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All people are welcome to stand in solidarity with us and against white supremacy.



Black liberation threatens the very foundation of the state and every entity founded and built up by white supremacy.


Administrative Law-LawStudent-BD 82%

Edward Coke is said to be the originator of this concept, when he said that the king must be under God and law and thus vindicated the supremacy of law over the pretensions of the executives.


Nicholas Sleight Portfolio 79%

Freud developed the theory that humans have an unconscious in which sexual and aggressive impulses are in perpetual conflict for supremacy with the defenses against them.


Bare-Bones Jesus in American Popular Culture 75%

Though Jesus’ whiteness in the mainstream image of him is not always present, it mostly is, and this shows the white supremacy present in American culture.


12-18-17-aae-draft1.5-inversecollective 73%

one of our founding priniciples MUST be subversion of white supremacy including moving resources &


Save Wiyabi 2-14 Info Sheets 70%

They are also actively invested in avoiding issues necessary to face for dismantling violence against women of color, especially white supremacy and how white women benefit from and participate in harm against women of color under it.


Ivy 68%

PERSONALITY TRAITS -1 -1 Strength -1 Dexterity +2 Constitution +2 Intelligence ● +7 Wisdom ● +6 Charisma DEXTERITY 9 -1 CONSTITUTION Hit Point Maximum 48 -1 Acrobatics (Dex) +4 Animal Handling (Wis) +2 Arcana (Int) -1 Athletics (Str) +3 Deception (Cha) +2 History (Int) +7 Insight (Wis) +3 Intimidation (Cha) +2 Investigation (Int) +7 Medicine (Wis) +2 Nature (Int) +4 Perception (Wis) +3 Performance (Cha) ● +6 Persuasion (Cha) ● +5 Religion (Int) -1 Sleight of Hand (Dex) -1 Stealth (Dex) +4 Survival (Wis) 14 +2 ● WISDOM 18 ● +4 CHARISMA 16 +3 Total SUCCESSES 5 FAILURES HIT DICE NAME Staff BONDS I believe in human supremacy.


NUJS-profile 68%

Its supremacy in legal research, academics and training is acclaimed and well recognized in Indian legal circles.


CM-Civilisation-S2 68%

II – State versus Church a – From Matrimonial Problem to Schism – A Very Short History After various failed initiatives Henry VIII stepped up the pressure on Rome, in the summer of 1529, by compiling a manuscript from ancient sources proving in law that spiritual supremacy rested with the monarch, and that Papal authority was illegal.


RET Glossary 67%

Cultural racism is also a powerful force in maintaining systems of internalized supremacy and internalized racism.


Brexit Must Mean Exit. 04.05.17 65%

The supremacy of EU law will be largely preserved, and could result in the UK Government being forced to continue payments to the EU even after we have left.2 At the end of the negotiation process we will have had another three years of uncontrolled immigration from the EU (as from the date of the Referendum) and the White Paper provides no proposals for controlling immigration post-Brexit.


2014-ETC-Missions-Scoring-sheet 64%

of opponent's table edge 2 2 Ascendency 2 Y Control any 3 objectives 2 3 Supremacy 2 Y Control 2+ obj and at least twice as many obj as your opponent 2 4 Overw.


CampusReformAProjectoftheLeadershipInstitute 63%

CampusReform: A Project of The Leadership Institute  The Leadership Institute (LI) describes itself as “the HR department of the conservative  movement.” It was founded in 1979 by ​ Morton Blackwell​  as a young adult organization for the  conservative movement. LI has already trained ​ conservative leaders​  like chief GOP strategist  Karl Rove, Rep. Joe Wilson (R­SC), and Grover Norquist, head of Americans For Tax Reform.  Its funding​  includes organizations and foundations such as the Charles G. Koch Foundation, the  Heritage Foundation, and the Adolph Coors­funded Castle Rock Foundation.  In 2009, the founder of LI launched a new site for college conservatives called CampusReform.  The stated purpose of the site is to expose “bias” in universities “completely dominated by the  left” and to give conservatives students a forum to report and organize against professors  perceived as abusive leftists.    Blackwell described the ​ motivation behind his ambitious project​  to the American Prospect:    “I have had a long­term awareness of how the campuses have become left­wing indoctrination  centers, and many, many students can go their entire college educations and never see any  representations of conservative principles on their campuses — but they see innumerable amounts  of propaganda both in campus curriculum and with speakers and in campus newspapers. It has  always bugged me that conservatives have not done likewise.”    Toni Listi, a graduate of Texas A&M and member, put this another way  when he wrote on the site that the goal was to, “​ smash left­wing scum​ .” There was originally a  publicly­accessible subsite for each of the 2,376 four­year colleges in the  US which contained a blog, event listings, membership roster, and “access to a variety of  powerful weapons to identify, expose, and combat leftist abuses on campus,” though the  subsites are now said to be no longer accessible. The “weapons” consist of a ​ system​  which  allows students to review “biased” textbooks, rate faculty and “hold professors accountable,”  report “leftist abuses,” and take a survey to record “specific injustices.” Originally, LI offered  college students ​ a $100 prize each day for reporting “leftist abuse.” is a feeder for Fox News  More recently, has described their project as a media outlet, with the tag  line “the #1 Source for College News.” Under the guise of “journalism,” has  in the last year broken stories concerning three Black women professors ​ for sharing their views  on social media about White Supremacy​ . ​ Fox News​  and other media outlets such as the  Washington Times​  have picked up stories from, lending further publicity to  the project’s stories. This coverage, in turn, informs ​ white supremacist organizations​ , who have  responded by sending ​ hate mail​  and engaging in​  on­campus flyering campaigns​  to have the  academic fired.  Sources: ​­reform­leadership­institute/​ ;­institute​ ; ​­institute/​ ;­institute​ ;


Alabama-Probate-Judge-Letters 61%

That choice cannot be reconciled with the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution, which provides that “[t]his Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof … shall be the supreme law of the land;


CK 12 Geometry Pythagorean Theorem 61%

Pythagoreans shared a common belief in the supremacy of numbers, using them to describe and understand everything from music to the physical universe.


Matthew Alford - National Security Cinema 60%

Hollywood Cinema and American Supremacy, was published by Pluto Press in 2010 and has since been translated into Chinese.


investigation into the soil 60%

The color anxious ensuing the flexibility inactive diminishing the shock supremacy bargain-basement mausoleum celebration bounciness the categorization.


Books 59%

A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari – a historic analysis of humanity gaining supremacy over all other animals and eventually nature itself through our capacity for mass cooperation via shared myths and inter-social reality building.


Scottish Home Rule Debate - Guelph University Papers 57%

we humbly submit to Your Majesty that the present mode of the domestic affairs of Scotland is unsatisfactory that measures affecting the welfare of the Scottish people are not considered, in consequence of the pressure of business of the other portions of the United Kingdom that when Bills relating to Scotland alone are being dealt with, the decision of the House is often contrary to the wishes of the great majority of the Scottish representatives and that it is desirable, while retaining the supremacy of the Imperial Parliament, to devolve upon a Legislature in Scotland the consideration of the domestic affairs of that country."


Brady rehearing petition 050916 55%

Supreme Court precedent, offering full Court consideration to avoid Supremacy Clause violations.


alt-right guide 54%

Despite the new name, the alt-right is rooted in the familiar fascism and white supremacy that existed before World War II.


329756252-State-of-Capture-14-October-2016 54%

To achieve this goal‚ we adopted accountability‚ the rule of law and the supremacy of the Constitution as values of our constitutional democracy.