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2057-3782 (Online) CASE REPORT Lacrimal scintigraphy in the supine lateral head position Pekka Pohjanpelto1,4, Aki Kangasmäki2 and Kalevi Kairemo2,3* Päijät-Häme Central Hospital, Lahti, Finland;


ANESTHESIA for Labor and Delivery 84%

Decrease in systemic vascular resistance  At term, maternal blood volume increased by 1000 1500 ml Increase in CO is due to ↑ HR and stroke volume Greatest increase in CO are seen during labor and immediately after delivery Aortocaval compression is an important but preventable cause of fetal distress Up to 20% of women develop Supine Hypotension Syndrome (hypotension, pallor, sweating, nausea and vomiting) Supine Hypotension Syndrome Risks of Aortocaval Compression  Decreased uterine and placental blood flow  Venous blood diversion Clinical Significance  To prevent aortocaval compression, parturients should never be allowed to rest in the supine position.


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The next article on ‘Lacrimal scintigraphy in the supine lateral head position’, by Pohjanpelto et al [3].


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Supine – Lying down (face up) in the anatomical position.


Diss V Schwachmeyer 73%

from supine position to sitting) of 5 patients with VBR were analyzed and compared to upright standing.


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On the mattress where we were when she removed her blouse, nearly transparent, supine beside me.


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Participants were positioned supine with baseline TOI measurements taken at four different superficial bony anatomical locations (proximal tibia (TP), tibial diaphysis (TD), medial malleolus (MM) and patella) and one muscle location, as shown in Figure 2.


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The following morning the patient was taken to the operating room and placed in supine position.


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Supine Spinal Twist, Supta Matsyendrasana Lie on your back with knees bent, soles of feet on floor.


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“Harper arrived at the women’s dorm and saw Ducharme lying supine on the floor, she was pale and dry.


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Although there are no specific symptoms associated with SIDS, an autopsy often reveals congestion and edema of the lungs and inflammatory changes in the respiratory system.17 By 1980, SIDS had become the leading cause of postneonatal mortality (deaths of infants from 28 days to one year old) in the United States.18 In 1992, to address the unacceptable SIDS rate, the American Academy of Pediatrics initiated a ‘Back to Sleep’ campaign, convincing parents to place their infants supine, rather than prone, during sleep.


2018 Enriquez et al Front Physiol 24%

ORIGINAL RESEARCH published: 01 November 2018 doi: