Help To Feel The Love 5 Earth, Wind And Fire Keep Your Head To The Sky 5 Jonathan King Hooked On A Feeling 5 John Christie Everybody But Me Derek Ward And Friends We Are The Miners Of Today Ross Stagg I'll Never Be A Star (But I Might) Ross Alright By Me Neil Innes Momma B Tom Waite Precious Love Bo Donaldson And The Heywoods Deeper And Deeper Brownhill Stamp Duty Kyrie Eleison The Ethiopians Buy You A Ring Clodagh Rodgers Get It Together Inez And Charlie Foxx Mockingbird Sundance Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever Johnnie Clarke Julie Happy Junior Sugar Dandy Elizabeth Harwood And The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Vilia-Lied Murray McLauchlan Hurricane Of Change Demis Roussos Goodbye My Love Goodbye Ronnie Dyson I Think I'll Tell Her Gary And Ken Jill's On The Pill 25 February 1974 Hot Chocolate Emma 78 - 8 Mar 1974 Mikis Theodorakis Theme From 'Serpico' 8 Mar 1974 David Alexander Love, Love, Love 8 Mar 1974 Queen Seven Seas Of Rhye 100 Stackridge Dangerous Bacon 10 Cash And Carry With Bobby Setter And Co.


wmtc-data-1997-2015 2.1.2016 final 27% 6,000 200 835 3 The Xerces Society Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count 1997-2015 SITE NAME Blue Gum Grove Camino Real Park, Ventura Harbor Blvd. Ventura Harmon Barranca,  Ventura La Jolla Canyon Little Sycamore  Canyon, Private Camp Ocean Ave. Park, Ventura Oxnard College, Oxnard Taylor Ranch, North Ventura Vista Del Mar, Ventura Vista Del Mar SE, Ventura Ballona Wetlands,  Playa Del Rey Banning Park, Wilmington Brentwood Country Club Busch Dr. & Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu Chevron Refinery, El Segundo (Kansas St.) Encinal Canyon, Malibu El Dorado Nature Center, Long Beach (#1) El Dorado Nature Center, Long Beach (#2) Heartwell Park, Lakewood Leo Carrillo State Beach, Malibu Livingston Park, Long Beach Malibu Creek (Serra Rd.), Malibu Old Kinney‐Stahly Place, Malibu Recreation Park (north), Long Beach Recreation Park (south), Long Beach Schabarum Co. Park, Rowland Heights Via La Selva & Via Capay, Palos Verdes Wilderness  Park, Redondo Beach Woodlawn  Cemetery,  Santa Monica 27540 Hwy. 1, Malibu 2817 Via La Selva, Palos Verdes Aliviso Resort, Laguna Beach Bolsa Chica, Huntington  Beach Doheny State Beach, Dana Point Festival of the Arts, Laguna Beach Golden West College, Huntington  Beach Gum Grove Park, Seal Beach Hospital Site, Dana Point Huntington Central Park, (amphitheater) Huntington Central Park, Gothard St. Site Junipero & Presidente,  San Clemente Marina Park, Seal Beach Naval Weapons  Station, Seal Beach Norma Gibbs, Grahm St., Huntington San Clemente State Park, San Clemente Sundance  Dr., Costa Mesa Trafalgar Ln., San Clemente Camp Pendleton Main Crest Dr., Encinitas Crest Rd., Del Mar El Camino Real & Chestnut,  Carlsbad El Prado & 6th Street, Balboa Park Eucalyptus  Park, Chula Vista Grape Street Park, Balboa Park Hidden Pines Trail, Torrey Pines SNR Hospital Grove, Carlsbad Mount Soledad, La Jolla, Romero Dr.


MGG (PDF) - Rebalancing stats summary ES 26%

NAME (EN) TYPE SPEED Robot Androide Necrobot Humanoide Pérfido Escarabot Coloso Deus Machina Zombi Zomborg Lord Blood Déspota Negro Necrodragón Fantasmonauta Barón Lundi Guerrero Ejecutor Banshee Guerrera Caballero Nórdico Honey Bunny Marciano Errante Valkiria Bestia Reptoide Cerbero Rakshasa Kaiju Kitty Reina Parásita Dracus Nobilis Extraterrestre Aniquilador Tutti Viscosi Sundance Bug Xenos Astrosurfista Nébulon Diablesa Tecno Tao La Parca Gandolphus Medusa C'thlig Señor del Abismo ------------------------------------------- 4,0 6,7 7,1 5,0 3,4 4,3 5,3 6,3 4,5 4,2 3,7 3,6 3,8 5,0 5,6 4,2 6,3 4,8 10,0 8,3 5,0 5,0 6,7 5,9 7,1 5,6 7,7 3,3 11,1 3,6 4,3 5,3 7,7 3,8 5,9 4,8 4,0 3,4 9,1 4,5 3,7 3,3 NAME (EN) TYPE SPEED Goliat Hypnos Capitán Mecano Monocerus Líbraro Virgon Muñeca Diabólica Espectro de la Cripta Capitán Osamenta Cancernia Cáprika Mago Tétrico Intercéptrix Bushi Buck Maurice Sagitauro Geminium Thor Aracno Zombat Leohart Maestro Splitter Cosmo Kong Sátiro Hechicero Sentry Sirenia Behemoth Rocágeno Supernovus Mr Marvelous Mekali Príncipe Escorpión Capitán Paz Horus Azuria Castigo SPECIAL RECIPE RECIPE LEGEND ZODIAC ZODIAC RECIPE PVP RECIPE ZODIAC ZODIAC PVP RECIPE RECIPE LEGEND ZODIAC ZODIAC LEGEND PVP PVP ZODIAC PVP LEGEND PVP LEGEND PVP PVP PVP PVP GACHA PVP ZODIAC SPECIAL RECIPE PVP PVP 4,0 4,2 8,3 5,3 9,1 10,0 7,7 7,1 5,6 4,8 6,3 9,1 7,1 3,8 3,3 4,5 4,3 3,4 3,7 11,1 4,2 3,8 4,3 6,7 6,3 7,7 3,6 4,5 5,3 5,3 6,7 5,9 4,0 8,3 5,9 5,6 NAME (EN) TYPE SPEED H.U.M.A.N.