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E-Mail Address Partnership (S) Corporation (C) Corporation Sole Proprietorship City Phone State Type of Work Has the applicant been in claim, and/or, denied bonding by another surety?


World Freeman Society Public Forums NOTICE OF MISTAKE (1 1) 92%

org) Notice of Mistake 1. TAKE NOTICE THAT: In the matter of SURETY for the LEGAL NAME, I believe that there has been a MISTAKE, as the SOLE BENEFICIARY OF A PUBLIC DOCUMENT has been INCORRECTLY IDENTIFIED as an "accused" and/or a "suspect".  2. FORGIVE ME: If I, AND/OR PERSONS AND/OR FRIENDS OF THE COURT AND/OR SUCH OTHER PARTIES ACTING IN MY INTERESTS, have led A COURT and/or STATUTORY BODY and/or A GOVERNMENT SERVICE and/or AGENTS and/or OFFICERS of such bodies, to believe, by responding to “You”, and/or “JOHN SCOTT DUNCAN”, and/or SUCH OTHER IDENTIFICATION, such bodies HAVE ADDRESSED ME AS, that I am the PARTY WITH SURETY in this matter, then that would be a MISTAKE, and please forgive me.  3. If I, AND/OR PERSONS AND/OR FRIENDS OF THE COURT AND/OR SUCH OTHER PARTIES ACTING IN MY INTERESTS, have led A COURT and/or STATUTORY BODY and/or A GOVERNMENT SERVICE and/or AGENTS and/or OFFICERS of such bodies, to believe, by responding to “You”, and/or “JOHN SCOTT DUNCAN”, and/or SUCH OTHER IDENTIFICATION, such bodies HAVE ADDRESSED ME AS, that I am, in ANY CAPACITY, a Pro Se litigant and/or a LEGAL PERSON in this matter, then that would be a MISTAKE, as I DO NOT CONSENT and WAIVE THE BENEFIT to such titles (Waiver of the CHANGE OF NAMES ACT OF ONTARIO). Please forgive me.  4. THEREFORE: As I have no knowledge of who “You” and or “JOHN SCOTT DUNCAN” and/or SUCH OTHER IDENTIFICATION ANY COURT and/or STATUTORY BODY and/or GOVERNMENT SERVICE and/or AGENTS and/or OFFICERS of such bodies [HEREAFTER "YOU"], HAS ADDRESSED ME AS, I RESPECTFULLY ASK; by WHAT AUTHORITY ARE "YOU" ADDRESSING me as such?  5. As the SURETY BOND (BIRTH CERTIFICATE) has been deposited into the COURT [In the custody of Justice Wailan Low, ONTARIO SUPERIOR COURT OF JUSTICE: Court File Number CV­11­430464], WHAT EVIDENCE does the COURT have that I, as a MAN who is not lawfully entitled to the BENEFITS of a BIRTH CERTIFICATE [PPSACA13078], have any SURETY in this matter?  6. As GOVERNMENT is the SOLE SIGNATORY PARTY on the SURETY BOND (BIRTH CERTIFICATE), with SOLE AND FULL SURETY as TRUSTEE for the LEGAL NAME, WHAT EVIDENCE do YOU have that I am a TRUSTEE for the LEGAL NAME. WHAT EVIDENCE do YOU have that I am a TRUSTEE and have ANY SURETY with respect to ANY NAME?  7. WHAT EVIDENCE do YOU have, that I am an OFFICER, an AGENT, a TRUSTEE and/or an EMPLOYEE of the CROWN? WHAT EVIDENCE do "YOU" have of any WARRANT OF AGENCY for the principal?  8. WHAT EVIDENCE do "YOU" have that there has been any meeting of the minds, any PROPER NOTICE given, any considerable CONSIDERATION offered, or that I have ANY INTENT to CONTRACT in this matter?  As such, I am returning your OFFER, DECLINED, for immediate DISCHARGE and CLOSURE.  [ AUTHORISED BY: ] [ AQUILAE Trust Seal]  Copied from: Tír Na Saor (


Invitation to Bid Security Services 2018 65%

All Bids must be accompanied by a bid security thru cash or cashier’s/manager’s check issued by a Universal or Commercial Bank or bank draft/guarantee or irrevocable letter of credit issued by a Universal or Commercial Bank in the amount of not less than 2% of the ABC or surety bond callable upon demand issued by surety or insurance company duly certified by the Insurance Commission as authorized to issue such security in the amount of not less than 5% of the ABC or Bid Securing Declaration that is an undertaking which states, among others, that the bidder shall enter into contract with the procuring entity as per GPPB RESOLUTION NO.


Selections from the Quran 61%

 Of  a  surety,  they  are  the  ones  who  make  mischief,  but  they   realise  (it)  not.


English Abdullah Yusuf Ali 59%

Of a surety, they are the ones who make mischief, but they realise [it] not.



(3) Description Of Job (4) Starting Date (5) Completion Date (6) Bonded Know Surety Report (Completed and In Uncompleted Work) Work On Hand / Work Progress Schedule (7) Unbonded (8) Contract Price (Including Approved Change Orders) (9) Contractors Est.



OTHER TOTAL INCOME TOTAL INCOME To assist the Surety in its evaluation of the above Statement, I hereby certify that all material facts relating to the following conditions are set forth in the attached exhibit(s) incorporated herein by reference:


Catalog 48%

Larry Arcand Licensing and Surety Bonds The Park Falls Nail Salon and academy is currently in the process of being bonded.


BasMag May 2017 Issue 1 42%

Bennett, who is about to go into his second year in the Under 17 category, is coached by Steven Surety.


Memphis x Rosie PPA 40%

PREFERRED DEPOSIT PAYMENT METHOD IS PERSONAL CHECK OR CASH PREFERRED BALANCE PAYMENT METHOD IS CASH OR CASHIER’S CHECK DEPOSIT (Surety of Action Deposit) in the amount of $300.00 is required to hold this puppy for the buyer until date of delivery.


VanAm - 2014 - Vol 3 (Web) 39%

There’s probably a new confidence in their walk and a recently acquired surety in their ability to conquer the next two years.


COvsBartlett 38%

Bartlett, Steven Wayne 01/04/2000 MINC 02/11/2000 SOEV 02/11/2000 02/11/2000 PSIO ORDR 02/11/2000 MORD 02/11/2000 MINC 04/24/2000 04/28/2000 RPRT LETR 05/02/2000 MINC 06/13/2000 06/16/2000 06/20/2000 06/20/2000 RPRT LETR ORDR MITI 06/20/2000 MINC 06/20/2000 06/20/2000 01/26/2001 01/30/2001 12/01/2003 12/01/2003 LETR CLAD MOTN ORDR ROPN ROPN 12/01/2003 MINC 12/01/2003 FOTH 12/02/2003 POST 12/02/2003 MITA 12/02/2003 MINC 12/26/2003 LETR Mi nute Order (pri nt) Sex Offender Eva l Ordered Ps i Ordered Order Moti on And Order Mi nute Order (pri nt) Report Letter Mi nute Order (pri nt) Report Letter Order Mi tti mus Is s ued Mi nute Order (pri nt) Letter Ca s e Cl os ed Moti on Order Reopened Reopened Mi nute Order (pri nt) Fi l i ng Other Cl os ed After Pos t Judgment Amended Mi tti mus Is s ued Mi nute Order (pri nt) Letter Judgments # Date Details Bond Information ID Details 1 Bond Sta tus Da te Set Amount $0.00 Pos t da te 09/02/1999 Pos t Amount $20000.00 Pos t Type Surety Adj Amount $0.00 DEF1 Ba rtl ett, Steven Wa yne Bond Sta tus 2 Bond Sta tus 5/6


doc7 37%

As condition for the release of goods prior to a final determination and payment of such customs duties, taxes, fees, and charges, a Party may require that an importer provide sufficient guarantee in the form of a surety, a deposit, or some other appropriate instrument subject to the following conditions:


CrimInfoPCAff-Jester Marisa 16 F3 63 36%

Bond set at $ ~ U ,"cJlJ V""' Corporate surety or $ ~dayof"


abbreviations 34%

169 Circuit Kilometer Contingent Liabilities Contingent Liability Management Certificate of Land Ownership Award Comprehensive Land Use Plan Coco-Methyl Ester Case Management Information System Community Mortgage Plan Cellular Mobile Telephone Service Comprehensive National Fishery Industry Development Plan Compressed Natural Gas Communications Navigation Surveillance-Air Traffic Management Carbon Dioxide Commission on Audit Commission on Elections Consumer Price Index Corruption Perception Index Communist Party of the Philippines Contraceptive Prevalence Rate Continuous Quality Improvement Convention of the Rights of the Child Certificate of Stewardship Contract Credit Surety Fund Civic Society Organization Coral Triangle Initiative – Regional/ National Plan of Action Department of Agriculture Department of Agrarian Reform Development Budget Coordination Committee Department of Budget and Management Development Bank of the Philippines Democratic Control of Armed Forces Department of Environment and Natural Resources Department of Education Department of Foreign Affairs Department of Housing and Urban Development Department of Information and Communications Technology List of Acronyms 339 DILG DMIA DO DOE DOF DOH DOJ DOLE DOPPI DOST DOT DOTC DPWH DRR DRRM DSWD DTI DTT DTU DU EC ECC ECCD ECE eCFM EE &


terms and agreement website 32%

DEPOSIT (Surety of Action Deposit) A deposit (usually 50% of the Purchase Price) is required to hold this Piggy for the Buyer until date of Delivery if paid in full, there will be no deposit amount.


Proposed Wind Ordinance incorporation 092116 31%

Copy of the decommissioning plans and a description of how any surety bond, as required, is applied to the decommissioning process.


Sheikh Muqbil on Elections 31%

“For a surety you will follow those who came before you exactly to the extent that if they entered into lizard hole, you would enter into it” and he also said:


Final Doc Package 9-22-15 18%

In the event we seek to take possession of any part of the Collateral, you irrevocably waive to the fullest extent permitted by law any bonds, surety or security required by statute, court rule or otherwise as an incident of such possession.


3REV-Nov11 18%

a surety which put strength in him and he got up and began to run.


w E 18850700-08 13%

Only a minority of all who in good faith make the consecration, run with patience to the end — in all only a “ little flock.” With many, courage begins to fail, and they need to be spurred onward by the chasten­ ing rod of him who has become our surety (Heb.