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Raptors PDF Sheet1 100%

Peter  X 647-­‐292-­‐1134 Sachin  K 647-­‐296-­‐1185 Date Team Monday,  October  12,  2015 Sunday,  October  18th,  2015 Wednesday,  October  28th,  2015 Sunday,  November  1st,  2015 Tuesday,  November  10th,  2015 Friday,  November  13th,  2015 Wednesday,  November  25th,  2015 Sunday,  November  29th,  2015 Thursday,  December  3rd,  2015 Saturday,  December  5th,  2015 Monday,  December  7th,  2015 Wednesday,  December  9th,  2015 Friday,  December  11th,  2015 Sunday,  December  13th,  2015 Sunday,  December  20th,  2015 Tuesday,  December  22nd,  2015 Wednesday,  December  30th,  2015 Friday,  January  1st,  2016 Sunday  January  3rd,  2016 Monday,  January  18th,  2016 Wednesday,  January  20th,  2016 Friday,  January  22nd,  2016 Sunday,  January  24th,  2016 Tuesday,  January  26th,  2016 Thursday,  January  28th,  2016 Saturday,  January  30th,  2016 Sunday,  February  21st,  2016 Wednesday,  February  24th,  2016 Friday,  February  26th,  2016


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PDF Colts 091514 98%

PDF Colts 091514 MEDIA GUIDE COVERS.indd 6 7/24/14 2:12 PM Game Notes Eagles|Colts September 15, 2014 2014 SCHEDULE AND RESULTS PRESEASON (2-2) Friday Friday Thursday Thursday August 8 August 15 August 21 August 28 at Chicago at New England Pittsburgh NY Jets INDIANAPOLIS COLTS (0-1) L, 28-34 L, 35-42 W, 31-21 W, 37-7 REGULAR SEASON (1-0) Sunday Monday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday


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newsletter 96%

Sunday, December 25, CHRISTMAS, Orthros - 8:45 am, Divine Liturgy - 10:00 am (coffee hour following).


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3601 Shopping Store Printable Wk05 94%



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Program 5-3 94%

With President Smith and Hansen each Sunday from 4pm - 5pm.


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Horse and Jockey 5 93%

The Horse and Jockey Buckingham Road, Aylesbury HP19 9QL Sunday - Thursday 7am - 11pm Friday - Saturday 7am - 12am (01296) 423 803 Our extensive selection of ales and wines is free to try before you buy!


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advice on conducting sunday school1168 92%

advice on conducting sunday school1168 advice on conducting sunday school Sunday school is a fun way to learn more about God along with his supernatural powers.


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Life Drawing & Still Life Class 92%

The classes run alternately on either a Saturday or a Sunday, usually fortnightly.


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FAQ July 2014 92%

How is my Sunday payment calculated?


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2016 boys evaluations 92%

Day / Date Time South Run Field #6 Saturday 2/6 Saturday 2/6 8:30 am – 10:30 am 2:30 pm – 5 pm U15 Boys Evaluations U13 Boys Evaluations Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday 9 am – 11 am 11 am – 1 pm 2 pm – 3:30 pm 3 pm – 5 pm U9 Boys Evaluations U11 AA Team Tryouts >>>>>>>>>>>>


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contracerycii09 90%

contracerycii09 ARE CHRISTIANS MEANT TO COMMUNE ONLY ON  A SATURDAY AND NEVER ON A SUNDAY?    In  the  second  paragraph  of  his  first  letter  to  Fr.  Pedro,  Bp.  Kirykos  writes: “Also, all Christians, when they are going to commune, know that they must  approach  Holy  Communion  on  Saturday  (since  it  is  preceded  by  the  fast  of  Friday)  and on Sunday only by economia, so that they are not compelled to break the fast of  Saturday and violate the relevant Holy Canon [sic: here he accidentally speaks of  breaking  the  fast  of  Saturday,  but  he  most  likely  means  observing  a  fast  on  Saturday, because that is what violates the canons].”    The first striking remark is “All Christians.” Does Bp. Kirykos consider  himself to be a Christian? If so, why does he commune every Sunday without  exception, seeing as though “all Christians” are supposed to “know” that they  are only allowed to commune on a Saturday, and never on Sunday, except by  “economia.”  Or  perhaps  Bp.  Kirykos  does  not  consider  himself  a  Christian,  and  for  this  reason  he  is  exempt  of  this  rule  for  “all  Christians.”  It  makes  perfect sense that he excludes himself from those called Christians because his  very ideas and practices are not Christian at all.     Is  communion  on  Saturdays  alone,  and  never  on  Sundays,  really  a  Christian  practice?  Is  this  what  Christians  have  always  believed?  Was  Saturday the day that the early Christians ʺbroke breadʺ (i.e., communed)? Let  us look at what the Holy Scriptures have to say.     St.  Luke  the  Evangelist  (+18  October,  86),  in  the  Acts  of  the  Holy  Apostles, writes: “And on the first day of the week, when we were assembled to  break bread, Paul discoursed with them, being to depart on the morrow (Acts 20:7).”  Thus the Holy Apostle Paul would meet with the faithful on the first day of  the  week,  to  wit,  Sunday,  and  on  this  day  he  would  break  bread,  that  is,  he  would serve Holy Communion.     St. Paul the Apostle (+29 June, 67) also advises in his first epistle to the  Corinthians:  “On  the  first  day  of  the  week,  let  every  one  of  you  put  apart  with  himself, laying up what it shall well please him: that when I come, the collections be  not  then  to  be  made  (1  Corinthians  16:2).”  Thus  St.  Paul  indicates  that  the  Christians would meet with one another on the first day of the week, that is,  Sunday, not only for Liturgy, but also for collection of goods for the poor.     The reason why the Christians would meet for prayer and breaking of 


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contracerycii10 90%

contracerycii10 DEMANDING A STRICT FAST ON SATURDAYS   IS THE FIRST HERESY OF THE PAPISTS    In his two letters to Fr. Pedro, in several other writings on the internet,  as well as through his verbal discussions, Bp. Kirykos presents the idea that a  Christian is forbidden to ever commune on a Sunday, except by “economia,”  and  that  if  per  chance  a  Christian  is  granted  this  “economia,”  he  would  nevertheless be compelled to fast strictly without oil on the Saturday, that is,  the day prior to receiving Holy Communion.       For  instance,  outside  of  fasting  periods,  Bp.  Kirykos,  his  sister,  Vincentia, and the “theologian” Mr. Eleutherios Gkoutzidis insist that laymen  must  fast  for  seven  days  without  meat,  five  days  without  dairy,  three  days  without oil, and one day without even olives or sesame pulp, for fear of these  things  containing  oil.  If  someone  prepares  to  commune  on  a  Sunday,  this  means that from the previous Sunday he cannot eat meat. From the Tuesday  onwards he cannot eat dairy either. On the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday  he  cannot  partake  of  oil  or  wine.  While  on  the  Saturday  he  must  perform  a  xerophagy in which he cannot have any processed foods, and not even olives  or  sesame  pulp.  This  means  that  the  strictest  fast  will  be  performed  on  the  Saturday, in violation of the Canons. This also means that for a layman to ever  be  able  to  commune  every  Sunday,  he  would  need  to  fast  for  his  entire  life  long. Yet, Bp. Kirykos and his priests exempt themselves from this rule, and  are allowed to partake of any foods all week long except for Wednesday and  Friday.  They  can  even  partake  of  all  foods  as  late  as  midnight  on  Saturday  night,  and  commune  on  Sunday  morning  without  feeling  the  least  bit  “unworthy.”  But  should  a  layman  dare  to  partake  of  oil  even  once  on  a  Saturday, he is brushed off as “unworthy” for Communion on Sunday.      Meanwhile during fasting periods such as Great Lent, since Monday to  Friday  is  without  oil  anyway,  Bp.  Kirykos,  Sister  Vincentia  and  Mr.  Gkoutzidis believe that laymen should also fast on Saturday without oil, and  even without olives and sesame pulp, in order for such laymen to be able to  commune on Sunday. Thus again they require a layman to violate Apostolic,  Ecumenical,  Local  and  Patristic  Canons,  and  even  fall  under  the  penalty  of  excommunication (according to these same canons) in order to be “worthy” of  communion. What an absurdity! What a monstrosity! A layman must become  worthy of excommunication in order to become “worthy” of Communion! 


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Sounds of Grace 2015 Audition Info 89%

-Security and confidence singing one-on-a-part -Great diversity in tone and vocal style, including control of vibrato and straight-tone singing -Strong reading skills and the ability to learn music outside of rehearsals (including new music that has not yet been recorded) -Prompt attendance and focus at rehearsals -Active listening while singing (that is, attentiveness to blend and ensemble tuning) -Confidence performing as a soloist as well as within a group -Open to experimentation with vocal techniques (slides, vocal percussion, etc.) Almost all concerts and rehearsals will be taking place on Sunday afternoons and evenings, with the goal of performing two concerts each Sunday during Advent (the weeks leading up to Christmas).


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IAAO Conference 2010 Presentation 89%

IAAO Conference 2010 Presentation Sunday, March 3, 13 Sunday, March 3, 13 Overview • PART 1 – Wayne Moore – Review of previous AVM performance research published in 2005/2006 – Review new research that includes location coordinates from GIS and enhanced methodology for testing horizontal &


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October 1, 2017 88%

International Day at KIBC—Sunday, October 8 We will celebrate our international congregation by wearing our native dress and/or bringing a flag from our home country;


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January-Newsletter 88%

Sunday, January 1, Circumcision of our Lord &


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Kids in Satan's Service 88%

Kids in Satan's Service KIDS IN SATAN’S SERVICE  Justin Wheatley      ­­In Which We’re in the House of God­­    It was on a Sunday morning, in the second row pew of the Church of God, when I knew  I wanted to go to Hell. I feel no God in my bones, but I know if He were to exist, he  would have to answer committing the mortal sin of forcing young children into his myriad  houses of worship. Thirteen years later and I can still feel the fits of heavy­lidded yawns  prying open my jaw every thirty seconds, and I can still see the backward glances at the  clock at the back of the sanctuary, just high enough on the wall to (I swear) discourage  small children such as myself from paying it too much sinful attention. This was casino  psychology. I’m now convinced that it was a form of hypnotic trance that I would fall  under. The syrup­thick doldrums, the standing still of time. It was a cruel ritual, fit not for  any child with the promise of a weekend noontime kicking and pricking in their  unscraped, OshKosh B’Goshed legs. There’s the natural buildup that comes before  Sunday service­­the inertia of not wanting to go dear God mom please. It was the  opposite of suspense. And then after that the Dress Up, in which you decide to rebel  and wear your tiny scuffed Chuck Taylors and hope dear God mom please don’t notice.  Then she notices and you have to change into your nice church shoes right this second,  Justin. We didn’t have money, but I can imagine our church clothes cost us at least  three Sundays’ worth of collection plates. My tie was a clip­on, but let me tell you, it was  a nice clip­on. After the Dress Up is the Drive There. The Drive There is mercifully short,  as the church is only a couple blocks away. Then there’s the Greeting in the front  parking lot of the church. Here you meet with the other Sunday school kids, already  anxious, pulling at your clip­on tie as if its imaginary grip is too tight around your collar.  You kick some gravel around, maybe throw it at the side of the church when no one is  looking, because hey man, screw this. You gather into the sanctuary with the other  churchgoers. They’re an elderly bunch, save for that attractive young couple sticking out  like two spicy thumbs. Then you wait thirty minutes until Sunday School is called into  attendance. Such is the Dance of the Dutiful. Rinse and repeat.  Reaffirming my deep­seated belief that Tom Petty is some sort of mellowed­out  pop prophet, the waiting was the hardest part of Sunday service. I’m not going to say  that I approach the notion of Sunday school as some sort of oasis in the beige desert of  organized religion. It’s not often that I agree with the commonly held notion that children  are an awful race of persons, because they aren’t. But even at that young age, my  peers in youth did nothing for me. I say this not with pride, but with sad bafflement. Was  it the glassy stares the Massy brothers would develop when one tried to talk to them? 


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Sunday Menu web 87%

Sunday Menu web Sunday Lunch Menu Available 12noon to 4:30pm Every Sunday Starters Soup of the Day £ 4.50 Served with freshly baked rolls &


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0 Sunday Menu web 87%

0 Sunday Menu web Sunday Lunch Menu Available 12noon to 4:30pm Every Sunday Starters Soup of the Day £ 4.50 Served with freshly baked rolls &


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Wilshire Fireplace Shops Catalogs 87%

9:00AM – 5.30PM (M-F) 10:AM – 5:00PM (Saturday) Sunday Closed Email :


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April 2014 87%

April 2014 April 2014 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY 1 8:15 Golf 10:00 Craft Club 6:15 Bridge Pedicures w.


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at Chicago Bears (Sept. 24) 87%

412-432-7878 PITTSBURGH STEELERS (2-0) at CHICAGO BEARS (0-2) Sunday, Sept.


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ylenia covalea tgs tn 87%

ylenia covalea tgs tn how to KILL SUNDAY coffee [kaw-fee, kof-ee] friends feelings affection people attached to another by OF CIGARETTES books a handwritten or printed work of fiction or nonfiction, usually on sheets art [ahrt] this is how i killed sunday how to:


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Best nail salon services even on sunday 87%

Best nail salon services even on sunday Nail Salon Open On Sunday Be Best - Be Beautiful ARTIFICIAL NAILS • • • • • • Acrylic Regular Full Set Pink And White Full Set Color Powder Full Set Fill In Pink And White Fill In Acrylic Fill In Color Powder Pink And White Full Set • Maintain your looks and beauty as you want with a nail salon open on Sunday.


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Payroll Calendar BiWkly 2019 87%

Payroll Calendar BiWkly 2019 Flagship/CarFinance BiWeekly Paydates - 2019 Pay Period Pay Date Monday 12/17/18 Through Sunday 12/30/18 01/04/19 Monday 12/31/18 Through Sunday 01/13/19 01/18/19 Monday 01/14/19 Through Sunday 01/27/19 02/01/19 Monday 01/28/19


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