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Beverages Provided Pasta Mia Pizza and Maggianos Pasta (BYOB) Water and juice boxes will be provided for the kids Potluck Sign up with Tammy Dugo and Mirella Baillie to bring an app, side dish or dessert.  Apps can be brought when you arrive. Dinner or dessert items ­ bring at 4:45 Bake off Our Second Year!! Who will dethrone the reining champ Becki Laffery?  Contact Mirella Baillie if you want to enter  Cookie bake sale Bring home made cookies to sell at 2:00 ­ Contact Mirella Baillie for info Games Sign up for Volleyball or Bags. Bring a few bucks to play a combined cash prize!


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Tammy Thomas INCOME Wages and Salaries (Net) Self-Employment Income Bonuses and Commissions Investment Income Name:


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Schedule for September 25 – October 1 Kitchen Name Michael in Mon Lunch Mon Dinner 10:30 Tues Lunch Tues Dinner Wed Lunch Wed Dinne r Thurs Lunch Thurs Dinner 10:30 Friday Lunch Friday Dinner Sat Sat Sunday Lunch Dinner Brunch 10:30 5:00 10:30 Michael out Craig in 4:00 4:00 10:30 4:00 Craig out 1030 dw AJ in 11:00dw AJ out Tammy in 9:00 9:00 4:30 9:00 4:30 9:00 8:30 8:30 5:00 8:30 9:30 10:45 9:00 4:30 9:00 8:30 4:00 8:30 10:45 4:45 Tammy out Alex in 8:30 5:00 5:00 4:00 Alex out Tom In 10:45 10:45 8:30 Tom out DeeDee in 4:30 10:30 4:30 1030 4:30 DeeDee out Phil in Phil out 10:30 4:30 5:00 4:30 run 12:00


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sponsor pavilion open in the Sand Dollar Room 8:00-9:00 Medical Genetics and Ultrasound -Jocelyn Carter-Sim, MSc., CCGC 9:00-10:00     Surgery, Sonography and the NICU -Karen Letourneau, RTR, ACR, CRGS 10:00-10:15     Break- Snacks served and Sponsor Pavilion open in the Sand Dollar Room 10:15-11:15   Imaging Breast Pathology -Tammy Clark, RTR, BAppSc (MI), RDMS (BR), CBI 11:15-1215     Breast Imaging Multi-Modality Correlation -Tammy Clark, RTR, BAppSc (MI), RDMS (BR), CBI 12:15-12:45     Lunch- Sponsor Pavilion open in the Sand Dollar Room 12:45-1:45     Takotsubo Cardiomyopthay, "Broken Heart Syndrome” -Darcelle Corlazzoli, CRGS, CRCS 1:45-2:45 3D Imaging In Gynecology -Carli Davidson CRGS, RVT &


St Peters Joplin April Ministry Schedule 75%

Peter the Apostle Catholic Church Monthly Ministry Schedule April 2015 Sunday 11:15 am 04/05 04/12 04/19 04/26 Sunday 6:00 pm 04/05 04/12 04/19 04/26 EM LECTORS SERVERS USHERS GREETERS GIFT BEARER Randy Guthery Janet Warner Jim Goff Clete Fischer Kerri Sachetta Amanda Boyd Mary England Tom Giarratano Phyllis Vaughn Myra Baldwin Tony Greenwood Brian Karns Jane Fethers Jason Childers John Woods Shannon Stansberry Rich Vaughn Teri Giarratano Marty Baldwin Tom Boyd Brian Karns Jason Childers Clete Fischer Jane Fethers Tammy Woods Mary Greenwood Mary England Janet Warner Randy Guthery Toan Vu Elaine Moran Kirk Metts Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Mary Greenwood Gus Guodace Mark Ford Medland Wallace Clete Fischer Tom Giarratano Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Andrea Svec John Woods Emily Svec Elizabeth Svec John Woods Tammy Woods Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Gene Langevin Lori Ramsey Connor Ramsey Aaron Moran Jim Goff Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers EM LECTORS SERVERS USHERS GREETERS GIFT BEARER Becky Bertoncino Cydney Churchwell Karie Englert Jim Jackson Annette Peterson Maryann Mitts Mandy Witt Kevin Nolte Troy Bolander Gretchen Bolander Don Beissel Becky Bertoncino Sofia Stoebel Isabella Bertoncino Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Mandy Witt Kevin Nolte Avery Eminger Carter Churchwell Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Jim Jackson Chris Peterson Becky Bertoncino Jim Jackson Karie Englert Annette Peterson Chris Peterson Sam Peterson Conlee Churchwell Volunteers Volunteers Campus Ministry Kevin Nolte Mandy Witt Cydney Churchwell Sarah Peterson Annette Peterson Jim Jackson Brenda Jackson Maryann Mitts Bill Maguire Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers   812 South Pearl Avenue Joplin, Missouri 64801 417.623.8643


What Do We Do Now 74%

Behind Brick Walls    So my reasons for writing this…  AL L It is currently ten pm and I just watched episode: wrongful termination and now I can’t get to sleep.  Why, you ask? I am a fan of Liz Reaser, and I find it hard to hate her character, Tammy. Therefore, I  am going to give myself, and you readers of course, a reason to like her… How does that sound?  Enjoy  ®This story contains strong language and possible sex scenes. Read ahead at your own caution®  ®What if the rules Tammy wanted to play by with Will were nothing but a façade? A way to keep  herself under control, even when she knew she was losing it. ®    What do we do know.  NE ®®®  Shit. Fuck. What the hell has gotten into you, Tammy?  Everything I wanted to do, how I wanted to treat this, blown out the window by that damn job offer.  I had already turned my boss down earlier this morning, he was disappointed to say the least but I  didn’t give a rat’s arse. The only thing on my mind right now was my mistake and Will’s… everything.  Until now.  T My sister used to gush about him in college to no end, it killed her when they broke up, yet id never  understood how any man could captivate any woman that much.  KA Until id met Will myself. Until I fell right under his spell like a hopeless puppy with its new owner.  And boy do I notice it, how whenever he calls, I all but leap at my phone, reminding myself to wait a  few  seconds  so I don’t scare him off,  or the feeling, or the  feeling of  disappointment that  courses  through me like a fish in the ocean, free and careless, whenever it’s not him.  Staring  at  the  wall  in  front  of  me,  I  sensed  and  made  use  of  a  good  opportunity  to  hopefully  get  something into my obviously thick head, so I banged my head against it.  Hard.  And hit the floor almost instantaneously.  “Fuck!”  Head  pounding  in  pain,  cheeks  flushed  in  embarrassment,  though  there  wasn’t  anyone  around,  I  headed  for  the  freezer  to  grab  a  bag  of  peas  to  rest  on  my  forehead  and  made  a  beeline  for  the  couch as soon as the first sign of dizziness made its appearance.  Sighing, I lay back, head on armrest, and went back to cursing myself.  Idiot!  The  one  reason  I  had  established  that  pathetic  ‘fall  in  love  with  me  and  its  over’  rule  was  so  I  wouldn’t lose it like my sister had.  Yeah, that worked.  AL L I had turned down the opportunity of a lifetime to work in London for the Olympics – the Olympics!  – And I had turned it down because Will didn’t want me to go.  ‘Are you out of your fucking mind Tamra?!’ I mentally screamed at the top of my mental lungs.  All that work, all those carefully orchestrated plans, gone to dust.  And he couldn’t even tell me where that left us.  Stupid fucking lawyer.  NE It was at that moment, with my makeshift icepack  covering  an already  forming bruise, and myself  close to tears from emotional exhaustion and frustration, that my sister decided to walk in.  “Jeez, T, getting to old too play basketball anymore, too slow to avoid getting a ball to the face?”  I was so tempted to tell her that I could still play  and, yes, could still kick her arse at it if it came  down to it, before I realised the alternate story might not be much better.  “When the hell are you going to get the fuck out of my apartment?” I settled for.  Helena walked in, an ugly smirk covering her face that I’d just love to wipe clean off.  T “I’ll get an apartment when you learn to catch, and that’s a promise. Too bad for you I might be here  awhile.” Ughhh, stupid fucking sister!  KA “I’ll kick you out the window if I fucking have to,” and with that, I threw the bag of peas on the floor,  and with all the dignity I could manage, I grabbed my keys and phone and stormed out the door.  ®®®  Obviously banging my head against a wall left me with more consequences than I first thought  because I was now sitting on a park bench in Chicago in the middle of winter, in a thin, short  t‐shirt  and a knee‐length skirt, which, while getting the attention of many men and college boys around  town, had left me freezing and drenched in the light snow that was now falling.  Soaked to the bone, I got up from the seat and started the long walk back to my car. After two  minutes and flipping off two guys that looked a little to scrutinizing at certain areas, I finally made it  back. Not caring about the condition of my wet clothes I threw myself in and rested my head against  the steering wheel, only to jerk back when the horn went off.  Sighing, I shoved my key into the ignition and turned it hard.  ‘Click.’  Shit.  Twisting the key again, I prayed to whoever was listening that it worked this time.  ‘Click.’  You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.  AL L I was when I finally looked past the steering wheel to gaze at the flashing light on the dashboard that  my eyes focused on what essentially meant the battery was dead.  The last thing I wanted to do was call Helena and listen the whole trip back as she insulted me and  my apparent one less skill set. At a complete loss I pulled out my phone and flicking through the  contacts list. Stopping at certain ones, finger edging closer to the call button, then, as it almost got to  close to call, immediately dismissing the notion and pulling my finger back.  This happened for almost twenty‐five of the two hundred contacts I had, before landing on one at  the very bottom.  NE Before my lateral thinking kicked in and stopped myself from making the call, I hit the green button  on the bottom corner of my phone, watching as it lit up before holding it to my ear.  The phone rang twice before someone picked up.  “Hello?”  “Will, it’s me. I need your help.”  ®®®  T So… what did you think? Don’t hate me for writing it like this. But if you have feedback let me know  and review!  KA Just a pointer, because I don’t know what happens in future episodes, Will and Alicia never get back  together, though Will does comfort her, because Kalinda and Peters little secret comes out. So  ilyxx  kat


St Peters Joplin March Ministry Schedule 73%

Peter the Apostle Catholic Church Monthly Ministry Schedule MARCH 2015 Sunday 11:15 am 03/01 03/08 03/15 03/22 03/29 Sunday 6:00 pm 03/01 03/08 03/15 03/22 03/29 EM LECTORS SERVERS USHERS GREETERS GIFT BEARER Kerri Sachetta Teri Giarratano Amanda Boyd Jim Goff Clete Fischer Janet Warner Randy Guthery Randy Guthery John Woods Aaron Moran Medland Wallace Brian Karns Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Phyllis Vaughn Myra Baldwin Mary Greenwood Tom Giarratano Brian Karns Jane Fethers Mary Greenwood Lori Ramsey Connor Ramsey Ruth Graham Tom Giarratano Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Jason Childers John Woods Shannon Stansberry Clete Fischer Jim Goff Rich Vaughn Mary England Janet Warner Tony Greenwood Tom Boyd Tammy Woods Marty Baldwin Teri Giarratano Mary England Gus Guodace Andrea Svec Emily Svec Elizabeth Svec Tammy Woods John Woods Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Mary England Janet Warner Mark Ford Elaine Moran Jim Goff Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Brian Karns Jason Childers Jane Fethers Jim Goff Clete Fischer John Woods Randy Guthery Gene Langevin John Woods Francis Corcoran Medland Wallace Kirk Metts Clete Fischer Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers EM LECTORS SERVERS USHERS GREETERS GIFT BEARER Jennifer Larson Gladys Payne Mandy Witt Cydney Churchwell Karie Englert Gretchen Bolander Troy Bolander Becky Bertoncino Annette Peterson Jim Jackson Maryann Mitts Gladys Payne Kevin Nolte Cydney Churchwell Karie Englert Jim Jackson Troy Bolander Gretchen Bolander Annette Peterson Jennifer Larson Becky Bertoncino Mandy Witt Maryann Mitts Gladys Payne Cydney Churchwell Mandy Witt Kevin Nolte Sofia Stoebel Avery Eminger Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Becky Bertoncino Annette Peterson Isabella Bertoncino Sarah Peterson Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Maryann Mitts Don Beisel Sam Peterson Carter Churchwell Volunteers Volunteers Campus Ministry Jim Jackson Brenda Jackson Conlee Churchwell Carter Churchwell Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers Chris Peterson Mandy Witt Tien Le Mung Vu Volunteers Volunteers Volunteers   812 South Pearl Avenue Joplin, Missouri 64801 417.623.8643


2017 May GCTC Newsletter 71%

Meet up at John and Tammy’s home at 8:30 a.m.


Combined Organisational Chart 70%

Vocational Portfolio Director, Content Strategy Director, HSSL Portfolio Kevin O'Hearn Hemant Jha Suman Sen Filippo Aroffo Jeff Skinner Peisiew Yeo Marisa Rey Bulen Tom Payne Shalini Jha Rose Gordon Gurdish Gill Alice Aldous Denise Foote Alwynn Pinard Nikhil Wadhera Julian Gibbs Sang Duck Lee Marta Colnago Norma Tomaras Karen Fozard Lisa Coady Sara Braithwaite Marina Seguin MImelda Rocha Tanja Radivoevska Portfolio Manager Senior Portfolio Manager Senior Portfolio Manager Senior Portfolio Manager Business Platform Manager Associate Business Platform Manager Business Platform Manager Editorial Assistant Senior Manager Content Development Courseware Development Manager Content Development Manager Content Development Manager Content Development Manager Portfolio Manager Senior Portfolio Manager Senior Portfolio Manager Local Language Portfolio Manager Portfolio Manager Senior Portfolio Manager Content Strategy Manager Senior Portfolio Manager Portfolio Manager Senior Portfolio Manager Senior Content Developer Senior Portfolio Manager Ivy Seow MCristina Tapia Alessandra Pagani Navneet Kumar Singh Laxmi Barbara Ferrario Adam Wagner Bethany Ng Associate Business Platform Manager Content Developer Portfolio Manager Development Editor Associate Business Platform Manager Learning Experience Designer Portfolio Manager Associate Portfolio Manager Shehla Mirza Naveenta Bisht Content Developer Associate Content Developer Amit Chatterjee Content Developer Vaishali Thapliyal Angelo Pineda Associate Portfolio Manager Associate Business Platform Manager Sachin Kumar Mohammad Salman Khurshid Muhib Ahmadi Content Developer Associate Portfolio Manager Associate Business Platform Manager Tushar Mishra Associate Portfolio Manager Erin Catto Alex Payne Yasmine Amin Seohyun Hwang Amy Rydzanicz Stephanie Giles Senior Portfolio Manager Shivkant Singhal Content Developer Content Developer Content Developer Content Developer V Kailash Isabella Mead Rosie Churchill Lindsay Macdonald Bhanoo Chakrabarti Courseware Developer Content Developer Content Developer Content Developer Associate Portfolio Manager Asad Shabir Nicola Cupit Tammy Mavroudi Saurabh Sharma Content Developer, SCH &


All Alone 67%

Odds are, most of you know me from my previous story of the same name… This is basically the same story, re-written to coincide with Tammy's move to London.


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Christine Paige Lisa Dauncey Ashlee Beale Joanne Howe Lesley Rowland Tracey Bailey Chelsea Paige Nat Smart Laura Jane Kirsty Constable Naomi Dauncey Roberta Strathern Jackie Keegan Holiday Funds Emma Ingram Tara Rushton Sammy Allan Sara Brook Shelley Pirie Khyra Newitt Chelsea Austin Charley Dickie Fiona Strathern Lesley Ngonyama Rosalind Phillips Laura Hull Fiona Macklam Tammy Sparham Kay Wiles Anne-marie Murray Charlotte Debenham Cheryl Richardson Moira Gardiner Sandra Ord Kirsty Strathern I will be using to generate a winning number.



Catalog) Featured Artists Liz Layton Brian Richards Bruce Fulk John Haskins Carma Baker Tammy Eizman Jason McHenry Departments Old Gold Mold - Charlie Haskins Sr.


Worksheet B-2 completed James Mayes 61%

Tim and Tammy Thomas ASSETS Liquid Assets Cash on hand $ Checking accounts Savings accounts Money Market deposits and funds Certificates of Deposit (<1 yr.


MOO1-May2015 61% For Advertising and Submissions E-Mail Moo at Mati Mat Alvarado-Editor / designer Drew Burasco---Publisher Tammy Gifford-----Design and Printing Guru Audrey Neuhaus--LayOuts Helper Outer Another day like no other Feet with wings Smoking to save lives Speed dating the two evils I take the lesser out for coffee Cramming donuts between my toes We stake our tent On another jelly day Starting with betrayal Stair master of forgiveness Lying restless on a squeaky bed Sharing a lime with friends We pucker and kiss The basement light Turning into this day Just another beautiful day Like no other by Matthew Louis Roth 3 MOO MAGAZINE...


AEO-CUE-Webinar2 61%

September 8th, 2016 – 1 PM Welcome Moderator Senior Vice President, New Initiatives Title Tammy Halevy @THalevyAEO Subtitle Special Guests Annie Donovan Joshua Brackett Jamie Baker James Hobson Keith Catanzano Director Chief Financial Officer Federal Account Manager Chief Operations Officer Partner CDFI Fund, U.S.


actingresume3rdwrldwebsite 61%

TV - “The Men Who Built America” TV -“Nightmare Next Door” Duke Spy Football player Prison Inmate Jessy Bodyguard Chris Ezekiel Robinson Freddie Harris Extra Eugene Training Principles of Acting I Intro to Film Intro to Theatre Movement for the Actor Principles of Acting II Woolly Mammoth Theatre Acting for Non Majors, Howard University Special Skills Basketball Track Football New York accent Soccer LA accent Military (JRTOC) Airman First Class Laurel Theatre Laurel Theatre AfroVision​ ​Productions​/ CBS Network National Commercial Star Thrower ENT Anderson Jarreau Films Anderson Jarreau Films Anderson Jarreau Films DCTV Discovery Channel History Channel Discovery Channel ​Gina Alvarado ​Sherelle Williams ​Tammy O’Donnell ​Gina Alvarado ​Gina Alvarado ​Lisa Ann Taylor ​Denise Hart Southern accent Nigerian accent Broken English


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TOD FETHERLING Chief Executive Officer 615.500.3497 TRAVIS ANSEL Director 502.814.1182 TAMMY TILLER-HEWITT Chief Executive Officer 866.651.8701 Start on your path to success.


Team SG861 Meeting Minutes 091717 61%

Volunteer positions needed - Jacqueline Treasurer * Required position * Once we have a treasurer in place, we will have a team budget drawn up and presented at next parent meeting TBA Tournament Co-ordinator Coordinate tournaments for team to attend Fundraising Co-ordinator * Tammy Kynock Game Day Co-ordinator (including 2 more Timekeepers) scheduling timekeepers, scorekeepers, gatekeepers for games Logo Co-ordinator Apparel Committee 6.


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Bob Davies and Tammy S.


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Bob Davies and Tammy S.


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Maillot and Tammy S. Produced by:


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Maillot and Tammy S. Produced by:


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102163 *INTERNAL* TAMMY ANN ABBOTT 3228 WICHITA ST VERNON, TX 76384 HOME:940-886-7232 CONT:940-886-7232 BUS: